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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options June 21, 2011: Help, I'm a Record Player

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
THE IN-THEME          0:00:00 ()
BRAZIL COUNTRY  Midnight Cowboy   Options Something for Everyone  Crown City  1972  0:03:13 ()
PAUL SOLOMON  The Spark of Life (excerpt)   Options The Spark of Life  Inner Light Consciousness Institute  197?  0:05:35 ()
WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND  Help, I'm a Rock   Options Part One  Reprise (RE: Sundazed)  1967  0:14:20 ()
THE KID  Record Player   Options Energy Spots (7" EP)  Southern Baptist Radio TV-Commission  197?  0:18:43 ()
MARV & DEE  Baby Doll   Options Introducing....  DMI  1981  0:19:14 ()
MIKE SHIPLEY  Tear Drops on Her Pillow   Options 7"  TMI Everglade  197?  0:22:04 ()
LARAMIE  Wells Fargo Man   Options Laramie  Mercury  1970  0:24:50 ()
TAGES  She's a Man   Options Studio  Parlophone  1967  0:32:37 ()
TODD RUNDGREN  A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (excerpt)   Options Initiation  Bearsville  1975  0:35:13 ()
TANYA EVERETT  The Buns Bounce   Options Living Is Fitness Exercise  Kimbo  1975  0:38:03 ()
MAHOGANY RUSH  Strange Universe   Options Strange Universe  20th Century Records  1975  0:42:32 ()
THE VISIONAIRES  Psalm 51   Options Sing Out  Berean Christian Schools  196?  0:49:24 ()
ALAN WACHS  Anna Lena   Options Mountain Roads & City Streets  True Vine  1979  0:51:55 ()
BUDGIE  Wondering What Everyone Knows   Options In for the Kill!  MCA  1974  0:55:35 ()
SOUP  Tennessee (1970)   Options Soup  Gear Fab  2000  0:58:29 ()
AMON DUUL II  Liquid Whisper   Options Hijack  Atco  1974  1:05:32 ()
JONATHAN HALPER  Leaving My Old Life Behind (1968)   Options Puce Moment [unreleased soundtrack]  N/A    1:08:59 ()
FOLKAL POINT  National Seven   Options Folkal Point  Midas  1972  1:12:29 ()
SACHIKO KANENOBU  Look Up, the Sky Is Beautiful   Options Misora  RE: Chapter Music  1972  1:14:57 ()
VINCE & KATHY  Westminster Hotel   Options V.A.: Colorado Folk II  Biscuit City  1974  1:19:04 ()
KATH BLOOM & LOREN CONNORS  The Breeze/ My Baby Cries (1982)   Options Sing the Children Over/ Sand in My Shoe  Chapter Music  2008  1:22:45 ()
CATHERINE LARA  Ivre d'Images   Options Catherine Lara  CBS  1977  1:27:00 ()
MILT RASKIN  Iolan (Bird of Heaven)   Options Exotic Percussion  Crown  1961  1:34:15 ()
TANYA EVERETT  Jigsaw-Right   Options Living Is Fitness Exercise  Kimbo  1975  1:37:43 ()
SPIT BALLS  Absent   Options V.A.: Chicago Rocks, Vol. II  Chicago Tribune/ The Loop (FM 98)  1981  1:39:55 ()
PETER NARDINI  Ma Maw's a Mod   Options 7"  Kettle  1981  1:42:33 ()
JO LEMAIRE & FLOUZE  Keep Step   Options Jo LeMaire & Flouze  Vertigo  1979  1:45:26 ()
JOEL HUBAUT & D.D.A.A.  Epidemia Bacterial Voice   Options Epidemia Voice Bacterial  Illusion Production  1980  1:48:53 ()
THE SYSTEMATICS  Numbers in General (1980)   Options What We Did in the Afternoons  TU  2008  1:54:56 ()
PSEUDO CODE  Sad Song (1981?)   Options Slaughter in a Tiny Place  Sub Rosa  2010  1:56:51 ()
NOSTALGIE ETERNELLE  Too Late to Be Sad (1988)   Options EP (7" EP)  EE Tapes  2011  2:06:42 ()
D.D.A.A.  Le Corbusiers Buildings   Options split 7"  Elektrip  1990  2:11:46 ()
BENE GESSERIT  Orchestral Story   Options 7"  Grafika  1982  2:16:53 ()
D.D.A.A.  Guerre Froide   Options Front de l'Est [dbl. 7"]  Illusion Production  1980  2:20:21 ()
SENTHACLOS  Ma Ville Grand Vent   Options Chansons des Coleres  Expression Spontanee  1975  2:22:46 ()
CATHERINE RIBEIRO & ALPES  Theme en Bref   Options 7"  Festival  1970  2:26:38 ()
FRITZ MULLER ROCK  I'm Sitting by the Seaside   Options Fritz Muller Rock  Roth-Handle  1977  2:29:09 ()
AMON DUUL II  Archy the Robot   Options Hijack  Atco  1974  2:36:18 ()
THE INFERNO  Girl, Girl (196?)   Options Oliver W. Tuthill: Acoustic Concerto  Blue Pony Trail  2005  2:39:51 ()
THE REEKERS  What a Girl Can't Do (1965)   Options Meet the Reekers....  Sweet Breeze  2007  2:42:32 ()
DAVE PORTER  Where Do Clouds Go   Options Dave Porter  no label  197?  2:45:17 ()
PETE SINFIELD  Under the Sky   Options Still  Manticore  1973  2:48:43 ()
MICHAEL ANGELO  Sorcerer's Delight (197?)   Options A Sorcerer's Dream  Void  1999  2:53:05 ()
NEKTAR  Nelly the Elephant   Options Down to Earth  Passport  1974  2:55:53 ()
WILD MAN FISCHER (w/ ROSEMARY CLOONEY)  It's a Hard Business   Options The Fischer King  Rhino Handmade  1999  3:04:27 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 6/21/11 12:00pm tonyc:

Hullo dere, dear leesteners!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:00pm Alf from Upstate:

And away we go. Welcome back Tony!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:00pm BSI:

  Tue. 6/21/11 12:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm in the mood for music
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:02pm J J:

  Tue. 6/21/11 12:05pm tonyc:

Hiya Alf, BSI, Dead (can I call you "Dead"?), and JJ!!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:08pm holland oats:

who's the foley artist on this one?
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:09pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ah, it's as I suspected...cilcking the links above only allow for streaming Diane's show, which is not what I intended.
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:10pm Drummer Some:

My mind already has indeed begun to expand. It is a condition called Tonycoulteritis.
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:10pm J J:

Far out! I'm crawling on the ceiling!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:11pm tonyc:

Holland: The wise man is Paul Solomon himself....
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:12pm BSI:

i am space embryo! i am god-eyeball eating itself!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:14pm Ike:

I hear that god-eyeball is especially tasty in hot Sichuan chili oil.
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:14pm holland oats:

f geithner, this guy should head up the treasury
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:15pm holland oats:

much better than sequeing to simon & garfunkel!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:16pm tonyc:

Ha! I thought of that too....
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:17pm BSI:

Third eye in heavy syrup? Prana vindaloo?
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:20pm tonyc:

I'm a four-eye myself....
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:20pm still b/p:

Third Eye Brined?
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:21pm J J:

Oh my god! Shut the hell up, kid! Go outside and play in traffic!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:26pm tonyc:

The drummer on this Laramie record was also in the Group Image (great NYC psych band)
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:29pm Ike:

HAAA! @JJ -- my thoughts precisely!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:33pm tonyc:

Ike & JJ: Heartless bastards! Her baby doll is broken....
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:39pm tonyc:

Buns rock!!!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:40pm BSI:

Can I get a torso roll w/sriracha & chips?
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:41pm Alf from Upstate:

Ow, I think I just sprained something.
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:41pm BSI:

damn, it's all food inside this skull thing. Must be lunchtime. But can't peel away from buns-bounce....
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:42pm J J:

I'm feelin' it! I'm feelin' it! Guitar licks!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:45pm J J:

@BSI mmm, steamed bun.
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:49pm tonyc:

The guitarist for Mahogany Rush (Frank Marino) claims to have magically learned to play the guitar after being visited by the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, following a serious car accident (I'm not kidding!)
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:50pm Drummer Some:

I heard the same story — all details identical save that it was a silly car accident.
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:51pm holland oats:

@ds heh
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:51pm still b/p:

Jimi visited me but just told me I'm a lousy dresser.
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:51pm tonyc:

You mean he was hit by a rubber car full of clowns?
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:52pm tinyrecord tom:

tony...you are a genius. great show.
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:52pm holland oats:

can you guys shed some light on the drummersome stream - for instance, do the songs tony is playing now get fed automatically into that stream? how does it work guys?!?
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:52pm BSI:

Well, lucky break it was Hendrix. He could've been visited by the ghost of that broken baby doll. Mahogany Rush would've turned out very different...
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:53pm tonyc:

Thanks, Tom!!
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:56pm tonyc:

Holland: 'Tis a bit complicated. Write me after the show if you want, and I'll explain it....
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:57pm fish:

I was recently visited by the ghost of Julia Child and now I'm able to make a killer Boeuf Bourguignon, so it's possible.
  Tue. 6/21/11 12:57pm holland oats:

k thnx
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:07pm Drummer Some:

In its default mode, Give the Drummer Radio is streaming 24-hours a day digitized music (MP3s) that has been selected and loaded into a server which it queues up and "plays." I curate the selections and "instruct" the stream which sorts of tracks to play and in what sort of sequence. The each individual selection is chosen at random, but within some strict parameters that I have set for the sequencing and segues.

When a radio show is airing on the stream it completely replaces the music selections that are streaming. Shows are either pre-recorded then run with a live real-time playlist (the way Tony and Charlie Lewis do their shows) or they are completely live (the way I do Give the Drummer Some and Amanda Nazario is now doing her new show). When a show is live on the stream, actual live feed of audio is being delivered to the server and then sent out over the stream. At 6pm on Tuesdays and 9am on Fridays, I sit down at a home studio I built here in Pittsburgh (do I really live in Pittsburgh?) and engineer a live radio show that gets turned into streaming audio that is sent over the web to a computer back at WFMU. That computer loads the stream into special software that manages the stream's audio making it available to anyone listening in.

Does that splain it?
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:10pm tonyc:

This Jonathan Halper, playing now, is taken from the Kenneth Anger film "Puce Moment" (a GREAT film: see youtube)
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:12pm tonyc:

Re Puce Moment: or, see Beware of the Blog!
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:12pm J J:

@Drummer Some Hey, I only came across Tony by accident one day. I had and still have no idea when the live or otherwise DJ shows air. How do I find that out?
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:19pm dEEp:

I like having an alternative. Can't sit through the Kamikaze show on the main stream. Music doesn't suit the time for me and the awful looping cartoon background sound drive me nuts.
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:19pm tahomajohn:

Hey Tony, great show as usual:) And hi Doug!
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:20pm Drummer Some:

Tony is on every Tuesday, 12-3pm (new shows produced bi-weekly, with rebroadcasts airing in the in-between weeks)

Amanda Nazario is live on the stream with Nazario Scenario — every Wednesday, 12-2pm.

Charlie Lewis is currently on hiatus, but his show generally airs Thursdays, 9-11am (as with Tony, new shows bi-weekly)

My show, Give the Drummer Some, is live on the stream every Tuesday (6-7pm) and Friday 9-noon).

In the next month or so we will be introducing a new show on the stream hosted by one of the best music blogs on the net.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date with all news about WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio, send an email request via this link: http://tinyurl.com/4jswezh
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:21pm tonyc:

Thanks, tahomajohn!
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:22pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

man, I wish I could hear it. realplayer does not "work" at "work".
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:23pm dEEp:

Appreciate the hard work, Drummer. Awesome show, Tony.
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:24pm tahomajohn:

Hey Tony... have you seen Baby Gramps live in Portland yet? Or maybe Jason Webley ? They are two of my favorite NW local outsiders... if you want, i can send you info.. . have you taken the train up to Tacoma and hit Bob's Java Jive or the New Frontier yet? I think you would like...:)
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:24pm tonyc:

DCE: There'll be an archive, as always -- will go up sometime in the afternoon.

Thanks, dEEp!!
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:25pm tonyc:

Tahomajohn: No, on all counts, I'm afraid. Do please send links! Thanks!!
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:27pm tahomajohn:

I will put together an email with the info... yeah, Tacoma is a gritty place with some unusual elements:)
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:34pm tonyc:

Thankee, sir!
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:35pm tonyc:

Eighties post-punk stuff ahead, shortly....
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:39pm tonyc:

Pretzel body roll!!
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:40pm J J:

I don't know these moves! Pretzels? Are we supposed to eat now?
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:44pm tonyc:

She's got a pair of two-tone knickers....
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:47pm Jeremy:

Peter Nardini! A pal played me this 7" in Glasgow. the b-side is lovely too.
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:50pm tonyc:

Hey Jeremy! Somehow a copy of that single made its way from Scotland to a Portland junk shop. Found it recently....
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:55pm tonyc:

Put up the flip of this Joel Hubaut & D.D.A.A. single as part of my most recent blogpost, on D.D.A.A.: http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2011/06/ddaa.html
  Tue. 6/21/11 1:55pm Jeremy:

Apparently Nardini had lived in my friend's small town and played around in pubs and such.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:01pm PMD:

Hi - just joined. Of course, I thought he was saying bad dog, not sad song.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:02pm tonyc:

Hey, PMD!
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:12pm J J:

Rewind! Let's do the show all over!
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:13pm tonyc:

I'll do the same show backwards next week (mic breaks too)
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:18pm Drummer Some:

Tony, is this a backwards-play version of your previous show?!
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:20pm tonyc:

No -- these are records that don't exist yet.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:20pm Ike:

This set is especially delicious. I will now eat the screen.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:21pm PMD:

Tony that would actually be really cool if you played it backwards next week. I vote for it.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:23pm BSI:

BAH! no fair! I wanna eat the screen! cosmic eyeball space embryo thing! ... stuck in meeting & I'm sure FMU would sound great in the speakerphone. So it's just silently watching the playlist and sobbing...
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:25pm tonyc:

I wouldn't advise eating computer screens, actually -- I gather they're pretty high in cholesterol.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:27pm BSI:

no problem, it's a flat-screen.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:28pm Drummer Some:

Ike, I heard of watching your diet, but that's taking it to an extreme, dontcha think?
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

BSI, I been sobbin' since noon o'clock!
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

and lurking...
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:37pm J J:

@DCE still no stream working for you?
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:37pm tonyc:

  Tue. 6/21/11 2:41pm Ike:

I don't think MP3 streams always play nice with RealSuckyPlayer, do they? That's what DCE is stuck with, yeah?
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, I think work actually blocks realplayer. the player comes up but always says "navigation to web player cancelled".
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:42pm tonyc:

Programming note: I'll be running over a bit today, just 'cause I can -- and because I want to finish up with a Wild Man Fischer cut, in his blessed memory....
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:46pm J J:

The robots will be very displeased your cutting into their air time.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:47pm Drummer Some:

This guy sounds like the lead singer for Knockers Jungle. I LOVE Knockers Jungle. (I love this.)
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:47pm tonyc:

Actually, if I go past 8 minutes over, the robots will whack me over the head....
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:48pm tonyc:

Drummer Doug: I love this song too. It's from a Seattle custom press LP....
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:50pm Drummer Some:

I just found it on Waxidermy. Only three tracks there, but that sublime number was one of them. Just gorgeous.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:50pm tonyc:

Ha! The door-to-door tamale vendor just knocked on the door. It's cheese & halepeno tamales for me....
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sounds almost as good as a knockers jungle
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:54pm BSI:

sounds like a fine forgotten '70s adult comedy.
Confessions of a Tamale Vendor...
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:54pm Jeremy:

Now that's service! I remember living in Williamsburg when there were only polish cafeterias and 24 hr chinese, and the door-to-door tamale lady kept the skin on my bones.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:55pm tonyc:

Re '70s adult comedy: She is kind of a hot tamale....
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:57pm Alf from Upstate:

The door-to-door tamale vendor sounds like a character on one of those dry British TV comedies. Except the Brits would pronounce it tah-MALLY.
  Tue. 6/21/11 2:59pm tonyc:

Stay tuned for Wild Man Fischer following the setlist and closing out the show....
  Tue. 6/21/11 3:00pm BSI:

That's Bob Calvert's guest appearance on that Nektar album, innit?
  Tue. 6/21/11 3:00pm Madam Robot:

This is a HOT track
  Tue. 6/21/11 3:00pm tonyc:

Elephant tusk is very waluable....
  Tue. 6/21/11 3:05pm tonyc:

BSI: You are correct! He's credited as "ringmaster"....
  Tue. 6/21/11 3:05pm tonyc:

Thanks for listening everybody!! See you next time....
  Tue. 6/21/11 3:07pm Jeremy:

Thanks for another great show Tony! Hear ya later! RIP WMF!
  Tue. 6/21/11 3:07pm Drummer Some:

Jesus, according to Dave Porter's website (http://www.olddogsmusic.com/), it appears he wrote the theme music to WKRP in Cincinnati. Now my head is REALLY expanding. Great show Tony.
  Tue. 6/21/11 3:08pm still b/p:

Hearing Rosemary tilted my head and heightened my attention right away over heah.
  Tue. 6/21/11 3:08pm tonyc:

Thanks, Doug!!
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