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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 19, 2011: Cafe Regio's
~Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments
Isaac Hayes  Cafe Regio's   Options   Enterprise  1971  45   
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra  Main Title and Anatomy of a Murder   Options Anatomy of a Murder  Sony   1991  CD  featuring Ray Nance and Jimmy Hamilton; soundtrack from the 1959 Otto Preminger movie. 
The Fiery Furnaces  Chief Inspector Blancheflower   Options Blueberry Boat  Rough Trade  2004  CD   
Cosa Brava  Lucky 13   Options Ragged Atlas  Intakt  2010  CD   
John Zorn  Spillaine   Options Godard / Spillaine  Tzadik  1999  CD  Originally released in 1987 
Eugene S. Robinson & Philippe Petit  The Right Eye Cut   Options The Crying of Lot 69  Monotype  2011  CD   
Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians  Raymond Chandler Evening (demo)   Options Element of Light  Rhino  1995  CD  Demo for the song released in 1986 
The Velvet Underground  The Murder Mystery (closet mix)   Options Peel Slowly & See  Polydor  1995  CD  Originally released in 1969 
Alice Cooper  The Black Widow   Options Welcome to My Nightmare  Atlantic  2002  CD  Originally released in 1975 
Cheap Trick  Gonna Raise Hell   Options Sex, America, Cheap Trick  Epic  1996  CD  Originally released on Dream Police (1979) 
Diamanda Galás with John Paul Jones  Baby's Insane   Options The Sporting Life  Mute  1994  CD   
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum  FC: The Freedom Club   Options Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of Natural History  Web of Mimicry  2004  CD   
The Residents  The Beards?   Options River of Crime  Cordless Recordings  2006  CD   
Tom Waits  Murder in the Red Barn   Options Bone Machine  Island  1992  CD   
M.J. Harris/Martyn Bates  The Death of Polly   Options Murder Ballads (The Complete Collection)  Invisible Records  1998  CD  Originally released in 1994 
Sonic Youth / /Lydia Lunch  Death Valley '69   Options Death Valley '69  Homestead  1985  EP   
Sunn O)))  Báthory Erzsébet   Options Black One  Southern Lord  2005  CD  With Malefic from Xasthur on vocals and Oren Ambarchai on guitars and percussion! 
John Lee Hooker  Jesse James   Options Alone  Tomato  1989  CD  Recorded in 1975 
Petula Clark  The Show is Over   Options Beautiful Sounds: The Petula Clark Songbook  Castle  2000  CD   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/19/11 3:06pm 37:

smokin hot arrangement... nice!
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:09pm DJ KG:

hey 37!
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:13pm J J:

Damn. This is seven years old already?
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:15pm Marmalade kitty:

gooevening kurt & all ..I wonder what the animation signifies here?
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:16pm Looms:

@MJ.gif: another coffee abuser?
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:17pm Marmalade kitty:

bonjour Looms! :)
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:17pm DJ KG:

hi looms, kitty, jj!

the animation is a mystery. if mn gif is listening, he's free to elaborate. but for now, it's just a strange guy in the corner...
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:17pm Looms:

Hey Kitty, you'll be proud of me: I have my tickets for the John Cale gig right here!
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:18pm J J:

@marmalade kitty Steve Reich goin' cuh-ray-zee.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:19pm Brown cloud:

It IS a strange guy in the corner.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:19pm Marmalade kitty:

;) nice one looms! when is it?
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:20pm Looms:

@Kitty: october 12th
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:20pm DJ KG:

jj: yup! i was hoping to have steve reich on the show today (which is why jeff made the graphic) but it was postponed. hopefully in sept.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:20pm 12539:

Where's MN Jeff? The gif is called reich.gif and that sure looks like his chin phasing about.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:20pm Marmalade kitty:

Hi J J! :)
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:21pm Wild Neil:

Wow, I thought this was King Crimson.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:22pm Marmalade kitty:

I don't know steve reich..
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:25pm Carmichael:

Hiya Kurt. Who's Steve Reich?
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:26pm Looms:

Guys, you must be kidding!
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:26pm BodegaMan:

whoa Steve Reich on the show, that's pretty darn exciting. I've wanted his box set for a long time, it's one of those "one day" purchases for me.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:29pm DJ KG:

bodega - the nonesuch set? it's pretty affordable and way worth it!

