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Options October 7, 2011: Second Helping

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/7/11 7:14pm FRANGRY:

Join us at 7:30pm. Call us on the air at 201-536-9368 with all problems, big or small. And you can also email your problems at imworthit@wfmu.org. All email inquiries will be anonymous.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:14pm John McCabe in L.A.:

  Fri. 10/7/11 7:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How are you, John McCabe in L.A.?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:16pm John McCabe in L.A.:

good how are you JM
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I'm hanging in there.

You gonna call in to the show?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:19pm John McCabe in L.A.:

yes i like this show SUW has gone too commercial this is more underground
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:21pm MISTER JOHNNY:

It certainly is more underground.

Are you attending the MEET-UP?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:23pm other david:

This show has only raised 26 grand? STOP SLACKING FRANGRY
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Isn't that the total for all the shows?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:25pm John McCabe in L.A.:

no I'm in L.A. and I got too much to do but i would like to meet Frangry someday i like to be her slave someday
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:26pm other david:

MJ, yessum, I was taking the piss ;(
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:

God...fucking "Stuff You Should Know" is killing me!

Couldn't there be a half hour music program DJ-ed by Michele or Frangry? Lots of LADYTRON, right?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:28pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I'll post lot's of photos of the MEET-UP, John McCabe in LA.

Any requests?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:29pm John McCabe in L.A.:

just the obvious
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:30pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Are you a leg man?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:30pm FRANGRY:

hes a foot man
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:30pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Que sera SUCK
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:30pm John McCabe in L.A.:

i'm into boots
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:31pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 10/7/11 7:31pm John McCabe in L.A.:

and heels
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:33pm MISTER JOHNNY:

The complex woman, phuleeze!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:33pm other david:

Does the meetup venue have a karaoke machine? Frangry could show her love for John McCabe by recording "Whip It"
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:34pm Listener zero:

LOVE John's videos!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:35pm Listener zero:

No, no, no: John is right. Harming is not included. Safe, sane, consensual!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:35pm Dominatrix:

  Fri. 10/7/11 7:35pm lady:

Agh Im missing the beginning! Why doesn't the. app have web rah-dio.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:35pm FRANGRY:

Call us on the air at 201-536-9368 with all problems, big or small. And you can also email your problems at imworthit@wfmu.org. All email inquiries will be anonymous.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:36pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How about a SUW Butt-plug as a pledge premium?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Used butt-plugs on e-bay?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:39pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Looking for a job? Keep plugging away.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:40pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Mistress Frangry is so in control. Love it!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:41pm Listener zero:

Being a Domme comes with a LOT of responsibilities.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:41pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 10/7/11 7:42pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is she really an "8"???
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:42pm Listener zero:

@MISTER JOHNNY: I think a butt-plug that said "I'm Worth It" on it would be better.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:43pm other david:

not me, my problem is I'd be way too scaredy to go on a date thingy with someone from the intertubes
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:44pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You're so right, Listener zero.

Should it have a tail on it too?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry & Michele:

Why do women cheat????
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:45pm Listener zero:

Yes, a pink one.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:46pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What's an upholstery class?

Could you make leather butt-plugs for us?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:47pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Yeah, brunch is awful?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:48pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I'm really fat.

Do you have any slimming tips?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:49pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Does BLACK & DECKER make a Magic Wand?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:49pm Listener zero:

An ex of mine worked as a product tester for a sex toy company. She had a lot of interesting opinions.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:51pm Listener zero:

69 is horrible, too distracting. You cannot concentrate on giving when you are receiving!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:51pm FRANGRY:

Call us on the air at 201-536-9368 with all problems, big or small. And you can also email your problems at imworthit@wfmu.org. All email inquiries will be anonymous.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:51pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I think there are fewer calls because it's not on the radio.

