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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 24, 2011: Extreme Sitting

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:02pm stinkbug:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:02pm Danne D:

YAY! Hi Weirdos :)
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:02pm G:

What was that other show name Kurt was using for y’all? It sounded so respectful! :-)
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:02pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:02pm Danne D:

I'm excited - I got a whole bunch of my FMU swag today :)

Hiya stinkbug
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:03pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Sit on it!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:03pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:03pm Johnny Muller:

I haven't gotten any of my stuff yet
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:03pm yayson:

ahhhh, i was all getting excited for another episode of 'Leave Me Alone DIrtbag.'
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:03pm G:

Does it count if we sat on it and spun?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:03pm Danne D:

I think Frangry made that story up and that the real reason is that Andy sat in someone's purloined gum :)
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:03pm Jesus:

No, you sit on it!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:04pm Danne D:

That's cuz you are a super deluxe high roller, Johnny Muller and/or your name begins with M.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:04pm other david:

I sat on my fathers glasses once... that was unpleasant.

A teacher sat on my lap once - it wasnt half as sexy as it sounded. Even though it was in the Lourve.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:04pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I wonder what weird things ANDY sat on in RUSSIA. I'm dying to know!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:04pm yayson:

i was with a girl once in berlin who sat on a chocolate croissant.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:04pm Johnny Muller:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:04pm Danne D:

Chuck Berry thinks that poop with the leaf story is hot, Frangry.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:05pm Robert in Seattle:

I predict Frangry hates this topic in under 5 minutes.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:05pm Jesus:

I sat on Pancake
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:05pm stinkbug:

$5 to wfmu if frangry sits on andy during this show.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:05pm G:

Andy sat on the board. That explains everything.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:06pm G:

Jesus, shoot fucking Spike.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:06pm other david:

I will match stinkbugs pledge
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:06pm G:

He needs new dentures.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:07pm me:

I sat on a razorblade that was lurking under the bubbles in my bath. Ouch!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:07pm Jesus:

Frangry, sit on Andy's warm seat
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Anyone sit on human ashes?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:07pm hamburger / london:

does 'falling' on something count?

like trying to attach a disco mirror ball to your bedroom ceiling only to slip from an electric shock on a garden gnome in -that- area, only to have your dad walk in on you, with 'what is love' by haddaway blasting on the speakers and therein not speak to you for two weeks?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:07pm Sammy:

I will match $5, but we'll need photographic proof.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:08pm Danne D:

How will someone work cannibalism into this week's show?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:09pm Charles:

it's gross when women who wear summer dresses, in the summer, leave behind a line of gleaming "sweat" on their seats when they leave the train.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:09pm Jesus:

I love it when she says my name.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:09pm Danne D:

If the new board op gets too mouthy you can say, Shut up Boardo.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:10pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Wow, three years! They need have a party!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:10pm Danne D:

You can bottle that "sweat" up and sell it to Chuck Berry, I think Charles.

I agree Mister Johnny. There needs to be a big SUW gala :)
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:11pm Jesus:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:11pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Danne D, what's up!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:11pm Pauliwog:

Considering it's Gay Pride weekend, the topic of sitting on things seems appropriate. (And yes I have sat on what you are thinking and I liked it).
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:11pm G:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:12pm stinkbug:

I want to know the last time Andy and Frangry sat on a a bean bag.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:12pm Deed:

Me too! Pauliwog
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:12pm Danne D:

what up , Mister Johnny!

Btw, 20 minute PATH delays on the WTC line for FMU peoples that care about that line.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:12pm mike noble 7sd:

i believe chigger was the racial slur used for the enemy aliens in the brief fox sci fi series SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:12pm Jesus:

Frangry rap name is DJ Butt Puss
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:12pm Danne D:

@Pauliwog A lily pad?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:12pm Charles:

it's no fetish... I just watch where I sit!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:13pm mike noble 7sd:

i heard a guy on the subway ranting about how he wouldn't let any ho sit on his bed if she had just rode on the subway. because of that subway seat germ transfer.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:13pm G:

6:12, weekly kid call is three minutes early this week. Check your log better, you people!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:13pm Pauliwog:

@Danne D not as soft and flaccid
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:14pm other david:

Poor Jenna, she has been jilted
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:14pm mike noble 7sd:

you should encourage listeners to sit on random things RIGHT NOW and then send in pictures to your tumblr. do you want me to sit on my pet tortoise?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:14pm Danne D:

@pauliwog a log then?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:14pm Jesus:

http://homepage.mac.com/mattvant/Pix/chigger_M.jpg chigger picture
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:14pm stinkbug:

jenna is learning about the wrath of frangry
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:15pm mike noble 7sd:

is that butt flesh on top of the chigger?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:15pm hamburger / london:

jenna + jill catfight!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:15pm Pauliwog:

@Danne D Yes, a lovely man log. tehe
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:15pm Frangry's Butt Puss:

hang up on Kristen...boring
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:15pm Danne D:

Frangry = jealous of teenage girls methinks.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Are Andy and Frangry gonna make it three years? Sounds like Frangry is very near the end of her tether with Andy.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:16pm quinn:

hey mike noble, wilson is calling in right now!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:16pm other david:

.... oh dear Kristen.. I think you're jealous of Jenna
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:16pm G:

@MR J: She sounds that way practically every week.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:17pm quinn:

i sat on puke on a toilet seat at enid's in williamsburg
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:17pm Danne D:

when I worked at A&P there was some sicko who would purposely miss #2 in the ladies room. Thankfully I didn't have to do bathroom duty as I worked in the frozen food section.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:17pm Danne D:

OMG! Frangry's Weirdo Wedding!!!! That would be the best marathon show ever!!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:17pm Frangry's Butt Puss:

I need a bidet!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:18pm Danne D:

Request to Johnny Muller:
Draw a Shut Up Weirdo Frangry Wedding Please!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:18pm Robert in Seattle:

Jill called me an idiot the other week - I think Weirdo fame has gone to her head.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:19pm DJ Kurt G:

extreme ironing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extreme_ironing
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Who would be Frangry's Maid of Honor?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:19pm other david:

Robert, you should sit on Jill... and leave Kristen's toilet seat up
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:20pm Robert in Seattle:

Next time I'm back East I'll try to work that in. So to speak.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:21pm Charles:

when I was 6, my older brother sat on my older sister's baby chick (he had a fat ass) one morning, and then put the completely flattened chick under my pillow, and so I found it when I woke up. the eyes stained left a brown stain on my pillow.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:21pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I sat on a puppy once - by accident.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:22pm Charles:

he framed me.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:22pm other david:

Charles... you deserve a t-shirt
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:22pm Danne D:

Mister Johnny you are on to something.

Future SUW episode: Plan Frangry's Weirdo Wedding.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:22pm Robert in Seattle:

@ Charles, sad and also...ewwwwww!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:23pm mike noble 7sd:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:24pm other david:

I can't believe Mr. and Mrs. Andy worked for the CIA
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:25pm Frangry's Butt Puss:

I like turtles!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:25pm Frangry's Butt Puss:

Ask her about Andy experimenting with boxers
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:26pm mike noble 7sd:

for butt pus: http://goo.gl/0Axgu
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Has anyone sat in someone else's butt pus?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:26pm Danne D:

@other david - he worked in the same branch of the CIA as Chuck Barris probably
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:26pm Frangry's Butt Puss:

Is this the REAL Mr. and Mrs. Smith???
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:26pm mike noble 7sd:

recent 7sd musical guest brute force: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CakXjvjcgTU
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:27pm Danne D:

Flaw with this topic - this show assumes that listeners of this show actually get off of their ass at some point
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Strawberry Periods Forever!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:27pm G:

Was the Phillippines where he got his case of Marbles in the Mouth?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:28pm mike noble 7sd:

that youtube link was TO SIT ON A SANDWICH
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:29pm Adam in Boston:

I once told someone to "sit on it"
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:29pm Deed:

sometimes you just sit on your ass
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:30pm other david:

@Danne - I'm not so sure, I'm now convinced Andy and/or his wife were real spies!

ANDY, remember that time you sat on your wifes shortwave radio as she tried to receive instructions from Langley!

