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June 17, 2011 Options
Ode to Edwin Edwards: Vote for the Crook!
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Os Três Tons  Balada Dos Olhos   Options Os Três Tons
(Polydor 1962)
Tim Maia  Minha Felicidade Racional   Options Tim Maia e Coro Racional
(Seroma 1976)
Johnny Alf  É um Cravo e Tem Espinho   Options Nós
(EMI 1974)
Fagner  Quatro Graus   Options Cavala Ferro
(Philips/Polygram 1972)
Equipe Mercado  Rock   Options Campos de Arroz
(Forma 1971)
De Kalafe e A Turma  Guerra   Options Guerra
(Unidos/Rozenblit 1968)
Impacto Cinco  Ma os de Seda, Coração de Ferro   Options Lágrimas Azuis
(CBS 1975)

Talkover Music:
Conjunto Balambossa 
Fiz o Bobão   Options Samba ao Vivo
(Coledisc 1966)

Smiley Lewis  Turn on Your Volume Baby   Options New Orleans Guitar, 1947-1953
(JSP 1947)
Albert Chevalier  Ma Petite Fille   Options Zydeco, the Early Years
(Arhoolie 1961)
Rockin' Sidney  No Future   Options b/w Let's Go to the Fais Do Do
(Goldband 1966)
Gene Morris w/Marcel Dugas & the Entertainers  Pork Chops Potatoes & Cheese   Options Rockin' Accordion
(Flyright )
John Delafose  Chokin Kind   Options Zydeco Excitement
(Maison de Soul 1985)
Danny White  The Twitch   Options Natural Soul Brother
(Kent 1963)
Smokey Johnson  Did You Heard What I Saw   Options It Ain't My Fault
(Night Train )

Talkover Music:
Dr. Michael White 
Crescent City Serenade   Options Crescent City Serenade
(Antilles 1990)

The Jazz Couriers  Through the Night Roared the Overland
Express (A Broken Bridge
Ahead, a Madman at the Throttle)   Options
The Jazz Couriers
(Tempo 1957)
Ken Hyder's Talisker  Calum Hyder's Welcome to South London   Options The Last Battle
(Vinyl 1978)
Bob Downes Open Music  West II   Options Electric City
(Vertigo 1970)
Mike Osborne Trio  Animation   Options Border Crossing
(Ogun 1974)
Graham Collier Sextet  Molewrench   Options Down Another Road
(Fontana 1969)

Talkover Music:
Odell Brown & the Organ-izers 
Tough Tip   Options Ducky
(Cadet 1968)

Tempo Dominicano  El Ensayo   Options Tempo Dominicano
(Tuyo 1980)
Los Rivero  Paz en la Tierra   Options Con el Combo de Johnny Ventura
(?? 1971)
Graciela y Machito  Ay, José   Options Canciones Mi Mama no Me Enseño
(Tico 1964)
Los Silvers  Sueño Amazonico   Options El Sonido de Tupac Amaru
(Masstropicas )
Conjunto Clasico  Barriguita Llena   Options Los Rodriquez
(Lo Mejor 1981)
Hectór Casanova  El Trabajador   Options Casanova & Orquesta
(Fania 1980)

Talkover Music:
Odell Brown & the Organ-izers 
Tough Tip   Options

The John Edwards Singers  New Burying Ground   Options Como Now: The Voices of
Panola County, Mississippi

(Daptone 2006)
King James Version  I Told Jesus   Options First TIme We Met
(Peacock 1974)
Sensational Gates  Help Me to Understand   Options Said I Have a Vision: Songs & Labels of David Lee
(Paradise of Bachelors )
The Related Six  Hold My Hand   Options b/w That's Alright
(Church Door )
Dixie Wonders of Memphis, Tennessee  Praise His Name   Options b/w When They Get Old
(Designer 1974)
Bill Young & the Marble City Singers  That's My Mama   Options Champ Records: Gospel 45s
(Heavenly Babies )
The Relatives  Speak to Me   Options Don't Let Me Fall
(Heavy Light 1971-75)
Samuel L. Jackson  Go the Fuck to Sleep   Options Written by Adam Mansbach
(Akashic Books 2011)

