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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 6, 2011: 99 Problems

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:01pm other david:

you know what my problem is? I'm the first comment
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:02pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:02pm Jesus:

Go fist yourself! Welcome weirdos
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:02pm Mike McKenzie:

You know what my problem is?

Frangry dropped me like a hot potato.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:02pm Problems:

You take one down, and pass it around
98 problems to list in the show,
98 problems to list...
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:03pm g:

Google docs? yawn...
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:03pm Johnny Muller:

I can't believe Andy still needs his notes
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:03pm g:

Ghetto is cool!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:04pm TubaRuba:

Geez how many floors does WFMU have
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:04pm g:

This show is my problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:04pm other david:

FRANGRY! Did Mr. BO call you back?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:04pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:04pm Osama bin Laden:

You know what my problem is?

I've got two big fucking holes in my head.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:04pm Jesus:

Frangry's problem ==== Andy
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:04pm g:

Comments are problems.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:04pm Problems:

@Mike: You know what your real problem is?

You actually think Frangry ever "picked you up".
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:04pm John McCabe in L.A.:

can you give more then one per call?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:05pm E Double:

Andy, I watched your Andy Cam video...you were kind of mean.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:05pm g:

Personalities are problems.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:05pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Please repeat the instructions one more time.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:05pm Problems:

Use an accent. The more DOWNSCALE the better.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:06pm E Double:

Wait, what's the topic?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:06pm Osama bin Laden:

You know what my problem is?

A big shark is biting my dead ass.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:06pm Jesus:

Did he say Donald Frump??
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:06pm Problems:

@OBL: You know what my problem is?

I found a smelly piece of turban in my sushi. EWWWWWW
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:07pm g:

(Osama) is no longer our problem
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:07pm E Double:

My problem is I have part of myself that due to trauma have not fully developed. They are stuck in an immature state of development.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:07pm TubaRuba:

You're not going to get 99... better bail and just do a normal show
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:07pm Jesus:

I'm feeling a bit depresshed today
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:07pm E Double:

Hey Frangry, can you win your contest from the comment board or do you have to call in?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:08pm Danne D:

Hi Weirdos, you know what my problem is? I <333 Frangry and Andy way too much :)

Hiya TubaRuba
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:08pm Dave from Long Branch:

I got my Shirt and Handwritten note. Wow, that really made my whole Week! Thanks Frangry
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What's wrong, Jesus?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:08pm g:

Pain can be a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:08pm E Double:

That's one of them good problems -- Marlo Stanfield
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:08pm Jesus:

Allergies!!!!!!! That's my problem!!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:08pm TubaRuba:

Hi Danne happy Friday

Ahaha that guy "beating up" Jenna probably totally liiiiikes her
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:08pm Problems:

The premise's problem is that 99 problems means one new problem every 35 or so seconds. Good luck keeping that pace up.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:09pm E Double:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:10pm E Double:

Everyone should have to say "You know what my problem is? My problem is..."
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:10pm g:

Comments winning a t shirt is a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:10pm Deed:

there are no problems...only solutions
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:10pm Danne D:

Might need some creative accounting here :)

Like if my problem is that the carton of eggs went bad in my fridge that would count as 12 problems - 1 per egg
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:10pm Spike:

Staten Islanders and Boythers.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:11pm other david:

Does negative marking work? If someone calls up with no problems are they deducted from the problem total?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:11pm Horace Grant:

My problem is that I was overshadowed my two all-time greats.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:11pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

You know what my problem is? All these bitches are all up in my grill.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:11pm g:

Andy in a see through shirt is a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:11pm Jesus:

My problem ..... I don't have a copy machine Frangry booby picture
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:11pm Problems:

Just keepin' it real, dawgs. And biatches! :-*
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:11pm hamburger / london:

it is totally impossible to get through!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:11pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Every "solution" brings new problems.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:11pm Danne D:

You know another problem with this premise - saying "you know what my problem is" at the beginning of every call hogs up valuable time.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:11pm E Double:

Dehydration is a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:12pm E Double:

Is next week the solution show?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:12pm Danne D:

Andy's Problem: The premise is to gather up the problems, not to fix them.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:12pm Johnny Muller:

@ Mister Johnny Unless you reach Hegel's "Absolute Idea"
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:12pm Problems:

I think he's *spatial*.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:13pm in a pinch:

problem is that there is no Shutup Weirdo in the bathroom at work.. gotta go!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:13pm TubaRuba:

I went to a concert at NYU and my problem is a bunch of kids who don't know how to behave at a show
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:13pm E Double:

You know what Shut Up Wierdo's problem is? No call screeners.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:13pm MISTER JOHNNY:


That abbreviation could save some time.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:13pm Danne D:

Another Problem: John McCabe ran out of problems.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:13pm hamburger / london:

j mccabe killed it, and then killed it
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:13pm o'sama ben drinken:

don't mention my name during the show.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:13pm other david:

I think Frangry could get to 99 problems with Andy in any given 5 minute spell
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:13pm Jesus:

John McCabe put the show back on track! Great!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:14pm TubaRuba:

@EE true, but it would slow the show down, too (like 7SD)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:14pm Orlando:

You know what my problem is? People who sniff their fingers!!! Arrrr!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:14pm Danne D:

Memo to Andy: have 'em send you an e-mail and you can fix their problem at 7:01.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:14pm E Double:

You know what my problem is? I was born in the WRONG AGE
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:14pm MISTER JOHNNY:

John McCabe finally admitted that he's a creep.

That's a real breakthrough!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm Problems:

Johnny is the King of Problems. Half a dozen calls like that and you got it made in the shade. But being that big of a loser is NOT easy.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm tom:

all my #2 pencil erasers, smell and taste, like my cat's butt
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Bean burritos with no cheese? That is like eating poop. No digestion required.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm Danne D:

The difference between FIT and FAT is I.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm TubaRuba:

Bean burrito with no cheese? That's just a big tube o' bean
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm Jesus:

Frangry's problem - she doesn't have something soft to throw at Andy
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm stinkbug:

oops, forgot to listen.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm Dave from Long Branch:

Unfortunately, I got 99 problems and a bitch is every one of them.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm Undulating Sally:

Erections that last longer than 4 hours is a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm Problems:

frangry's problem is andy is annnoyyyyinnnngggg
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:15pm John McCabe in L.A.:

o my god I'm totally want taco bell right now
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:16pm Danne D:

@Problems: The problem is getting the people to call, believe me Johnny is low on the list of problem-havers listening to this show :)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You know what my problem is?

I can't dance at all. Lame.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:16pm Problems:

so call, danne :-)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:16pm ben drinken problem:

my problem is my name is ben and i listen to this show
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:16pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ) ):

Rating on the boss.. Smart .. and no job now ?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:16pm hamburger shoutin:



  Fri. 5/6/11 6:16pm other david:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:16pm g:

Bosses are a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:17pm Mike McKenzie:

Frangry dumped me
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:17pm g:

The truth is a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:17pm Problems:

What was more important to this good lady? A job, or dumbass ebay shit.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:17pm other david:

Mike, you smelled sir.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:18pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ) ):

a 2 parter this is gonna be good..
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:18pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

That's OK Mike. You always have your skateboard.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:18pm paul b:

Firefox 4 no play friendly with my MacBook anymore, I only see spinning beach-ball of death. No Josh Marshall, no Metafilter Problem!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:18pm stinkbug:

every show now has a gum story.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:18pm Danne D:

Quote from the ghost of comments boards past:
"Frangry's problem is not having too much to drink. It's that she hasn't had NEARLY ENOUGH yet. " (12/17/2010)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:18pm Fred J.:

I have crotch rot. It's basically athlete's foot in your crotch.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:19pm Danne D:

I'll have a problem if next year's premium isn't Shut Up Weirdo Gum.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:19pm Problems:

Thanks for sharing, Fred. NOT.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:19pm cheri:

heeeey what up danne?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:19pm Mr. Burns:

DO NOT let this woman plug her garage show on the air...
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:19pm stinkbug:

(btw, I think that problem with scrolling the comments only happens with firefox 4.0)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:19pm Problems:

my problem is cheri is totally random all the freakin' time
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:19pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ) ):

I'll rent you my closet in Brooklyn for $900 it's a Bargain
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:20pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I want to crash on your couch
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:20pm Frangry's Date:

You know what my problem is?

