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Playlist for 22 June 2011 Options | The Long and the Short of It

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Kormac  Wash My Hands   Options Swing Diskoteca 
*   0:00:00 ()
Steinski  Jazz   Options What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective 
  0:03:54 ()
Kid Koala  Basin Street Blues   Options Some Of My Best Friends Are DJ's 
  0:08:53 ()
The John Barry Sound  Hit & Miss   Options Beat Girl OST 
  0:13:12 ()
Helge Schneider & The Firefuckers  Copacabana   Options Eiersalat In Rock      0:15:28 ()
Ray Martin  Hoodunnit   Options The Sound of Sight 
  0:18:39 ()
Jacques Tati?  Track A16   Options Jacques Tati: Sonorama 
*   0:23:52 ()
Jeanne Moreau  India Song   Options  
  0:33:43 ()
John Lennon  India   Options  
  0:35:59 ()
Sweat Talley  Looking for a Virgin   Options  
  0:39:17 ()
Satanicpornocultshop  Candy Says   Options Anorexia Gas Balloon 
  0:43:52 ()
Wevie Stonder  Lady's Leg Licked   Options Umbrelladelica 
*   0:48:56 ()
Playsoundz  Battery Op Barnyard   Options Electronic Music For Children 
*   0:52:07 ()
HGich.T  Der Haken   Options Der Haken 
  0:53:55 ()
Lonely Kid Quentin  Track Un   Options Le Charme Discret de Lonely Kid Quentin 
  1:07:13 ()
Les Innocents  Franges en Bataille   Options Les Innocents 

  1:10:39 ()
Flight of the Conchords  Foux de Fafa   Options Flight of the Conchords 
  1:14:26 ()
Air  Run   Options Talkie Walkie 
  1:17:47 ()
A Whole Batch of Artists  Your Playlist is Indisposed   Options Selected 60 Second Songs from Sixty Second Remix Contest and Miniatures Part 2 
  1:24:14 ()
Alvarius B & Cerberous Shoal  Ding   Options The Vim & Vigour of Alvarius B & Cerberus Shoal 
  1:32:58 ()
Petere Blegvad & John Greaves  The Only Song   Options Unearthed 

  1:51:33 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Allman Brothers  
Mountain Jam, Contd.   Options Eat A Peach 

  1:59:08 ()
Incredible String Band  A Very Cellular Song   Options The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter 
  2:09:41 ()
Too Many To Mention  Lots of Short Songs.. gots to fill my song quota!   Options       2:38:53 ()
Magma  Da Zeuhl Wortz Mekanik   Options Mekanik Destruktiv Kommandoh 
  2:38:59 ()
White Russia  That's Alright By Me   Options German Punk & Wave 1978-1984, Vol. 1 
  2:46:35 ()
Abwarts  Fur Mutti   Options  
  2:49:56 ()
Ammer / Einheit  hindenburg at Lakehurst   Options Crashing Aeroplanes 
  2:55:24 ()
Haruomi Hosono & Friends  Nostalgia of Islands   Options       2:59:05 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 6/22/11 9:02am GB Joe:

Morning Ken
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:07am Ken:

Hi Joe. How you doing today?
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:08am OOIFOFO:

In a tribute rendition to OOIOO I become


Morning all!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:09am GB Joe:

Good. Wish I had some Salamander Brandy to spike my coffee with. How are you?
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:10am OM:

I'd take the urine for my coffee, thanks.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:10am hamburger:

hey hey hey :)
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:10am Ken:

I'm good Joe,. Thank you for asking. I drove in from the swamp just to do my show today.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:11am Dan B From Upstate:

Morning, everyone.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:12am Sam:

Hi Ken!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:14am OOIFOFO:

Urine, coffee, hamburger...Hey, here's almost lunch time! Stop it! You are making me hungry/thirsty!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:15am postmanpaul:

that young lady looks a sinful potpourri of wickedness and I can hardly contain myself; she looks like she may also be finding it a little difficult, to contain herself, i mean.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:15am OOIFOFO:

mmmm...big sausage pizza.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:15am pierre:

Bonjour Ken !
again i'm non-listener listener.
which is an accomplishment for you,
a shame for me.

