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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 22, 2011: Lousy Lessons

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:00pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:01pm Yo:

Put the Needle on the Frangry.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:01pm Hopey:

Hi Frangry
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:01pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Whattup nerdos?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:01pm g:

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:02pm Richard from Venezuela:

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:02pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I've drunk half a six pack. I'm ready for SUW!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:02pm Radio Tattle Tale:

John McCabe was on the Dusty show comments last night revealing that he has matrital problems, hence his van dwelling status. Wonder why that never came up on this board, or all his phone calls!?!?!?! You'd have thought he was single from this board.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:02pm ?:

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:03pm Hopey:

And so starts the underwear talk
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:03pm g:

Cross talk? Isn't that what transvestites do?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:04pm g:

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:04pm Nat the Parker:

fraud causes autism
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:04pm MISTER JOHNNY:

"The Eskimo have over 60 words for snow."

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:04pm jaycjay:

They're not "liars" because they were presenting theories, not stating facts.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:05pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

He did mention that in his calls
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:07pm Radio Tattle Tale:

He said in comments last night that he *had* never mentioned it in calls, because they only keep him on three minutes max here, so he felt there was never time to mention it.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

"It takes a Village to raise a child." FALSE.

"We destroyed the Village to save the child." TRUE.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:07pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

He mentioned all of that on here. Pay attention.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:08pm J J:

Frangry sounds friddy for a change.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Wow - Spike is still alive?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:10pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Pat Boone is the ANTI-CHRIST.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:10pm Radio Tattle Tale:

Why didn't he himself know that? Just a credilbility-gauging question there for you.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:11pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

It is hard to keep track of all the lies.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:12pm Radio Tattle Tale:

That was helpful!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:12pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Where did Spike grow up?

What kind of domestic accent does he have?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:13pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Dinosaurs suck.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:13pm Dialectologist:

Spike's accent is unmistakable east-coast urban white-ethnic downmarket.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:14pm Spike:

Queens, Pet.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:14pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Isn't Spike black?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:14pm Dialectologist:

Like I said.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:15pm Paul:

I think the worst thing that someone "taught" me was that most men in the world were curcumcised when in fact its mostly an american thing. Most men are uncircumcised in the world.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:15pm Dick:

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:


You're so right!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:16pm TubaRuba:

Whoops, almost forgot I had a Friday night radio date to get to. Howdy weirdies
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:16pm g:

My dad taught me that "even the President masturbates". The President was Nixon. I've never been the same.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:17pm (Tricky) Dick:

Like I said.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:18pm hamburger / london:

when I was 7, I was given a lesson by a neighbor on how to ride a bike without holding the handles... so he sent me downhill and said 'yea boy! now just let go!' so I let go, and there was lots of blood... :)
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:19pm Jennifer:

Sitting in a web staff meeting, wish I was listening.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Global Warming. Really?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:21pm g:

Once I keyed a car. The key bent in half and I didn't have a replacement. I hardly ever key cars anymore.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:21pm Long Memory:

In the 1970s, it was going to be global cooling killing us off by the year 2000. It's just a religion, not science. The practical goal of it is to get power over other people's money -- what else is new?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:21pm MISTER JOHNNY:

The Strategic Bombing Campaign against Germany was necessary to win the war.

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:22pm Skirkie:

Well Clinton, obviously.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:22pm Long Memory:

Um, your side loses fewer people by fighting from the air than you do by fighting on the ground..
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:24pm lex:

quick search turned up the dwarves of the medici court. cosimo di medici seems to have been quite fond of dwarves.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:24pm Skirkie:

I Googled "Medieval Dwarves" and didn't find anything concrete.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I carry old keys on my ring for revenging myself on the wicked.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:24pm g:

"Who does it with one ear?"
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:25pm lex:

here's beloved dwarf morgante http://news.discovery.com/history/naked-dwarf-revealed-again-in-painting.html
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:25pm Hegemony Jones:

My dad told me rape was taking someone else's clothes away.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:26pm jaycjay:

I googled renaissance dwarves and found this: "1710 a dwarf couple spent their wedding night in the tsar’s bedchamber."
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:26pm Waiting for the Punch Line:

and so you never have been with anyone with their clothes off, right HJ?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:27pm Uncut (not circumcised) says:

A modest T shirt proposal: "Shut Up Weirdo, Valkyrie Division" for the junior ladies squad of SUW.

And two large size for Jill and Kristin.

The logo should have little warriors flying around KITTENS!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:27pm g:

Dwarves with clothes are so overrated.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:28pm TubaRuba:

Apparently I wasn't here for the dwarf thing, so it's exciting to try and fill in the unspoken details as you guys bring them up
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:28pm MISTER JOHNNY:

"Creepy love letters."

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:29pm Uncut (not circumcised) says:

Heads up to John McCabe: loved the film, and don't trust the Dusty. Too flakey and narcissistic to depend on.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:30pm Gavin:

This frickin' guy. If you bombard a woman you don't know with creepy love letters she will eventually confess her love for you.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:30pm Hegemony Jones:

I only found out I wasn't a rapist a year ago.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:31pm jaycjay:

The best thing about this story (father/masterbation) is that the caller stopped to say "this is when I was kid."
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:31pm huge:

"In order to stop hiccups, swallow a spoonful of sugar while your head is upside down.'
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:31pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:31pm Mommie Wow!:

That mother knows best. Actually she doesnt. its fun to party!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:32pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Don't worry - you'll grow out of it.

