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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options September 29, 2011: Failure is never awkward

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Artist Track Album Format Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party    0:00:00 ()
Träd Gräs och Stenar  Sommarlåten   Options Träd Gräs och Stenar    0:04:17 ()
Conrad Schnitzler  Untitled (00/288)   Options Con Zehner  Boxed set   
Conrad Schnitzler  Untitled (00/288)   Options Con Zehner  Boxed set   
François Bayle  La Fin du Bruit   Options Erosphere     
P. Willshire  Apprehension   Options Lunar Probe: Music Concrete Outer Space Library; Music from Europe 1964-67     
François Bayle  Andromede   Options      
R. Hermel  Devastation   Options Lunar Probe: Music Concrete Outer Space Library; Music from Europe 1964-67     
Swans  Eden Prison   Options My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky     
Bee Mask  Askion Kataskion Lix Tetrax Damnameneus Aision   Options Elegy for Beach Friday     
Teeth of the Sea  The Ambassador   Options Your Mercury     
Burning Star Core  Come Back Through Me   Options The Very Heart of the World     
S.Y.P.H.  Die Deep   Options S.Y.P.H.     
S.Y.P.H.  Haenschen Horror   Options S.Y.P.H.     
S.Y.P.H.  Laemmerschwanz   Options S.Y.P.H.     
Neu!  Gedenkminute   Options Neu! 2     
Neu!  Lila Engel   Options Neu! 2     
John Schuller  Bulimian Rhapsody   Options Lesser Angel of Failure     
Sun Araw  Deep Cover   Options on Patrol     
Loop Orchestra  Gam   Options Not Overtly Orchestral     
Eric Cordier  Mes Chaines Seront Brisees   Options Breizhiselad     
Ju Suk Reet Meate  1979 (excerpt)   Options Solo 1978 & 1979     
Sylvia  Pillow Talk   Options      

Listener comments!

  Thu. 9/29/11 3:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

trees, grass & stones...yeah...hey Fabio.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:06pm Looms:

Failure is never awkward but your listeners are ;)
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:07pm wild neil:

OK, we are counting on you...please, more musical, less noise maybe? This sounds like an Indian Neil Young and Crazy Horse...or Buffalo Springfield
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:07pm wild neil:

More Psychedelia, please? Trippy Jams, yay! noise,,,booooooooooooooo
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:08pm elka:

occupy failure Fabio
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:08pm BSI:

...thou art FAILURE!
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:09pm Looms:

  Thu. 9/29/11 3:09pm Kranz:

Failure is not an awption!
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:10pm elka:

send some people to Zuccotti Park
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:10pm wild neil:

Maybe some Starcastle? How much do you weigh Fabio? Do you always wear a shirt with a collar? I do, my wife makes me....
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:11pm Looms:

YEAH! My typing already failed me!
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:11pm wild neil:

This ROCKS Fabio, Thanks!!! You are an awesome DJ...
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I give you my first born. Can I send him FedEx?
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:16pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

any baseball stats freaks out there? I guess last night was a wild one.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:19pm Cecile:

I missed Trad Gras at the second and last Destijl festival. And then one of them passed on. Bah.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:20pm BSI:

no baseball stats, just a freak. Does that count?
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:21pm Ike:

@Wild Neil, don't box Fabio in. Asking him not to play noise is like asking a leopard not to eat antelope intestines, and just to stick to the antelope legs and stomachs.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:24pm wild neil:

  Thu. 9/29/11 3:26pm hubba:


Hiya Fabio, comments board gang... trees, grass, and stone... cheers
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:27pm Antelope Intestines:

Dammit I thought I had the week off
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:28pm Cecile:

There's a film by Visconti called the Leopard. Was it about Fabio, Ike?
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:28pm hubba:

Sorry, to play catch up... I don't think I've ever ehard noise on this show? Maybe I'm not sure how to define genres correctly?
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Yeah, I was gonna say, Fabio really doesn't play noise....ambient soundscapes, various creepery, but straight-up noise bangin? nah.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:30pm Cheri Pi:

I love this Trees. Grass and Stone stuff.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:30pm trjish:

toss it in the bucket labeled 'apples' ?
er, the bushell
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:32pm Nordens fåglar:

fantastiskt, great band, co-played it with a black woodpeckers call (dryocopus martisu), even better!
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:34pm Ike:

I'm probably defining noise differently than I should. Maybe I mean "noisy."
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:35pm Cecile:

@nordens, sounds lovely!
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:35pm brian:

that Träd Gräs och Stenar song was stellar! thanks!

do you know whether that was released on LP too?
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:37pm wild neil:

@ BSI.....Generator! I think that was the record shop where I saw Conrad with Egg!! I think!!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hmm...aocording to Discogs the song "Sommar laten" was not on the self titled Trad, Gras Och Stenar album.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:40pm Class Monitor:

Is the current selection "noise?" Discuss.

Repeat as the selection changes.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

but covers of All Along the Watchtower and Satisfaction WERE on that self-titled!
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:42pm BSI:

@wild neil - that fits.... I was going thru my old flyer collection & found one of Egg's from his cassette-only DJ night he had briefly. I think a lot of his weaponry came from Generator.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

*raises hand in deference to Class Monitor*
So far, no, this sounds like more experimental weirdness than what I would consider to be noise.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

...not that I'm a genre-junkie. quite the opposite.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:44pm wild neil:

This was circa 1989-1990 I think...
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:44pm Cecile:

Oh, hey, Cheri Pi, did you email that guy about Krypton 10?
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:45pm hubba:

I beleive a good bunch of that stuff, Parson Sound, Harvester, internatinal harvester, trad, gras, och stenar was and may still be available...
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:46pm Class Monitor:

@DCE, if you ran a record store, would you label a section "more experimental weirdness?" If so, please share the store's address with the class.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:46pm hubba:

Sommarlaten is on the International Harvester album
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

definitely easy to find that stuff to download
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:47pm BSI:

re: the Class Monitor challenge: I'd prefer to see all genre divisions wiped out. As my own collection proves, THE ALPHABET MAKES STRANGE BEDFELLOWS.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hell, if I ran a record store I would dump everything on the floor and let people roll around in it
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:48pm hubba:

That track by TGoS is on their silence reissue of Djungelns Lag
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

they'd have to keep their pants on, though
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:50pm Nordens fåglar:

träd gräs och stenar latest album is called Homeless cat,s and it is well worth a check, heavy, introvert, trippy, organic, opposite, whatever, good stuff!
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:52pm Nordens fåglar:

`Homeless cats´ that is (nothing more, nothing less)
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

aw, that's so sad :( about the cats
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:56pm Nordens fåglar:

why is that sad, no home, no electricity bills?
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:56pm Andrew:

this is good stuff ^_^
hi everyone
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

cats need love :)
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:58pm Ike:

@DCE@3:48, ROTFL(WMPO). Best comment ever. Well, best comment today. Well, best comment during this show. So far.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:58pm Nordens fåglar:

for sure, but love is free, bills are not
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:59pm das:

This song is like working the graveyard shift at Denny's
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:59pm still b/p:

Not LOLCATS...those would be SOLCATS.
  Thu. 9/29/11 3:59pm dc ppat:

DCE - no they don't, they need bags of meat pellets, sleep, and tons of fuckin playing, dammit.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:01pm Nordens fåglar:

what is Denny`s? read about it the other day, a food-chain-of-some-sort?
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:01pm dc ppat:

I have a cat that literally climbs up the walls and hangs out on the ceiling. I'm not kidding.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:02pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

They are alien tree-creatures, dcp.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

dc ppat, change "meat pellets" to lentils and that's a formula I can endorse!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:03pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Nordens, it is the food-chain of the damned. And insomniacs everywhere.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:04pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you know, I have to say I enjoy Denny's every time I go there, which is once like every 5 years. But it's NOT BAD!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:04pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

They have huge, cheap flavorless breakfasts. Good to soak up alcohol at 4:00 a.m.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:04pm Nordens fåglar:

hungry are the damned!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:04pm still b/p:

Prone to violence in its parking lots, too.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:04pm Ike:

My cat demands that I sit on the couch so that she can curl up in my lap and have a warm place to sleep. If that's not love then it's a reasonable approximation.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:04pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

It's a damn sight better than Perkins. That place is truly sad.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:05pm Carmichael:

I hate cats, myself.

