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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options September 23, 2011: Over and Over
~Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
The Delfonics  Over and Over   Options   Philly Groove Records  1970  45     
Icebreaker  Study #2B   Options Cranial Pavement  Cantaloupe  2005  CD  Composed by Conlon Nancarrow  0:02:39 ()
VegaChris Abrahams  Hung out to dry   Options Streaming  Vegetable  2003  CD    0:04:47 ()
So Percussion  Metronome   Options It Is Time  Cantaloupe  2011  CD  Composed by Steve Mackey  0:21:10 ()
Leo Svirsky  Scales 23-27   Options Different Tessellations  Emanem  2011  CD  Composed by Veryan Weston  0:27:38 ()
John Cale and Terry Riley  Ides of March   Options Church of Anthrax  Columbia  1996  CD  Originally released in 1970  0:35:42 ()
Zach Hill and Mick Barr  Desert Glass Bubbles   Options Shred Earthship  5RC  2006  CD    1:00:47 ()
Marc Ribot  The Joy of Repetition   Options Exercises in Futility  Tzadik  2008  CD    1:02:08 ()
Prince   Joy in Repetition   Options Graffiti Bridge  Paisley Park / Warner Bros.  1990  CD    1:12:02 ()
M.I.A.  XR2   Options Kala  Interscope  2007  CD    1:16:54 ()
Paul McCartney  Temporary Secretary   Options McCartney II  EMI  1980  CD  (for bh, wherever she may be, and with thanks to nick the bard for reminding me.)  1:21:12 ()
Secretary  Instant Messenger Dream   Options Secret Life of Secretary  Secretary Music  2007  CD    1:24:25 ()
Steve Day  Then I Saw it Was a Fox   Options Visitors  Leo  2010  CD    1:36:58 ()
Alessandro Bosetti  Exposé #10   Options Exposé  Die Schachtel  2007  CD    1:38:16 ()
Lexie Mountain Boys  Low the Sirens Say / Mountain, Hill / Too Tall Too Tall   Options Sacred Vacation  Carpark  2008  CD    2:02:48 ()
Christoph Gallio  Name of Flowers / One or Two, I've Finished   Options À Gertrude Stein  Percaso  2008  CD  Text by Gertrude Stein  2:13:41 ()
No Neck Blues Band  Pulse   Options 2 Million Tongues Festival  Bastet  2005  CD  Recorded in 2005  2:15:52 ()
Henrik Andersson  Repetition   Options Henrik Andersson  Fireworks Edition Records  2006  CD    2:22:29 ()
Christian Marclay  Don't Stop Now   Options Turntable Solos  Amoebic  1999  CD    2:29:28 ()
Pauline Oliveros  Once Again / Buchla Piece   Options Four Electronic Pieces 1959-1966  Sub Rosa  2008  CD  From 1966  2:31:43 ()
Petula Clark  The Show is Over   Options Beautiful Sounds: The Petula Clark Songbook  Castle  2000  CD    2:55:57 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/23/11 3:04pm Thom:

this rings a Bell...
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:04pm Cecile:

what did you do to Bryce, Kurt?
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:06pm Looms:

Hi Kurt!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:09pm das:

Welcome back Kurt
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:09pm Unclear on the concept:

Hi guys -- did you know that REM broke up?
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:10pm das:

  Fri. 9/23/11 3:12pm northguineahills:

Never heard of VegaChris Abrahams, this is nice.
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:12pm das:

I cain't dance to this, wtf?!?
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:14pm Mike East:

This dreamlike music and the cheesesteak that just arrived is making me think I may be in heaven.
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:15pm Cheesesteak:

OMG, he's gonna eat me alive with a blissed out look on his face!!!!! This is hell on earth!!!!!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:16pm hamburger:

howdy doody - keili??
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:17pm Memo:

It's casual Fridays at FMU -- no suits required, standards for behavior loosened slightly.
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:18pm Cecile:

the nicks!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:23pm DJ KG:

Hi everyone!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:26pm Minnesota Jeff:

This "Metronome" song is pretty rad!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:32pm northguineahills:

See y'all, it's bbq time, my peanuts are done being boiled. Ciao! (it's going to be a wet bbq)
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:32pm DJ KG:

piano and percussion go well with your red waves, jeff!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:32pm DJ KG:

bye n. guinea!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:35pm still b/p:

gif is nice with music. Like an animation from the 50s.
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:37pm Cecile:

bye ngh!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:37pm Carmichael:

Hiya Kurt. Hey Jeff, this gif looks like a warped record spinning.
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:40pm Looms:

Ides Of March!!! Joyfull classic!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:41pm Mike East:

uh oh...I think that cheesesteak is about to get its revenge....
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:41pm pgw in mntclr:

yeah, this cale/riley is quite good
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:42pm Cecile:

you know, the 70s can't be considered such a bad decade if this came out on a major label.
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:44pm Looms:

Do you want me to spend the night pointing out all the good works that were released on majors in the 70s, Cecile? :)
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:46pm Mike East's Colon:

cheesesteak is one of the only examples I can think of food names which combine meat and dairy. Aside from pork milk.
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:46pm Cecile:

That would be fun. I would certainly join in enthusiastically. I mean, two words: Arista Freedom!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:46pm hubba:

vietnamese sandwich time... just fling a paper clip at me if I'm chomping too loudly

Kurt, good to see you back in the saddle again
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:47pm still b/p:

Fajita frappe!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:47pm Looms:

@:Cecile: but we have better things to do, right? (please say yes)
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:48pm Cecile:

unfortunately, yes.
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:49pm hubba:

  Fri. 9/23/11 3:49pm Cecile:

  Fri. 9/23/11 3:50pm Pork Milk:

Veal Curds
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:52pm Cecile:

No. It's tiny pieces of pork suspended in aspic. It is delicious. (And has a bad rap)
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:52pm still b/p:

Haggis 'n cream.
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:52pm hubba:

no seriously, pig's milk is available on the market, thus by-products
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:52pm Looms:

Hey, where's Wendy?!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:55pm hubba:

can't you say it between 5 till and 5 after?
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:56pm hubba:

You the man Kurt!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:56pm Mike East's Colon:

sounds like me
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:57pm 37:

what's this?
it's hip!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:57pm FCC:

Identification must be made "Hourly, as close to the hour as feasible, at a natural break in program offerings." So relax, just do it now in the natural break before your next program offering!
47 CFR 73.1201 (a)(2)
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:58pm hubba:

This is some sow suckeling good fun!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:58pm Colonic Revenge:

Roquefort Spam Syllabub
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:59pm Mike East:

Ok, I feel better now
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:00pm (mta) Tony:

Nice post, FCC.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:00pm hubba:

Nothing like finding an inch-and-a-half bone in your sandwich... followed by mysterious crucnchy parts... there goes me appetite
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:03pm FCC:

Thank you Mike. I just hate to see these WFMU folks trying always disrupting their flow to get the ID exactly on the hour. I guess that could be station policy, but we here at the FCC are reasonable about the timing.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:03pm hubba:

Orthrelm/Hella snack bites
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:03pm Mike East's Colon:

Whaddya expect, Vietnamese gots bones in'em too
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:04pm hubba:

I knew someday I'd be taking advice from a colon... just didn't know it'd be today.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:05pm glenn:

just little ones , though.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:08pm I Thought...:

F.C.C. meant fisting cougars, compulsively.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:08pm jaycjay's semicolon:

Be careful, hubba. Colons don't know as much as they think they do.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:09pm hubba:

I thought it mean: fiendishly calculating colon?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:11pm hubba:

Never get in a primered mini van with a colon...
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:11pm Ted Bundy:

Yep, that's good advice.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:12pm large intestine sr.:

what about a brown hatch-back?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:13pm Parq:

Wouldn't you agree that "Fiendishly Calculating Colon" would be a good name for a band?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:14pm Ted Bundy:

I mean, hindsight IS 20 - 20.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:15pm hubba:

Boz Scaggs "Let it Happen" off of Slow Dancer...
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:16pm glenn:

i think i'm going to open up a store selling t -shirts and posters and shit and i'm going to call it - ides of merch.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:16pm BodegaMan:

DJ KG, I was going write a "what's up with your your lack of Prince" on the playlists, and here we go.

