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You see a blanket on the ground. It's your favorite color, smooth and soft. You can sit on it, or lie on it. It's a flying blanket, and you are the pilot. You are in control. You can fly anywhere you wish, just by thinking about it. You are the pilot.

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Options September 19, 2011: Exploding Cold War with special guest Thomas Ross Miller

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Brian Eno  The True Wheel   Options Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)  Astralwerks  0:00:00 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Sex   Options Sex  Fish of Milk  0:04:49 ()
Debile Menthol  Crash Que Peut   Options Emile au Jardin Patrologique  RecRec  0:12:54 ()
The Raincoats  Balloon   Options Moving  Geffen  0:16:03 ()
Details At Eleven  Marketplace   Options Details At Eleven  Dossier  0:20:26 ()
Year of the Rat  Rush Hour   Options No album  No label  0:25:19 ()
Rip Rig and Panic  Go Go Go (This Is It)   Options Knee Deep in Hits  Virgin  0:27:17 ()
Rip Rig and Panic  Storm the Reality Asylum   Options I Am Cold  Virgin  0:30:13 ()
Tim Hodgkinson  Interview with Thomas Ross Miller in 1985   Options No album  No label  0:33:03 ()
Skeleton Crew  You May Find A Bed   Options The Country of Blinds  Rift Records  0:34:50 ()
Hugo Largo  Second Skin   Options Drum  Opal  0:41:04 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Sex   Options Sex  Fish of Milk  0:44:23 ()
THE ANTI SOAP OPERA -- Thomas Ross Miller with William Pope L., Dan Zegart, Ledlie Borgerhoff, Tim McCormack
Thomas Ross Miller & William Pope L.  When I Look Into the Stars   Options No album  No label  1:27:29 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  New Thebes Prelude   Options No album  No label  1:28:26 ()
Thomas Ross Miller & William Pope L.  When You Walk into the Room   Options No album  No label  1:32:18 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  Doctorson Interlude   Options No album  No label  1:35:08 ()
Thomas Ross Miller & William Pope L.  ParVeNu   Options No album  No label  1:35:54 ()
Thomas Ross Miller & William Pope L.  Mrs Eds Dream - The Stranger's Tale   Options No album  No label  1:38:11 ()
Thomas Ross Miller & William Pope L.  It's the Same   Options No album  No label  1:38:56 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
      1:43:55 ()
Tesla Linkum
Thomas Ross Miller  Billy Beer Variations   Options No album  No label  1:49:06 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  A7 (Remember Where You Are)   Options No label  No album  1:53:16 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  Pilot Song   Options No album  No label  1:54:38 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  River   Options No album  No label  1:56:23 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  Sarge Song   Options No album  No label  1:58:25 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  End Song   Options No album  No label  2:00:03 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Sex   Options Sex  Fish of Milk  2:02:39 ()
A.E. Bizottsag  Vaniliaalomkex (Vanilla Dream)   Options Up For Adventure!  Unknown  2:33:18 ()
A.E. Bizottsag  Linaj, Linaj, van-van-van   Options Up For Adventure!  Unknown  2:33:55 ()
A.E. Bizottsag  Konyhagyelpo (Kitchen Rein)   Options Up For Adventure!  Unknown  2:38:19 ()
A.E. Bizottsag  Szerelem (Love)   Options Up For Adventure!  Unknown  2:41:03 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Sex   Options Sex  Fish of Milk  2:45:27 ()
Floating Points
Thomas Ross Miller  Minimal Man   Options No album  No label  2:49:29 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  Music Box   Options No album  No label  2:49:58 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  Kulintang Thing   Options No album  No label  2:52:52 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  Mbiroid   Options No album  No label  2:54:28 ()
Thomas Ross Miller  Mineral Ice   Options No album  No label  2:55:38 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Sex   Options Sex  Fish of Milk  2:57:14 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 9/19/11 9:18pm D.J.:

  Mon. 9/19/11 9:20pm Jessica:

I bailed on my doctorate, when [CA]Gov Wilson retired my thesis committee, twice, so need more learned counsel: would advise replacing my Mazda3's 2nd sets of motormounts and front wheel bearings, with finer components despite these effing potholes, here, or saving up for something with a real throttle. And I wonder if you know anyone who can sell me a '70 Cougar for beads, trinkets, and under-the-hood or interior work.
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:21pm Jessica:

[Cal, '94. Indigenous sovereignty, neurolinguistics, tattoos as material culture, resource conservation in the Solomons]
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:24pm Dan B:

Jessica, those are stumpers for me, but Tom says, all cool-like, "I can answer those questions." So answers will come. @D.J. Hi!
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:27pm blackgreen13:

love this moment in time!
question: very interested in how tech seems to be undermining the basic structure of human experience... I remeber from the 80s when it took a lot to uncover certain details of slang and little cultural codes could be pretty secret... now all you have to do is google pretty much anything, and the effect seems to be tremendously leveling in a way, but I also think it maybe driving humans into more and more extreme forms due to the also insulating quality it can have, with the tendency to allow a person to surround themselves with only the info that already fits with what they think. Seems like two contradictory things happening at once... what do you think of that?
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:29pm blackgreen13:

I mean, where do you think it's heading?
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:30pm penelope:

can't find the power cord to my laptop. normally I would ask Dan, but in this case maybe Tom has the answer?
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:33pm Jessica:

Last decade saw some rad articles on penmanship, etc. modes of interpersonal expression, and how they were impacted by Palm/Newton graffiti, etc. CHI conferences used to present a lot of posture, RSI concerns given texting; that's gotta be ripe for social shift examination.