I took Frangry out on a nice date - and then she turned around and claimed I hand terrible B.O.! That's a total lie!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:20pm other david:

Can we talk about previous problems?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:20pm The Joker:

Batman is a problem for me.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:20pm Joan:

You know what my problem is? I keep losing everything. I guess I'm absent minded. Like the other week. I had a pack of gum at the airport. When I got off the plane, I somehow lost each piece.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:20pm Problems:

at F's Date: People never *smell themselves*.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:20pm Danne D:



"Have a good one" on a gum ball = winner!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:20pm other david:

Frangry's Date,you should change your name! That way, no-one will know!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:21pm John McCabe in L.A.:

oh Frangry I want to check you out for melanoma
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:21pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ) ):

OH GOD !!!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:21pm other david:

lololol, I can't believe you hung up on Pee Pee
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:21pm Dude with Alzheimer's:

You know what my problem is? uhhh... wait....what was it?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:21pm jaycjay:

my problem is fast becoming this string or worthless callers.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:22pm butt wait?:

the guy with the pee pee problem could have had stank on his hanglow
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:22pm jaycjay:

OK, the "goats" guy broke the string. That's more like it!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:22pm MISTER JOHNNY:

The other white meat.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:22pm Henry:

I work in a strip club and I don't like fake breasts---that's my problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:22pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ) ):

his problem is NOT the goat and he is a bum caz he won't say what it really is ...
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:22pm TubaRuba:

@JCJ - hah
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:22pm Benji:

people that wear their sunglasses on the subway or anywhere indoors! why? why? why? They're usually doing nothing but standing, staring out from behind the safety of their overpriced designer sunglasses. Worst is when they're reading a book. Really? I've been tempted to knock a copy of The Lady and the Dragon Tattoo out of so many hands.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:22pm Problems:

Have Johnny Van call back and list you another 20 of his incredibly depressing problems.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:23pm g:

Too many DVDs is NOT a problem!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:23pm E Double:

My problem is that I am scared to call Shut Up Wierdo....after the last time. I was totally unsatisfied with my call.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:23pm seang:

these are more complaints than problems
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:23pm Jesus:

people who play with their toes in public
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:23pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I can't think of a good problem. I guess that is a good problem to have.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:24pm Danne D:

I had the winning call on the revenge call.

I'm proud of that :)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:24pm Frangry's Date:

You know what my problem is?

I've got malignant body odor.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:24pm Danne D:

E Double's Problem is spelling the word "Weirdo"
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:24pm Orlando:

You know what my stinking problem is? People who clip their toe nails on the subway! Arrr!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:25pm Jesus:

smokers who flick their cig butts out of a car window
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:25pm other david:

E Double, it's not your problem, Frangrys problem is that her caller standards are too high!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:25pm Danne D:

My problem is that I'm a grammar nazi when it's really not necessary :(
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:25pm stinkbug:

My problem is that I eat too many pizzas.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:25pm butt wait?:

Benji, they are shading the stinking problems they see.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:25pm Problems:

@F's Date: Your problem is you are not standing near an open window on an upper floor.Try that.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:25pm g:

Problems are for The Best Show listeners.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:25pm E Double:

You guys bleeped me the last time I called and all I said was "hump"
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:25pm John McCabe in L.A.:

good one andy
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:25pm elizabeth:

My problem is listening to archives of the show and getting mad when I have A WINNING CALL but the show is long over...
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:26pm other david:

can we talk about previous problems?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:26pm E Double:

No no the call went well but after I listened to it on the archives I felt that it could have been better.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:26pm Danne D:

My problem is that Tuba Ruba is never gonna call in 8(
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:26pm g:

Too many brownies!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:26pm TubaRuba:

I like Andy showing up the pothead on lingo
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:26pm Osama bin Laden:

You know what my problem is?

