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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 24, 2011: Tequila
~Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments
Tequila  The Champs   Options   GA Challenge    45   
Lengow & Heyermears  Warhol Memory Disorder 3   Options Warholes or All Andy Would Enjoy (And Fear)  Hermes Discorbie  2003  CD   
Charlie Morrow  Marilyn Monroe Collage   Options Toot!  XI Records  2011  CD  Created in 1967 
Nico  Chelsea Girls   Options Chelsea Girl  Polygram  1995  CD  Originally released in 1967 
Marc Bolan  Voice Poem   Options T.Rex Unchained Vol. 6  Polydor  1998  CD   
David Schafer  Two of the Beatles Have Died Extended Remix   Options Two of the Beatles Have Died  Brainlove  2010  CD   
Pierrette Roy  J'ai un Secret a Te Dire   Options Beatles 101 mixtape    2011  CD-R  Compilation courtesy Réjean Beaucage 
Matmos  F/X   Options Everything Comes and Goes  Temporary Residence  2005  CD   
Grey Daturas  For Huey P. Newton & Bobby Seale   Options Dead in the Woods  Crashing Jets  2004  CD   
Witchcraft  The Snake   Options Witchcraft  Candlelight  2006  CD   
Crazy Dreams Band  Feels So Good   Options War Dream  Holy Mountain  2009  CD   
Friction  Crazy Dream   Options フリクション  Sky Station  2001  CD   
Iron Maiden  The Wicker Man   Options From Fear to Eternity: The Best of 1990-2010  Universal Licensing Music (ULM)  2011  CD   
ATLATL  The Arrogant Folds   Options Draws the Atlantic  mimeomeme  2010  CD   
David Scott Stone  Glitched Legless   Options Plays the Modular Synthesizer  Post Present Medium  2008  CD   
White Lichens  Stolas, or Stolos   Options White Lichens  Holy Mountain  2007  CD   
Evan Parker  SET part 3   Options SET  psi  2009  CD   
Zack Browning  Venus Notorious   Options Venus Notorious  Innova  2010  CD   
Memorize the Sky  I am the founder of this place   Options In Former Times  Clean Feed  2008  CD   
Ramazan  Shidi Saz: Udrusi and Bombasa   Options The Mystic Fiddle of the Proto-Gypsies  Shanachie  1997  CD   
Billy Bang / Bill Cole  Improvisation   Options Billy Bang / Bill Cole  Shadrack  2010  CD   
Shalabi Effect  Boardwalk at Apollo Beach   Options Shalabi Effect  Alien8 Recordings  2000  CD   
Djalma  Mountain Behind My Eyes   Options The Rags of Larium Pali  Orphan Sounds  2000  CD-R   
Petula Clark  The Show is Over   Options Beautiful Sounds: The Petula Clark Songbook  Castle  2000  CD   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/24/11 3:03pm National Weather Service:

Watch out for intermittent puddles old mayo.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:04pm BodegaMan:

snakes in the grass is some kind of innuendo, no?
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:05pm Paul Reubens:

  Fri. 6/24/11 3:05pm 37:

  Fri. 6/24/11 3:05pm Mike East:

  Fri. 6/24/11 3:06pm Doggerel:

I never saw a purple snake
And hope to never to see one
But I can tell you truthfully
I'd rather see than be one
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:06pm 37:


great graphic this week!
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:06pm hubba:

Hello (reverb)
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:07pm Paul McCartney:

I don't know why I say goodbye,
You say hello.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:07pm Minnesota Jeff:

1000 Apologies to DJ KG.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:07pm Looms:

Feel like I'm already high on tequila... Hellohehehehello!
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:08pm hamburger / london:

  Fri. 6/24/11 3:08pm hubba:

no, that is giraffe feces
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:09pm Memory Disorder:

Can I reuse the snake jokes from 27 April comments? 8-)
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:10pm Minnesota Jeff:

I am a sad bastard.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:11pm Memory Disorder:

I forget why, Jeff :-P
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:12pm 15M-Spanish revolution:

Hi. Sorry to disturb, Kurt. I'd like to let you know something going on in Spain and, more extensively, in Europe. SPANISH REVOLUTION - EUROPE REVOLUTION. A quite but strong movement against politicians and economic system corruption going on in this very days without being shown by mass-media (it is obviously against their interests).

You just have to see what's going on in Spain, almost everyday since the 15th of may and in every city.


Police violence, politician corruption facts, bank frauds evidences,...
People's in the streets and the official power is backing fascist actions.

This is kind of 'Inside Job' exposed, lived in real time.