Bonjour all listeners extraordinaires!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:17am Ken:

Joe, I'm sorry, I should go mingle. Thank you for being the first one in here today.... HI EVERYBODY!!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:17am Sam:

Oh I love Helge Schneider!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:18am GB Joe:

We-Want Surf Rock!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:19am kim:

kitty litter box
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:19am OOIFOFO:

Oh noes, pierre! We need a for you! ,0,0,0,0,0,0
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:20am Goyim in the AM:

kim: yes it makes the cat happy.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:20am Natalie Wood:

I used to be hot.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:22am Ken:

Pierre, why cant you listen no mo?
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:24am Sam:

Maybe he finally got some taste!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:24am kim:

goyim: yes it does
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:26am Cecile:

good morning! working @ home and the mp3 stream sounds great.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:29am hamburger,0,0,0//,0,0:

YES I TOOK NOTES! I will send them by post as soon as I get my next batch of stamps! Hope it comes in on time :)
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:30am hamburger,0,0,0//,0,0:

@Cecile: get any annoying colleagues working at home?
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:30am Goyim in the AM:

No, Ken, it means "egg salad in rock".
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:30am Sam:

Doesn't eiersalat mean egg salad?
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:30am kim:

eggsalad in rock
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:31am pierre:

because i'm at work, and they didn't gave me speakers (yet) for me to put wfmu loud ! I sometime use headphones (a pretty neat invention, don't know if you heard about it?) > i will listen to the archive, but its not the same without you live interventions…
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:31am OOIFOFO:

mmmm....urine, hamburger, eggsalad, big sausage pizza, coffee.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:33am fishmonkeystew:

Don't slime the controls with your boils, Ken! You could cause a WFMU Poison Ivy/Sumac epidemic!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:33am Ken:

No, I believe it means "honesty." We'll just have to agree to disagree. Pierre! Get Thee To A Headphones Factory!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:33am Jan:

IPhone bringing Ken's show to Turks and Caicos!
Thank you, Sir!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:34am Traveling Headphones Salesman:

Headphones for sale!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:35am pierre:

i will, thanks Ken "the Lighthouse" Freedman
about Jacques Tati, somebody has to check, but it might be Francis Lemarque, David Stein who composed the musique.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:35am Lizardner Dave:

Colon backslash. Where's Larry?
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:36am OOIFOFO:

Google Ad

Headphones for US$1
Click here to get the special price
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:36am hamburger,0,0,0//,0,0:

DOT O R G!!!!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:37am Goyim in the AM:

I have been lied too and cheated by egg salad before, Ken.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:37am Sam:

How ironic that you would be dishonest about the word honesty! But I guess there's no way to know for sure, unless someone can find a German.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:40am Sam:

Actually the word "honesty" sounds eerily like "on ecstasy", which is clearly no accident.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:40am trrish:

'Salamander Brandy' ?
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:41am OOIFOFO:

I also want to know whatever happened to Larry (Jim Price) after the great finale. o.O
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:42am hamburger,0,0,0//,0,0:

photographing a sausage:
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:42am AnAnonymousParty:

Try looking in Virginia.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:46am Cecile:

hamburger, the other co-worker is now slaying Rebel scum in the other room (He loves playing Darth Vader in his Star Wars game.)
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:47am wha?:

This song is keeping perfect time with the leg jiggle on the GIF at the animation at the top of the playlist.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:49am Sam:

Scum is such a funny word. I sold my scum at the pawn shop to pay off my debts, so it was pawned scum.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:50am OOIFOFO:

So what you listen to when reading the comments?
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:50am Tom Hanks:

Hey everyone! Don't forget I have a new movie coming out next weekend!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:52am still b/p:

You and Julia will charm us more than we can bear, Tom.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:53am OOIFOFO:

HEY! We are not living in the dark ages! We have..celebrities on our chat board today. ¬¬)
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:53am holland oats:

does taking a day off from coffee make me a contrarian?
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:55am Vivian:

The lady with the mask, is that Bettie Page? Oh, Gooooodd Morning all!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:55am AnAnonymousParty:

"Calm ass hero"?
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:55am Sam:

No more than taking a day off meat makes you a vegetarian
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:57am still b/p:

It just means you've turned your Java apps off.