Talkover Music:
Hawaiian Serenaders 
Honolulu Stomp   Options Hula Blues: Vintage Steel Guitar
Instrumentals from the '30s and '40s

(Rounder )

L'Orchestre Kamale  Andoya   Options Son Célèbre Chanteur Nyboma
(African 1977)
Docteur Nico & Orchestre African Fiesta  Tokei Koyekola   Options L'Afrique Danse, No. 8
(African )
Master Bob Akwaboah & His Supreme Internationals  Meko Gya Mediya Kwan   Options Fidie Wura
(Ambassador )
Super Mama Djombo  Dissan Na M'bera   Options Super Mama Djombo
(Cobiana )

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/17/11 8:49am Paul Sherratt:

World Wonders - what a start !

Ooops ...
  Fri. 6/17/11 8:50am Drummer Some:

You jumped the gun, there Paulie. I'm about to kick the stream into gear in prep fpr the big show. I'll just do that now...
  Fri. 6/17/11 8:55am chris from Durban:

Greetings Doug from Namibia (working) - the intro music playing now certainly comes from South Africa? You said Brazil? Anyways, great to have you on the airwaves again
  Fri. 6/17/11 8:56am Paul Sherratt:

I'm sitting on my hands
  Fri. 6/17/11 8:57am annie:

totally wrapped up in hotrod.. i made it here, though
  Fri. 6/17/11 8:57am Parq:

I'll hop over as soon as Hot Rod signs off.
  Fri. 6/17/11 8:57am Drummer Some:

Chris, this music bed is surely South African. Something you know well (The Movers). What I confusingly meant to say is, the first set of the show will be Brazilian music. Sorry for the garbled message...
  Fri. 6/17/11 8:58am annie:

waiting til the last possible second
  Fri. 6/17/11 8:58am Drummer Some:

Just like old times: Hot Rod leading into GtDS. Good times!
  Fri. 6/17/11 8:59am ndbob:

morning doug and everyone!
  Fri. 6/17/11 8:59am chris from Durban:

hey - music translates well anyways - look out for another Gideon Nxumalo on electric jive next week - cheers
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:00am Paul Sherratt:

For later :
Look what arrived this am from my niece in London. From Ghana via ... wfmu.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:01am Drummer Some:

More Gideon? Wow! Thanks in advance.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:01am Parq:

Annnnnnd, over to you, DrumSum!
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:02am marcury:

made it this week. Looking forward.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:03am Drummer Some:

Pull up a chair all you hotrodders! Hiya ndbob! Parq! Annie!
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:03am Parq:

Paul, great clip!
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:03am Drummer Some:

Marcury is boss!
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:07am marcury:

And we're off!
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:10am ndbob:

very nice - don't think i've ever heard brazilian doowop before
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:11am Drummer Some:

That is what I'm here for, ndbob.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:14am Paul Sherratt:

Those Tres Tons shine like saffires ..
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:15am Brian in UK:

Hello y'all. Which of you wet the bed then early risers, I'll get the inco pads.
If we are here to stay we'll need a dozen volunteers to dig latrines. This is going to be a long campaign.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:15am Drummer Some:

You are brilliantly astute, Paul. Blindingly even!
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:17am ndbob:

You may have posted this Doug
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:19am annie:

there are a couple of brazilian customers who shop in the store.. i love hearing this language spoken..
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:19am Drummer Some:

ndbob, that is EXCATLY my source for the record! Thanks for sharing the link with everyone.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:20am ndbob:

that blog has such a vast amount of goodies
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:23am Listener Bill:

This stuff really rocks -- just like the song title says
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:23am Listener Bill:

Not false advertizing
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:24am Drummer Some:

In case you are uncertain of the reference, ndbob is speaking of the massive Brazilian music blog Toque Musical
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:31am jk:

morning non-pre-recorded Doug, nothing like a live friday morning on the radio
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:33am Drummer Some:

Nothing recorded here, but us chickens, jk. Well, just the actual records, that is.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:34am Jessibird:

morning from Ca thanks to my twitchy cat! Better late than never. I'm not acquainted with all the artists but I know you can't go wrong with Tim Maia. my cat sends whiskery kisses.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:36am Drummer Some:

I've got three cats hanging 'round here Jessbird. They're all sleeping off a rough night of napping just now.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:37am annie:

how wonderful is this, huh??
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:39am seang:

I went to that big Cajun festival in Lafayette last October--Amazing!
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:39am Paul Sherratt:

Albert - Maurice no relation ? !
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:40am jill:

good morning kids! Where's the "like" button on this site? Where is it?

