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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options July 1, 2011

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Jean-Claude Éloy  Tô-kyô: Pachinko   Options Gaku-No-Michi  0:00:00 ()
Jean-Claude Éloy  Tô-kyô: Tokyo   Options Gaku-No-Michi  0:11:23 ()
Jean-Claude Éloy  Fu-Shiki: Fushiki-e & Mokuso   Options Gaku-No-Michi  1:02:23 ()
Dick Raaijmakers  Achter de Schermen   Options Popular Electronics  2:26:29 ()
Bernard Bonnier  Soldier Boy   Options Casse-tête  2:44:22 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 7/1/11 12:12pm J J:

Please don't play anything super loud after this. I already have my volume set to the max. Pretty awesome anyway.
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:12pm Mark:

Stellar. Was this ever reissued legitimately on CD from the tapes. I have a CDR from vinyl.
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:13pm J J:

Okay, now it's starting to rock!
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:15pm don:

until you've been in a pachinko-ya in japan, you just can't understand how loud it is in there.
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:15pm bryce:

hey yous!

ahh, the yakuza.....
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:19pm Chinpoko Mon:

This ist radz!!
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:19pm bryce:

mark, this is it! finally in its entirety: 240 minutes.
it's a lovely, lovely thing...

  Fri. 7/1/11 12:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 7/1/11 12:23pm Carmichael:

What would you suggest, DeadCorp?
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

not earwax
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:27pm Carmichael:

I'm thinking udon.
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:28pm J J:

udon right out of the packet. gargle with salt water.
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:28pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it's Canada day, I just discovered--poutine?
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

too much like earwax
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:33pm northguineahills:

I actually just ordered some katsu-don.
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:39pm Looms:

Hello Bryce and fellow listeners.
Great sounds by Eloy, I think my credit card will painfully whisper "not again" soon.
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:40pm bryce:

hahaaa :)

at least you can get it locally (metamkine)....i don't think it's being distributed in the u.s. at all
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:43pm Carmichael:

Are you playing all 4 CDs, Bryce?
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:45pm bryce:

i wish! freakin' thing's 1-1/3 metric shows.....
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:45pm BT:

There's also another big set out on the same label of Eloy's Shanti --- killer stuff too.
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:46pm C:

is this found sound or composed? pretty interesting stuff. thanks
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:46pm bryce:

thanks so much for getting this, BT. you...are the best.
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:54pm bryce:

hey C, it's a combination of pure electronics and manipulated recorded sounds.

he was working on stuff that looked like this: http://bit.ly/jR7NwX
  Fri. 7/1/11 12:59pm C:

Cool, thanks for the explaination and link. makes sense, although when i first heard it thought it was japanese factory sounds put on top of outside sounds. or maybe a factory on the street.
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:11pm bryce:

yeah, who knows! he'd just moved to japan to work at NHK (radio japan). in fact, that section's subtitled "the way of everyday sounds..."
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

a nice slow mind warp here
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:34pm Chris from DC:

Any idea who might carry this? Don't see it listed by some of the usual outlets. Need.
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:39pm northguineahills:

This is a nice way to spend inside on a beautiful day when I'm stuck at work.
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:39pm Looms:

@Bryce: getting records locally is fine indeed: I'm waiting for the new Heemann/O'Rourke which is supposed to have been shipped to me 3 weeks ago from the US. And I'm still waiting for my swag ;)
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:39pm bryce:

chris— shit, i know! this label, hors territoires, i believe is éloy's own imprint, and only carried by the french distributor metamkine. ( http://metamkine.com )

keith @ mimaroglu stocked the other release ( http://bit.ly/jR7NwX )....maybe he'll get a few of these as well?
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:42pm hubba:

Did you look @ discogs?
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:42pm Chris from DC:

One can only hope. It looks like Erstdist had it at some point. Metamkine it is then. Thx.
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:43pm bryce:

so sorry about the swag, looms! we're actually STILL mailing it all out. there are 6 people volunteering today, doing nothing but stuffing envelopes.

but they're all alcoholics, so no guarantees.
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:44pm Chris from DC:

Hubba, not yet, good idea.
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:44pm hubba:

"I book tours for Eloy. Special price if buying Shanti at the same time, ___ for the 2 boxset (6 cds) ask me." - Prele (discogs)
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:46pm Looms:

I know, Bryce, no worry.
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:46pm bryce:

hahaaaaaa THERE HE IS!!!!!