Maybe as kids grow up and away from their public seeking/posting on Facebook, given other influences x lessons learned, the change will be something unexpectedly rich. ?
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:36pm T-Zero:

Time may be a trick of the mind, but I was still late and missed the start of the set. :(

Evening, Dan!
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:40pm Dan B:

@T-Zero, better late than never!
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:43pm Dan B:

This might end up being Stump an Anthropologist -- keep em coming!
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:44pm 12539:

Hugo! I used to see them every chance I had.
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:45pm dave:

oh man, i haven't heard hugo largo in a dog's age. thanks!
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:45pm 12539:

(I think the "Eight" you list in the title may be the track number)
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:46pm ?:

HUGO LARGO was one of NYC's best bands ever.
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:46pm dave:

"eight second skin" WOULD be a good song name, though.
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:47pm damien:

DJ Dan. Just thought I would share: I enjoyed the Yak Dumplings at Llasa Cafe yesterday in Noho. Oh, I think you know the place. I've heard your show enough times...Fat Worm of Yak, indeed. There were lots of creepy, dirty, 48-year-old hippie guys outside of Haymatket Cafe...leering at 19-year-old hipster girls from Bergen County.
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:47pm Nat the Parker:

the necks, eh? nice
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:49pm 12539:

Mimi Goese has a new album out with Ben Neill, for those who care but do not know.
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:49pm Glen The Parker:

I loved Rip Rag! Tell me more...
  Mon. 9/19/11 9:57pm blackgreen13:

well, not to try to make this the blackgreen13 hour, please don't feel like you have to get to this also, more of an observation, but another thing I've noticed about specifically the internet is the absolute paradigm shift in info availability. Example. I love guns. I have lots of guns. I have a permit to carry them. For the work I do ( roaming around a big, much-more-violent-than-average city all alone, going to any and every neighborhood to try to help people in need), it's actually kind of practical for me. I'm also kind of new to the whole thing. So I found a community on the internet where carrying concealed is there sole focus. Through this group, I was able to ask questions directly from people with incredibly specific and specialized knowledge, combat veterans, law enforcement officers, and probably straight up thugs. I was able to ask questions directly of retired law enforcement officers who were in the Watts riots, and undercover officers and federal agents. People who were able to tell me, well we used to do this back in the 70s and WHY and specifically HOW, and then get 3 other viewpoints. It would have taken me decades to get all that knowledge without that.
And this exists for almost any kind of specialized knowledge you would care to think about... how do you see this changing things?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:03pm pax:

I'm new to NYC and I feel like I haven't experienced the city yet because I haven't eaten at a kosher deli.Those are supposed to be everywhere, right? For some reason there aren't any in upper Manhattan, where I usually am. What's with that?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:05pm 'ello!:

I think I need to change my wet and rained out socks and keep the station tuned..
silent listening.
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:06pm Marmalade Kitty:

hi everyone :)
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:06pm betty:

define anthropology.
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:08pm pax:

And on the topic of the Cold War and Germany, what do you think of the Stazi bar? Have you ever been to it?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:09pm Marmalade Kitty:

whats so good 'bout guns then huh..?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:09pm betty:

Hi Marmalade!
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:10pm sudo:

Raincoats a little mainstream for FMU? I like a good slicker.
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:10pm blackgreen13:

they sound fantastic. and they blow huge holes in things.
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:11pm Nat the Parker:

i enjoy a full body jimmy hat to stay out of the rain
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:11pm Marmalade Kitty:

guns are for the impotent
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:14pm blackgreen13:

true in a way
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:15pm Emily:

great show!
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:16pm damien:

2nd Ave Deli. 33rd St. No?

However, being a Long Island boy, Ben's ain't bad.
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:17pm sudo:

how do you feel about umbrellas?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:18pm Joe Mulligan:

When the robots take over the world, will they find humans most useful for food, fuel, or plain ole manual labor?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:20pm 'ello!:

Why do Americans want everyone else in the world to be American? If not in nationality, then in language, economics, culture, values, etc. ?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:21pm damien:

i have a Mossberg 590

Mr. Anthropologist, have you ever been to Hovenweep National Monument?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:21pm Marmalade Kitty:

They already have Joe! If they had a sense of humor they would be laughing their robot asses off
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:23pm Americans:

Feel free to stay medieval instead. Or come up with something else as yet unthought of that patently works really well. That would be great, too! We'd all learn something. Go for it!
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:23pm JMD:

How will mankind use all the leftover CDs?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:23pm damien:

he doesn't watch Seinfeld
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:25pm lulu:

do you read your horoscope? what do you think of zodiac forecasts?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:26pm Marmalade Kitty:

Its working really well America..!
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:26pm Yancy Grady:

Has constant/persistent communication (text messaging, twitter/social media, instant messaging) killed the concept of conversation?