The bullets they shot in my head weren't HALAL.
Come on, Navy SEALS - show some respect.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:27pm Jesus:

My problem is that Mikey D. didn't call last week
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:27pm stinkbug:

I want to hear Andy/Frangry call the show and listen to how the other one handles the call.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:27pm John McCabe in L.A.:

my problem is i don't live in the east village NYC
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:27pm Danne D:

@g - Ken has that problem too
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:27pm Problems:

@E double: Your problem is that you don't realize that no one can change the past, and it's not worth worrying about. LEARN, AND MOVE ON.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:28pm Danne D:

@problems Remember the Past, Live the Present, Trust the Future
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:28pm butt wait!:

no no, don't smell me.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:28pm elizabeth:

Really, I can call now? Hm.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:28pm cheri:

danne hiya--are we still friends??
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:28pm E Double:

@Problems you mean, get up, dust myself off and get back on the horse?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:28pm hamburger shoutin:

this show is pretty fast paced no?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:28pm stinkbug:

Have I already missed Jenna's problem?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:29pm Frangry's Upstairs Neighbor:

You know what my problem is?

The bitch downstairs is always complaining about me!
Get a life.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:29pm TubaRuba:

@Danne - I don't have the energy to complain about life's b.s.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:29pm E Double:

@Danne D AWESOME! That's how they sign off the morning show.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:30pm E Double:

My problem is that Shut Up Wierdo has LEGIONS of pre-pubescent fans.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:30pm Problems:

@E double: EXACTLY!!!!!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:30pm E Double:

Not to be a hater or anything....
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:30pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

My problem is that I'm really tired today.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:30pm Problems:

course not, E.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:31pm Mr. X's deodorant:

My problem is I'm not getting used.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:31pm TubaRuba:

@stinkbug - yeah she called earlier
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:31pm Johnny Muller:

Make a porno
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:31pm Mike McKenzie:

You know what my problem is?

I was a great imaginary boyfriend, but FRANGRY dumped me anyway.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:31pm Problems:

Here's the accent you guys wanted at the beginning of the show!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:32pm E Double:

My problem is that the cool girls ridicule me for my portly shape and shabby clothes.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:32pm hamburger:

shutupweirdo callers have changed. that's my probberlemmm
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:32pm jaycjay:

53 isn't bad... keep up the pace and there will be time for 99.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:32pm other david:

Station Manager Ken, if you're out there - get a bottle of champagne for the 99th problem *shines the Ken signal*
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:32pm TubaRuba:

@Mike - ugh even I want to dump you
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:33pm seang:

this dude rules
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:33pm Don Dadda:

My problem is that Frangry doesn't like the word 'Papi'
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:33pm pavlog salvadog at dollies:

wonder if slvador dollies salivates at dogs chomping on dolls
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:33pm Problems:

He may have 99, but he is too verbose to get to many of them by 7PM
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:33pm jaycjay:

My problem is that people keep posting "Mike McKenzie" comments, a joke that hasn't been funny since the week Frangry first told the story.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:34pm g:

I have a problem with UTIs.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:34pm WFMU Fan:

OH OH OH my problem is all the discordant experimental retarded shows on WFMU. Not only that but they play those when I'm in the car at rush hour. Who wants to listen to that when you get off work?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:34pm Danne D:

@TubaRuba sounds like a problem - you should call Frangry about that

@cheri hiya - i like all commenters as long as they are in keeping with the show, of course!

@mike mckenzie I heard there were problems, um, consummating your imaginary relationship with Frangry
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:34pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You know what my problem is?