Drummer: Looks like well be dining at Spoon restaurant next Sat. night...
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:40am Drummer Some:

I almost bought a car this week from a fellow who used to play rub board in a Pittsburgh zydeco band. The thing had 241,000 miles on it (the car, not the rub board) and I couldn't pull the trigger.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:41am ndbob:

excellent song here
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:46am rst-wiley:

I like the abundance of words and music and, and..
Good music morning.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:50am Drummer Some:

rst-wiley, are you any relation to Lee Wiley? I L-O-V-E her.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:51am Drummer Some:

Well awright, Jill! I think I read about Spoon in the New York Times, of all places...
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:53am Jessibird:

Missed a few tracks there, juggling morning ablutions. Should I get a shower radio?
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:54am Jessibird:

This Smokey fellow is a lively one! Quotable dialogue, too.
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:56am rst-wiley:

No relation. Have you played her? I'll hafta wander down some search paths..
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:58am marcury:

It's David Puke!
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:59am ndbob:

edwin edwards
  Fri. 6/17/11 9:59am jill:

edwin edwards - a great louisiana crook
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:00am Jessibird:

ndbob, thanks for that link. here's another:
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:04am Drummer Some:

Yes, Edwin Edwards! Thank you Jill.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:04am ndbob:

thanks jessi!
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:05am Jessibird:

Yay for the crazy show re-do, since I missed the first, and I've been waiting all my life for something like it, ever since my Dr. Demento-graced childhood
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:06am Drummer Some:

This next track, by Scottish drum master Ken Hyder, comes courtesy of Listener Hugo. Thanks Brother H.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:06am marcury:

Sad to say I must be going. Great rest of the show all, I know it will be.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:09am Drummer Some:

Bye Marcury bye!
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:13am ndbob:

speaking of insanity - there isa report that wild man fischer has died
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:14am Jessibird:

Wow, loving the Ken Hyder! Thank you Hugo!
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:16am Drummer Some:

It's on Wikipedia (Wild Man Fischer), and it always seems to know first. I'm beginning to think Wikipedia is the Grim Reaper.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:17am Jessibird:

Better get a Wikipedia editor on your side, just in case.

Wait, maybe the track I'm going nuts over is the Bob Downes Open Music. Aah, I'm losing track of tracks!
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:21am Drummer Some:

The Bob Downes tune was quite calypsonian. Or maybe highlife-ian.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:22am Hugo:

Glad y'all dug it. Wasn't aware of the Wild Man, but I remember the double one being played on John Peel's show back in the day. I've got that one and the one that followed which was on Rhino, on coloured vinyl, I believe.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:27am Hugo:

His mother:

Weird ...
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:30am ndbob:

yep hugo - quite an interesting and sad record
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:30am Drummer Some:

The marvelous Nick Evans on trombone, ladies and gentlemen, Nick Evans.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:36am Jessibird:

gob smackin indeed, what a set!! i thought the overland express had a little bit of an overly dramatic name for its sound, but it was just a tame warmup. Thanks Doug! I'm leaving, but all revved up!
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:39am Drummer Some:

I agree, Jessbird. The Jazz Courier's title was all smoke and no heat. But you understand why I HAD to play it.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:42am Jessibird:

We all understand, Doug. Every mad genius has their foibles.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:44am Jessibird:

ohmigod, who is this heavenly female vocalist? Gotta look up this Paz en la Tierra record. you're making it impossible for me to get to work, Doug...
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:44am Drummer Some:

You gotta take the mad with the genius. It's a burden.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:45am Drummer Some:

If listener Rey is out there, we'd love a translation of this "naughty" number.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:47am Brian in UK:

THE Machito?
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:48am Jessibird:

She's teaching Jose to dance. Like that, not like that! Don't be afraid, get closer!
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:49am Carmichael:

Vector, Victor. Clearance, Clarence. Over, Over. Roger.

