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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options October 28, 2011: Fake But Fantastic

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:00pm stinkbug:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:00pm Tommelise:

Hello, everybody!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:00pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Do the board, Andy!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:00pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:01pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Are the phones in mono?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:01pm listener mark:

Hi Frangry! Hi Andy!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:01pm Carmichael:

Hi Doggies.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:01pm Wondering:

I'm Worth It isn't worth it this week? No listing on the home page as in prior weeks?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:01pm stinkbug:

predict how long before Frangry mentions drinking or alcohol.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:02pm listener mark:

You're off the air !
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:02pm Tommelise:

Today is my birthday. I hope the show doesn't suck. :3
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:02pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How long until Frangry wants to change the topic?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:02pm listener mark:

Weather report !
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:03pm G:

listener mark thinks it's April Fools
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:03pm Danne D:

Hi Andy :)
Hi Frangry :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:03pm Johnny Muller:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:03pm G:

All radio personas are somehow fake. Discuss. You have 60 minutes.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:04pm spasm:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:04pm Carmichael:

"All art is a lie, in order to remind one of the truth."

-- Voltaire
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:04pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:04pm phillip:

i enjoy faux fireplaces!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:05pm Tommelise:

Politicians are big fakers but people love them or love to hate them.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:05pm Carmichael:

That was as best as I could remember. Sort of a paraphrase.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:05pm Danne D:

I knew "Bat Boy" would be the first example headline from Weekly World News.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:06pm Josh:

I hear there are more fake flamingos than real flamingos.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:06pm stinkbug:

There's always a huge pregnant pause that preceeds Fangry saying "who cares?"
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:06pm Tofu:

Nothing fake about Tofutti's. Dairy is the fake.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:07pm G:

@stinkbug: a hysterical pregnant pause
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:07pm Danne D:

Favorite example of Fake Sincerity:

the song "I Swear" being #1 on both the country and R&B charts at the same time by two different groups
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:07pm ADL:

Reality TV.
Also, reality.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:07pm Johnny Muller:

milli vanilli
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:08pm Chinchilla:

People can dream? I think that's one of the most uplifting things I've heard Frangry say!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:08pm G:

I haven't had a phone? Jeez.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:08pm jp:

ever tried a no-meat slim jim? it tastes like a stick of particle board but its nearly all there!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:09pm al goldstein:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:09pm G:

Fake Lesbian, as in we are supposed to believe that Katy Perry, a failed Christian singer, is a real lesbian somehow.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:11pm ?:

Spike is a fake everything.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:12pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is SPIKE a butch lesbian too?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:12pm Carmichael:

No, he's a lipstick lesbian.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:13pm listener mark:

If foods are off the list, I can't call in Twizzlers.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:13pm Danne D:

Fake Poop can be fantastic when properly deployed
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:13pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Why do women love astrology?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:13pm ?:

Spike is a spikestick lose-bian.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:13pm stinkbug:

prediction: jenna hates unicorns.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:13pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:14pm G:

countdown to 6:15 Jenna: 90 seconds
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:14pm ADL:

Dear SUW:

I never thought this would happen to me...
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:14pm Danne D:

bacon should not be tampered with nor imitated
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:14pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Heath tips from Andy!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:15pm other david:

Frangry started the show happy and is slowly but surely being ground down by Andy. In approximately 20 minutes there will be blood.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:15pm G:

Frangry says: Slip me some real-deal hot bacon, NOW!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:15pm FRANGRY:

am i the only one who is bored
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:16pm Carmichael:

Frangry, just call every caller "Gomer". Jesus, who are these dorks?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:16pm phillip:

I like fake posers smoking fake cigarettes. Hot stuff!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:17pm G:

Prediction: Frangry is going to have a boregasm, and it will NOT BE FAKED.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:17pm Jillers:

Just because I have been masturbating to Claude Rains for the past week doesn't make me a fake lesbian.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:17pm pgw in mntclr:

"it's finally over" = you're doing it wrong
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:17pm Listener zero:

I can hear Frangry's jewelry.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:17pm Carmichael:

Kramer faked an orgasm once.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:17pm Listener zero:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:18pm Carmichael:

I can hear Frangry's Jewery.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:18pm susie:

i like those leggings that have jean print on them -- fake jeans
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:18pm Tofu:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:19pm Danne D:

Who knew that Frangry had a Zombie fetish?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:19pm Jillers:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:19pm al goldstein:

slutty nurses
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:19pm pgw in mntclr:

yeah it is
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:19pm grove street:

Stop the show now and get on PATH to the record fair
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:19pm ?:

If Andy gave it to her after his travels, it could be Soviet Jewry
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:19pm Sean:

I wonder what the difference is between a "slutty zombie" and a "zombie slut."
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Claude Rains from which film???

Captain Renault????
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:20pm Danne D:

is Frangry actually slapping herself to keep herself awake?!?!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:20pm Boring:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:20pm MISTER JOHNNY:

New topic - best Halloween candy
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:20pm Sheeplovr:

something fake that i loved was Svetlanna
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:21pm Danne D:

WTF does Andy think Fashion is? Cossacks??!?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:21pm Carmichael:

"Hi Gomer, you're on the air."
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:21pm Jillers:

Oh... Mister Johnny... Caesar and Cleopatra!!!!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:21pm Danne D:

How about Creepy Trick or Treating stories?\
What weirdos have you encountered at the door?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:21pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is ANDY off his meds again???
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:21pm ADL:

Frangry's utter hatred of Andy is mostly fake, but I love it.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:21pm Carmichael:

I thought that was John Wayne and Elizabeth Taylor.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:22pm Danne D:

I do not approve of Andy's Deviant Bacon preferences.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:22pm FRANGRY:

its not fake, ADL
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:22pm Tofu:

This is an Asian boy.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:22pm G:

The inside dope: Andy snacks on beggin' strips
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:22pm CBK:

Who's calls suck worst...Jenna's, or Spike's ?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:23pm Carmichael:

According to Anthony Bourdain, the 4 food groups are bacon, sausage, ham and ribs.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:23pm Mike in Morristown:

I love to hate listening to you. I'd rather hear nails on chalkboard, but yet I won't turn off the station. I also love to hate giraffes, because they are aliens.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Kosher Bacon...the best!!!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:23pm ADL:

Fair enough.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:23pm fashistions:

Women sure seem to love FAKE Eskimo Boots 'muckluks' (UGGS), Hooker Boots, Pirate Boots
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:23pm Danne D:

Frangry - always about the gum
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:24pm Tommelise:

Well, I'm glad that I was the turning point of knowing how bad this is.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I bought a chocolate with bacon at Whole Foods...awesome!!!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:24pm Fake Andy:

New Topic: What sexy costume would you like to see, but never will?

Sexy Cossack
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:25pm G:

Frangry's favorite halloween candy is gum stolen out of a little girl's stash while she's using the bathroom
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:25pm Carmichael:

Hi Gomer, wrap the phone cord around your neck and drive to the subway.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:25pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Sexy Hitler?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:25pm Jillers:

Someone is thinking of Rex Harrison/Richard Burton and Liz Taylor. Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh have been my porn for the past week.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:25pm my favorite candy:

used razor blades....
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:25pm Pete from Boston [and NJ]:

Boy, Seven Second Delay has really gone downhill.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:25pm Tofu:

I'm not having much like at Six Degrees of Kosher Bacon.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:25pm pgw in mntclr:

imitation crab meat is good, plus no mercury
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:26pm CBK:

@Jillers : )
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:26pm florence chamberlin:

Kelly Rippa
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:26pm Carmichael:

An ET in a thong.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is Claude Rains a leading man or a character actor???
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:27pm Danne D:

Andy's Favorite Sexy Candy Costume: An All Day Sucker
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:27pm Tommelise:

Sexy John Cusack?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:27pm Claude Rains:

I asked that at the time.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:27pm Carmichael:

Jesus H. Christ, drive to this guy's house and KILL HIM.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:27pm keith chamberlin:

American Cheese
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Don't leave any fingerprints on the fake dear, dude!!!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:28pm other david:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:28pm MISTER JOHNNY:

fake deer
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:28pm g:

A stolen fake Jesus works too.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:29pm Jillers:

Depends what film your watching, Mr Johnny. But don't you think HE stole every scene from Bogie in Casablanca? "I'm shocked to lean there is gambling going on in here!"
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:29pm pgw in mntclr:

isn't velveeta the official fake cheese?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Pizza Hut - fake pizza
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:29pm Johnny Muller:

New Topic: Cheese
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:29pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:29pm American Cheese:

Actually, I'm American "Cheese Product". I never saw the inside of a cow.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:29pm CBK:

I love Plastic Jesus : )
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:30pm Danne D:

Cheez Whiz - Best fake Cheez when applied to a Philly Cheese Steak - yum
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:30pm Jersey Guy:

Budweiser is the best fake beer.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:30pm Asanarama:

I think there is some american cheese that's real. The fake stuff, the word "cheese" can't be used as a noun: "american pasteurized cheese food product". Once in a while you can see legit american cheese though.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:30pm pgw in mntclr:

Portman Toe?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:30pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:30pm Tommelise:

Franken American Cheese brands
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:31pm Jillers:

Here comes Claude Rains again, falling on my head like a memory, falling on my head like a new emotion...
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:31pm Jersey Guy:

Budweiser is the best beer product.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:31pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:31pm Pete from Boston [and NJ]:

What about Cool Whip -- basically frothed-up sweetened Crisco. Creeps me out.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:31pm Danne D:

Ya know - why don't they have Tofu Human Flesh for all those cannibals out there trying to kick the habit?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:32pm pgw in mntclr:

"cult of hipness"? "20 years ago"?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:32pm Tommelise:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:32pm Tofu:

This guy has a gun in his hand.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:32pm Jersey Guy:

Mitt Romney's not fake.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:32pm Eldi:

Fake green cards ha!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:33pm Jersey Guy:

Occupy Wall Street is fake.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:33pm CBK:

@Danne D ... They do have Tofu Human Flesh.... Google it : )
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:33pm Danne D:

OMG - I think this guy used to call when I worked on a political campaign way back when...
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:33pm Danne D:

Kinda disturbed that CBK knows about that :)
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:34pm American Cheese:

Current caller = rambling cliche moron
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:34pm Jersey Guy:

Fake dope is great too.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:34pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:34pm pgw in mntclr:

i don't like fake intellectuals
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:34pm Danne D:

Frangry - have you guys ever had a show where people talked about crazy phone calls they got?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:35pm Tommelise:

Nobody has mentioned adoptive parents!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:35pm New Show Title:

Shut Up, Boring, with A. and F.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:35pm Rav:

I like Frangry. Her frustration is fake, right?

p.s would love to hear about her faux-photo-shoot.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:35pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:35pm George:

i like andy's fake laugh.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:35pm Jersey Guy:

The Lincoln Tunnel helix is not a fake bridge.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:36pm New Show Title:

Whgat's the over-under on when Frangry says, "THIS TOPIC WAS YOUR STOOPID IDEA, ANDY"
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:36pm Sean:

One fake thing I love is Andy's sincerity when a bad caller gets through and says something vaguely resembling a political statement Andy probably agrees with, but thinks he can describe in much clearer language
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:36pm blissy:

Fake disdain, Frangry. you're really good at it. so is the chick at the coffee shop...
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:37pm Fake intellectual:

Artiface is fake and I love it!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:37pm Todd 76%:

I love fake Italian-American pronunciations of Italian food names like “Pasta Fazool” and “Moutzerell”… Oh yeah, and fake tree cell towers…
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:38pm SF Spike:

Fake leather. Pleather.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:38pm g:

Milli Vinnili?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:38pm Danne D:

will Frangry "Fake" her own death to get away from this topic?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:39pm MISTER JOHNNY:

More real estate talk...it's awesome!!!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:39pm Tommelise:

Andy is enjoying this more than usual.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:39pm Aly:

I love fake problems because it's never really that bad and it distracts you from the real problems that you can't do anything about.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:39pm Jesus:

Fake boyfriends (Mike M)
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:39pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Genius comment, Danne D!!!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:39pm Danne D:

So do we bring back Fake With Frangry at 6:50?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:39pm Pete from Boston [and NJ]:

The Yes Men!! Lazlo Toth!!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:39pm g:

Frangry's fake interest is always great!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:40pm Danne D:

Dammit I hit enter at the same time I heard Andy say that (delay on the web you know)
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:40pm G:

Do "Fake Flirt with Frangry".

O wait, all flirting is fake.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:41pm listener mark:

What did I miss? I was on the phone with mom.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:41pm MISTER JOHNNY:

MIKE McKENZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:41pm pgw in mntclr:

sleepy hollow
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:41pm Danne D:

isn't Brooklyn just a fake name for Richmond County?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:41pm G:

sleepy hollow
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:41pm ADL:

Sleepy Hollow
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:41pm brandon:

Sleepy Hollow
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:41pm Bachman Palin Overdrive:

Tarrytown, Andy
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:42pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:42pm Danne D:

I meant Satan Island - same difference - it's not Jersey
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:42pm G:

Brooklyn is Kings County, Satan Island is Richmond County
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:42pm Pete from Boston [and NJ]:

Sleepy Hollow
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:42pm g:

Topic: what's your fav prosthetic?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:42pm ADL:

Frangry would love a prosthetic cohost.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:42pm Danne D:

That's what I meant G - brain fart on my part
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:43pm Tommelise:

Rich white kids pretending to be "gangsta."
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:43pm CBK:

Heepy Swallow
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:43pm g:

Fake happy people are everywhere!!!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:44pm brandon:

fake dog owners - those dog rental services in nyc
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:44pm Tommelise:

Happiness is not only faked emotion, what about fake annoyance?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:44pm Danne D:

Is it possible that Frangry's Fake Boyfriend faked his own death to get out of listening to this show about fakes?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:44pm New Listener:

Is that woman co-host napping?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:45pm ADL:

The entire map of Africa and the Middle East is fake. I love it.

That one's for Andy.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:45pm listener mark:

the phone is busy
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:45pm G:

Andy's voice this week is not anything like as nasal AS THE CALLER'S
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:45pm stinkbug:

does anyone remember the episode "The Fake Smurf"?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:45pm listener mark:

Is Andy real ?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:45pm Jesus:

I love when she says my name
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:46pm CBK:

Latina girls girls all seem to love getting called... (Baby) : )
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:46pm phillip:

Frangry needs to wipe that puss off her face.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:46pm Danne D:

wow this dude like just made up his own topic...
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:46pm Tommelise:

@CBK: Not all. >:( *Baby cry*
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:46pm Scarlett:

I love Frangy and Andy's fake friendship
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:46pm G:

Creep on the Line alert
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:47pm g:

My girlfriend loves Peeps. She swears they're not fake!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:47pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Would an ANDY SOUNDBOARD instead of the real Andy make a better show???
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:47pm Danne D:

Tommelise :)
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:47pm Danne D:

Ya know what's not fake peoples - That FMU needs some real cash to keep going. Pledge pledge pledge!!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:47pm CBK:

Sorry Tommelise : X
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:48pm ADL:

Wow, the way that guy said, "All right" made it seem like he was hawking cut-rate liquor out the back of a truck.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:48pm Tommelise:

@Danny D: :-)
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:48pm ADL:

Mister Pibb is like a Doctor Pepper who got his MD from a med school in Barbados.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:48pm stinkbug:

Mr. Pibb was re-named Pibb Xtreme.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:48pm Danne D:

Mr Pibb is available regionally. Less common around here
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:48pm pgw in mntclr:

Dr. Phipps is fake Mr. Pibb
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:49pm Cris the waiter:

I'm with prosthetics. That dude with the fake leg who wants to run marathons rules. Also, shop rite's "up-rite" lemon lime soda ruled.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:49pm G:

@ Danne and Tommelie: Get a room! :-P
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:49pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What are you gonna do with the hearse on Halloween???
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:49pm g:

Every regular on the playlist should pledge. Pledge now. Pledge often. Pledge more than you should.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:51pm Tommelise:

Sometimes I pretend to be a 15 year old in order to get discounts in the movie theaters.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:51pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I hate FAKE holidays like Kwanzaa.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:51pm pgw in mntclr:

fake eyelashes and fake sick days make me happy
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:51pm other david:

  Fri. 10/28/11 6:51pm g:

Gov. Chris Christie is a great fake Fred Flintstone.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:52pm CBK:

When I fake a sick day...i just say...I'm too well to come in : )
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:52pm other david:

is this woody allen?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:53pm Danne D:

nothing better than 2 people trying to remember movie scenes on the radio - thanks Andy
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:53pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Has Frangry left the building????
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:53pm Jillers:

Mr Brocklehearse will be driven like any other day. People have asked me to let them use itin their town haunted houses... yet neglect to realize it's my only set of wheels. I'm not taking the bus just so the hearse cab be parked in front of a building all night.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:53pm Lazy person:

Maybe I CHOSE to be in a wheelchair!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:54pm Pete from Boston [and NJ]:

How about the store brands that look almost exactly like the name brand. Do they hope we're gonna accidentally buy CVS toothpaste because it looks just like Crest?
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:54pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Danne D - you're on fire tonight!
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:54pm Danne D:

Lol @g don't be jealous of me and Tommelise :)
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:54pm Danne D:

Really Mister Johnny? Thanks. I kinda thought this was mostly b-material from me tonight
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:54pm glenn:

stoners don't care about orgasms, fake or otherwise.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:55pm Tommelise:

Am I having a fake affair with Danny D? Lol
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:55pm Danne D:

I appreciate the kinda words Mister Johnny :)
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:55pm Danne D:

LOL Tommelise :)
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:55pm G:

@Pete: They're trying to say: "This is a cheaper knockoff of the item you know with similar packaging" The box often says "Compare to [other item]"
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:56pm MISTER JOHNNY:

They should rename this show "Sleepy Radio Hour"
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:56pm pgw in mntclr:

saturn and slave are totally not fake names
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:56pm g:

Laptops are great fake PCs.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:57pm Danne D:

Wow, I thought of that right away (fake sincere attention). I guess I shoulda called *sigh*
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:57pm stinkbug:

I like fake album covers that are put together into a calendar.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:57pm seang:

the butt crack brigade
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:57pm G:

"I had to go through 100 crappy ones to get one good one" -- like dating.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:57pm Danne D:

Sorry I'll miss you guys as I don't think I'll be at the Rec Fair on Sunday :(
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:58pm Rav:

Fake karma points on Reddit
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:58pm Cris the Waiter:

Fake Callers... I hate when they hang up.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:59pm Tommelise:

I forgot to mention the fake palm trees on the San Juan beach. Totally unnecessary in this country.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:59pm Danne D:

Andy did that random appearance - I think that's what he was referring to.
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:59pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is a new co-host on FRANGRY'S Vision Board????
  Fri. 10/28/11 6:59pm g:

Fake hard asses are cool.
  Fri. 10/28/11 7:00pm Cris the Waiter:

Fake dads. I hate when my dad isn't real.
  Fri. 10/28/11 7:00pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 10/28/11 7:00pm Danne D:

why can't it be both a dessert shop AND a sex toy shop?
  Fri. 10/28/11 7:00pm Danne D:

Bye weirdos :)
  Fri. 10/28/11 7:01pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Attention from strippers is awesome...
  Fri. 10/28/11 7:01pm Scarlett:

  Fri. 3/2/12 6:16pm wiley:

will pledge for kraftwerk tickets
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