Hallmark doesn't make a "GO FIST YOURSELF" card.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:35pm Danne D:

My problem is remembering the whole Mike McKenzie reference.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:35pm other david:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:35pm Mike McKenzie:

aye papi aye papi - that's what Frangry said when we dry humped
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:35pm TubaRuba:

@hamburger - Amen. Whenever the show topic is some variation of "what bothers you?" it means it's a bunch of calls that are annoying to listen to, and there's no discussion to be had about whatever they say.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:35pm E Double:

You know what my problem is? You can't get tight European-style dress shirts in the USA.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:35pm jaycjay:

Current caller's problem is that she's calling a week late. Mispronouciation was last week's topic.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:35pm Danne D:

My problem is that too many of my internet dates end up at the Strand Bookstore and I'm practically building a library now 8(
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:35pm Problems:

fellachio for the win!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:36pm other david:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:36pm TubaRuba:

My problem is that Andy keeps saying "Too Zero One" it's "Two Zero One" get it right!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:36pm 0o:

shoot! we thought we we ok wid diss? our bad
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:36pm Deed:

Not yet Johnny Muller. Maybe you should have your own greeting card line.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:37pm Joseph Murray:

I am english and I cant stand american whiny voices. Like wfmu though its great! xx
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:37pm Danne D:

Birds: We have problems with this dude stalking us.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:37pm Skirkie:

I got woken up by a turkey last week. I didn't have to get up to identify that.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:37pm seang:

frickin hilarious
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:37pm g:

Capitol letter comments on the playlist are a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:37pm E Double:

My problem is too many invitations on facebook that I completely ignore.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:37pm stinkbug:

what is birdwatch code for here?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:37pm other david:

@Joseph, at least they're not Australian, be nice
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:37pm Marc in Liverpool:

They're called twitchers here.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:37pm TubaRuba:

@Danne do you live in the city? Re: the Strand
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:38pm g:

NJ birders are a problem (and I am one!)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:38pm Problems:

When Frangry and Andy want to nap during the show, turkeys call and wake them up.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:38pm E Double:

Ha Ha Danne D..... bookstore for a date? Sounds questionable.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:38pm Bird stalker:

I like to watch
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:38pm other david:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:38pm Danne D:

no - the bookstore is where i end up after the failed e-date :(
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:39pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Leave Facebook - problem solved
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:39pm E Double:

@ Danne D....what the hell is an e-date?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:39pm Problems:

pitiful, danne!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:39pm Skirkie:

Problem: I have a neighbor who shouts "cream pie" repeatedly all the time.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:39pm Danne D:

I put up a facebook basically to get someone to stop bugging me to put up a facebook
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:39pm Problems:

no wonder danne has so much commenting time!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:39pm stinkbug:

Danne D, why did it fail? how did it end end?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:39pm shirt:

my problem is that i am too sexy for any people
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:40pm Danne D:

That this board is now focused on my problems is a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:40pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Try an f-date, Danne D.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:40pm other david:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:40pm Problems:

you asked for it! :-)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:40pm TubaRuba:

@Danne - take them to Union Square or Wash Sq next time, so there is built-in entertainment and things to talk about
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:40pm bry (i'm gonna freestyle this):

want to know my problem? i got five, number one being i'm still alive. number two aint so koo (?) been a couple months since i had a boo, number three look at me, half my apartment loses electricity, yearly. number four just two more, i don't have any money to buy any coors, number five still alive, i probably won't win a tshirt with my small jive.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:40pm Danne D:

Thanks problems, I feel much better now!

LOL at Mister Johnny. Quality response.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:41pm Sven:

My prob is I just played soccer and got a ball kicked into my groin. I ache still.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:41pm Danne D:

(I don't take the e-date to the bookstore - I go to the bookstore after the failed e-date so that the trip to the city isn't a complete waste)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:41pm other david:


  Fri. 5/6/11 6:41pm Alexander:

My problem is that when I saw the breadth of my domain I wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:42pm Pancake:

I'm lonely during the day...that's why I drink
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:42pm Danne D:

Sven's problem was forgetting his cup.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:42pm hamburger:

wasn't there a time where there were like 10/20 comments for this show?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:42pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I have to say Andy is about 25% more annoying tonight. Which is funny.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:42pm E Double:

@ Danne D seriously WTF is an e-date?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:42pm Skirkie:

I thought your problem was epilepsy.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:43pm stinkbug:

Danne D, at what point to do you consider them to be a failure?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:43pm Danne D's E-Date:

My problem was all the akward silences.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:43pm Problems:

@E Double -- a date set up electronically/online.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:43pm Yakov Smirnoff:

You know what my problem is?

