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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options June 17, 2011

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Jeph Jerman  Tree w/Rain + Wind   Options     0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Mirror  Calmahain   Options     0:05:16 (Pop‑up)
Yannick Dauby  [track B3]   Options La Rivière Penchée    0:11:11 (Pop‑up)
Andrew Chalk  1   Options Over the Edges    0:23:21 (Pop‑up)
Andy Hayleck  ...Listening to the Sunshine Burn the Grass   Options Two Gong/Wire Pieces    0:36:21 (Pop‑up)
Organum  Voice of the Angel   Options Tower of Silence    0:57:27 (Pop‑up)
Organum  Incarnate   Options Tower of Silence    0:59:38 (Pop‑up)
Brother JT  The Descent   Options Descent    1:07:03 (Pop‑up)
Nurse With Wound  I Cannot Feel You As The Dogs Are Laughing And I Am Blind   Options Homotopy to Marie    1:27:25 (Pop‑up)
Nurse With Wound  Homotopy To Marie   Options Homotopy to Marie    1:40:51 (Pop‑up)
Mark Sanders  [track 3]   Options Swallow Chase    1:54:58 (Pop‑up)
Philip Sanderson  Reprint Two   Options Reprint    2:02:15 (Pop‑up)
David Rosenboom  In the Beginning: Etude II [excerpt]   Options   played by Don Buchla & Robert Moog  2:14:01 (Pop‑up)
Bernard Parmegiani  La Roue Ferris   Options     2:19:18 (Pop‑up)
Daphne Oram  Four Aspects   Options Oramics    2:30:51 (Pop‑up)
Ron Geesin  To Roger Waters Wherever You Are   Options     2:39:08 (Pop‑up)
Bruce Ditmas  L'Unita   Options Yellow    2:42:33 (Pop‑up)
Heldon  Elephanta   Options Un Reve sans Consequence Speciale    2:48:15 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/17/11 12:05pm northguineahills:

Bryce time!
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:06pm J J:

Is that a storm brewing on the horizon? No. It's Bryce.
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sounds like amplified termites
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:08pm Carmichael:

Sounds like the Knights who say "Neegh!", riding up the lane.
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:10pm J J:

Loved the wind solo in that last one.
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:11pm bryce:

i'm twiggin out
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:13pm βrian:

Is that the same as ramifying?
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:14pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/17/11 12:14pm Carmichael:

Wonder what Jerman's roots are?
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:20pm Green Man:

  Fri. 6/17/11 12:23pm βrian:

That photo reminds me of a certain Marty Feldman moment in Young Frankenstein.
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:29pm Ike:

Green Man looks like an old-school Dr. Who villain, but even more cut-rate.
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:35pm 15M-Spanish revolution:

Sorry to disturb, -bryce, but some things have to be known:

You all just have to see what's going on in Spain, almost everyday since the 15th of may this year and in every city.

... and so many more. Police violence, polititian corruption facts, bank frauds evidences,... People's in the streets and the official power is backing fascist actions.

'This is Inside Job exposed, lived in real time.'

Get informed and spread the info, please.
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:38pm q:

i just tuned in -- is this a live andrew chalk set?
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:39pm bryce:

hey, q, i wish! just a lovely recording....
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:43pm βrian:

This is what our dark basement sounded like when I was 3 years old.
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:46pm Basement monsters:

We miss you.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:01pm Hubba:

did the comments get turned-off?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:02pm Carmichael:

Hey, Hubba. What up?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:04pm Hubba:

Hey... I thought I had psoted a comment about cask double ipa at the restorative place... 5 gallons till next Thursday
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:05pm bryce:

you did. it looked like spam.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:07pm Hubba:

oooooh... myself and another persona re form the same regional area, and i was sharing information. sorry.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:08pm bryce:

thought someone was using fmu for adspace...

my apologies! :(
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:09pm Hubba:

No, but like KDVS, i totally understand... code words are best... great show by the way!
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:10pm Hubba:

is andrew chalk on this recording? Who is organum this go round?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:11pm Mark E Teer:

The market reach of wfmu is a vast untamed wilderness.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:11pm J J:

5 gallons of cask beer doesn't seem like much. Can something like that hold up for a whole week?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:12pm bryce:

oh, not sure! doesn't say on the vinyl....
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:12pm Hubba:

no... not at all. I stopped by this palce yesterday aorund 6pm, west coast, and it was flying outt he door... they serve this particular batch in 10.5 ounce goblets, but ti was potent stuff... gave someon instant goose bumps... just a ploy to drive traffic,a nd epople in traffic, crazy.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:14pm Hubba:

He was on a recording, just a duo, form aorund 86 or so... my only collection is veil fo tears with michael prime and dinah rowe, i think jim o-rourke is onthere too, on matchless
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:14pm Carmichael:

I'll be there this afternoon, Hubba. I'll have one of the last swallows, apparently.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:15pm Ike:

Come on down to Ike's House of Discount Vasectomies! Bring your best bud: 2-For-1 special, this weekend only! We inject only the BEST floor wax polish ingredients into your scrotum! 6969 E. Vas Deferens Defenestration Drive, Newark!
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:16pm Mark E Teer:

Is that a Father's Day discount?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:16pm Hubba:

Every Thursday they will roll out a cask after 5pm... a few weeks old now... hopefully they will have pints if it is a tad less gnarly.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:16pm Carmichael:

Spam against sperm!
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:17pm Hubba:

snips and giggles
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:18pm seang:

being alive is so weird
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:18pm perrin:

hey bryce. happy solstice? I hope you are going to drink a lot of vodka and swing leather boots around like shot puts (finnish solstice tradition).
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:19pm Hubba:

music for my third head
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:20pm Carmichael:

Bryce, this isn't the Brother JT with whom I'm familiar .. ?? Crazy psych rocker?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:23pm Cecile:

It is the Original Sins guy.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:24pm Hubba:

is this the vibrolux stuff?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:24pm bryce:

yup, the selfsame! i understand he was in a bit of a dark spot at the time. sure made for some beautiful music, tho....

hey, hubba, just checked mr. jackmans (rather thorough) website....i think it was just him on that one?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:25pm bryce:

hey, perrin! i will swing the boots but will be skipping Þorrablót this year

hi, cecile!
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:26pm bryce:

oh, this was just released as "brother jt"....twisted village put it out, R.I.P.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:27pm Hubba:

geeze... 15 page pdfs for every format... extensive indeed
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:28pm Cecile:

hey, bryce!
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:28pm Ike:

Good point, Mark E. Teer@1:16! Our 2-For-1 Weekend is a great time to bring your dad to Ike's House of Discount Vasectomies! Get him a Father's Day gift he won't soon forget while ensuring you don't have to share that future inheritance w/new siblings! A great investment!
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'll take a case
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:34pm Mark E Teer:

@Ike, it's always a selling point to mention that you're not just the president, but also a member.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:37pm Hubba:

Track is working wonders on this webinar!
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:37pm bruceleh:

  Fri. 6/17/11 1:37pm Ike:

I AM!!! That was one of the main attractions for me in opening this business! I wouldn't inject floor polish into anyone else's tubes before I'd tried it on my own first! Of course, the RISUG method is not, um, actually officially approved yet in the U.S., so keep it between us, will ya? That's why I'm using these, ah, unconventional marketing methods.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:38pm Cecile:

I think you should advertise in movie theaters. Particularly before kid's movies.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm not sure why the coffee cup turns into a donut
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:39pm murph:

nice and crunchy today. the brother JT rox pretty hard
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:39pm Cecile:

I myself love kids, but I'm just trying to lend a fello FMUer a hand.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:39pm bryce:

this is what a homotopy sounds like. if you're in love.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:40pm perrin:

this is perfect music to play bills too.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:40pm Carmichael:

And Ike, always begin your presentation with the phrase, "Do we have any Federal Agents in the house??"
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:40pm bruceleh:

coffee cup and donut are homotopic coz you can continuously deform one into another with any breaking up the solid
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:41pm Mark E Teer:

@Ike, you should also do a side business in sperm banks. We don't want Bryce's audience, and your market share, to dwindle away.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:41pm bruceleh:

A ball (sphere) is not homotopic to a donut (torus) because you can't map the hole without tearing the sphere
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:42pm Carmichael:

I'm really astonished at the Brother JT sound. I heard his newer stuff, and he sounds more like XTC than Stan Kenton.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

is that useful in the "real" world somehow? I'm not being a schmutz, I just don't see it.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:43pm Cecile:

Brother JT is an all-around talent. he can scream, he can sing, he does formless pieces as well as great pop songs.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:43pm Hubba:

geographical information systems... mapping
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

not as useful as that cymbal, though
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:44pm bryce:

i miss the days when he would get super shitfaced and writhe around on the floor, playing his guitar with a shotglass full of whiskey
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:45pm davo:

this would seg great into this..... www.soundcloud.com/dju-6/braindub
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:45pm Hubba:

who, Ike?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:45pm bruceleh:

Did you have hairy balls?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:46pm Carmichael:

Jesus, I guessed I really missed something with JT. A day late and a dollar short, story of my life.
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

next time I try combing my ball-hair, I'll keep that theory in mind
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:48pm bruceleh:

We used to say in grad school:
Algebraists do it in groups,
Topologist do it on rubber sheets
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:48pm Ike:

(Speaking of balls, I'm not making that up about the floor polish injections. Wired article:
BEWARE: Contains gross video of the procedure.)
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:50pm perrin:

applied mathematicians do it rationally
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ick, Ike
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:50pm Hubba:

statisticians do it methodically
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:51pm bruceleh:

No, statisticians do it stochastically, ask Bethany
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:52pm davo:

engineers divide and multiply
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:53pm Hubba:

Bethany, do statisticians do it stochastically?
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:53pm perrin:

physicists do it on the back of an envelope
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:55pm Bethany's out now:

please leave a message and she'll call you back
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:58pm perrin:

number theorists do it in their prime
  Fri. 6/17/11 1:59pm Hubba:

I'm not good at math, and now I feel inadequate even more so.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:00pm perrin:

chemists do it and have bad reactions
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:01pm Hubba:

oh, oh... do economists, please!?
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:04pm perrin:

economists do it with one hand and then the other
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:05pm Hubba:

which one is invisible?
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:05pm nic:

thereminists do it without touching.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:08pm Minnesota Jeff:

"Wow, you're legendary thereminist Martin Guvdveldt! I'd like to shake your hand!"

"I touch nothing."

  Fri. 6/17/11 2:13pm nic:

let's keep going with churning out bumper sticker ideas. Vote Bryce/David Jackman in '90.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:17pm Hubba:

Vote Sanderson State Assembly

"Doing it without touching since 1980"
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:18pm Carmichael:

I'm off to the new vegetarian Indian place up the street. See y'all later. Thanks for the music and the Brother JT info, Bryce!
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:19pm Hubba:

take it easy Carmichael
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:19pm Mike East:

That sounds good Carm. Not enough cash in my pocket today for Indian...I'm goin' Lucky Burger
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I went to lunch and found out my wife had taken my wallet when she went to the bar last night.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:21pm Hubba:

i left ym wallet at wrok yesterday, and had to sneak onto regional transit to get home, and to get to work this morning... i got real sweaty. This track was what my expereince was like
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:22pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

indeed, it makes good background music for sneakin and such
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:25pm Hubba:

I just discovered an insidious plot to make middle skill workers out of grade school children, and my head is spinning with terror... will my child be a solar panel machinist?
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:25pm northguineahills:

  Fri. 6/17/11 2:26pm Hubba:

grm? box set is a great primer, for me it was.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:27pm bryce:

yay :)

oh yeah, that box set is great. and......last year or so ago, there appeared a gggggiagntor parmegiani box, almost everything ever by the man.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:31pm Hubba:

As much as I like to get vinyl, getting collections like that grm, or say like the lafms box, are totally worth the investment...
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:31pm Michael from Elkins Park:

Bryce, any idea if there's a similar box set in the works for Francois Bayle?
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:36pm bryce:

oh man, would THAT be great! so much of his amazing stuff has gone oop, even the cds.... :(
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:36pm bryce:

man, the more i think about it..... he really should get The Treatment already
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:40pm Joe Voltage:

Hello Bryce. Great show!!!
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:40pm Ike:

Computer programmers and Internet commenters do it by putting the 1 into the 0.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:41pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/17/11 2:41pm bryce:

sorry i'm yelling
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:43pm Joe Voltage:

It's ok. I wasn't that close to computer. Oh and Ike. Electricians do it with a spark
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:43pm Hubba:

Does anyone know a foley artist?
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:45pm Joe Voltage:

Mysterious disease killing goldfish in the ponds. No koi just the goldfish. Weird?
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:49pm still b/p:

Question the koi again. Really grill 'em. Mmmm.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:51pm Joe Voltage:

Would be really exspensive meal, but might be tasty.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:51pm Old Guy:

Koi, gevalt.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:52pm Andrew Marvell:

I call my latest poem, "To His Koi Mistress."
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:52pm Joe Voltage:

Oldest goldfish ever was 43. Ours are about 20.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:54pm Joe Voltage:

This sounds nice bryce. Alot different from the albums I have.
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:56pm bryce:

yeah, this track is even different from the others on this record, but one of my fave of his....
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:57pm bryce:

see ya, all...
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:57pm Thin Lizzy:

The koi are back but drowned,
The koi are back but drowned...
The koi are back
The koi are back...
  Fri. 6/17/11 2:57pm Joe Voltage:

  Fri. 6/17/11 3:02pm Minnesota Jeff:

Check out my Animated Gif for Kurts show up next on the comments board! In honor of him going to the MAX for his new Friday slot!
  Fri. 6/17/11 3:03pm van:

  Mon. 6/20/11 1:21pm raga:

i absolutely loved the Andrew Chalk piece. thank you!
  Wed. 6/22/11 9:58am Giraffe:

Can I have a Toblerone?
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