It is probably the most appropriate song from his catalog to fit in the premise of your show.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:17pm DJ KG:

2 weeks from today, bodega. plenty of prince.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:18pm BodegaMan:

Great. and if you ever get Steve Reich to show, can you rename the show for that day "Joy in Repetition"?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:19pm still b/p:

glenn -- Sell second-quality goods and make it "B wear: the Ides of Merch."
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:20pm Marmalade Kitty:

MIA!!!!! Hi Kurt great animation
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:20pm DJ KG:

(most of this is what i pulled when i thought reich was gonna be on. shhhhhhhhhhh!)
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:20pm glenn:

now that's funny.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:21pm glenn:

and excellent.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:22pm Mike East:

glenn knocked down 8 pins, and still b/p picked up the spare. That is great.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:22pm 37:

this is making my head hurt.... oh wait a minute, it could be the calipers...
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:22pm BodegaMan:

two Fridays. damn. Just realized I'll be out of town and not listening. So someone else will have to deliver the dorked out comments and I'll enjoy on the archive.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:23pm Looms:

  Fri. 9/23/11 4:25pm glenn:

well, that was my good idea for 2011.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:25pm Marmalade Kitty:

..I still cant believe this track! cool grandpa eh?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:27pm Marmalade Kitty:

I mean he's nothing like his grandad in "a hard days night"
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:27pm glenn:

don't you think macca should have realized by now that linda was his one great love and he really shouldn't get married again?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:30pm still b/p:

Hey, come on! Ixnay on that! I was kinda hoping myself...if I could meet him...it might...you know...
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:31pm hubba:

barr/hill 2006
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:31pm glenn:

that depends - do you have all your limbs?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:32pm still b/p:

Hands that can count is all that counts.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:34pm R I S K Y:

Loving the show!
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:34pm marika from estonia:

i'm so sorry to hear that there was no good music in the summer... i guess i liked lorelle meets the obsolete debut album. just sayin
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:34pm slab:

the record fair is coming up
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:35pm BodegaMan:

Still b/p = still breathless over paul?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:35pm glenn:

i'm really, really hoping marijuana is legal in estonia.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:35pm Looms:

What is punk? Basically.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:36pm marika from estonia:

i found quite entertaining gifs collection: http://www.juxtapoz.com/Current/juxtapoz-animated-gifs?start=20
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:36pm Parq:

Paul McC's granddad in Hard Day's Night to a showgirl in costume: "I'll bet you're a good swimmer."
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:39pm marika from estonia:

what are you kidding glenn?! estonia is not educated enough what comes to drugs.. i think marijuana is on the same level as cocaine
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:39pm glenn:

why does this remind me of ivor cutler?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:40pm Minnesota Jeff:

I bet it was a cat.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:40pm glenn:

we shall have to disagree on that one, marika.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:41pm marika from estonia:

well.. i don't know precisely.. but the law puts together such things
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:42pm Marijuana:

please don't insult me like that, I don't even like to be in the same room as cocaine.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:43pm marika from estonia:

:D i'm sorry
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:43pm glenn:

i don't believe i insulted you in the least. weed isn't even close to cocaine.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:44pm glenn:

oops. i read that wrong.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:44pm Carmichael:

Glenn, you don't have to travel all the way to Estonia to get high. Hang a left at Europe and presto! you're in Amsterdam.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:45pm Booger Sugar:

Me tha ganja go back like babies and Jane Fonda... word
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:45pm Looms:

@Marijuana: don't worry, The Fugs love u
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:45pm DJ KG:

thx, hubba.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:45pm Marijuana:

what were we talking about? my short term memory is shot.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:46pm hubba:

no problem
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:46pm glenn:

oh hell, i live in canada. i'm willing to bet most of the dope in amsterdam comes from b.c.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:46pm DJ KG:

glenn: steve day / ivor cutler? yeah, totes. but only on that track really.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:47pm hubba:

"booger sugar" sounds like a pixie stick hanging out with the wrong crowd, like someone's nose... or colon.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:48pm Carmichael:

Then head due south and get to my friend's house in Sacramento. I'll let him know you're on your way.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:48pm Nate in Detroit:

this piece kinda reminds me of the happiness project, one of charles spearin's (do make say think, broken social scene) side projects. lots of playing music to the "tune" of spoken word snippets
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:50pm BSI:

Something in this mouth tastes like gray light.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:51pm hamburger:

I just realized what would make this an AWESOME music video....
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:51pm Nate in Detroit:

it's really strikingly similar, but slightly more musical/melodic...wonder if it was inspired by bosetti http://www.myspace.com/charlesspearin
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:51pm marika from estonia:

how long this thing is going to last.. make a series of photographs.. sharing a set of headphones... ouu gaad...
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:51pm glenn:

i'm in toronto. due south of here is (looking at map) besides lake ontario, i'm not sure, exactly.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:52pm DJ KG:

it better end soon because i have to make a legal id at EXACTLY 5:00
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:53pm hubba:

Kurt... I dare you to do it at 4:59...
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:54pm DJ KG:

  Fri. 9/23/11 4:54pm DJ KG:

(i'm not even comfortable with all this talk of illicit drugs...)
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:54pm Looms:

legal or dare?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:55pm DJ KG:

aren't dares illegal? i thought so...
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:55pm BSI:

Licit drugs just don't make good television.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:55pm glenn:

hey marika, how do you say hello in estonian?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:55pm hubba:

come on Kurt, everyone is doing it... Scott McDowell did the staion ID at 8:57...
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:56pm glenn:

if they did, rush limbaugh would be a star.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:56pm Looms:

@BSI: couldn't agree more :)
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:57pm DJ KG:

... or make television good
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:57pm marika from estonia:

mm.. we say tere. why you ask?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:57pm J. Levine:

  Fri. 9/23/11 4:57pm DJ KG:

looms, mcdowell ain't got the fcc on his board like i do. the fcc doesn't even usually wake up until noon!
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:57pm ?:

Are you allowed to misidentify the station at times other than the top of the hour?
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:57pm still b/p:

Some scientists announced yesterday that some neutrinos went faster than light, so everything we knew is kerflooey anyway. Time, hah! Double-dog dares, by the way, are misdemeanors in 20 states, and a capital offense in two.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:57pm BodegaMan:

my clock says 5.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:58pm hubba:

This is an endurance test... now i punch you.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:59pm BSI:

actually I'm starting to dig on this tune like mad.
I say do the ID then play this sumbitch again.
and no, i wouldn't kid about this kind of thing.
we are, after all, professionals.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:59pm glenn:

just wondering.
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:59pm FCC:

we'll give you an exception for this one KG
  Fri. 9/23/11 4:59pm punk prince:

pete do not repeat
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:00pm hubba:

yeah, technically, if it is real, the flying neutrinos, we can go back in time and restart this song, over and over and over again... we'd be none the wiser
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:00pm marika from estonia:

i go a bit annoyed of this one of the ear pieces in one person's ear.. but this is the point of all this.. so i should enjoy it instead
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:00pm marika from estonia:

uuuhh it ended
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:00pm hubba:

KURT- WTF!!!!!??? DO IT DO IT!!!!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:01pm hubba:

The portal is open... last one in is a rotten neutrino
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:01pm Parq:

That was so cool.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:01pm slab:

does this mean one ear piece of the big kind is on one person's ear and it is stretched to fit the head of both people. I don't know if they can stretch that far for two heads. Can they?
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:01pm hubba:

I hope that one ear piece was thoroughly sterilized... ear mites, dude.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:02pm hamburger:

don't stop don't stop! :D
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:02pm glenn:

hey man, got any skynyrd?
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:02pm hamburger:

:( hehe
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:02pm BodegaMan:

we made it friends. that's a release.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:02pm Einstein:

You are braiding my mustache and bah-lowin' my miiiiiind....
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:04pm 37:

make it STOP!!!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:04pm BSI:

  Fri. 9/23/11 5:04pm hubba:

"it" = Kurt
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:04pm 37:

ah... thank you
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:05pm slab:

she said headphones, right? or maybe it wasn't played long enough for me to remember what she said exactly. that makes me think of the big headphones thatDJs use and cover the whole ear and nearly the whole head. But then she says ear piece. That makes me think of the little ear bud types that you use with ipods and such. maybe i need to hear that again to make some more sense of it. just wasn't played long enough.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:05pm hubba:

enough othering for me, nothing like a firday afternoon webex conference... i hate my life. Kurt you rule!! till next week kiddies
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:06pm Lennie:

Tell me about the series of photographs, George.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:06pm hamburger:

I couldn't get enough of that, here are a series of photographs, of two people sharing headphones: http://bit.ly/ohokjr
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:07pm DJ KG:

bsi: i actually did think of playing it again.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:09pm Carmichael:

Sorry about the illicit drug references, Kurt. Although marijuana is administered and controlled here in California, the federal authorities are uptight about the whole thing. Semi-licit? Anyway, I was joking. My friends aren't expecting anyone.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:11pm DJ KG:

i was joking, too. you know that, right?
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:12pm marika from estonia:

noone knows
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:12pm Looms:

of course we all did.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:15pm Looms:

Hey, these Lexie Mountain Boys are trippy! (oops!)
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:15pm slab:

nobody knows. one of my knew catch phrases of repetition. actually nobiddy knows. because we watched Super Humans the Stan Lee tv show where it is about spanning the globe looking for real life super humans. And stan Lee in his old gravely voice says things like "how they can do it...nobiddy knows!"
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:20pm marika from estonia:

one friend of mine is telling me that old persons like pensioners can't get red on their cheeks while drinking wine. also referring wikipedia. wikipedia: "...Their mean age was 22.9 years, which is especially favorable for assessing blushing, since young subjects are more likely to blush and blush more intensively. ..."
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:21pm marika from estonia:

i didn't know that
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:23pm slab:

now somebiddy knows!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:27pm slab:

the young persons could share a glass of wine and have one person have their left cheek blush and the other their right cheek..and take a series of photographs
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:29pm blackgreen13:

Here's a question... You know how when your tired you get more sensitive to things, like sounds can be louder and seem more grating? Could that be a good thing, like if you were going to check out a new guitar, would it make sense to do it when really short on sleep?
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:29pm seang:

do you guys know this site: Network Awesome
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:32pm seang:

yeah, their archives are blowing my mind
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:32pm slab:

blackgreen13: I think I know what you mean. things get pretty distorted when a person lacks sleep. it is almost like being on acid if it has gone more than two days. this especially happens when you take acid and don't sleep for a few days. it is just like being on acid.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:33pm DJ KG:

25 more comments and it'll be my first show to break 200!
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:35pm hamburger:

really? 200? surely not...
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:35pm Looms:

Aaaah, Pauline... (happy sigh)
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:36pm blackgreen13:

Network awesome, no iphone yet :(
Yeah slab, 27 hours on the road! Couple naps, but still...
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:38pm Cecile:

I'm working and digging it.

I would never buy a major purchase while tired unless it was a bed.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:38pm Mike East:

Let me help your comments record by saying, I just got approved for a mortgage! Hooray! Finally I get to live the American Dream of living in debt!
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:39pm seang:

Imagine if you heard this in the room next to yours at the dentist
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:39pm DJ KG:

congrats, mike! hope you had enough sleep first!
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:40pm Cecile:

Nice Mike. Buy the least amount of house you can afford, and always pay extra. If you re-fi, pay your old amount.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:41pm My Bleeding Ears:

  Fri. 9/23/11 5:41pm blackgreen13:

Boo, Cecille. Wrong answer. That Telecaster totally has my name on it... Actually, I'm sure your right :(
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:42pm Mike East:

Ha! Well its been a restless sleep, but I've had plenty over the last two months of faxing documents and talking to people that I would usually never choose to associate with. Thanks for the tip Cecile.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:42pm Cecile:

Look, get something you like when you're awake. They you can enjoy it awake and half asleep.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:43pm Cecile:

if all goes well, we will tackle our 30 yr mortgage in 18 yrs.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:43pm DJ KG:

10 more! c'mon!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:43pm George of Troy:

Hell yes! This Oliveros piece is awesome.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:44pm blackgreen13:

And one more...
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:46pm blackgreen13:

I like pie
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:46pm Carmichael:

I will be 6 of 10. I'm reading Feynman's physics lectures entitled 6 Easy Pieces. I have no idea why.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:46pm Cecile:

I had a budgie, but it died.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:46pm Mike East:

Ours is a Bi Weekly 30 year, so we have no choice but to pay it in 26, and I'm hoping much less than that. We'll see if I get that raise that I've deserved for the last 2 years...Also looking to get a new Telecastor...somewhere down the road.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:47pm slab:

hey blackgreen13: I did drive 27 and a half hours one time from Tennessee to Arizona with no sleep and just stopped for hamburgers and caffeine. I saw dinosaurs walking across the highway trying to munch up my car. I was 19 years old at the time. many years ago. a once in a life time thing to do. never again.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:48pm Carmichael:

Cecile's a leggy blonde??
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:48pm seang:

I think it's better to rent unless you can pay off your mortgage really quick, cause then don't you end up paying double or triple of the original cost? It's a tough decision--good and bad-a lot of gray
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:48pm DJ KG:

200! (and 201)
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:49pm DJ KG:

Cecile's a leggy blonde??
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:49pm blackgreen13:

slab: albuquerque to aberdeen, wa 27 hrs, 1500 miles
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:49pm Ike:

Oh great, thanks a lot boss -- wait until the last minute to drop a ton of work on me. Oh well, thx for keeping me co. while I stay late, squeaky Oliveros. Damn. Love it and hate it simultaneously.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:50pm Parq:

Charmichael: Cecile is a jaw-dropping-open goddess. The streets of the Twin Cites are littered with the bodies of young dandies who have thrown themselves out windows after Cecile declined their advances. Serge Gainsbourgh is rumored to be trying to come back to life so he can pursue Cecile.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:51pm Cecile:

Well, I get more house than apartment for what we pay. And we end up witha house at the end. And no managers or neighbors.

I would tell people to stay in an apt an extra year, though, to get a good down payment. And you can sometimes negotiate your rent as a tenant if you've been there forever. We committed to staying 2 years if we got a break, and they bought it.

No, DJ KG, more like Murray.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:51pm Parq:

Sorry, KG, not Charmichael.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:52pm Cecile:

I look like a Bernese Mountain Dog with glasses. I am large and jowly.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:52pm Carmichael:

Kurt, I assumed Cecile's budgie line was from Flight of the Concorde's song Leggy Blonde.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:53pm slab:

I did not nap once on that drive...that I know of anyway. some of those two lane highways out west are very long and go straight for miles with no curves. just those dinosaurs walking around.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:54pm Cecile:

Are you getting this down, MN jeff? I think slab's hallucinations would make a hell of a GIF.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:54pm DJ KG:

isn't the budgie line from monty python?
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:54pm Carmichael:

Mike, congratulations and welcome to the Society of Debt-ridden Desperadoes.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:54pm Ike:

@Cecile, I think you're forgetting, this is the Internet. You can look like anything here. I look like one of Slab's dinosaurs. Or maybe Richard Dean Anderson. One of those.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:55pm Cecile:

No. It's from Leggy Blonde. murray is trying to come up with lines for a romantic song, and all he can come up with is "hello" "I like Pie" and "I had a budgie, but it died."

I'm sure the Python reference is pretty intentional.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:56pm Carmichael:

I look like a Foto-shopped Fabio. But not in a good way.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:57pm Cecile:

Ike, I could do the Catfish thing, but one Internet fraud from the Upper Peninsula is enough.
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:57pm slab:

the leggy blonde maybe did
  Fri. 9/23/11 5:59pm Cecile:

maybe did what?
may be dead....dead!
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:00pm Abe:

  Fri. 9/23/11 6:59pm Chris from Brooklyn:

DOC HOLLIDAY'S!!!!! for the meetup
  Sat. 9/24/11 12:33am Killa:

I don't know, man. Sometimes it seems like you guys try to hard to be obtuse and out there. That show was almost completely unlistenable. Too much dissonance, not a lot of variety. It just isn't fun after a while.
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