Andy is stealing my thunder!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:43pm Danne D:

"Have a Cracker" - advice from Dr. Frangry

E-date = date from online thing that's all.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:44pm other david:

*eats a cracker*
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:44pm Sven:

I'm pretty sure no one plays soccer wearing a cup.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:44pm Problems:

@stinkbug: When the female goes to the bathroom at the Starbucks and then never comes back to the table.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:44pm Danne D:

How do you know it's not Pancake posting? Did you lock poor Pancake in the closet Frangry?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:44pm E Double:

@problems but the date takes place in actual physical reality, right?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:44pm Danne D:

That'd be a problem then Sven.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:45pm TubaRuba:

Turn awkward silence into something useful by holding eye contact and smirking - she'll be intrigued about what you're really thinking
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:45pm Problems:

yes, E
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:45pm E Double:

My problem is that people expect you to have a GPS so they only give you the address and zip code, not directions.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:45pm stinkbug:

Danne D, what if she got sick and is on the floor of the bathroom?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:46pm Pancake:

How do I tell Mommy (Frangry) to take a shower more than twice a week
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:46pm other david:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:46pm jaycjay:

Analog boards are the only way to go!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:46pm E Double:

Also, now so many people rely on GPS that they don't even know how to get anywhere when you ask them! RETARDED
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:47pm Danne D:

@stinkbug - guess that'd be her problem
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:47pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You know what my problem is?

My COSTCO doesn't carry the brands of beer I like.
Son of a bitch!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:47pm TubaRuba:

I had a huge ah-ha moment when Andy finally admitted he had a beer before the show. Now the extra 20% of annoying makes sense
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:47pm E Double:

YO are you guys counting the problems we are throwing down on the comment board, right?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:48pm g:

My problem is too many problems.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:48pm Pancake:

No more FourLoco...now I'm taking vicodin to make the pain go away
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:48pm Danne D:

See this premise disappointed be too.

I totally expected at least one call that said "I'm running out of space in the floorboards for all my victims or something" - this place is losing its fastball.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:48pm Riverkeeper:

My problem is when people BUILD HOUSES IN FLOOD PLANES
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:48pm bry:

doesn't this guy realize that they have automatic pumps?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:48pm Riverkeeper:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:49pm Danne D:

@E Double they never count what happens on the boards. (See prize tally)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:49pm jaycjay:

E Double, Frangry said if they make reference to anything here over the air, it counts.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:49pm Mike McKenzie:

You know what my problem is?

I running out of room in my crawlspace to bury the prostitutes I've murdered.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:49pm heya watza u a problema:

what a you lookin at
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:49pm Phrase of the day:

Andy "My sump pump is this big"
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:49pm stinkbug:

My problem is that I can't even get an e-date.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:49pm Buffalo Bill:

My problem is that it doesn't rub the lotion on its skin.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:49pm g:

Hump the sump pump!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:49pm other david:

not a single person has done a good accent tonight
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:49pm Danne D:

@Riverkeeper - no kidding - and then they want to shift their problem to the people down river who didn't build in a floodplain.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:50pm Nasty Italian Dude:

Hey, pump dis!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:50pm TubaRuba:

Sounds like Andy is going to spend the rest of the night at the Strand
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:50pm Buffalo Bill:

@jay--- thanks
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:50pm Lance from Orange:

My problem is: I love Frangry's voice and the way she talks, but sometimes the stuff she says is...
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:50pm g:

Pregnancy can be a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:50pm Danne D:

LOL @TubaRuba
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:51pm g:

The roof of my mouth often gives me a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:51pm Problems:

His wife had a miscarriage after that concert
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:51pm E Double:

My problem is that I have to know basic arithematic to post on this board.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:51pm Danne D:

The problem now is the show has ground to a halt and there's only 9 minutes left!!!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:51pm other david:

frangry, you know what my problem is? I'm that dude that every lady complains to about other dudes
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:51pm Mike McKenzie:

You know what my problem is?