That's Paulette Goddard
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:57am Ken:

Vivian, that is Paulette Goddard.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:57am Dan B From Upstate:

Looks like Paulette Goddard...
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:58am OOIFOFO:

I think is Paulette Goddard.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:58am Sam:

Definitely not Paulette Goddard
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:59am Paulette Goddard:

i CONCUR. C'est Moi.
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:59am MPA ratings board:

I think it's PG.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:01am Luis Bunuel:

un ken andelou
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:01am Robert Goddard:

Well it sure as hell ain't me, I can tell you that.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:02am Tim Stoddard:

Not wearing an Orioles uniform so it isn't me either.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:02am OOIFOFO:

1976! wtf. I was tiny ooifofo baby.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:03am Tom Stoppard:

I'm not nearly that good looking so it isn't me.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:04am Yma Sumac:

  Wed. 6/22/11 10:04am Slazenger:

Sumac Sack
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:04am Poison Ivy:

  Wed. 6/22/11 10:05am AnAnonymousParty:

Uh, no, there are worse places to get poison ivy.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:05am Cecile:

You could make an oatmeal paste and stick it on the area.
Also, take ibuprofen. Itch is a form of pain.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:05am trrish:

Autumn sumac is the greatest.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:05am Jean Luc Godard:

Is not me. I have only one 'd' and shoulders more nice.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:06am Sam:

Does cold water work? Or ice packs?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:06am OOIFOFO:

Bitch is itch.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:07am Yma Sumac:

I may be loud, but I'm not poison.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:07am lz:

Hey Ken, is Andy's crime confession up yet? I need me some entertainment while I wait for Ken & Andy's Kavalcade of Komedy. ;-)
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:10am Sam:

Hey, this Kid Quentin is not bad! And he's referencing my favorite move of all time "Le Charme Discret de la Bourgeoisie"
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:10am Dr. AnAnonymousParty:

1% cortizone cream works wonders. But I have had it so bad I got put on Prednizone.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:12am pierre:

@ OOIFOFO : i'm listening to people talking, and they are no People like Us !
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:12am Albert:

You know what sumac backwards spells, eh?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:12am Ken:

Ice Water?! That's whiskey talk. HOT HOT HOT water. And advil. And Zinc Acetate.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:13am Sam:

You know what the best cure for a headache is?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:16am Ryan Dunn:

  Wed. 6/22/11 10:16am Sam:

  Wed. 6/22/11 10:16am hamburger,0,0,0//,0,0:

:D baguette hohohohohoho
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:16am lz:

I learned the phrase "that's whiskey talk" from Ken and used it on my girlfriend once. Boy, did I never hear the end of that one. True story!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:17am Cecile:

ouh honh honh honh
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:17am Homer Simpson:

Mmmmmm, baguettes!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:18am Sam:

Virgule zéro!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:19am Ken:

And I learned the phrase "Whiskey Talk" from some 70's Cop show - Police Story?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:22am pierre:

baguettes are overated
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:22am Robert:

So you both heard the word "whisk-y" and presumed it referred to "whiskey"?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:22am bbell:

Ken, there is a native plant that CURES poison ivy! I will send a link to you!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:22am BSI:

I prefer the full-size bags, myself.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:23am Carmichael:

Good day, Kenneth and Hump-day people.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:23am pierre:

french people do say "ouh honh honh honh" quite a lot
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:24am Sam:

Your DJ is in this pose: reverse cowgirl
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:25am Sam:

French people say voilà way way too much also. Every time they agree with what you just said they're like "Voilà!" How annoying.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:25am bbell:

Impatients biflora is the antidote plant that grows in damp areas and is usually found near poison ivy. Here is a link:
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:28am AnAnonymousParty:

voila == dude
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:28am Sam:

Oui, voilà
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:28am Snoop Dog:

voila == know whut I'm sayin'?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:30am pierre:

i agree with AnAnonymousParty, languages have their boring habits. i don't really use "voilà", and i mustn't be french, in the meantime who really is (?)
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:30am trrish:

"Presto !"
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:30am Dark Helmet:

Skip past this part. In fact, never play this again.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:31am hamburger,0,0,0//,0,0:

well, 'say la vee' as they say
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:33am Oscar:

Yay, my brother did this one!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:33am Sam:

It's like the people who are like always saying like, they're like "Do you like, like me?" and I'm like, unlikely!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:34am Playlist:

Why do I feel so damn QUEASY?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:34am Dan B From Upstate:

Wow. Things must be bad if you've gone to "Ding."
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:35am Sam:

Cerberus - the original dog from hell
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:35am Ken:

Yes, things are that bad. I apologize. Be right back.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:36am Playlist:

  Wed. 6/22/11 10:37am DEA Agent:

Everybody down on the floor! This is a bust!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:37am Sam:

I guess Ken got a headache and had to do something about it. Don't worry Ken, it's hard but I know you can pull it off.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:37am hamburger,0,0,0//,0,0:

Yall never take me alive queefwagon!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:38am Carmichael:

Maybe Immigration & Naturalization is paying a visit.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:39am Emile:

Ken, I've fallen into a downer hole here .... Everythig ok over there?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:39am OOIFOFO:

Oh noes, the never ending song!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:40am Ken:

OK, I am back now. Should I let this play out? Another 12 minutes left.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:41am OOIFOFO:

There's no one like People Like Us.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:41am LP:

Let it roll. Or slither until its own timely end!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:41am Dan B From Upstate:

I tried typing up the lyrics to this song once. Well.. it's still a work in progress. I can't seem to get the final third of the song right.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:41am Sam:

Is it a major third or a minor third?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:43am still b/p:

Play on. Colleen of Big Blood is the lead vocal and I lllllike it.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:44am Ken:

I like the cut of your jib, still b/p!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:44am bw:

Ken you just made the rain stop!!!! amazing power and you are like not even 100% there
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:45am Sam:

One of my fingers itches because I have dry skin. I was thinking of putting some skin cream on it, but maybe I'll try scalding it with hot water. What do you think?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:46am Ken:

This song has replaced "Green Grass and High Tides," "Freebird (Live)," and "Mountain Jam Part Two" as my go-to song for extended personal needs.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:46am Pete Townshend:

rock opera, meh
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:46am Ken:

Yes Sam, SCALDING hot water. As hot as you can stand it. It works for like 4 hours!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:47am Sam:

10:10 is not bad also
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:48am Mike:

Amazing song
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:48am Ken:

Yes, but 10:10 is too short.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:49am Lizarder Dave:

The gif next to the 60 second remixes would seem to indicate the plan for a cat-free internet has failed.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:49am Dan B From Upstate:

Since I first heard this song about two years ago, it's the most played song on my iPod. I wish I had access to the numbers right now, but it's such an exhorbitantly higher number than any eighteen minute song needs to be played in a lifetime, let alone two years.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:49am Playlist:

20:20 would give more margin for "error".
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:49am Ken:

Hmmmm.. Mountain Jam, Part Two is starting to sound pretty good to me...
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:50am Sam:

If you ask me, in a contest between all those songs, 10:10 wins.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:50am ADL:

This is a Hanson cover, right?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:50am Ken:

Lizard Dave, what do you mean?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:50am OOIFOFO:

If this itchiness occurs on the tips or sides of the fingers ...DO NOT DO IT!
Perhaps you have a nasty type of eczema like dyshidrosis :)
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:51am Cecile:

You're too entertaining today, foiks. gotta get back to the grind.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:51am glenn:

  Wed. 6/22/11 10:52am Lizardner Dave:

There is a cat. On your playlist. On the Internet.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:52am Coffee:

Fine grind, or coasre grind?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:52am Sam:

It's a very small area on the side of my thumb. I will take the advice of the great Pharaceutico.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:52am Cat GIF:

This is your cat. This is your cat on drugs. Any questions?
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:53am Ken:

I dont see a cat.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:53am glenn:

  Wed. 6/22/11 10:55am still b/p:

The pope has granted an internet dispensation for cats what goes skull-hoppin'.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:55am Carmichael:

Myself, I don't see a chewing Nazi.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:56am Cat GIF:

Yeah, all I see is a pussy-shaped cerebral cortex that has learned how to jump gracefully.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:56am Dan B From Upstate:

Hmm... I sense a theme coming on.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:57am hamburger,0,0,0//,0,0:

ken's trolling!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:57am Murphy Kat:

look mommy there's an airplane in the sky
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:57am Actually Listening:

Second verse, same as the first.
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:59am Sam:

When twins die, everyone says: Second hearse, same as the first!
  Wed. 6/22/11 10:59am Actually Listening:

Up next? "Three-fer Wednesday"
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:00am OOIFOFO:


Yeah, that's how they start. On very small areas.