More info in English in FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/15M-Spanish-Revolution-English/209245865784905
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:13pm Gentle Men Prefer Moms:

  Fri. 6/24/11 3:13pm Jack:

Please tell me more....
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:15pm Agit Prop:

Being a Spain-in-the-a**
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:17pm Looms:

@15M-Spanish revolution: with all due respect, real revolutions are on in several arabic countries, not here.
Greetings from Europe.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:19pm Structure vs. Collective:

Theda Skocpol - States and Social Revolutions: A Comparative Analysis of France, Russia, and China
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:23pm 15M-Spanish revolution:

@Looms. Well, this is probably not what you'd call 'revolution' but if it happens that you are living 'all this' you realize it is what 'cold war' was to 'war'. May I say 'cold revolution'? Have you seen cops hitting demonstrators and polititians taking hellicopters to get to their jobs because the streets are blocked? Have you heard the main ministers telling the Guardia Civil (Francos police) to take the streets? Have you read the main Spanish papers changing their info to the opposite story from one day to the next one?
No citizens armed (yet) but this is pretty close to Greece, Egypt, Tunissia,...

@everyone. Please, GET INFORMED and SPREAD THE WORD.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:25pm Hubba:

Sounds like this is just the beginning...
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:27pm hamburger / london:

there's a difference between spreading the word and spamming tho no?
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:28pm Jackson Browne:

I see how it is... fine, that's just fine.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:28pm 37:

that's not giraffe feces.... it's nico!
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:29pm Love Smatters:

  Fri. 6/24/11 3:30pm 37:

be nice now
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:31pm Hubba:

Like a fico score? of was that supposed to be the synthesis of feces and Nico?
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:31pm Looms:

"Have you seen cops hitting demonstrators and polititians taking hellicopters to get to their jobs because the streets are blocked? "
It's business as usual, you know.
Revolts (genuine revolts I'd say) is the relevant term for what's happening in Europe by now.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:34pm Hubba:

There is something to be said for "full employment." I mean, somehting similar is happening in the states with pensions and housing... it is quite structural, and it is purposeful... not a conspiracy, just policy in action.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:34pm Looms:

And thanks for the Nico, always a pleasure.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:35pm Ike:

Hey @15M, at least abbreviate your YT links. The 11-character video ID can go after http://youtu.be, like this:
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:35pm Hubba:

Pee-Wee on cough syrup
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:37pm Bowie:

"Like 'holes'."
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:42pm 37:

this is marc bolan?
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:42pm 15M-Spanish revolution:

@Ike. Thanx, I didn't knew it.

@hamburger. I don't wanna spam, just inform and let inform. Sorry.

@Hubba. Me too I think this is the beginning. Not sure of what, though.

@Looms. 'Revolts', it's true, thanx. My English is pretty short, sorry. But anyway these 'revolts' come together with daily meetings in all Spanish cities where citizens are discussing how to make the country work without their corrupt politics and politicians. I mean it is not isolated protests but a real organized citizen movement. I don't mind so much the word but the action.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:42pm Hubba:

Kurt's show goes great with the 3 chord monte show where Joe played neil young pre-song mini-narratives for about an hour and ahlf... it hink there was two versions of down by the river, it was great!
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:45pm Jack:

I want to hear more about the Spamish Revolution!
Can I give you my email address?
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:49pm BodegaMan:

I'm going to an "underground" reading series in NYC tonight. Made me think, is DJ KG doing any readings?
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:50pm 15M-Spanish revolution:

@Jack. Please, address to FB page. Thanx
There'll be lots of independent people (I'm nothing but one citizen) willing to tell you their points of view.
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:52pm Looms (France):

@15M-Spanish revolution: ho, don't worry! We like what's happening in Spain these days. Keep it up!
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:55pm 37:

and on the music:... yeah man!!!!
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:56pm DJ KG:

Hi everyone!

Let's be nice on the board, k? Just ignore the people that don't interest you.

and Bodga! Thanks for asking. July 11 at Word Up Books in Washington Heights. (Am I allowed to say that on the playlist?)
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:58pm Walnut Falcon:

  Fri. 6/24/11 3:59pm Minnesota Jeff:

Did you guys know that DJ KG is going to be doing a reading at Word Up Books in Washington Heights on July 11th? He us! (that aught to keep Ken off your back, Kurt)
  Fri. 6/24/11 3:59pm 37:

this grey daturas is great!
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:00pm Hubba:

Geriatric Pee-Wee
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:04pm Hubba:

He did... I beleive in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure... he gets on a bar and does that dance were he points to crotch, and then to his behind, while doing something that looks like a muted-lunge... I like the 45.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:06pm Cecile:

Witchcraft! I saw them about four or so years ago. They were great.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:07pm 37:

sounds like ozzy osbourne meets gong and they do quaaludes
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:07pm Hubba:

Cecile, where did you see them?
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:07pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings to DJ Kurt and all the listeners.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:09pm Who would win in a fight?:

Matlock; Quincy; or Columbo
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:10pm Cecile:

Triple Rock in Minneapolis. Witchcraft was started as a tribute to both Roky Erickson and Pentagram....
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:11pm Hubba:

Well, they sound amazing... the recording made it sound like a relic
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:12pm DJ KG:

  Fri. 6/24/11 4:13pm Hubba:

Qunicy: with a back-handed scalpel
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:14pm Cecile:

Yeah, what's even more amazing Hubba, is they were in their late teens/early 20s when they first started recording.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:14pm Cecile:

columbo - he would use mind power.