The voices in my head are way too loud.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:52pm Orlando:

You know what my problem is? Women who think they are suddenly hot just because the got fake boobs.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:52pm DMcK:

Writer's block: FAKE PROBLEM
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:52pm Marc in Liverpool:

no math questions for iPhone/iPad users.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:52pm g:

Fox is a porn problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:52pm stinkbug:

It's pretty twisted how frangry can be higher charming and quite annoying during a single sentence.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:52pm Sven:

Andy, you're a shrinker.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:53pm g:

Andy is a shrinker?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:53pm Phrase of the day:

Andy "That is a shrinker" wow!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:53pm accent:

@ other dave. some accent sounds for you aya..ayyaa...hoyyya. oi..oiii.....aa...oo...oyoa...hoota...oyosha..jabeesha..
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:53pm Gentile Joe:

My problem is that I don't get this show's Jewish Humor
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:53pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Dr. Shrinker?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:54pm Danne D:

You can tell when the show has a problem b/c they start reading comments off the comments board
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:54pm Problems:

TIME'S RUNNIN' OUT!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:54pm g:

Shrinking Andy?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:54pm stinkbug:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:54pm g:

Racism is a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:54pm other david:

@accent are you insulting me in northside Dublin accent?

I think I lost because of using the word dude
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:55pm Gladys:

Is the winner
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:55pm jaycjay:

There's the accent we've been waiting for!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:55pm Sven:

My prob is I can't watch the Pacquiao Mosley fight tomorrow cause I got prior plans.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:55pm E Double:

Go Gladys Go Gladys, it's your birthday it's your birthday!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:55pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You know what my problem is?

Shut Up, Weirdo is almost over.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:55pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I like her
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:55pm g:

Toilet paper in your tree is not a major problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:56pm Danne D:

Gladys needs to be a regular caller, I agree.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:56pm TubaRuba:

My problem is that Gladys didn't call earlier
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:56pm g:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:56pm Tree:

@g: Let me be the judge of that.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:56pm Mitt Romney:

My problem is that Obama killed Osama
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:56pm seang:

Im moving to New Orleans
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:56pm g:

Yahoos? Must work at Google.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:56pm Skirkie:

It was a spur of the moment thing, that U-S-A stuff.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:57pm Pancake:

Mommy is coming home soon. I better hid the bottles
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:57pm cheri:

g'nite danne
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:57pm g:

Banging is a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:57pm g:

Min wage is a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:57pm bob dog:

mister rodriguez needs to stop calling in drunk :/ :D
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:57pm E Double:

My problem is this fool from craigslist came to my house and gave me money for some stuff I was selling and hasn't come back to PICK IT UP
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:57pm Robert in Seattle:

Not sure why I said, "Yahoos"
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:57pm Skirkie:

mo money is the problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:58pm Danne D:

g'nite cheri

Anyhow, I have absolutely no problem with what went down on Sunday.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:58pm Gladys:

pump and squirt guys
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:58pm ben drinken:

is there such thing as a drinking accent?
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:58pm President Obama:

You know what my problem is?

I didn't keep Osama's skull.
I was gonna use it to hold my Nobel Peace Prize.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:58pm Lance from Orange:

My problem is now I've discovered golf and i'm in the worst shape of my life. 'm hurtin"
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:58pm g:

Bad moods can be a problem.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:58pm Problems:

@E: Sell it again.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:58pm E Double:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:58pm Danne D:

Gladys should win!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:59pm Danne D:

YES! :)
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:59pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

My problem is these dumb comments about Osama
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:59pm g:

Lata ya'll.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:59pm elizabeth:

  Fri. 5/6/11 6:59pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Haha golf injuries!
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:59pm Dan B From Upstate:

I want a WFMU radio show, but I'm nowhere near talented enough.
  Fri. 5/6/11 6:59pm TubaRuba:

Well, happy weekend, weirdos
  Fri. 5/6/11 7:00pm Danne D:

Bye Weirdos
Bye Andy
Bye Frangry
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