Alas alas... Strawberry Periods.. damn, win!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:31pm Danne D:

Least sexy thing I can think of:

Andy reading Plunger Porn
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:31pm Deed:

A friend of mine filmed herself grinding naked on a block of ice-VERY HOT
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:31pm Scarlett:

Plunger Penetration??? Andy Wins!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:31pm CIA:

@other david: The Numbers station told him to do it, as a practical joke.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:32pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Talk about stinky dates.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:32pm mike noble 7sd:

i like the put down "sit and rotate"
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:32pm other david:

@CIA - tell Cynthia I said hi! And re-hire me damnit
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:32pm Danne D:

This show always devolves into gutter talk.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:33pm Plunger:

I have a terrible phobia of Andy sitting on me!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:33pm alberto:

andy, that wasn't me
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:33pm Mrs. Andy:

Andy's plungerphobia is what got him kicked out of the CIA
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:33pm Scarlett:

Sit and Spin!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:33pm Robert in Seattle:

Funny, that.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:34pm other david:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:34pm KGB:

We blackmailed Andy over his plunger obsession.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:35pm Danne D:

John Edwards won a big judgement in a pool case like that with the whole drain thing.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:35pm other david:

A honey plunger trap. The most dastardly kind.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:35pm mike noble 7sd:

do you mean true water bugs or "water bugs" in the new york sense, i.e. "cockroaches."
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:36pm Johnny Muller:

SWU PSA: be careful of getting your insides sucked out while swimming this summer
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:36pm G:

My gf wants the world to know that she sat on her first grade teacher's lap and peed on her.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:36pm mike noble 7sd:

is the pool filter story true? isn't that a chuck palahniuk story?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:36pm Danne D:

That'd be The Stranger he's talking about people (Seattle hipster paper)
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:36pm CIA:

02843 89321 09311 90356 00123 56613 89312
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:36pm Scarlett:

I wonder what Gladys sat on?????
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:37pm P:

Exorcise that goddamn broom
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:37pm Danne D:

@G did your gf get an "A" for compensation for that?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:37pm Cannon:

The really specific topics seem to make better shows. It's not just "regulars" calling up and riffing - you have to have a story.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:38pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I remember sitting on SANTA'S lap as a small child - and being totally FREAKED OUT!!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:38pm mike noble 7sd:

"guts" is the palahniuk story... he read it on a book tour and people fainted in every city. the guy did the pool thing as a kinky sort of auto-erotic thing.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:38pm Scarlett:

Andy, the power of plungers compells you!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:38pm Danne D:

The more mundane the topic, the less likely I have a story it seems which is kinda surprising.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:39pm P:

Santa is a Strawberry Period!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:39pm Sammy:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:40pm Danne D:

Andy and the Plungers - sounds like a great band name.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:40pm Cannon:

If I had a plunger... I'd plunge in the morning... I'd plunge in the evening... All over this land.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:41pm P:

Super Mario had a plunger right??
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:41pm P:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:41pm Scarlett:

Did Andy sit in that same chair at Ken's house.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:42pm Cannon:

That Station Manager Ken story explains a lot.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:42pm mike noble 7sd:

ken nearly lost his eye.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:42pm CIA:

Is Station Manager Ken... McGyver?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:42pm Scarlett:

Andy and the Plungers with DJ Butt Puss
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:43pm quinn:

oops this guy's accent is fake
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:44pm Cannon:

This is how hipsters sound when they're "doing a voice."
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:44pm ?:

I thought about the Linda Blair scene also.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:44pm G:

@Danne: The kids took turns during each "Reading Circle" session sitting on the teacher's lap, and my gf was a little too thrilled at being in the place of honor on the teacher's lap.

Her memory is a little hazy, but she recalls herself and the teacher being out in the hall, administrators helping them, and being led to the bathroom to change pants.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:44pm other david:

I think we've learned, a good call... is all about the delivery
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:44pm Scarlett:

it always starts with..."when I was young...."
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:45pm Danne D:

This requires a picture of Punk Rocky Andy.

OMG - another great premium idea!!