You wanna know how I know? Well, last year, Jim fucking Pharma Morrison told me, that' s who! He came to me. 'Cause I'm a Dyshidrosis fan!!!!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:01am Mark:

alright bass solo!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:01am Actually Listening:

Is this one of those "jelly bands"?
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:01am cee dubbles:

Of course it's Whiskey Talk, read your Guadalcanal Diary. Whisky talk is the sweet breath of angels
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:02am Michael:

I've just seen part of an episode of "Jon Benjamin Has a Van"---I wanted to, as I think his is one of the great animated cartoon voices of our time. Mixed review, but over-all I felt like I was seeing a sort of humanised Andy Breckman, and wondered if anyone else thought that apt.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:02am Actually Listening:

Actually, these dudes are so old it would be a "preserves band". Gov't Mule would be a jam band.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:03am Michelle in Green Bay:

Greetings all. Glad I got here in time for the best 13-minute song. :-)
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:04am OOIFOFO:

yay! michelle in green bay reports in! :D welcome!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:04am Sam:

Ew, I don't think I have that. No blisters, just a wee bit of dry skin. No biggie. Nothing that a little blood of a virgin wouldn't cure.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:04am Official Board 7 Year Old:

haha personal dooties
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:04am Pete Townshend:

i didn't
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:05am Michelle in Green Bay:

Aw, shucks...thanks for the welcome, OOIFOFO!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:05am The Pipkins:

Don't gimme gimme gimme dat Ding.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:05am Sam:

Does that make you a DJ Shadow?
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:06am lee:

in a gadda da vida
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:07am Michelle in Green Bay:

I'm going to have to go into the archive and listen to the beginning of the show. I have a thing for miniatures.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:07am DJ Poop Tracks:

Any side of Tales from Topographic Oceans. 18 to 22 minutes.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:08am OOIFOFO:

The best long song of all time is War and Peace by Trotsky! it takes 234 to play.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:08am Mark:

we talkin' best not worst dj poop
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:09am OOIFOFO:

DJ Poop Tracks,

Yes! Yes! yes! I specially luv that weird guitar solo in the first part! =)
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:10am OOIFOFO:

*234 days
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:10am DJ Poop Tracks:

Which weird guitar solo in the first part? There are so many 0:-)
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:12am Ken:

Make a few more Yes references, DJ Poop Tracks, and I'll have to ban you.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:13am DJ Poop Tracks:

No prob, I'll change to The Eagles now.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:14am Ken:

Cool. What's your favorite live Eagles track?
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:15am SF Steve:

Carouselambra, 10:34
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:15am DJ Poop Tracks:

Any one I don't have to listen to. That's a question for Andy, no?
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:16am OOIFOFO:

DJ Poop Tracks
Oh shit- I mean to say that I luv a guitar solo that comes in a weird context of a song. Hold on, lemme double check.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:16am Sam:

You can check out any time you like, but when can you leave???
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:17am gecko:

FOR SUMAC RELIEF - niacin. Not the "flush free,' but the real stuff (nicotinic acid). You want the flushing, which is a histamine reaction. It swamps the sumac. I use it for mosquito bites. Start with 250 mg; if that's too weak, try 500 mg. Bonus: if you use 1000 mg/day, it helps your cholesterol.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:17am DJ Poop Tracks:

Ixnay, enKay anBay!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:17am OOIFOFO:

DJ Poop Tracks:
The Ancient (Giants Under the Sun).
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:18am lee:

achilles last stand
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:18am OOIFOFO:

Oh, c'mon Ken! I bet you were a proggie freak back in the 70's! ;)
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:18am Mark:

listening to any Eagles song feels like it take 20 minutes
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:19am non-pharma:

Itchy skin? try vinegar or better yet, cider vinegar.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:19am Jon:

Ogi No Mato performed by Ensemble Nipponia - 10:45
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:19am lee:

supper's ready
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:20am Ken:

I like "New Kid in Town" from Budokan, the 23 minute version. Coming right up!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:20am DJ Poop Tracks:

Can't wait.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:21am Ken:

I was a proghead for 2 months in 1977, but I NEVER liked YES!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:21am Vivian:

  Wed. 6/22/11 11:21am DJ Poop Tracks:

Ken is a Nay sayer.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:22am lee:

Prog is forever
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:24am Ken:

Lee, that's the whole problem!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:25am Michelle in Green Bay:

Oh, SNAP, Ken.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:25am G. O'Graffer:

Prog is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:25am lee:

resistance is futile (etc.).
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:25am OOIFOFO:

The problem with Prog is that it doesn't progress.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:25am Chick Corea:

Return to Forever. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:26am Jon Anderson:

All your track are belong to us.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:27am OOIFOFO:

I have the feeling that this is the time when finally a courageous WFMU DJ plays for the very first time a huge Rick Wakeman solo ! go ken! no fear!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:28am spyros:

best from greece!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:28am AM Listener circa 1970:

When do I call in to enter the contest?
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:28am lee:

Or a Chris Squire bass solo
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:29am glenn:

  Wed. 6/22/11 11:30am glenn:

  Wed. 6/22/11 11:30am don:

even fabio likes yes, come on
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:31am OOIFOFO:

This progpourri is getting closer and closer to... YES!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:31am And...:

Ken is getting closer and closer to NO.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:31am Abby Normal:

That's not my brain.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:34am OOIFOFO:

Actually, i'd love NOT to ever never listen to any prog here in here! And not, this is not reverse psychology! I really mean it! Prog sucks! Specially YES
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:35am Dan B From Upstate:

Bennett4Senate played a 21 minute version of "I feel love" a little ways back.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:35am Lizardner Dave:

Karn Evil 9. All of it. That'll fill up the rest of the show. Or Tarkus.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:36am OOIFOFO:

Oh, noes! This is getting worst than prog!!! JP!?
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:37am lee:

Let's not forget Magma, the greatest French prog band ever
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:38am OOIFOFO:

The only good thing left from the Prog years is Robert Wyatt.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:39am Carmichael:

Better than Agitation Free??
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:39am Michelle in Green Bay:

Short attention span radio.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:41am lee:

Ken is da best
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:41am Nathan:

Google should do a Zeuhl to English translator...
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:41am still b/p:

Proggy went a courtin' and we deride, uh-huh...
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:44am OOIFOFO:

ok ok I regret for all the references pro-prog! Now I need an anti-dote song! I'm a listener and I'm fed up with the prog! MUSIC ANTI-DOTE PLEASE or I'll get in touch with mayor Manino.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:45am Carmichael:

Then ther was Nektar.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:45am Ken:

Be careful what you wish for, motherfucker.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:46am Dan B From Upstate:

There is no google. There is only Zeuhl.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:46am Suggestible:

I wanna fuck someone's mother.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:46am Carmichael:

I believe that's "mofo", Ken. At least to the jive-speaking hipsters I party with.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:48am Detroit Mac:

Somehow I am still here! Now to get caught up with the comment stream!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:49am lil Suzy:

Oh great, I've been deprecated.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:49am lil Connie:

Get used to it, sister.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:50am Lou:

Suzy never lost her head, even when she was givin' head.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:50am Greg Lake's Chest Hair:

There's still time for "Love Beach".
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:50am lil Ella:

What Connie said, girl.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:51am OOIFOFO:

Gotta go! Ken, thanks for the great show and good luck and bye bye everybody!

P.S. Pierre, get yourself earphones?
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:54am Ken:

Great show?!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:54am Lou:

He meant "grate" ?
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:55am OOIFOFO:


Ok ok. 94% of it!

  Wed. 6/22/11 11:56am rst-wiley:

Hey, where's my weWANT ?
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:57am Lou:

@wiley: No one wanted it
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:57am Detroit Mac:

Was at a party on Monday and FMU came up (and it wasn't me!) A few folks thought it was Fairlydicken&sons college station.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:57am rst-wiley:

yeah, right
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:58am Lou:

O THE INHUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:58am Ken:

Which one was it RST?
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:59am Carmichael:

Sounds like someone listening to THIS show.
  Wed. 6/22/11 11:59am rst-wiley:

underscore the 'from' !
  Wed. 6/22/11 12:00pm hamburger:

it's over! we're free! free at last!
  Wed. 6/22/11 12:00pm Detroit Mac:

You can buy a condo where the hindenburger went down.
  Wed. 6/22/11 12:03pm Psychologist:

Define "normal".
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