Denny's is a chain restaurant that serves all-American diner fare. All night and day. The detritus of the world hangs out there.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:05pm Nordens fåglar:

what do they serve? (except satan)
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:05pm Dead Quorporate Eyes:

I used to be one of the punks in the Denny's parking lots at 4am. Good old days. Damned good old days.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:06pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

I went there after many a wild party at the Madison house in A2. Their party menu would be one bag of fritos and a large steel catering canister of root beer koolaid and Everclear.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:07pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

After people were done rolling around on the lawn at 3:00 a.m., we'd all go to Denny's.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:08pm Park:

Joining the party late -- what's up with the Qs?
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:08pm Cheri Pi:

Cecile! No-what guy??? I missed that point in Jason's spiel.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:08pm Carmichael:

They serve American food, like French Fries, Swedish meatballs and Salisbury steak.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:08pm BSI (the B, S, and I are silent):

....used to enjoy going to Denny's on Thanksgiving for dinner, & ordering something ordinary. Grilled Cheese or something. The wait staff tended to react as if it's the most profane, sacreligious thing you can do...
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:09pm Dead Quorporate Eyes:

Park, you shed yours just as we gained ours? It's a goddamned INTERNET MEME!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:10pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Tom G. sent an email link on the comments board. Netherlands dude has two copies left (I have #3 on hold for moi). EMAIL PETER NOW. This is the address:
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:11pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Cheri, get to typing!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:11pm Dead Quorporate Eyes:

BSI you need a Q NOW!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:12pm Cheri Pi:

I will-I tried to buy a copy during the show but everyone was out of stock. THANKYOU!!! I"m a sucker for anything Christchurch.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:12pm Dead Quorporate Eyes:

I happen to have an extra one for a few bucks...
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:12pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I saw Trad Gras at that Destijl fest and bought a couple records....
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:13pm Dead Quorporate Eyes:

...and they're worth like 10 POINTS
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:13pm quill b/p:

If I had a pilgrim outfit, I'd wear it and bring a Native American friend, and we'd both order grilled cheese at Denny's on Thanksgiving.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:13pm BSI:

I sacrificed my Q at home in honor of a 72" inflatable zebra. It's a long story.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:13pm Cheri Pi:

I'm typing!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:14pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Me, too! Have you seen the movie Scarfies? It's set in Auckland but the Clean show up. Budding superstar director Taika Waitit also stars. Great ilttle black comedy.

Listener Dave, wasn't that a great fest? I wish Clint was still doing it.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:14pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Yeah, it was great. I'm sure it was a huge hassle though.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:15pm trjish:

(Good name, Ceqcile - with a loud q, too)
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:16pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Listener Dave, did you happen to be in Salamander?
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:16pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Yeah, that would be me :)
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:16pm Dead Quorporate Eyes:

this is the US. Most likely it will dissipate before any trouble really erupts.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:16pm Chjeri Pi:

Never seen it Cecile, but I'll make sure i do.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:17pm Djad Quorporate Eyes:

wait, is "j" the new "q"?
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:17pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

AHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Awesome. I always liked youse guys.

Cheri, US title is "Crime 101". Netflix has it.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:17pm hubba:

Cats spray on my door...

parents took me to multiple Denny's on my birthday... I was relatively obese as a child.

De Stijl is a great label, he jsut sent a copy of the Stare case, which is, by the way, a really itneresting album (folks from Wolf Eyes doing minimal, plodding organic jams)

I'm good at power point
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:18pm Chjeri Pi:

Sweet, I'll ask Mr. Cj.P to netflick it.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:19pm duff:

Whoa, this Swans song is powerful! / To Wall St.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:19pm Djad Quorporate Eyes:

we got a local dj who's been playing Stare Case a lot lately--they just played outside of Cleveland (Oberlin) I guess around a fire outside
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:19pm hubba:

Holy Shit... the social scientists and marketeers have tapped Twitter... guess what?
We have moods that flcutuate during the day, week, month, season... I was not aware of this. I thought we were so damn random.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:19pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Thanks Ceqcile, I always appreciated your support over the years!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:21pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Robert Sarkies, one of the two Sarkies bros involved directed and wrote some FoTC episodes. Usually the ones where drugs and sex were involved. Duncan Sarkies wrote a brilliant dark comedy book, "Two Little Boys" that is being filmed now. Bret McKenzie from FOTC is playing the lead role. I hope it is going to be amazing.