Andy and Frangry action figures!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:45pm CIA:

You shouldn't have farted on that one time pad Andy
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:45pm P:

His name was Carbon?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:45pm jack:

Your show kind of stinks. Frangry can be so mean.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:46pm Danne D:

@G that's such a different time - now that story would be on HLN every night of the week.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:46pm Scarlett:

I don't want to know what Mikey D. sat on.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:46pm Danne D:

Tanya = new SUW favorite.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:46pm alberto:

this is the shirt the winner should get:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:46pm Danne D:

(basically b/c Tanya is a female)
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:46pm G:

Yep, that would have been mid 70s in Virginia.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:46pm Cannon:

I don't know what John McCabe WANTS to sit on.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:47pm P:

Did Burt Reynolds OWN the Plunger?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:47pm ?:

When I was a kid, I left my Silly Putty on the couch and my dad sat on it. It ruined his suite jacket and I was forbidden from having Silly Putty.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:47pm Mrs. Andy:

i have some pix of young Andy ...
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:47pm Danne D:

New modified request to Johnny Muller artwork:
The weirdo wedding of Punk Rock Andy and Frangry.

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:48pm CIA:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:48pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Was Andy ever young?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:48pm Adam in Boston:

this guy sat on a tack but he didnt feel a prick till he was 15.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:48pm Charles:

wow, this tack must've been amazing.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:49pm G:

We put a tack on a nun's chair that we hated, back in second garde. She fell for it. Then for months we recited the playground rhyme:

Sister Rose sat on a tack. Sister rose!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:49pm TubaRuba:

Greetings, radioites
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:49pm other david:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:49pm P:

Ice Road Fuckers!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:50pm Cannon:

When there's ice on the ground, you should wear pants outside.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:50pm other david:

show ends now, funnel lady wins.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:51pm landells:

(Can't be arsed phoning from UK - sorry) When I was a kid my brother was giving me a backie on his bike. We were going fast down a steep hill and my brother's butt hit my chest and knocked me off the seat. I landed on the bike wheel. My shorts and boxers instantly disintegrated and my butt checks splayed the wheel. I couldn't walk properly for more than a week.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:51pm Danne D:

Hiya TubaRuba your presence has been missed.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:51pm Cannon:

@Danne: Concurred.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:52pm P:

it seems his ass was the last thing the dude saw in that car crash??
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:52pm TubaRuba:

Hi Danne - what's this show about? Stuff in the butt?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:52pm Scarlett:

they found him with car parts in his ass...how ironic
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:53pm Danne D:

pretty much, TubaRuba. Stuff you you sat on.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:53pm other david:

  Fri. 6/24/11 6:53pm Ken:

I am disqualified, as I am a station employee.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:54pm CIA:

we have from a reliable source that Station Manager Ken's story is FICTITIOUS
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:54pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Maybe Andy should lubricate his plunger at home - as a precaution.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:55pm mike noble 7sd:

you should have this guy deliver a pizza to the show
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:55pm KGB (WE MEAN FSB):

we can confirm Ken's story is utter fiction
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:55pm Brass Knuckles:

How loose is Ken's bunghole that a chair just falls up in there?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:57pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

It is more about velocity than tightness.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:57pm TubaRuba:

Pizza Poltergeist?!? I dunno what that is or what I missed, but I fully endorse it
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:57pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Don't worry Andy, your plunger sodomy fantasies are totally not gay, OK.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:57pm Danne D:

Pizza Poltergeist is alternately a great name for a band or a pizza chain.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:58pm Scarlett:

next week's topic...Vaginal insertions
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:58pm KGB (WE MEAN FSB):


  Fri. 6/24/11 6:58pm Robert in Seattle:

Dave from Seattle, I'll keep that in
mind this weekend!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:58pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I believe Ken. Always.
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:58pm G:

What psychotropic med does one add to one's repertoire after being assraped by a chair?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:58pm mike noble 7sd:

seriously, no one sat on gum?
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:59pm FRANGRY:

Bye Weirdos
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:59pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Good luck with that Robert!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:59pm Danne D:

lot of weirdos in Seattle
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:59pm TubaRuba:

@Danne - or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:59pm Ken:

Hey, now! I only respect Mossad agents. The rest of you SHUT UP!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:59pm Danne D:

Have a good night weirdos!!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 6:59pm mike noble 7sd:

i once heard about someone sitting on a bumper to pee and freezing their bare ass to the metal.
  Fri. 6/24/11 7:00pm TubaRuba:

Haha I went to check out the SUW twitter and it's all Danne D!
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