kitty, carmichael and anyone else - steve reich is a new york composer, active since the 1960s, very interested in repetition and phase shifting. his work is remarkable.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:30pm northguineahills:

I love these old John Zorn sides......
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:30pm Carmichael:

OK, works for me. Thanks!
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:31pm J J:

@KG Cool. Too bad he couldn't show. What excuse did he have THIS time?
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:31pm BodegaMan:

yes the 10 CD package. Ok, so it's part laziness. If I saw it in a store, I'd snatch it up. But I'm kind of lazy about getting things on-line.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:32pm Daniel:

Funny to think where John Lurie's gone since those days. Or maybe it's entirely predictable. Anyway, wackadoo. . .
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:36pm Marmalade kitty:

MJeff, what is he dododododododoing?
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:37pm DJ KG:

what he's doing is dancing. that's how you dance to reich music.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:41pm Daniel:

With respect, this animation is more like La Monte Young. Reich would slowly, almost imperceptibly dance to the lower left corner, and curve back again.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:42pm 12539:

The visual stutter cluster reminds me of the opening to Music for 18 Musicians.
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:43pm Marmalade kitty:

eye SEE..!
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:45pm Looms:

Another good thing by Zorn I've missed :(
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:46pm DJ KG:

yr not missing it now, looms!
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:48pm Looms:

For sure I am not :)
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:58pm Minnesota Jeff:

What if I told you despite the file name, likeness, and supposed confirmation by DJKG, that the image did NOT feature Steve Reich?
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:59pm Daniel:

Is it Stephen Hawking?
  Fri. 8/19/11 3:59pm Carmichael:

At first glance, I thought it was early Pete Best.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:01pm seang:

the image looks like Arnold Schoenberg
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:02pm Daniel:

Looks like Schoenberg, feels like Xenakis.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:06pm Daniel:

Chuck Barris?
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:07pm Minnesota Jeff:

Its not Chuck Barris.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:07pm andymorphic:

shaving my head made me bolder
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:09pm DJ KG:

what if i told you i don't know what i'm talking about?
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:10pm Daniel:

I'd breathe a sigh of great relief, as I do whenever anyone says that.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:11pm 37:

back... sounds groovy!
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:13pm seang:

love this part
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:13pm Minnesota Jeff:

Opinion POLL: Does the whole of Cale and Lou's solo work surpass the few albums of VU?
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:13pm 37:

hail yes!
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:14pm andymorphic:

i think this is the best vu album, what goes on!
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:15pm andymorphic:

cale and reed never even came close to the genius of vu
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:16pm Looms:

  Fri. 8/19/11 4:16pm 37:

and there is is ladies and gentlemen
Alice at his theatrical best
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:16pm DJ KG:

mn gif: it astounds me how much i love vu and how little i care about stuff any of them did after. not that none of it's good, but the contrast is ridiculous.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:16pm Minnesota Jeff:

I know I personally enjoy a few Cale albums more than I do VU albums.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:17pm 37:

cale was vu
ok,,, you can all kill me now
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:18pm Daniel:


  Fri. 8/19/11 4:18pm Cecile:

I like Paris 1919 better than I do Loaded. I'm completely indifferent to Lou, though.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:18pm 37:

i didnt really mean it... just stirring it up,,, sorry...
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:18pm Parq:

I never noticed before how much Alice's delivery resembled Burgess Meredith's in his "Penguin" role.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:18pm Minnesota Jeff:

Oh and also: http://www.loureedmetallica.com/ - nov. 1st!
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:19pm Cecile:

Steve Reich is pretty great.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:19pm 37:

  Fri. 8/19/11 4:20pm Cecile:

I think some of Cale's solo work is great. Maybe the VU albums are better, but I listen to his solo work as much if not more. Lou, well. I like one or two songs, but meh
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:21pm 37:

certainly is raising hell here....
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:22pm andymorphic:

cale and reed solo exist as songwriters....vu is about the music.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:22pm 37:

yes... john cale has had a spotty but strong solo run
lou, not so much... feh
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:22pm Cecile:

Metallica and Lou Reed are a good match. Neither has topped their early work. But Metallica put on a good show still. I dont' know about Lou. I saw John Cale in the 90s wearing a Hawaiian shirt and singing happy songs. He did do some old stuff as an encore, and I liked the show a lot.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:24pm andymorphic:

cale is a great producer
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:24pm Cecile:

Hey, remember when Cheap Trick were doing their first three albums in order over three nights? I caught Heaven Tonight and it was so cool.