It was entirely my pleasure. You guys weren't doing the same old Minneapolis thing
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:22pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

The Sarkies were involved with Crime 101/Scarfies. Sorry.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:26pm Andrew:

I saw Scarfies in a cheap shop, it was $2...should I have got it>?
(p.s. trying to catch up on the last 25 min)
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:27pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

It's dark, kind of meanders and doesn't really end (many Aus/NZ films are like that). Good performances though, and a really twisted premise.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:27pm Djad Quorporate Eyes:

Swans and Bee Mask--two shows I missed in the last two weeks. Golly wolly doodle.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:28pm hubba:

okay, this could be defiend as noise, but it is more drone or psot-industrial, maybe even modern composition... either way, it is like a guitar solo, to me... so, yeah, it could be noise. No worries Wild Neil, i like it when Fabio does anyhting, but he does tend to bringg that kraut/free-floating psych vibe... I like the Allman Bros... I bet you do to? I bet Fabio likes them?
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:28pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I don't think the Swans came to Seattle on this tour
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:30pm Andrew:

I love Flight of the conchords. i didn't know it was related to scarfies, so i'll definitely get it.
I like this teeth of the sea song
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:33pm hubba:

The cat with two faces

  Thu. 9/29/11 4:33pm Carmichael (2nd a is silent):

When I play FOTC music, my friends give me "the look". Fills me with glee.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:33pm Andrew (the q is invisible):

I have never heard of any of these bands & they probably haven't been down here before.

Oh I think I have an R. Hermel song on some compilation.

Oh and James Last...
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:33pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Yeah, Taika Waiti directed a bunch of episodes, too. He is the gentleman calling the Tape Library for the Gipsy Kings tape in a fake commercial. if you can find Two Little Boys, it's a great read. Have you managed to see the movie Boy, Andrew? I've tried not to see too many previews but it's basically about Maori kids around the time of Thriller. He directed it and plays a deadbeat dad in it.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:34pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Carm, I seriously haven't gotten tired of their music yet. That's saying something considering I used to be the global mod for an FOTC board.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:34pm Djad Quorporate Eyes:

@ hubba, das creepy!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:35pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

I mean Taika Waititi directed Boy. Urhm. Brain not working.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:35pm Djad Quorporate Eyes:

I would not want that cat around while I was intoxicated in any manner
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:36pm Andrew:

you're the most beatiful lady...in the room
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:37pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

You could be a part-time model.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:37pm hubba:

DCE - what if the cat was a birthday present for a child? "WE thought this would a good opportunity to learn about responsibility"
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:39pm Djad Quorporate Eyes:

I would send the parents to the local community center for parenting lessons
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:39pm Carmichael (2nd a is silent):

Andiluvian .... lady.
Peruvian .... laaaadaaaayyy.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:40pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

  Thu. 9/29/11 4:41pm hubba:

Al Stewart - "The year of the cat (with two faces)"
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:41pm Andrew:

um...I think they also directed Eagle Vs Shark, which features jemaine. It's an awesome movie. You should watch it. I saw it on tv here.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:43pm qless:

funny flick
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:44pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Yeah, Taika directed Eagle vs. Shark, too. I have it. Great movie.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:44pm Chris from DC:

Great show, missed my favorite Trad Gras song.

A belated @Cecile: They practically levitated the audience when they did it live a couple of years back. One of the best sets I've ever seen.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:45pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

who did, Chris? I think I lost the thread here.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:46pm Djad Quorporate Eyes:

if this is Burning Star Core now, Burning Star Core rules
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:47pm Andrew:

I can't tell when one starts & the other finishes
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:48pm BSI:

i've eaten my teeth in fits of reckless joy.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:48pm Djad Quorporate Eyes:

that happens frequently. you must re-grow teeth like I re-grow brain cells.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:49pm Andrew:

this one is nice
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:50pm Chris from DC:

Oh sorry, Cecile, you mentioned missing seeing Trad Gras Och Stenar. I was a little late with that.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:50pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Puppies eat their baby teeth when they fall out. Are you a puppy, BSI?
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:51pm Djad Quorporate Eyes:

  Thu. 9/29/11 4:51pm jaycjay:

I hate that while I am loving the show while I'm working, I'm too busy to follow the comment board. Because from the glimpses I'm able to fit it, as much as Fabio is killing it this afternoon so are you all... I'm going to have to read through all the comments in the archive later!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:51pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

No,@ChrisDC that's fine. That's what I thought. I can imagine that being amazingly moving live.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:51pm hubba:

Thin Wrist, a very underrated label... ran by Open City folks, I believe, another underrated band
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:52pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Wouldn't puppies have puppy teeth?
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:52pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

jaycjay, you might wish you had that part of your life back after you actually read them.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:52pm Q (the B, S, and I are incoherent):

@Ceqcile: hmm... that might explain certain "self control" issues here in the office.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:53pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Yes! puppy teeth or milk teeth.

Get someone to scratch your tummy and you'll be fine Q (BSI inchoh)
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:53pm Djad Quorporate Eyes:

  Thu. 9/29/11 4:54pm Q - Where's 007?:

yeh, it took me about 15min to catch up with the comments. I had someone over & i couldn't keep watch on the comments, but I had the sound going, he got to hear stuff he wouldn't normally ^_^
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:54pm hubba:

Allmann Bros!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:55pm Stealth Carmichael:

Blue Sky???
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:55pm Jqjq Jqjqjqjqj Qjqjq:

eat a peach, hubba
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:56pm MONTREAL:

that Fellini "short" runs 60 minutes and is worth sitting through "Marriage Italian Style".
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:56pm david:

sophia loren... country will grow...
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:56pm Andrew:

I got one of those guitar magazine CDs & it had a song by the Allman Brothers, called Jessica...I played it and I didn't realise it was the music Top Gear uses for the theme song.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:57pm dave:

the bee mask track title is the ancient greek ephesia grammata. See here:

  Thu. 9/29/11 4:57pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Cool that's good to know, Andrew.

The American Top Gear is dreadful. But I don't even like cars and I love Top Gear.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:58pm QMichael:

That's cool, Andrew. Leo Kottke does a stellar version of Jessica.
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:58pm Park:

"He said, my friend Bob, what do I need to make the country grow? I said, my friend John, Bridget Bardot! Anita Exberg! Sophia Loren! Country'll grow ..."
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:59pm hubba:

Jessica is a good jam, but "Whipping Post" from Fillmore East is amazing
  Thu. 9/29/11 4:59pm QMichael:

And of course, Dokaka does a killer version of Ramblin' Man. Heard it on this here show, actually.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:00pm hubba:

I heard that Drive is kinda Cronenberg-like...
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:01pm QMichael:

Zappa does an amazing free-form jazz fusion version of Whipping Post on the video Does Humor Belong in Music.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:01pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

only Cronenberg movie I've seen is Scanners. I'm told I would run out of the other ones screaming. I suspect I would.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:01pm Looms (France):

Still 6 days to wait before Drive is being screened here in France :(
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:02pm Andrew:

have only seen the UK & Aussie one, which has only lasted about 3 seasons on and off. It wasn't very good.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:02pm Parj:

As Allman james go, for me, nothing beats "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed".
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:03pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Yeah, I saw the Aussie guys show up on UK Top Gear. That was funny when the Aussie hosts were herding sheep on mini-bikes.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:03pm Andrew:

I think I've seen scanners...These movies sound like movies I like.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:03pm mitch:

fabio, intotdeauna o prima data.
broadcast este fabulos
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:04pm hubba:

Love the Croneberg movies he did with Viggo... but I also like the early stuff... oh, wait, didn't he do a movie called "Drive", no, it was called, "Crash"
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:04pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

I like suspense and intrigue better than gore and shock.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:05pm Q (the B, S, and I are incoherent):

DEAD RINGERS was brilliant.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:05pm juli:

gore, shock and awe
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:06pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

I'll take your word for it.
I like some funny violence - I liked Zombieland and also Machete. It's gory but so silly it's cartoonish.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:08pm Looms:

Dead Ringers is a masterpiece.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:08pm Q (the B, S, and I are incoherent):