RIP Peter Falk.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:17pm Mike East:

Peter Falk died?! I used to love Columbo. I was always impressed that he made it as an actor with a wacky eye like that.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:18pm Minnesota Jeff:

"A Women under the Influence" is an amazing Peter Falk movie.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:18pm Minnesota Jeff:

  Fri. 6/24/11 4:19pm Richard from Venezuela:

Great. the wicker man is the best song of Brave new world.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:22pm Hubba:

Sorry... slow on my end...
@Cecile, that is amazing... just some scant inputs, albeit, Roky is like one of my faves, when I walk home after work, especaillly these 100 degree days, "I walked with a Zombie" is easy repetition to keep me focused... but, yeah... they are beyond theri years.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:23pm Mike East:

Minnesota Jeff, I've been trying to get around to that one for a while. I'll definitely check it out.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:23pm Hubba:

Pee-Wee after a big meal
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:24pm Hubba:

Forrest Whitaker, another exceptional (?) actor with a crazy eye
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:27pm Hubba:

They have, like, a lot of the cassavetes flix on "instant watch"
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:29pm Hubba:

Did this guy used to be in Antioch Arrow?
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:30pm Vermin Scum:

No, it was The Get Hustle
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:32pm Hubba:

He used to practice or fix synths or something in my buddy's basement... he was working with !!! or something, but he was always mentioned by his name proper...
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:36pm Minnesota Jeff:

Mike East - Its excellent and fairly exhausting to watch.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:39pm northguineahills:

White Lichens should do a collaboration w/ Lichens.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:42pm Hubba:

Pee-Wee after learning his illegitmate child is not his, but instead, his half-brother from another mother
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:42pm Looms:

I totally agree, MF.
Though, Opening Night might be my fave Cassavetes movie (I'm not sure: I've never been bored with his work yet)
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:54pm Looms:

Gotta go, thx for the tunes KG.
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:59pm Carmichael:

I'm taking off too. Thanks Kurt!
  Fri. 6/24/11 4:59pm other david:

rest assured, we're not all abandoning ship!
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:00pm DJ KG:

thanks other david. it's funny, i was just that second saying to stn mgr ken how you can feel people leaving at 5.
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:02pm Hubba:

I wish your show went till 5! It is only 2 for me... I go into archives or see what KDVS is doing
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:03pm other david:

10pm here in Ireland - it's funny, but the 5 hour timezone difference suits my taste in shows perfectly
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:08pm Hubba:

Pee-Wee stuck between two tawdry pink elephants, dancing, a gloriously slow dance, dancing, in the sun light, dancing..
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:09pm other david:

*raises a Friday night beer in toast to Kurt*

Dear god, I said "it's funny" after you said it, eep unintentional. I must be suggestible.

Also, hearing weather warnings for a place thousands of miles away... interesting, without being terrifying.
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:13pm Cecile:

I"m still here, but half-asleep. Not good. Still have 45 min to go.
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:23pm other david:

Oh dear, I'm missing U2 on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, however shall I cope.

*turns Ramazan up*
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:24pm Cecile:

green tea is starting to kick in
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:24pm Minnesota Jeff:

Scariest mask I have ever seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruu9BD2JR44 (safe for work)
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:25pm Cecile:

So, Ronnie James Dio used to tell this joke, which was relayed on That Metal Show. He said he went to a U2 concert and Bono started clapping slowly. Bono said 'between my claps, a child will die in Africa". The guy sitting next to Ronnie goes, "Well, stop clapping then, you bastard!"
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:27pm DJ KG:

that story was told in alexander cockburn's counterpunch as being true (but not involving dio)
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:27pm other david:

  Fri. 6/24/11 5:28pm Cecile:

LOL. That sound like a tall tale, then. Still really funny, though.
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:29pm DJ KG:

i linked it (and told lots of other bono stories) here:

  Fri. 6/24/11 5:29pm Cecile:

wow. weird 'FMU serendipity again.
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:30pm DJ KG:

also, in the bonus features for the brian wilson "pet sounds live" dvd, paul mccartney comes up to brian backstage and tells him how brilliant it was, and brian is all humble and thankful. and then bono comes up and says it was great and brian says "thanks. could you get me a diet coke?"
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:33pm other david:

Vague memories of hearing a story a while back - Bono went up to a band on Top of the Pops after they had played live, instead of mimed ala U2 - and said "I really respect you for what you did." - which of course drew the immediate response, "Why the f--- didn't you do the same then?"

Damned if I can remember the band in question. (Knowing me, it's The Damned!)
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:36pm Minnesota Jeff:

Maybe it was The Band?
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:37pm northguineahills:

RIP Billy Bang
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:39pm NWS:

Watch out, you Marines. We're gonna GETCHA!
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:39pm Cecile:

I want to get a French poodle and name her Semper Fifi.
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:40pm other david:

  Fri. 6/24/11 5:51pm northguineahills:

groan..., laughter out lol, Cecile, jejeje
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:52pm Cecile:

aw thanks!
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:55pm NWS:

GNFAB, death metal genre: Navy SEALS and Crofts.
  Fri. 6/24/11 5:59pm other david:

Great show Kurt :)
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