How can I have a good conversation with someone if it just sort of lingers in the background all day in a text message?

Am I just old fashioned?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:29pm Nat the Parker:

good conversations are made by people with something to say, regardless of technilogiez
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:31pm 'ello!:

I have minimal patience for mediated conversation. It could be fascinating or boring and I'll similarly drop or fade out. Bleep.
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:35pm Nat the Parker:

point taken, i can't stand conversations mediated by the intrusive presence of language. only thought-to-thought from now on. ;)
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:41pm david:

this is goooood.
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:42pm Dan B:

@David, glad you like! @all, you seem to be taking care of things without any intervention, I'm glad to see. Just speak english, OK? :->
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:42pm American:

@MK: We all make our choices, good or bad or some of both, and hopefully learn from them. As a listener to a freeform station, I try to give other people latitude to make own choices and even mistakes. I don't feel compelled to make judgmental bossiness my top priority.
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:43pm Marmalade Kitty:

computer say's no.. :( final answer
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:44pm sudo:

With regard to TRM's musing on whether kids still use pen and paper and Yancy's question on social media and persistent communication: From what I've seen, such technologies have been adopted into instructional practices very slowly and not very organically in primary/secondary public education. How would you characterize the role the institution of public education is playing in modulating the impact of such media?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:49pm damien:

Any Chance you could play "Being It" from Arthur Russel's "World of Echo" album?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:49pm Descendent of William H. Harrison:

Great show, guys. So glad I tuned in. Question: is it possible to kill time without injuring eternity?
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:52pm Parq:

That's it; I'm changing the name of my autobiography to "Their Sacrament Was Billy Beer".
  Mon. 9/19/11 10:53pm Dan B:

@Parq, we are both laughing our asses off -- thanks!
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:06pm JMD:

@Descendent...The answer is yes, but only when mooching dinner from neighbors. A lake must be involved in the discussion.
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:10pm damien:

Next Week: Lloyd Bitzer's "Rhetorical Situation", a la The Yuengling Brewery
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:17pm Listener Howard:

King Tut's Wah Wah hut was where Niagara is now.
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:17pm Marmalade Kitty:

Love is the key :)
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:18pm blackgreen13:

keys are for the impotent :)
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:19pm damien:

anthropology BLOWS
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:19pm Paul From Minneapolis:

Do you believe in the monogenesis of language, i.e. that all languages come from a single source?
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:21pm damien:

Touche, Beeatch!
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:21pm American:

merritt ruhlen thinks so, but he's a whack job
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:22pm Paul From Minneapolis:

I had to ask this question, I'm a linguist myself. I believe in it but it's impossible to reconstruct this language because, as Bodah said, glottalchronology only gets you so far back in time 9the temporal ceiling).
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:23pm American:

wiki "nostratic" and "proto-human language"
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:23pm Marmalade Kitty:

key being a figure of speech, maybe language is impotent..?
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:23pm Nat the Parker:

is it fair to describe language as "choosing" to change?
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:25pm American:

semantic changes in language *tend* to be chosen, sound changes tend to be less thought-through
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:25pm Marmalade Kitty:

  Mon. 9/19/11 11:25pm damien:

Play some Warhol interviews
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:25pm Richard Wadkins:

Could a theory of the evolution of language be informed by memetics? Or is the study of linguistics necessarily concerned with spoken sounds pre-meaning?
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:27pm Yancy Grady:

Skipped my question :(

Was is that bad?
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:27pm Paul From Minneapolis:

Sound changes essentially happen due to the poverty of the stimulus, i.e. that children learning to speak their own native language internalize sound changes because they essentially mishear the sounds that they are listening to but do so in an orderly manner... this is an awesome show!
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:29pm damien:

this is the most offensively pretentious show that i have ever been subjected to. I praise it thousandfold.
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:29pm Marmalade Kitty:

Language is for the impotent! :D
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:31pm Yancy Grady:

Great show regardless tho.
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:34pm damien:

  Mon. 9/19/11 11:35pm JMD:

Great story about the little green umbrellas. Thanks.
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:38pm sudo:

Yancy: my fault :/
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:43pm thom:

thanks for finally getting to some music after talking about stuff that would normally interest me but since im here for the tunes - GET ON WITH IT!
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:45pm Dan B:

@thom, meh. @yancy, sorry! we got lost in the mass of questions! @JMD, yeah, but do think that is the heartfelt but untrue story of the show, or what?
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:48pm Yancy Grady:

No worries. Great discussions regardless!
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:48pm JMD:

hyperbole, myth, or outright lie, still a good story. Thanks
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:54pm JMD:

...and a great show.
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:55pm thom:

did enjoy
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:56pm 12539:

Thank you both. This has been great.
  Mon. 9/19/11 11:58pm Marmalade Kitty:

yes..! Thanks!
  Tue. 9/20/11 12:02am 12539:

Now guess which comment was heartfelt but untrue.
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