There it is! The very best Neu track..... EVAH.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:09pm Looms:

Who's dancing too?
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:12pm hubba:

I'm playing motorik air drums...
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:15pm Andrew:

Zombieland was funny ^_^
I was thinking of Screamers, and um..Through A Scanner Darkly (I liked both of those)
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:16pm hubba:

i thought Scanner Darkly was Richard Linkletter (sp)? The Dazed and Confused director
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:18pm Looms:

@Andrew: I liked A Scanner Darkly as a Philip K Dick novel but the movie was a true disappointment to me
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:18pm Andrew:

I just checked Cronenbergs movies, i've only seen one, The Fly. I have wanted to see Crash though, I should have a look in the local video shop.
yeh, it is...he also did Waking Life & some other movies (a lot i think)
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:18pm Me:

Rich, Richard, Dick, you know...Linklater
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:19pm bryce:

this program is okay. is it on every day?
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:19pm Andrew:

hehe, I have that Neu!2 album on vinyl, but haven't heard it yet cos I don't have a good player at the moment. I like it!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:19pm Parj:

"Bulimian Rhapsody " is my new favorite name for a piece of music.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:20pm Andrew:

I haven't read any of his novels. Oh only one short story.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:20pm hubba:

This show should be on tomorrow at 9am... too bad some other show is on at that time
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:22pm Looms:

@Andrew: try to get Cronenberg's Dead Ringers and The Brood
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:22pm mark:

Fave Cronenberg film is Shivers (aka They Came From Within). Still one of his best realizations of the whole body/medical horrors idea. Very disturbing and similar to J. G. Ballard's High Rise.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:25pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Linklater did School of Rock and also his classic Slackers.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:25pm hubba:

currently eating a peach!

great suggestion by indecipherably named commenter
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:26pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

My three favorite Phillip K. Dick novels are A Scanner Darkly, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and his semi-autobiographical novel Confessions of a Crap Artist.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:27pm hubba:

I used to think Waking Life was monolithicly confounding, now I find it all a bit mastabatory... maybe it is Ethan Hawke...
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:28pm Looms:

Mark , I'm mixed up. I'd like to prove you wrong about Shivers but I love this movie ;)
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:28pm Q (the B, S, and I are incoherent):

Whuh? no VALIS or Palmer Eldritch?
I could never choose...
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:28pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

But Hawke was really good in Before Sunset. And Linklater directed that and Before Sunrise.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:28pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

I read both, just not as thrilled by them.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:29pm Chris from DC:

Can I get in a vote for Ubik? Though Palmer Eldritch is brilliant.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:29pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Man in the High Castle won the Hugo Award, and I've started it three times and never finished it.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:29pm hubba:

Enter Rutger Hauer!

I read something recently about the time Philip K. Dick was residing in the MArin Headlands... an absoultely gorgeous area north of SF... I forget what work he completed, but the location was allegedly inspirational.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:30pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Sure you can. it's not a contest. LOL!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:30pm hubba:

Uncle Conny
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:31pm Q (the B, S, and I are incoherent):

VALIS can definitely be a slog. But in the right frame of mind, the exegesis excerpts can be mindblowing.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:31pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

We all voted for him as our guest of honor at a science fiction convention. He was gonna do it! But then he died.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:31pm hubba:

I really like Julia Dempsey as an actress... she was in Killing Zoe, eh, and the movie she directed was enjoyable...
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:33pm juli:

Jane Aire & the Belvederes, Albania, Angie, Any trouble, Astronauts, The Belle Stars, Binky Baker & The Pit Orchestra, Billy Connelly, The Bongos, The Box Tops, Billy Bremner, Bubba Lou & the Highballs .... everything is a contest
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:33pm hubba:

Julia Delphy...
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:34pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

The Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con?
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:34pm Carmichael:

Any Trouble! Hey hey, Clive Gregson!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:34pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

No, Confusion '82.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:35pm hubba:

Look Fabio, the tunes you administer are like good stimuli and stuff... but maybe this is the part of the day Twitter trackers see us happy...
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:35pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  Thu. 9/29/11 5:36pm Plan B:

a knuckle sandwich for bryce? sounds slightly more serious than a skullcap of beans and cheap mayo.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:36pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

