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Fri. Sep 27th, 3pm - 6pm: Monica fills in for Sheila (Sophisticated Boom Boom)

Options October 2, 2011: Tribute to Sylvia Robinson

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Hot Lips Page and Sylvia Vanderpool  Pacifying Blues   Options 0:00:00 ()
Little Sylvia  Drive Daddy Drive   Options 0:03:07 ()
Little Sylvia  A Million Tears   Options 0:04:53 ()
Little Sylvia  Blue Heaven   Options 0:07:31 ()
Mickey & Sylvia  No Good Lover   Options 0:10:07 ()
Little Sylvia  A Kiss For My Baby   Options 0:13:38 ()
Bobby & Sylvia  You Broke My Heart And I Broke Your Jaw (Listen: )   Options 0:15:38 ()
Ike & Tina Turner  It's Gonna Work Out Fine   Options 0:17:59 ()
Bo Diddley  Love Is Strange   Options 0:22:20 ()
Sylvia & Ralfi Pagan  Soul Je T'Aime   Options 0:23:18 ()
Sylvia  Sweet Stuff   Options 0:30:04 ()
Seldon Powell  More Shame   Options 0:42:35 ()
Linda Jones  Your Precious Love   Options 0:42:10 ()
Donnie Elbert  Where Did Our Love Go?   Options 0:46:14 ()
The Heartbreakers  Marching Out Of Your Life   Options 0:49:27 ()
Brother To Brother  In The Bottle   Options 0:51:50 ()
Eldridge Cleaver  Evil New Yorker   Options 0:55:06 ()
Henri Salvador  J'aime Tes G'noux   Options 0:56:52 ()
George Kerr  3 Minutes 2 - Hey Girl   Options 1:00:45 ()
The Moments & Sylvia  Sho Nuff Boogie (Part 1)   Options 1:14:27 ()
Shirley & Co.  Shame, Shame, Shame   Options 1:23:39 ()
Gloria Spencer  I Got It   Options 1:21:28 ()
The Rimshots  7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle)   Options 1:24:39 ()
The Moments  Love On A Two Way Street   Options 1:28:05 ()
Ponderosa Twins  Hey Girl   Options 1:31:36 ()
The Crash Crew   On The Radio   Options 1:41:13 ()
Lady B  To The Beat Y'All   Options 1:44:09 ()
Positive Force  We Got The Funk   Options 1:47:42 ()
Treacherous Three with Philippe Wynne  Whip It   Options 1:51:08 ()
Sylvia  It's Good To Be The Queen   Options 1:52:31 ()
Mickey & Sylvia  Love Is Strange   Options  

Listener comments!

  Sun. 10/2/11 7:06pm Doug S:

I am SO ready for this. Who better to do this show than you, Monica?
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:07pm Cold Sesame Noodles:

C'mon Sunday evening denizens, give it up for Monica and pledge to FMU in support of Monica's amazing show.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:07pm cb1:

Can't say I knew who she was. But very happy to make her acquaintance.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:08pm Don (trip dub):

Wanted to be the first to say - who better than a trailblazer to give tribute to a trailblazer.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:18pm bruceleh:

Monica, for sure I'm gonna rip this and play @ the Park Slope Food Coop my upcoming shift this Saturday!
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:18pm Alf from Upstate:

Wow! With Bobby Hebb!! So great.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:19pm Steve M.:

  Sun. 10/2/11 7:22pm monica:

aye yi yi yi, steve m., alf, brucelah, don (trib dub), cb1, cold ses, and doug s.!
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:25pm Roy Boy:

Love is strange, all right. Told my son I loved him in the psych ward and he said "Suck my dick." Parenthood--helluva lot harder than it looks.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:26pm Davice:

Thankyou for the wonderful Sunday night music!
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:28pm Dan:

So many great Robinson tracks, though I think my fave will always be "Not on the Outside." Thanks for this show, Monica.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:30pm monica:

roy boy, take a tip from sylvia - next time he breaks your heart break his jaw....thanks dan and davice...
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:30pm Dan Charnas:

Oh, man, who sampled this?
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:32pm Frank Sosa:

Dan Charnas!
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:32pm Doug S:

With Ralfi?! I L-O-V-E Ralfi Pagan. This is a revelation.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:33pm monica:

dan. who didn't? haha. better check the who samples who site and report back!...hi frank, yes dan's in the m'effin' house!
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:36pm Dan Charnas:

Sosa! It's me (while trying to put my two year old son to bed)
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:37pm Roy Boy:

Yeah, unfortunately, I have to be the adult in the relationship, that's kind of the way it goes. He's in a lot more pain than me, that's what I have to remember.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:39pm Frank Sosa:

Charnas! We must talk. I've got myself a 21 month old daughter!
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:41pm Roy Boy:

Enjoy 'em while they're young, folks! Teen years are no picnic.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:41pm who sampled who:

Sweet Stuff (1976) was sampled in Crushin' by J Dilla (2003)
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:42pm miketp:

never knew this artist . goin to school with monica the teach. just checkin in. happy to be here.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:45pm monica:

thanks, who sampled who! hi there, miketp...
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:45pm Don (trip dub):

Hey Charnas - F-bomb here. Admired your work for some time.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:46pm Parq:

Managed to make it home for most of it, but I'm still gonna grab the first part on the archives, and probably listen to the rest of it all over. You are *so* the right person to be doing this show!
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:47pm Steve M.:

  Sun. 10/2/11 7:48pm Frank Sosa:

I've tried to get mine to go down to music and it never works. Maybe make an exception for Monica's show tonight. It's a scorcher. I'm bout to piss off the neighbors. Luckily it's not even 5 p.m. here in Oakland.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:48pm Brian C.:

Llove Linda Jones! And so do Gladys Knight and Evelyn Champagne King. Monica, knew you would not forget her!<3 Or Donnie Elbert.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:49pm Steve M.:

Donnie Elbert track always reminds me of 88th Street.
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:49pm Gary Harris:

You are getting it in! Linda Jones? Hypnotized was crazy! I'm listening to you, and writing my blog. Btw, Community Baptist is a 10 minute walk from the crib I lived in as a kid. Keep doing your ting xo :-)
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:52pm monica:

yo, gary harris and brian chin!!! parq, yay! so what motown song does this heartbreakers track sound like???
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:55pm Gary Harris:

Nowhere To Run...this Brother to Brother track is taking it back. What up, Brian?!!
  Sun. 10/2/11 7:59pm monica:

gary - yes! thanks.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:00pm miketp:

this henrei tune make ya wanna strut like a chicken
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:01pm Jeff (jbm):

Hey, what happened to Eldridge Cleaver? Did the pigs storm the studio and cut him off him?
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:01pm ratbone:

  Sun. 10/2/11 8:02pm Dan Charnas:

Dilla.. of course. Whenever I can't remember who sampled something, it's usually because I heard it in Dilla's oevre
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:03pm Dan Charnas:

Peace to Garry Harris and my ol' mentor Brian Chin!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:03pm Don (trip dub):

Wow. Hey Brian. I believe we sat next to each other at the Garden at a Fania all-star show! I like those Rock your boat tracks and Psyche Soul of George Kerr.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:05pm miketp:

grindin coffee
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:05pm Dominick:

  Sun. 10/2/11 8:06pm Gary Harris:

What up Dan! As mentors go, you could have done a lot worse than Brian Chin. George Kerr? Wow! I've known George for 30 years and have never heard him sing.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:08pm Brian C.:

Hi Gary, I was just remembering how they used the uno-dos-tres from the Gil Scott-Heron original in the bootleg edit of "Love is the Message."
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:08pm Dan Charnas:

Monica, will you be telling some personal stories? ;-) Tin Pan Apple? "No Sell Out"?
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:09pm Dan Charnas:

Wife says: "Gemini. That makes sense."
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:10pm Gary Harris:

Brian- A classic.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:11pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

GREAT set Monica !!!! ... as always of cause ...
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:13pm mr c:

Did the Chief Rocker do a single for them? I think so. Keep on.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:17pm Gary Harris:

Monica- Preach, baby! Litigiousness! Dope word, and so accurate. Lol
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:17pm trssh:

Interesting, good listen. Great talk to go with the music, Monica.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:18pm Brian C.:

Gary -- a class act, truly. D'Angelo owes you dinner...maybe his dinner.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:19pm monica:

hi mr. c! no, he didn't. but she borrowed some of his raps in "pillow talk" he DID break that record. thanks, tom bac. and trssh...
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:20pm Brian C.:

Man, Jesus Alvarez could really dance in those platform shoes!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:22pm Gary Harris:

Brian- D would have been ok without having met me. I just let him do his thing. But thank you, old friend.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:22pm Don (trip dub):

When I was covering the AES show still at the Waldorf, over a Klipsch speaker in the Stereo Review room there it was in all its glory for the first time 'Rappers Delight'. Me and the rest of the room, mesmerized, stopped cold, and listened.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:25pm Brian C.:

Gloria Spencer, 600 pounds of Gospel Soul on Jay Walking records!With BV by songwriter Dee Dee Sharp Gamble.Produced by Philadelphia great Bobby Martin.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:26pm bruceleh:

Monica, plz lock the door to the studio ASAP.
Don't let Martha in, just keep on doing ya thang!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:28pm Gary Harris:

Monica OMG, Blow Your Whistle!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:31pm Debbie D:

I used to couple skate to this song at Olympia Skate Center in Macon Ga!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:32pm Brian C.:

So who remembers when Laura Nyro covered "Sexy Mama" on her 1975 album "Smile?"
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:32pm Doug S:

Love on a two-way rink!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:32pm Dan Charnas:

Probably her greatest song. But (folks weigh in on this please) did she write it, or did she "write" it?
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:34pm monica:

damn, i got some pros on the board tonight!! you all rock!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:34pm Gary Harris:

Brian- I missed that one. I do remember her album w/Light Pops Principle on it.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:35pm cb1:

Mo, Just lovin EVERY track. Yay!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:35pm michael c:

amazing show! thanks monica. how did sugar hill get the rights to "good
time?" any stories about that?
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:38pm Dan Charnas:

  Sun. 10/2/11 8:41pm Dan Charnas:

the studio burning down was a BIG blow to Sylvia's psyche, according to her sister
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:46pm Dan Charnas:

I'm a little late on this part of the discussion, but yeah, "seminal" — kind of a sexist and ironic term to describe a woman's contributions. What would the female equivalent be? "Ovoal?" [Again, my wife chimes in: "The female equivalent is 'germinal'" She's brilliant.]
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:47pm monica:

dan, thanks for chiming in. yeah, musta been her baby....thank you, michael c!...and you too, cbuno!... gary, what's lady b up to these days? ...brian, any other info i need to cram in here??? thanks debbie d and bruceleh!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:48pm Gary Harris:

Dan- Which studio? They both burned down.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:49pm Mike Sin:

Completely enjoying this show. Great job, Monica!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:50pm Dan Charnas:

West Street. The big one downtown Englewood, the L-shaped one.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:50pm Gary Harris:

Monica- B just had a 30th anniversary show in Philly last month. And make no mistake about it, We Got The Funk was so official!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:51pm Gary Harris:

Dan- Oh, the one where I worked. Which sister, Diane?
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:52pm mr c:

Here's to Rowena Harris, ace all promotion wunderkund!!
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:53pm Brian C.:

Garage classic "We Got the Funk" one of the very few times Sylvia returned to disco after Sugar Hill Gang hit. Viola Wills "Gonna Get Along Without You Now" was the other.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:53pm mr c:

For Sylvia and Joe, that is.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:54pm Don (trip dub):

One more memory about Flash & Furious 5. They killed in the '84 NO Jazzfest. Again the audience was mesmerized.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:55pm Dan Charnas:

@Gary: Yes, Diane.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:56pm monica:

hear hear, mr. c!!! to rowena harris... AND SYLVIA AND JOE! ... thanks gary harris for the lady b update.... brian c, yes!... holler, don...
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:56pm Don (trip dub):

I think this was an answer to Mel Brooks 'It's Good to be the King.' Not sure.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:57pm Bob:

Earlier song played "you broke my heart so I broke your jaw". This was later the title of a Spooky Tooth album featuring Gary Wright of the "Dream Weaver" hit fame.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:58pm Gary Harris:

Don (trip dub) It was.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:58pm michael c:

love is strange, so great in badlands
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:59pm Parq:

oh, Loverboyyyy ...
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:59pm Don (trip dub):

@ Gary Thx. Did the Mickey Baker Learn to play guitar full under Joe and Sylvia's labels? You need to do a part 2, Monica. Excellent tribute.
  Sun. 10/2/11 8:59pm Debbie D:

  Sun. 10/2/11 9:00pm monica:

thank youy all for tuning in. here's to the queen!
  Sun. 10/2/11 9:00pm Fiveash:

Hi Monica! Great, great show. One for the ages.
  Sun. 10/2/11 9:00pm Dan Charnas:

Great show! xoxo
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:32am Rob McHaffie:

streaming this from Germany, its warming the cold little German hearts!
  Mon. 10/3/11 9:14am StalinAlive:

Hi Monica, touching hommage, thanks!
Rob, I agree with you; Grüβe aus Berlin.
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