Try more sexy talk!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:51pm John McCabe in L.A.:

here is photo of my (ex)dominatrix if anybody want to see it
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:51pm other david:

Listener zero, untrue!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:52pm Elwyn:

I pop in halfway through a show and find it's the best thing ever!
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:53pm Listener zero:

Your art must not be very sophisticated, then.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:53pm Half Deaf:

You pooped halfway through the show and it's the best thing ever?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:54pm MISTER JOHNNY:


What should you use to cover the VULVA when you're giving her oral sex...for protection from diseases???
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:54pm FRANGRY:

Call us on the air at 201-536-9368 with all problems, big or small. And you can also email your problems at imworthit@wfmu.org. All email inquiries will be anonymous.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:55pm Listener zero:

FRANGRY: BDSM is a continuum of erotic practice and expression involving the consensual use of restraint, intense sensory stimulation, and fantasy power role-play. The compound acronym, BDSM, is derived from the terms bondage and discipline (B&D or B/D), dominance and submission (D&S or D/s), and sadism and masochism (S&M or S/M). BDSM includes a wide spectrum of activities, forms of interpersonal relationships, and distinct subcultures.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:55pm Mike:

is slapping your vagina a thing?? I saw that in a porn
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:57pm G:

I've been with a squirter. She would squirt up to 20 times in a "session". I had to do the right things, though.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:57pm Benny:

Squirtrers are overrated
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:57pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Do you carry dental dams in your purse, Frangry
& Michele?
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:58pm Elwyn:

during intermission, you should fake orgasms like in When Harry Met Sally.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:58pm John McCabe in L.A.:

@ MISTER JOHNNY A damn i believe
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:58pm Benny:

Squirting is fun at first... then it gets old having a soaking wet bed every time.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:59pm Benny:

Oh... and The Magig Wand isn't just fun for women.
  Fri. 10/7/11 7:59pm Listener zero:

The problem with the show is that it's not on the radio and it's not on the main web stream. Needs more exposure!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:00pm Lady:

Did you already answer a question from E?
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:01pm G:

@Benny: Cut big kitchen hefty bags into sheets and lay them out, plus old towels over that. If you can't deal, well, different strokes and all that...
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:02pm MISTER JOHNNY:

My self-esteem is running out of steam...
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:02pm Andy Cohen:

I'm trying to listen, but I just get Stuff You Should Know
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:02pm Will:

Frangry, Michelle. I'm gonna buy my fuckbuddy bondage tape on amazon.com, ship it to her house and leave her a provacative message with the package.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:03pm G:

Use the right link, Andy Hi-Tech. The link is on the show ad on the homepage.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:03pm Benny:

I'm just glad my current girlfriend isn't a squirter.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:03pm FRANGRY:

andy, click the link on the homepage
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:03pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Call in, ANDY COHEN!

Frangry can tech-support you through it!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:03pm Toots:

No Molestastaches!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:03pm Lady:

Oh Andy....
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:04pm Benny:

Stuff you should Know is terrible. I miss Downtown Soulville after SUW. Who wants to hear these guys yapping on a Friday night?
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:05pm Andy Cohen:

Talk about butts girls
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:06pm MISTER JOHNNY:

"Stuff You Should Know" sucks - but Downtown Soulville was awful too.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:06pm G:

Beantown = Bagtown
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:06pm Benny:

This show, however, is fantastic. Serious! Funny!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:06pm Toots:

He just said goodbye like a molester with a molestastache.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:06pm G:

Talk about guys who are scared of toilet plungers.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I wanna hear Michele and Frangry cry on air.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:07pm Lady:

Andy not understanding would make the show good even if it wasn't good.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:07pm Listener zero:

Andy, use: http://wfmu.org/special.pls
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:07pm Benny:

We all love it. We just don't need that much advice.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:08pm Andy Cohen:

next week's topic: what is your fetish??
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:08pm pgw in mntclr:

i once gave beard-burn to a ladyfriend. when she went to the doctor the next day, they treated it as a dog bite. weird...
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:08pm G:

@the caller: Dump the geek. Cut your losses.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Buy your husband a butt-plug if he shaves off the mustache.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:09pm LL:

Moustaches rock!! Ponytails are just wrong - that sounds more like a rat's tail...
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:10pm Andy Cohen:

use the ponytail as a thong
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:10pm G:

Moustaches can tickle. I've had one and not had one.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:12pm Andy Cohen:

shaved or not shaved?? what do you do??
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:12pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Andy, can you hear the show???
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:12pm Lady:

Thanks frangry! I'll check the archive. Sorry.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:13pm G:

Medicine cabinets are totally old fashioned. Find a different way to store things. Just a well-lit mirror over the sink does fine.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:13pm Benny:

Don't stop!!!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:13pm Frangry's Contractor:

In your dreams, you puta!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:14pm Lady:

Naw, man. Medicine cabinets are rad. Where else would you keep your shower dildo?
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:15pm Andy's plunger:

I'm being ignored
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:15pm Frangry's Contractor:

Thanks, but just pay me straight cash, and I'll go hire some whores.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:15pm cglenn:

i like this show... it's got potential..
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Station Manager Ken is deliberately sabotaging the show, that bastard!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:16pm Danne D:

Frangry I couldn't listen to this episode but I wanted to say Hi to you and Michelle :) Hope you're having a good one.

PS - What's up with Frangry always getting 2nd billing?
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:16pm Toots:

ivillage.com has instructions on how to give a great blowjob.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:16pm Andy Cohen:

I'm getting wet
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:16pm G:

Nope, there are females who almost chew you if you don't come in with some passionate requests (a/k/a non-annoying directions).
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:17pm other david:

the link on the playlist doesn't work, but the one on the homepage works
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:17pm MISTER JOHNNY:

GROSS, Andy Cohen.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:18pm pgw in mntclr:

Frangry, you're worth a nice medicine cabinet
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:18pm G:

Commenting is harder than it looks, Andy. O:-)
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:19pm Tommelise:

I am speechless with these comments.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele - you are so worth it!

Frangry - keep trying, OK. You're getting there.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:20pm Andy Cohen:

This show is so worth it
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:20pm G:

Possible show title: "I'm Worth Shutting Up"
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:21pm Lady:

People who don't listen to this show are NOT worth it.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:21pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Well said, Andy Cohen!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:21pm Toots:

I'm older and I don't want to get married. And I have multiple orgasms. I so do not want you to talk to me after we fuck.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:21pm Tommelise:

There are no real difference between men and women. It's just a matter of personality.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:22pm Andy Cohen:

Is this going to happen at the meetup??
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:22pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What breed of dog?
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:22pm Lady:

Andy, absolutely.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Yes, if you wear your slutty bow-tie, ANDY COHEN.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:23pm G:

The problem with the meetup is if it's a sausagefest, for many it would be a waste-of-time version of a divorce party.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:23pm Tommelise:

If I'm worth it, I promise to call next week asking for advice.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Good point - will there be any women at the MEET-UP?
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:24pm The Mom:

She really doesn't want a relationship. She just doesn't understand why there's suddenly this "freak out" after she already slept over and they get along fine.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:24pm Frangry's Mom:

You kiss? That's so sweet, Fran!
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:25pm Lady:

At least two females will be at the meet up.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:25pm The Mom:

Sex is a good thing. I don't understand why moms don't want their daughters to take their power and celebrate their bodies.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How was the medicine cabinet?
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:26pm Listener zero:

Way too drunk
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:26pm G:

If you have sex for a money benefit, it's prostitution. What do you think that line about the oldest profession means? Even marriage is the oldest profession, often.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:26pm pgw in mntclr:

thanks, ladies
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:27pm Sardocasm:

This is by far the best advise show ever.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:27pm Listener zero:

But worth it.
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:30pm Listener in Japan:

keep it going ladies....people are listening even if they are too far away to phone in
  Fri. 10/7/11 8:35pm Andy Cohen:

only the first Andy Cohen was me, the REAL Andy Cohen. Oh, why did I stumble into this Hall of Mirrors when I can't even hear the show? (My computer does not recognize .pls files.)
  Sat. 10/8/11 5:56am w00t:

Hey Andy: Every audio player software should recognize playlist files. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.pls
  Sat. 10/8/11 11:55am Chinchilla:

hey why so long on the archive feed?! I need my WorthIt fix!
  Tue. 10/11/11 11:36am Chinchilla:

YES! Thank you. I'll have to figure out a way to listen live every friday
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