Good morning, all.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:49am Maggie B:

The horizontal mambo, that is.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:50am Drummer Some:

Has it really been Jessibird all this time. I need my glasses. Sorry for calling you Jessbird! Here is Los Rivero featuring the singer Elba Montalvo:

Yes, Brian in UK, THAT Machito.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:50am Jessibird:

exactly, Maggie B! And by the end, he seems to learn it perfectly!
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:50am Drummer Some:

Mama Maggie!
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:51am Jessibird:

Sorry, Doug and Ray, didn't see Ray so I thought it'd be ok to pipe up. I can be a rude one sometimes.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:51am Maggie B:

jessibird ;D
doug: my son the dj is working azul today!
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:51am annie:

thoroughly enjoying ; have totally lost track of it tuesday yet?
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:52am Carmichael:

@Jessibird: Where in CA are you?
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:55am Jessibird:

@carmichael, in Santa Cruz. Cloudy here, but expect sunshine later. You?
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:56am annie:

well, unfortunately i have to go.. mr drummer- thanks for the wonderful tunes,
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:57am Carmichael:

I'm just outside of sunny Sacramento, in the formerly gold-laden foothills.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:57am Drummer Some:

ndbob, it looks like your sharing of the Wild Man Fischer news may have just led to him getting an obit in the New York Times. No, really.
  Fri. 6/17/11 10:58am ndbob:

cloudy and 60 here in north dakota... wow doug!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:01am Drummer Some:

As long as Graciela wasn't dancing that way with Machito. He's her BROTHER.
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:03am Jessibird:

Doug, there are lots of people named Jose. I think her brother's given name is Francisco ;)
Really gotta go now, thanks for EVERYTHING!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:05am ndbob:

bye jessi!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:07am Carmichael:

Nice to meet you Jessibird!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:17am northguineahills:

Notice that teenage Doug looks a little like teenage Anthony Wiener? Probably just the fro.
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:18am Drummer Some:

Naw, man, it's the package.
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:21am monica:

morning, doug! thanks so much for helping me understand. muggy here in nyc but your balmy breeze of a show is keeping me 'n' butter cool.
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:22am northguineahills:

  Fri. 6/17/11 11:24am Drummer Some:

Hey there Monica!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:25am Drummer Some:

Hey there Butter!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:26am Mike VL:

Great show, Doug!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:27am Drummer Some:

Thanks, Mike VL. It's my devout pleasure.
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:29am Drummer Some:

Nice photo of WIld Man Fischer:
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:32am Drummer Some:

As far as I know, the members of this group The Relatives, are not related to members of the earlier group, The Related Six.
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:37am Carmichael:

Man, that's too bad about Fischer. He was as crazy as a loon, but an icon of the LA "scene".
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:37am ndbob:

nice photo indeed doug
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:38am still b/p:

"And you will know I am the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon you.."

The children are trembling and crying.
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:38am Drummer Some:

Pulp Sippy Cup Fiction
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:38am chris from Durban:

night night Doug
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:39am pbushmil:

Samuel Jackson! a sentimental favorite. It just brings tears to my eyes.
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:42am Drummer Some:

Hope you didn't wet your beds on that one.
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:46am Quentin Tormentninos:

The charmin' mutherfuckin' pigs is dozey,
And piled in a foul filthy heap,
Ringo's done robbin', and Bonnie's due home,
You the only one holdin' the shit up, so SLEEP!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:49am annie:

back in time for the last ten minutes.. sweet!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:50am Drummer Some:

I love the direction this is going.

Welcome back Annie!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:57am Carmichael:

Except for the Gimp. Better wake him up!
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:57am annie:

what a great morning for music..
  Fri. 6/17/11 11:57am Drummer Some:

Happy Father's Day weekend to all. Now go mow the fucking lawn!
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:00pm Paul Sherratt:

Super Mama is an understatement ..
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:00pm ndbob:

great show doug!
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:01pm Drummer Some:

Great listening, ndbob!
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:03pm Carmichael:

Grassy Ass, Doug!
  Fri. 6/17/11 12:06pm Drummer Some:

I said mow the damn lawn, Carmichael.
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