LOL! But I always thought that Confusion would have been the perfect con for PKD. At least the name. Most of the sci-fi acid eaters had kind of fallen away by then.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:36pm Carmichael:

Fabio, we all know you're busy spinning your stacks of wax and perfecting your patter, so you can reach the beach and rule the pool. We'll just talk around the music.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:38pm Julie:

Hiya fans of failure
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:40pm Andrew:

Hi Julie. First time i've heard this, but I like it ^_^
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:40pm Julie:

awww I missed the swans
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Hiya Julie!
Did you manage to see both Eliza and Toyah on Tuesday?
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:45pm Julie:

@Matt Yes sir! Both awesome :)
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:47pm Looms:

  Thu. 9/29/11 5:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Great, Julie!
Though I'm disappointed because I wanted to see Eliza in Baltimore tonight, but my car was already so sketchy (ignition?/fuel injection?/alternator? problem), then a stone on the road gouged something beneath my car just this morning, so I'm taking my car to the shop.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:48pm nic:

this is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:49pm gizmo dezmo:

What has been playing? My iPhone isn't tellin me... What is this now and what was that last thing? Thx!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:49pm gizmo dezmo:

This ju suk?
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:49pm hubba:

I wish this was reissued on vinyl, ahem, De Stijl...
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:49pm Matt from Springfield:

It makes me wish she was coming to DC (hint hint, Eliza!) - I could just get to the Metro and take that to somewhere in the city. But it would be pushin' it to drive somewhere new in Baltimore and back, the way my car is.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:53pm Carmichael:

Cha cha cha .....
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:53pm mike east:

Hey everybody! I just closed on my first home! AND I bought my Joe frank tickets. I will always remember what I was listening to today. Thanks for providing the soundtrack Fabio!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:53pm Brainiac:

Pillow Talk? Did Clay come in early?
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:54pm hubba:

Whoa! This is a smooth jam... makes the last track seem like real music or something...
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:54pm Q (the B, S, and I are incoherent):

  Thu. 9/29/11 5:54pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

awesome, Mike!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Alright, Mike!
Are you moving a short distance from where you are now, or a long one?
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

This one should be brought to Joe McG's attention, STAT!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:55pm Carmichael:

Hi friggin' fiveroo, Mike! Just 30 short years utnil ownership!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:55pm hubba:

party at Mike East's new pad... I'll bring the greasy mechanic outfit!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:55pm david:

aye aye aye aye
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:55pm Qarmichael:

  Thu. 9/29/11 5:55pm Brainiac:

I-Yi-Yi-Yi! Lie Steady! Oh my GOD!!!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:56pm Parj:

Look, Mommy and Daddy are wrestling!
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:56pm Andrew:

wow, this is different.
oh, well I guess it's over then. Thanks for the show Fabio & thanks for the chat guys ^_^
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:57pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Wasn't it "Love is Strange?"
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

That was Sylvia of MICKEY & SYLVIA??

"Love Is Strange", 1957. A Dirty Dancing song.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:57pm Qarmichael:

Cecile will bring the Everclear.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:57pm mike east:

Short distance Matt. Good call on contacting Joe mcG. I ordered the tix to my new address which was exciting. I still havent gotten my scheduling premium tho
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:58pm david:

one day we could become 75
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:59pm hubba:

Neu 75
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:59pm mike east:

Scheduling shoulda been scharpling. Stupid autocorrect
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:59pm dale:

i prescribe to fabio's theory - you die and you rot.
  Thu. 9/29/11 5:59pm Andrew:

8am! i gotta go to sleep. cya guys ^_^
have a good day
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:00pm hubba:

dirty dj calendar... Fabio, mr. Novemeber, Clay, April showers
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:01pm Plan B:

Clay locked the studio door and swallowed the key
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Unfortunately I also have to miss Clay to drop off my car before the place closes.

