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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options June 1, 2011: Triumverate fills in

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Listener comments!

  Wed. 6/1/11 6:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Woo hoo!
The Triumvirate takes over the mighty 7SD timeslot!!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:08pm Julie:

Everybody clap!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:09pm Starbuckle:

  Wed. 6/1/11 6:09pm Robert:

Aw, I thought we were meeting Mrs. Irwin.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:09pm DanJoel:

Who is this Pigeon made of Clay, anyways
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:09pm hopey:

This is exciting.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:09pm Johnny Renton:

Fabio made a slip-up. That's ok, it happens to everybody.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: You need an appropos intro first. Like:
"Here's a man who is always on time for his radio show, except for right now! Everybody clap!"
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:10pm jaycjay:

  Wed. 6/1/11 6:10pm Noah Webster Hall:

  Wed. 6/1/11 6:11pm Johnny Renton:

Big clown-shoes to fill.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:11pm Fredericks:

Hey triumvirate, The Fall sounds great.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:11pm Bill:

I am hoping for appropriate data-entry banter.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Actually it was good Irwin told the 7SD marriage story, now it will be easier to find that episode--that would be cool to re-run on Valentine's Day, it has at least 4 current FMU personalities, years ago!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:12pm dale:

a thousand and one comments!! huzzah!!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:12pm Matt from Springfield:

You need a Fatal Flaw ridden concept, and have people call in about it. That's the 7SD way.

Like Irwin just said!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:12pm Julie:

not on archive Matt! too old
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:12pm hopey:

More DJs! More, I say!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:12pm Noah Webster Hall:

"7SD"? So far, this is more like "LSD"! :-)
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:13pm hamburger / london:

stunts! we need stunts!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

The Trium-plus-half Virate!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:13pm Marconi:

Irwin put me up to radio.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:13pm Parq:

I can't believe I got through.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:13pm moose:

no that's the alarm, julie (the stand)
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:14pm Julie:

@moose ah,..thank you
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:14pm Doug:

I'm so relieved ... This is going to be great!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:15pm Davice:

The devil deserves no sympathy!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:15pm Carmichael:

I have to go to the relief room. See you guys later.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:15pm dale:

only clay and wilfred brimley say 'di-uh-bee-tus'
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:16pm Davice:

When is this show over?
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:16pm Kat:

"Laibach And Relax" HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:16pm Matt from Springfield:

I make sure to enjoy my sugar now, there's diabetes on BOTH sides of my family, I may end up getting that anyway when I'm old.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:16pm PMD:

It's the 7sd way clay to hang up on people.
Has Clay lost his will to live?
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

"Die A Beet Iz"
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:17pm Mike in SoCal:

What concert would everyone in the studio agree to going to? Is there a group you *all* enjoy?
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

See, 7SD is contagious!! Clay wants to get out of here after 15 minutes!!!!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:18pm Mike in SoCal:

The Bible made me atheist.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:18pm cheri:

julie hiya ---when will the new schedule be posted,, and never listen to ike,,i won't bombard you on e-mails about mila kunis..so don't worry,,,
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:18pm Julie:

cheri we dont know yet
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:19pm Little Stevie:

my cheri, the bore,
how you make me wanna whine!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:19pm David:

Arguing about music is a theme!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:19pm Doug:

This is the best radio ever.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:19pm Mike in SoCal:

  Wed. 6/1/11 6:19pm Johnny Renton:

Here's a Fatal Flawed theme/concept for the show: Everybody blurt out each other's real name, address and home phone number.

email addresses optional.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:20pm Davice:

  Wed. 6/1/11 6:20pm Davice:

Tripod - that's my nick name!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:21pm wiki:

A triumvirate (from Latin, "of three men") is a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals, each a triumvir (pl. triumviri).
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:21pm Mike in SoCal:

Since there are 3 of you you should do Beastie Boys karaoke.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:21pm Fredericks:

A Three-Legged Stool never wobbles.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:21pm PMD:

See, Clay just wants to punish himself. Hence, 7sd
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:22pm Queen Victoria:

@Fabio: Just lie back and think of England. It'll be over soon!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:22pm Davice:

  Wed. 6/1/11 6:23pm dale:

love 76!!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:24pm PMD:

That's a great concept. Listening to you play and comment on YouTube videos.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:24pm wikipedia:

Peter Lemongello (born 1947) is an American singer from Islip, Long Island, New York. It is claimed that in 1976 he became the first person to sell a million records through a television direct marketing campaign.[2]
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:24pm Detroit Mac:

Worse band(s): Blue Cheer, Damn Yankees, Monte Rock III
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:24pm Edeson Weynley:

When a caller tells Clay Pigeon they can't believe they got through, they are talking to him about their past.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:24pm dale:

julie julie julie do ya LOVE me....
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:25pm Matt from Springfield:

@PMD: Yes! I was about to say!
I don't know if even Ken & Andy managed to play a YT video, off a laptop, over the radio. Progress moves on!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:25pm slugluv1313:

omg Clay Pigeon has never heard if Peter Lemongello!??!!
UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! yes ROMANTIC *and* MOVING!!!!!! (and yeah, he definitely has that John Davidson thing going on!)
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@Queen Vicky: Oh England, My Lionheart
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"
The Dum Dum Girls just released a great cover of that.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:26pm Mike in SoCal:

...and if a double-decker bus crashes into us...to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:27pm dale:

i thought more of a bobby sherman look. or maybe bobby goldsboro.

i was in the columbia record and tape club in 77 and didn't send back my bob seger and the silver bullet band record in time so i had to pay for it.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:27pm John McCabe in L.A.:

this will work in 24hrs.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:28pm Note:

Clay's late arrival was a Seven Minute Delay.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@PMD: Speaking of Fairfax streets, I just passed by John Marr Drive in Annandale--apparently it was named after a Confederate officer killed near that point, but I'm surprised Smith fans haven't stolen that sign--but maybe it has been taken before...
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:28pm Mike in SoCal:

"Where do forest rangers go to get away from it all?" -Steven Wright
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:29pm david from ks.:

,,,,help,,,,suicide iz the worst band,with that "franky teardrop,,,,,,,in my humble opinion,,,sorry
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Clay, what kind of supplements are you talking about?! You sound like a Golf Channel/Fox News commercial!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:31pm Helpful Hint:

forget the palmetto part. just saw your dick off, end of problem.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:31pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I hate "Bread" I love "America"
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:35pm channeling Andy:

You want a comment?

Good grief. Go to hell!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@John McCabe: Agree. America is like the good version of The Eagles!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:37pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa...stay away from Fabio when he's around beer nuts! He might just clock you!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:38pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I am officially having less success calling Fob than I am calling Scharpling! Maybe I'll go for broke and pester Chris on Friday.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:38pm John McCabe in L.A.:

my last fight was in 6th grade a black girl took off her belt and was whipping me and i was curled up in the fetal position crying -true story
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:41pm Mike in SoCal:

Viva Menudo!!!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:41pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Least: Phish, Staind, Sublime
Best: Misfits, Mummies, Pharmacists
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:42pm Mike in SoCal:

Worst: Tom Petty.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:43pm ?:

  Wed. 6/1/11 6:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Stu Spasm from Lubricated Goat!!!!
On the phone with The Triumvirate!! Score!!!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:43pm Robyn:

You guys just had me in a panic thinking today was thursday and I missed picking up my boyfriend at the bus stop!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:43pm Billy Joel:

We didn't start the suckage.

But we added to it!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:44pm Julie:

awww sorry robyn!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Brian Turner introduced me to them 2 years ago--loved them ever since!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:45pm slugluv1313:

RIP Mr. Winkle Puss :(
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:45pm Matt from Springfield:

You can't import Vegemite to the States anymore--because it's basically rotten yeast. But Kraft actually produces a local version, there's enough demand evidently.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:46pm Robert:

With a name like Winklepuss...aw, what am I writing, my friend had a girl cat named Rubert.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks slugluv1313. I was about to type that, but I guess your delay is a lot further ahead of mine.
Luv ya Stu!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:46pm Greg from Bloomfield:

My cat Jennie sends her condolences.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:46pm Ike:

I'd vote for Michael Bolton as the worst. He's a lot smarmier than Billy Joel.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:46pm moose:

i prefer marmite

but i've seen vegemite at shop in manhatan
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:46pm Robert:

Matt, you mean the yeast has a secondary gowth of something else?
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:47pm slugluv1313:

as a pal of mine remarked about Billy Joel's "Sometimes I Go To Extremes," "THAT GUY WOULDN'T KNOW AN EXTREME IF IT CAME UP TO HIM AND PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE!"
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:48pm Billy Joel:

Suck sells O:-)
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Joe McGasko royally HATES "Allentown"! I think that is or is near his hometown, and they played the crap out of it in the 80s!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:49pm KP:

Im getting paid to listen to WFMu.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:49pm Wikipedia:

The general method for making yeast extract for food products such as Vegemite and Marmite on a commercial scale is to add sodium chloride (salt) to a suspension of yeast, making the solution hypertonic, which leads to the cells shrivelling up; this triggers autolysis, in which the yeast self-destructs. The dying yeast cells are then heated to complete their breakdown, after which the husks (yeast with thick cell walls) are separated. Removing the cell walls concentrates the flavors and changes the texture.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@KP: Damn! You got any vacancies?!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:50pm ASB:

Billy Joel is an extreme drinker.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:51pm jaycjay:

I'm with caller Pam: I'd evade all of Clay's personal questions, too, if I happened to run across him. And also, like her, I sometimes can't remember how old I am. I have to stop and do the math when I'm asked, or else I just toss out a number. Because it isn't relevant.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:51pm KP:

All full here.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:51pm Vehicles:

God save us from BJ and his driving extremes.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:51pm paulshrug:

Doors = most overrated band in history
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:52pm paulshrug:

Franke & the Knockout's big hit: "Sweetheart"
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:52pm Sheesh:

The Doors are the band in The Producers.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:52pm Greg from Bloomfield:

It has been moved and seconded.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:52pm paulshrug:

Driver's Seat was Sniff n the Tears
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:52pm hopey:

@ paulshrug: AGREED.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:52pm orips wenga:

Jim Morrison sounds like your dad singing in the shower.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:53pm orips wenga:

Jim Morrison sounds like your dad singing in the shower.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:53pm orips wenga:

Jim Morrison sounds like your dad singing in the shower.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:53pm orips wenga:

Jim Morrison sounds like your dad singing in the shower.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:53pm orips wenga:

Jim Morrison sounds like your dad singing in the shower.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:53pm ?:

  Wed. 6/1/11 6:53pm slugluv1313:

@ Stu -- i am 52 and have four kitties -- plus fostering two kittens -- cannot imagine life without them (yeah guess that makes me the *official* crazy-old-cat-lady-of-Hoboken -- a *dirty* job but durn it! somebody's gotta do it!)
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:53pm Sheesh:

great job there, orips.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:53pm Karaoke Steve:

Sniff and the tears did Drivers seat
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:53pm moltonboron:

sniff and the tears did drivers seat - play it!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:54pm Handsome Harry:

Long live the TRIUMVIRATE.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:54pm slugluv1313:

"Driver's Seat" was by Sniff and the Tears
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:54pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Oh please don't let this turn into a "Where is the line between North and South Jersey" discussion.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:54pm redalertnyc:

WORST: post-Run DMC Aerosmith
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:54pm jaycjay:

Vegemite ban is just an urban legend. You can still get it in the US:
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:55pm Robert:

Has Joe McGasko heard "Hymie Town"?
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:55pm KP:

WORST: pre-Run DMC Aerosmith
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:56pm PMD:

Just a pigeon of hope
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:56pm moose:

moose's worst - U2
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:56pm hopey:

Didn't Shut Up Weirdo have a What's Your Problem show?
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:56pm KP:

Drivers seat!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:57pm Robert:

Every time I hear the song, "Going down to Allenwood", in my head it's always "Allentown" because clearly it's got nothing to do with the fed pen. And it rhymes.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:57pm Listening:

Fabio already has three toes out the studio door.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:57pm KP:

Somebody loved Birches Brew? Fusion?
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:57pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Loved and soured on: Pavement. They were once my everything.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:58pm Brothers Gibb:

"You don't know what it's liiiike---
To be in the same room, to be in the same room,
With Fabio and Clay"
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:58pm Johnny Renton:

I miss the incorrect music hour.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:58pm brandon:

7 Dusty Failure !!!
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:59pm Robert:

I miss Honky Lady too.
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:59pm Listening:

Dark Night of the Dusty Failure
  Wed. 6/1/11 6:59pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I love incorrect music that was the best
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:00pm Julie:

thanks for listening to this trainwreck guys! Tune in tomorrow for their home shows! 3 & 6!
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:00pm Robert:

Irwin said he lost touch with Michelle.
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:00pm slugluv1313:

yes! Chicago! Doobie Brothers! among THEE worst!!!
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:00pm KP:

I saw the Bay City rollers in Queens. The lead singer drank scotch out of a half-pint bottle he kept in shirt pocket.
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Clay Fabio and Julie RAWK!
Everyone have a GREAT night!
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:00pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Actually I think Lady Gaga may be more overrated than the Doors...
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:01pm Johnny Renton:

Julie is the new Michelle.
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:01pm Robert:

I even miss the predecessor, Atrocious Music, with Ol' Pal.
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:01pm Listening:

We'll all see how overrated Lady Gaga is in the next 2-3 years.
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:02pm Matt from Springfield:

After Stu, I didn't want this to end, but this trainwreck was BEAUTIFUL, guys! Take care!
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:02pm Greg from Bloomfield:

  Wed. 6/1/11 7:03pm Matt from Springfield:

1. And
2. always
3. remember...
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:03pm Listening:

Cute close.
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:03pm Handsome Harry:

Great show.
  Wed. 6/1/11 7:04pm Robert:

  Wed. 6/1/11 7:07pm starbuckle:

<clap clap clap>
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