Indeed, andymorphic. But nobody ever seems to work with him twice.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:25pm Mike East:

I'm gonna say I like the VU better - if only because I think Cale and Reed's solo wouldn't work as well for me if they didn't have the foundation of their earlier work with Velvet Underground to go off of. With Lou Reed especially, I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt that I think I wouldn't if VU didn't have such a strong impact on my own musical tastes.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:25pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 8/19/11 4:25pm andymorphic:

i have no doubt that he is a total prick as reed seems to be
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:26pm 37:

  Fri. 8/19/11 4:30pm Mike East:

I still blame Lou Reed for stealing my stapler
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:30pm Cecile:

Was it Belock? Brian Turner?
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:33pm 37:

sporting life
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:34pm Cecile:

wow, she sounds very Cher-like on this cut. Cher if being possessed.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:35pm DJ KG:

cecile: (cher) HA!
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:35pm Looms:

Back in 1994, I didn't expect D. Galas to release such a record. It was so delicious to check it out :)
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:36pm Carmichael:

Who DIDN'T Jones play with over the decades? I have his version of Baja from probably '66, as well as all the 3 Day Weekend tracks for PJ Proby. I never knew his studio back catalogue was so extensive.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:37pm 37:

the supporting tour for this material was fantastic
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:37pm Cecile:

now I want a Cher album with John Paul Jones.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:37pm Looms:

  Fri. 8/19/11 4:38pm Minnesota Jeff:

Whoooaaaaa, I haven't heard any SGM in a long time! Still one of the best live shows I have ever seen.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:39pm Cecile:

You got Dark Lady floating around, Kurt?
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:39pm DJ KG:

37: do you mean to say you saw diamanda with jones? (and let's mention also pete thomas (of the attractions) on drums!)
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:40pm Minnesota Jeff:

This song is so great!
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:40pm Cecile:

this sounds like the soundtrack for a puppet musical about Dracula.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:41pm DJ KG:

mn gif: def! shame they called it a day.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:41pm DJ KG:

cecile: you're not far off!
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:42pm Minnesota Jeff:

SGM has the best Metal Sink player and 2 X 4 Bass player I have ever seen.
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:43pm T-Zero:

@Cecile: Heh, I had to come look at the playlist to see who it was... also thought it was Cher at first ... was like, whaaat?
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:43pm Carmichael:

This music is not for "sleepytime" ....
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:45pm Cecile:

not sleepytime humans, sleepytime gorillas
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:47pm Cecile:

dark lady, play black magic till the clock strikes da da da
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:48pm Looms:

Oh goodness, Residents! WOOHOO!
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:49pm 37:

yes dj kg that is what i meant to say
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:49pm 37:

third diamanda show for me ever
  Fri. 8/19/11 4:50pm DJ KG:

holy heck, 37!
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:09pm Mike East:

crazy thunderstorm last night in my part of Jersey. Thunder shook the house.
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:10pm Carmichael:

You can throw some inclement weather my way any time. Sun, heat, and endless sunshine. Over and over and over.
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:15pm Looms:

Europe should have these weather warnings too: sadly 5 people died in a storm during the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium yesterday.
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:25pm DJ KG:

looms, i heard about that. in fact, we were talking about it while waiting in the rain for cheap trick last night, wondering about our own fates!
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:29pm Looms:

Sorry to make this Murder Ballad bitter (love this collection btw).
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:32pm slugluv1313:

ahhhhhhhhhh SO GOOD to hear DEATH VALLEY 69!!!!!!! and ooooooo ELIZABETH BATHORY!!!!!! my *lovely* HUNGARIAN ancestry!!!!!! :)
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:42pm Looms:

Checking out, thanks Kurt, bye all!
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:49pm hamburger:

  Fri. 8/19/11 5:49pm J J:

Anyone know where I can find a copy of the lyrics to this song? Having no luck so far.
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:52pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

It is all about butterflies and moonbeams.
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:54pm hamburger:

kinda seemed as though he was trying to tell the dentist it was the other tooth that needed removing, but it. was. too late.
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:58pm seang:

great show!
  Fri. 8/19/11 5:59pm northguineahills:

Great awesome show, Kurt!
  Fri. 8/19/11 7:00pm amh:

all the people calling in and calling other people dicks are the dicks
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