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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options May 27, 2011

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Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
musicians of Istana Mangkunagaran  Gending Munggang   Options Gamelan of Central Java: II. Ceremonial Music  Felmay    0:00:00 ()
Gong Kebyar Gunung Sari  Oleg Tambulilingan   Options Les Grands Gong Kebyar des Années Soixante  Ocora  from Peliatan, Bali  0:06:55 ()
Cikoneng Village Ensemble  Angklung Buhun   Options Java: Sundanese Folk Music  Unesco  led by Pak Jaja  0:21:05 ()
Bojongkoneng Village Ensemble  Recak   Options Java: Sundanese Folk Music  Unesco  led by Pak Suhana  0:26:44 ()
Grup Jemblung Sari Budaya  Sekar Gadung naik Cikoa   Options Music of Indonesia 14: Lombok, Kalimantan, Banyumas: Little-known Forms of Gamelan and Wayang  Smithsonian Folkways  from Banyumas, central Java  0:33:59 ()
Haba Haba Group  Sitogol #1   Options Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra, vol. 1  Sublime Frequencies    0:42:48 ()
Gendan Lima Sedalanen  Gula Tualah   Options Music of Indonesia 4: Music of Nias & North Sumatra  Smithsonian Folkways  the Karo, Batak people from Sumatra  0:48:09 ()
Gonrang Sidua-dua  Sayur Matua   Options Sumatra: Musiques des Batak  Inédit  the Simalungan group of the Batak in Sumatra  0:56:12 ()
Gonrang Sidua-dua  Haro-haro   Options Sumatra: Musiques des Batak  Inédit  the Simalungan group of the Batak in Sumatra  0:59:14 ()
  Gondang Malim   Music of Indonesia 4: Music of Nias & North Sumatra  Smithsonian Folkways  the Toba, Batak folks from Sumatra  1:01:32 ()
I Wayan Lotring & musicians  Gender Wayang: Pemungkah   Options Bali: Hommage à Wayan Lotring  Ocora    1:12:06 ()
Hardo Budoyo ensemble of Wono Giri  Ada-ada Srambahan, Srepegan nem   Options Shadow Music of Java  Rounder  central Java  1:21:02 ()
Hardo Budoyo ensemble of Wono Giri  Sendon Tlutur, Srepegan Tlutur, manyura   Options Shadow Music of Java  Rounder  central Java  1:24:04 ()
Hardo Budoyo ensemble of Wono Giri  Eling-eling, laras slendro nen   Options Shadow Music of Java  Rounder  central Java  1:27:19 ()
Group "Panca Bakti"  Tatalu   Options Topen Cirebon — Tarawangsa: Sudanese Music from West Java  Schott Wergo  from Beber/Ligung, Cirebon  1:31:44 ()
Uking Sukri, Ono Sukarna, & Iim Ibrahim  Kacapi Suling: Semarang Banjaran   Options Indonesia: Music from West Java  UNESCO    1:37:27 ()
Lingkung Seni Malati  Pangbagea   Options Tembang Sunda: Music from West Java  Celestial Harmonies    1:46:49 ()
Giri Harja III  tatalu: introductory instrumental suite [exceprt]   Options Indonesia: Wayang Golek: The Sound and Celebration of Sundanese Puppet Theater  Multicultural Media  from "The Birth of Gatotkaca"  1:50:57 ()
[Interra Records never felt the need to credit the artists on their releases]  Umbrella Procession   Options Gentra Pasundan: Sundanese Wedding Ceremony  Interra  Interra Records never felt the need to credit the artists on their releases  2:11:06 ()
[Interra Records never felt the need to credit the artists on their releases]  Welcome of the Groom   Options Gentra Pasundan: Sundanese Wedding Ceremony  Interra    2:11:39 ()
[Interra Records never felt the need to credit the artists on their releases]  Bandung   Options Sundanese Degung-Sabilulungan  Interra    2:15:20 ()
ensemble L.S. Malati Ida  Bubuka, Tepang asih   Options Java: Tembang Sunda  Inédit    2:21:15 ()
Idjah Hadidjah  Arum Bandung   Options Tonggeret  Nonesuch    2:24:22 ()
[Original Music never felt the need to credit the artists on their releases]  Panceng Ora Disedya   Options Street Music of Java  Original Music     
[Original Music never felt the need to credit the artists on their releases]  Hinam Hinam   Options Street Music of Java  Original Music    2:31:50 ()
Orkes Kroncong Mutiara  Langgam Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama   Options Music Of Indonesia 20: Indonesian Guitars  Smithsonian Folkways  Jakarta, Java  2:40:28 ()
Gambang Kromong Slendang Betawi  Stambul Lama   Options Music of Indonesia 3: Music from the Outskirts of Jakarta: Gambang Kromong  Smithsonian Folkways    2:47:53 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:06pm hamburger / london:

hello! likin' the gongs :)
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:08pm Carmichael:

It's that time again.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:09pm Mike East:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:11pm bruceleh:

great music to hack by, thx!
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:12pm Giraffe:

bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:12pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:12pm bryce:

oh shit, giraffe chewed into my yerba maté
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:13pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:14pm Giraffe:

bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bongbong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bongbong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bongbong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bongbong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bongbong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bongbong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bongbong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bongbong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bongbong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:15pm bryce:

fuck, gotta text my roommate the location of The Syringe
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:15pm Parq:

Appaarently, the giraffe stutters.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:16pm bryce:

just needs a calmative
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:17pm bruceleh:

Should see a peach spathalogist
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:18pm Giraffe:

bong bong bong bbbong BONG
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:18pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Can we get audio on the giraffe?
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:19pm annie:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:20pm Giraffe:

ning nong ningggg nongggg






  Fri. 5/27/11 12:21pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:24pm Looms:

Best hit on giraffe's dancefloor ever!
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:24pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:25pm Tanesha Wilcox:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:25pm still b/p:

Fuck, gotta text my gardener the location of The Syringa.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:27pm listener Paul:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:29pm listener Paul:

Bryce I got this on 11 really! CONCERT LEVEL LOUD so please if you do come on to announce, so so with gentle cat footsteps like real hushed whisper for a bit so I can get at the volume OK please?
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:31pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Bryce, I have this on very very low so as not to wake our mum, so please if you do come on to announce, do it really loud for a bit so I can get at the volume OK please?
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:32pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:33pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:33pm Vicki:

Bryce, I'm listening with the sound off

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:33pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:34pm Vicki:

actually I'm ripping horror films while listening to this tiny man playing his little trumpet, I bet he's 3 feet tall
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:34pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:35pm J J:

¿Que? Who's ripping horror movies too?
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:36pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Movies aren't good enough for Vicki, she has to rip FILMS.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:36pm Giraffe:

I bet they wish they hadn't invited him along, the tiny man
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:36pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:38pm bryce:

GIRAFFE, YOU SPEAK! what the hell??
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:38pm Julie:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:38pm bryce:

can you please leave the sofa alone?
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:38pm Giraffe:

sometimes Giraffes speak, yes.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:39pm Julie:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:39pm Giraffe:

but it's pretty, Bryce. I want to give him my LOVE
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:39pm Julie:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:39pm Julie:

I wanna play with the giraffe!
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:40pm Giraffe:



Sofas don't have genders.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:40pm Looms:

WOW! This polyphony's trippy.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:40pm still b/p:

I saw some giraffes last month. They's wonderful, but, no offense, the craziest alien lookin' creatures out in the bush.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:40pm Giraffe:

dooong dooong da

trot trot trot


  Fri. 5/27/11 12:41pm Giraffe:

I can't help the way God made me.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:41pm ms_a:

the visual components of this show are amazing.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:43pm Giraffe:

carrots and cabbage
carrots and cabbage
I don't like peppers
carrots and cabbage
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:44pm Giraffe:

Bryce, will you bring me back a choc ice?
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:44pm God:

I designed the giraffe after looking at a bunch of sci-fi comics and then getting just a little bit stoned.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:45pm Vicki:

I thought you got the paper jammed on the printout, God.

Hi, by the way, God.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:46pm God:

Hola, Vicki, from Deities Like Us.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:47pm Ike:

That giraffe must be British or Aussie or something. Nobody in the U.S. says "choc ice." In fact, I'm not even sure what that is.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:47pm Rhino:

I don't feel like going out today. I think I'll just stay home and maybe charge at the wall.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:48pm J J:

My V CAST song ID app guessed the artist as being the same thing.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:49pm Giraffe:

Choc Ice and a Fanta.

And some dry roasted peanuts
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:51pm Giraffe:

and a cushion
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:51pm listener Paul:

I feel a hint of tenseness about the ultrahigh volume as the top of the hour approaches ... should I call the EMS now, in advance of a ruptured eardrum? Bryce this is true! Whereas Jean Michel Jarre is just making that up; everyone knows hobos do not live with their moms.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:53pm bryce:

i will be as gentle as a giraffe eating a peanut
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:53pm bryce:

a non-cracked-out giraffe
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:54pm bryce:

that's not eating my sofa
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:55pm Giraffe:

and a new sofa
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:55pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

It is true that hobos do not live with their moms, but it's Jean Michel's mom and if she weren't napping she'd tell you so herself.
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:55pm Giraffe:

and a World Music Compact Disc box set
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:56pm Giraffe:

and a sausage
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:56pm Rhino:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:57pm bryce:

CIKO, THE KETAMINE!!!!! love you, giraffe

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:57pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 5/27/11 12:58pm Giraffe:

trot trot trottrottrot





oh my little hooves
  Fri. 5/27/11 12:59pm bryce:

tsk, oh just kidding, lick my head.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:00pm Giraffe:

asds fjkflljl; lkl !! asljfaff ssssss fffffff



sofa babies sofa babies

cabbage and carrots

sausgagses and paarrrots and lollies

choc ice
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:00pm Rhino:

  Fri. 5/27/11 1:01pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Okay, the mom woke up and changed the station. Speak as softly as you wish, Bryce.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:01pm bryce:

who do i gotta blow to get some pangolins around here?
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:05pm Vicki:

  Fri. 5/27/11 1:06pm Vicki:

What do Americans call choc ices then?
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:07pm northguineahills:

w00t, it's Bryce day (I didn't have to go into work today)
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:07pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/27/11 1:07pm bryce:

hey, ngh!
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:07pm glenn:

probably chocolate popsicles.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:08pm Vicki:

what do Americans call choc ices then?
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:08pm bryce:

vicki, your spell check's fucked up
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:09pm wiki:

"A Choc ice is a generic frozen dessert ...The first one was sold in the United States in 1921."
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:09pm Cecile:

Probably fudgesicles, if they are creamy.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:10pm Mike East:

I like Choco Tacos and Chocodiles
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:10pm Vicki:

click on "pronunciation"
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:11pm glenn:

In 1905 in San Francisco, 11-year-old Frank Epperson was mixing powdered flavoring for soda and water out on the porch. He left it there, with a stirring stick still in it. That night, temperatures reached a record low, and the next morning, the boy discovered the drink had frozen to the stick, inspiring the idea of a fruit-flavored 'Popsicle'. Eighteen years later in 1923, Epperson introduced frozen pop on a stick to the public at Neptune Beach, an amusement park in Alameda, California. Seeing that it was a success, in 1924 Epperson applied for a patent for his "frozen confectionery" which he called "the Epsicle ice pop".[1] He renamed it to Popsicle, allegedly at the insistence of his children.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:11pm wiki:

  Fri. 5/27/11 1:11pm Giraffe:

choc ice
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:12pm Vicki:

Bryce is talking
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:13pm Jean Michel Jarre and a Hobo:

Good volume, Bryce.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:13pm Giraffe:

blah blah blah blah
bong bong bong bbbong BONG
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:13pm glenn:

now i want ice cream.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:15pm jessek:

bryce cream cone
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:15pm pangolin:

I like walk-away sundaes with ants.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:16pm listener Paul:

What? I can not hear anything! Is the stream still working? What is this red stuff? OMG!!!
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:17pm Unilever's Lawyers:

POPSICLE® is a registered trademark of Unilever and is NOT a name for just any frozen pop on a stick. The POPSICLE® trademark can only be used to refer to the specific frozen pop products manufactured and sold by Unilever and should not be used to refer to frozen pop products of other companies or to frozen pops generally. Appropriate generic terminology for frozen pops on a stick includes the terms "pop(s)", "ice pop(s)" and "freezer pop(s)". Misuse of these trademarks may violate Unilever’s exclusive rights in the mark.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:18pm Unilever's Lawyers:

We're watching.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:19pm kim:

hiiiii bryyyycccceee, luving the gamelan!!!!! xoxox kim
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:19pm WFMU's Lawyers::

WFMU, its dj's and affiliates are not responsible for listeners' ears, hearing, or speakers.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:19pm J J:

First thing I recognized! I gots dis shizz
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:19pm bryce:

kimmm!!!! wow, you happen to be there!
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:22pm still b/p:

We'll all sharpen our popsicle sticks on the sidewalk and stab and stab and stab the Unilever lawyers.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:22pm Unilever's Lawyers:

(Speaking in Russian accent) Your assurances are the feces of a dog.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:24pm Unilever's Lawyers:

We stole that line from MI5. Sue us.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:24pm kim:

yep, i's here! soo pretty. thanks so much!!! can't wait to hear it all again later, specially since i have to leave my computer now. i'm trying to learn how to play gender but it would take me many years to play like that!
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:26pm glenn:

and then stab them in the stab wounds.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:28pm Joe Voltage:

Hey Bryce.It's funny your playing gamelan. Had this one record for awhile that I just listened to last night.It's gamelan from 1972 recorded in this village in Sebatu,Bali think it's what you where talking about being one of the oldest on the island.I really liked. It's on Archiv produktion records LP 2533 130.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:30pm bryce:

wow!! i don't think i've seen that one!
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:37pm Joe Voltage:

First side was a little scratchy but really nice stuff. The only gamelan record I've been able to find during my diggings. The people on the cover are dressed in these blue and pink outfits. Very spiffy.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:39pm ben drinken:

I had a weird dream last night or the night before about a giraffe. My daughter and I were walking around a barn and I walked in and she was petting an animal and then in dream like weirdness, you know, how things morph around in dreams, it was a giraffe she was petting and I yelled to her to get away from it because it wasn't like a cow and could step on her or chomp on her.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:41pm βrian:

I heard but one crashing note, and I knew this was Bryce's show.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:41pm Lord Whatsis:

Here's the image of that Sebatu record: http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1466336
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:43pm kim:

yummy sundanese gamelan.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:43pm bryce:

damn records
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:44pm bryce:

i can listen to kacapi suling all day

one instrument for each hemisphere. it's perfect
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:45pm Yair Yona (Tel Aviv):

Hi Bryce.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:47pm bryce:

hey, you!
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:48pm Carmichael:

How about Fudgicle?
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:50pm Fudgie the Whale:

  Fri. 5/27/11 1:54pm Gado Gado:

Now I'm hungry.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:55pm mike g:

lovely, lovely show for this calm Friday.
  Fri. 5/27/11 1:59pm Gado Gado:

Mmmm, Clam Friday. Let's eat.
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:04pm Emily:

nice song!
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:04pm wiki:

Ghatotkacha is a WFMU DJ. His maternal parentage made him half-Rakshasa (giant), and gave him many magical powers . He got his name from his head, which was hairless and shaped like a pot (in Sanskrit, Ghatam means pot and "Utkach" means hairless")
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:04pm wuuj:

this is just perfect for my slightly (or not so slightly) sleep-deprived and hungover self this morning
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:05pm raga:

finally, you clowns are starting to make some sense.
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:05pm Emily:

hey does anyone know if there is a way to live stream fmu on a blackberry?
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:07pm G:

Hey Mike G and Gado Gado. As you both say it's a nice calm day for a clam meal. Great music Bryce. I haven't been able to leave the house because of it. Shalom Tel Aviv!
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:10pm Ike:

Gado gado is pretty strange, but very tasty if done right. No clams in it, though. Hey, let's all go eat Indonesian food at Upi Jaya in Queens, eh?
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:15pm Nanna:

what's all this nonsense?
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:16pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/27/11 2:17pm Nanna:

  Fri. 5/27/11 2:17pm bryce:

hey, emily! check here....

  Fri. 5/27/11 2:28pm mackeral:

Sundanese stuff is such a total music. Thanks there.
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:28pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/27/11 2:29pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Bryce, I'm passing out due to starvation and must go, but we trust you will keep your remaining voice announcements at a reasonable level.

Great show today!
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:29pm mackeral:

there are cassette rips of Idja Hadidjah out there. Highly recommended. She's so dreamy!
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:29pm Emily:

thank you, Bryce! :)
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:33pm Looms:

What Idja Hadidjah just said. She's a fabulous artist. (thanks again, Bryce)
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:37pm Looms:

Ment what mackeral said about Idja Hadidjah. I'm a dreamyhead right now...
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:38pm ex:

sorry to interupt an all ..can you tell me when is primavera festival transmited and is on this site i can hook up with it ? Thank you ))) ..Great musica
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:38pm Unjiraffe:

That's some hot java, right there.
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:40pm bryce:

hey, ex, Barcelona's coming up at 3:00!! you can just keep it right here on this stream.... :)
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:40pm Unjiraffe:

primavera starts in 20 minutes here, yes?
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:41pm Unjiraffe:

  Fri. 5/27/11 2:41pm ex:

ouh ..thx bryce§;- )
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:41pm Hugo:

Dream time music on today's show. So mellow, but also so compelling ---

Sad to say I've never made it out of Jakarta, which is not the most scenic place one can imagine, but hopefully there'll be a nex time. Bandung, Yogyakarta, mmmm ...
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:45pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/27/11 2:51pm Parq:

Bryce, this show has been another keeper. Got to bookmark the archive.
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:53pm Hugo:

Bryce, sitting here with a cassette in my hand - Kacapi Suling - Dangiang Parahiangan. Title: Sunda Mekar. On Dian Records. Cassettes were the big thing on my first visit in 1989. Still have them lying about the place, some very syrupy poppish.
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:55pm Mike East:

Yes, great show today. Quite enjoyable indeed.
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:56pm bryce:

thx, all!!

yup, indonesia's drenched in cassettes. my friend lena has a crater filled with 'em. gotta have her drag some over next time she's out east.

i wish all ya'll would digitize everything in the world. then give it to me for free.
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:57pm RIAA Legal:

what was that, bryce?
  Fri. 5/27/11 2:58pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/27/11 3:02pm still b/p:

  Fri. 5/27/11 3:02pm RIAA Legal:

  Fri. 5/27/11 3:03pm bryce:

bye allll

PLEASE do stay tuned right now for the Primavera Sound festival, live from Barcelona!!!!
  Mon. 5/30/11 10:00am Giraffe:

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