*snap* *snap* *snap* *snap*
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:55pm hubba:

This as an educational opportunity... one of the ideal aspects to freeform radio... a shared exploration. no more comments from me.. too tired, light flickering above, i feel drowned in sound... Thank you!
  Fri. 7/1/11 1:56pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/1/11 2:07pm stefica:

really enjoying this Gaku-No-Michi as I lunch on soba and seaweed...
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:08pm bryce:

hey, stefica!
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:12pm stefica:

  Fri. 7/1/11 2:19pm Looms:

Eloy order placed (amongst other good records)
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:21pm bryce:


yeah, metamkine's a wallet-drainer....
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:24pm Looms:

Oh yes, they really are! They have so many great stuff.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:30pm lunch freeloader:

Butting in late for lunch with you all on a comedown of Sashimi, fresh off the 40 mile mark (in the sea). My landlord just went crazy with a butcher knife & a rifle -- caught the fish with a hook, delivered it to tenants with a butcher knife & also caught a shark... with a RIFLE.

Looking forward to hearing some SOUND now, as a reprieve ;)
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:32pm hubba:

Let's go Dutch for lunch
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:33pm Inner Ear Detour:

I like this show.

By the way, did you know that squirrels make noise? I watched and listened to one this morning. It was a strained howling sort of thing, much louder than I would have guessed.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:34pm BT:

F'in awesome you played that whole thing, it looked lonely in the new bin these months!!!
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:37pm bryce:

hahaaa, and that was just the first HALF. it's magnificent...

hey, david!! wow, i usually just hear them click while shaking their tails at each other
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

groundhogs ate my cilantro plants.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:37pm bryce:

freeloader, DON'T EVER BE LATE
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:38pm stefica:

45 euros for gaku-no-michi?
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:39pm stefica:

mmm, freeloader has fresh sashimi!
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:40pm bryce:

i know...... tho it is 4 cds
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:40pm Looms:

@Inner: a cocooning sunday was ruined by an angry squirrel last year. We never understood why it was so pissed off. Keeped screaming, coming and going the whole day.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:40pm Ike:

OK, I'll ask the obvious question: How do you catch a shark with a rifle?! And *where*?!
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:42pm stefica:

Yes, 4 CDs, so it makes sense. except.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:44pm hubba:

Is this coming from the 4 cd set of early Dutch music on Basta?
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:44pm jk:

thanks Bryce!
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:45pm lunch freeloader:

Late, ha! is like the bait for my story. Sorry to have missed so much SOUND.

Wish we could all share some etherized fish -- it's nearly there when it's fresh, the texture kind of evaporates IN YOUR MOUTH. Awesome. Next time, everybody at once.

The shark is from the deep blue sea, where else? 40 miles off the coast of Brooklyn, circa late last night is my second hand information.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:46pm bryce:


hub, yeah it is!
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

use your imagination as to how they "caught" it with a rifle
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:49pm hubba:

I went fishing one time in the Kenai Peninsula with a large fellow with an even larger beard, think Bluto from Popeye... we were Halibut fishing... he used a gaf (sp) and then beat a 150 pound fish with a club, like a street villain being beaten, and he kept saying, "damn, this would be easier if I brought my rifle." We were in a little row boat with blood flecked cheeks... nearly crapped my pants.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:49pm lunch freeloader:

Seriously, it overlaps too far into the category of *grotesque* to extend the details of catching the shark. Probably a faster kill than via a hook, at least. Sad, but true.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:52pm Ike:

Holy heck.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'll have the tofu instead
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:52pm lunch freeloader:

Gawd, Hubba. Yes I heard: the shark swam up to the boat & it's face was visible & 2 rifle shots were fired & now there's an ice cooler full of beautiful shark.

As long as you eat the whole thing, you know...
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:54pm still b/p:

Don't ever turn your back on wounded tofu.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:54pm northguineahills:

You have to kill the shark immediately, otherwise it urinates (releases ammonia) through its skill when under extended periods of stress, like, air-drowning. this leaves the the shark's flesh not too tasty.
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 7/1/11 2:56pm bryce:

that's why you have to let it rot in a shack. ask bjork
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:58pm northguineahills:

  Fri. 7/1/11 2:59pm lunch freeloader:

NGH, that is intense.

Bryce, yes Iceland style is certainly safer. In shack, or buried in sand -- that's what they do for the cod, I think. *Which also involves urination.* Unsavory yet alchemy for savory, too!
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:59pm bryce:

you know bjork?!
  Fri. 7/1/11 2:59pm Looms:

  Fri. 7/1/11 2:59pm bryce:

oh shit....bye, all!

good week
  Fri. 7/1/11 3:00pm Looms:

Thx Bryce.
  Fri. 7/1/11 3:00pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

don't blow your fingers off
  Fri. 7/1/11 3:01pm Looms:

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