Good for you Mike! I'll catch you all later!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:02pm juli:

Loony as August on a Drunken Baboon
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:02pm Qarmichael:

Ride Captain Ride
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:02pm david:

ride captain ride?
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:02pm hubba:

The sound of rubber gloves snapping...
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:02pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Ride Captain Ride
Scott played it on Monday.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:03pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

I'm outtie. Have a great evening.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:03pm david:

remember that Randy Jo Jo Gunne record cover?
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:03pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

No, they're not. Ugh. Thunder Island.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:03pm Plan B:

Ride Captain Ride is 1970. Advantage, Fabio.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:03pm Qarmichael:

Me too. Qood bye all.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:03pm hubba:

Scott williams played ride captain with the right channel out...
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:04pm Andrew:

I love that song...you guys sound good ^_^
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

EFD sang Thunder Island at the Hoof & Mouth this year. Great job at it too!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:04pm Brainiac:

Jay Ferguson + Randy California = Spirit
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:04pm Night Al:

Ride Captain Ride, a song from a Tampa Bay band, The Blues Image.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:05pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Korvette's is like Mejer's Thrifty Acres.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:05pm Ceqcile (the q is silent):

Really gotta go.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:05pm david:

The Tricycle rides on.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:05pm dale:

we had ben franklin in western new york. also jupiter
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Seriously, I'm really out this time! See ya later!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:06pm Plan B:

Kprvette went bankrupt and out of business in 1980.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:06pm dale:

....and kresges.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:06pm frances:

We still have Ben Franklin stores here in VA, but they're more like craft supply shops than the general 5 & dime version when I was a kid
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:07pm wiki p.:

Grit is a magazine, formerly a weekly newspaper, popular in rural areas throughout the United States during much of the 20th century. It carried the subtitle America's Greatest Family Newspaper. In the early 1930s, it targeted small town and rural families with 14 pages plus a fiction supplement. By 1932, it had a circulation of 425,000 in 48 states, and 83% of its circulation was in towns of less than 10,000 population.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:07pm BZ:

Fabio, you're from the real world.
"GRIT shares your love of rural life! Subscribe - only $14.95/year."
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:07pm Andrew:

My dad had old american comics from the 60s whi8ch had ads for Grit, with a kid on the back saying he wants to sell Grit to get all this cool stuff
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:07pm Fredericks:

Blues Image 1970. Jay Ferguson lead singer of Spirit.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:07pm Night Al:

we had a Woolworth's in Detroit growing up in the 60's.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:08pm Parj:

i never actually saw an issue of Grit in my life, but I remember it from those ads in the comic books ("The comics are so funny , Mommy -- buy it!").
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:08pm frances:

try "boy meets girl" by Haircut 100!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:08pm Andrew:

hehe, Wunderbar & Land of 1000 sometihng
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:09pm dale:

sylvia was on vibration
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:09pm Andrew:

uh, swords of 1000 men
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:09pm wiki p.:

What vices did you indulge in Miami?
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:10pm G:

"Are you crabby?" Fabio's working on making him crabby!
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:11pm Night Al:

My Tampa Bay Rays played great last night! Flipped back and forth to the Red Sox game. Texas again like last year.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:11pm dale:

we had a montgomery ward branded garden tractor and rototiller. both made by murray.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:12pm dale:

remember the jewel t man coming? and s&h greenstamp catalog?
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:12pm G:

So how many years will small change be 39?
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:12pm david:

I was thinking about Situation No Win the other day...
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:12pm dale:

'caller - what's your inseam?'
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:14pm dale:

in aguirre, the wrath of god one of klaus kinskis crew loses his head and continues talking for a few secs
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:17pm juli:

"Sweet Cheatin' Rita" — 1975 — No. 37
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:19pm dale:

90.1 drops out every once in a while
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:24pm Night Al:

playlist still on Fabio...hmmmmm?
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:25pm dale:

fabio seems like a lurker............
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:27pm dale al night:

...he does doesn't he ...
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:29pm dale:

it's the dennis weaver teeth
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:31pm dale al night:

then he's chased cross country by a crazed truck driver...
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:32pm dale:

fabio, tell me what vegans should eat. my wife turned vegetarian and we have a lot of that seitan, or as I say. satan. i like not eating things with faces but some of the vegan stuff just sucks.
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:39pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Vegans should eat other vegans
  Thu. 9/29/11 6:57pm Jesus:

Why's Clay raggin' on the Filipino like she's fucking Nanook?
  Thu. 9/29/11 7:01pm Bad Ronald:

Yeah, Clay wasn't gracious.
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