Big lie!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:33pm bry:

wrongest thing i've ever been taught was that marijuana was a bad bad thing.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:33pm jaycjay:

Johnny, I found that one too but it doesn't really fit if you read the page content: 'Although the book is about a courtesan and you expect it to be stuffed with sex, there is actually no description of the sexual act because it is told from the point of view of Bucino the dwarf.''
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:33pm jalapeno:

best way to cure hiccups. get your parents to catch you masturbating...
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:33pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I had a HS health teacher that said that it was impossible to urinate with an erection. She was very, very wrong. She also had never had sex.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:33pm Uncut:

Peanut butter ALWAYS works.

Really. And my Mom told me so you know it is true.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:34pm Qlaz:

does johnny muller look like a metal head? because thats what i always picture. or like andrew wk kind of but skinner
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:34pm MISTER JOHNNY:

POV Dwarf Sex isn't hot - it's gross.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:34pm Johnny Muller:

I don't look like a metal head but I'm kind of scrawny
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:35pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

He looks like Waldo
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:35pm Uncut:

Hiccups, Peanut butter. Try it. Really. Case closed.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:35pm Little Man:

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:35pm TubaRuba:

@Qlaz - unfortunately the only picture we've seen is of him naked
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:35pm Skirkie:

Wrong thing I was taught, "Just be yourself."
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:35pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Has FRANGRY ever dated a dwarf?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:35pm Qlaz:

oh cool thanks! i always envision like a pentagram
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:35pm jaycjay:

But the point is, in that book the dwarf is doing sexual. Not even seeing anything sexual. He's never under the table.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:37pm g:

How about a scrawny dwarf?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:37pm TubaRuba:

@Frango - it's only $75/YEAR to join the rec center and use their gym/pool/etc
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Didn't MIKE MCKENZIE have big muscles?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:37pm Uncut:

Does 4'8" count?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:38pm seang:

wrap your meat
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:38pm reality:

that you arent supposed to put things up your bum bum. things supposed to come out and not in. MAJOR LIE!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:38pm hamburger / london:

I was taught in biology class that drinking cold drinks makes you warm. how that work?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:38pm listener mark:

Good Afternoon everybody !
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:38pm TubaRuba:

I thought he said "Listener Johnson Liquid"
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:38pm jaycjay:

Today that teacher could be in jail. A few decades ago, teachers were able to do that stuff.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:39pm g:

Scuba diver!!!!!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:39pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANGRY needs to date a blond dwarf to prove she's not shallow.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:39pm g:

Scuba diver!!!!!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:40pm Mariano:

My stepdad convinced me when I was 13 for about three hours that Benny Hill was in fact from New Orleans, and that his real name was Val Marsiglia.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:40pm ADL:

I was coming home at about 2 in the morning and saw a kid playing with a remote controlled toy car at a bus stop. In my modestly buzzed state I felt indignant at the parents who'd keep their kid out so late. Then I got a few steps closer and saw that it was not a child but a dwarf in his late 30s. And I felt guilty. But why the car???
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:40pm John McCabe in L.A.:

they said on the cooking channel that parchment paper keeps thing from burning and that's a total lie
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:40pm Uncut:

Wow, 39 minutes into the hour and no little ladies calling.

Must be spring break...

You guys got competition....
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:40pm Waiting for the Punch Line:

How could Frangry prove the truth to be untrue?????
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:41pm Meghan:

Aunt (ant) = insect

Aunt = relative
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:42pm MISTER JOHNNY:


Why the RC Car? Because his little legs can't reach the pedals in a REAL car.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:42pm ?:

Val Marsiglia
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:43pm Charles:

I can never get through..
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:43pm hamburger / london:

the FIRST time I was aware of the concept of homosexuals, was when I was on the school bus, and I heard two girls asking what 'being gay meant' and one of them said 'it's when one worker gets friendly with another'....
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:44pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Me too!!!

We had to watch "Benny Hill" with the sound way down so our Mother wouldn't catch us!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:44pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

What does Mike McKenzie do for a living? Fighter pilot?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:45pm hamburger / london:

john g. that's the dude from memento! :o
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:45pm Julie:

I asked my mom how you could tell the difference between boy babies and girl babies and she said, "doctors can tell."
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

MIKE MCKENZIE is a lumberjack!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:45pm g:

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:45pm dilinger:

kief = hash
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:46pm wadsworth:

yep, g, wadsworth
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:46pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

No, a lumberjack is too blue collar. He probably sells used cars now.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:46pm dilinger:

you get high if you eat it raw.. it's better to cook it though.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:46pm g:

Don't waste your pot!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:46pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry told me she lost her virginity to MIKE MCKENZIE.

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:47pm listener mark:

I was told to get a job in manufacturing. People will need stuff so I would always have a job. I really wanted to be a stockbroker. But that wasn't a good way to make a living. You can't make money selling stocks.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:47pm Uncut:

Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius ...

In my case it was * J * Super Genius ...
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:47pm Skirkie:

Astronaut Mike McKenzie
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:47pm g:

Why a fake boyfriend? Sounds desperate.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:47pm Charles:

I have an untruth. In my sophomore year of high school, I asked my incompetent teacher why guys get "morning wood." And she told me/us it was because we had to urinate. I believed this until one day in college Intro to Psych class, when he asked us the same thing, and I raised my hand and replied that, and so he asked if anyone had to urinate, to please stand up. It's because of REM sleep testing the equipment.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:47pm Julie:

I happen to know Mike McKenzie likes to wear women's panties
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:48pm TubaRuba:

Hah! Andy's had some good zingers tonight
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:49pm Vhastu:

boom boom boom, lemmie hear you say wayyo
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:49pm Julie:

4432 food pyramid was wrong
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:50pm g:

Mike McKenzie, Male Nurse.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:50pm Uncut:

Mama Frangry was soooooo right about Benny Hill.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:50pm huge:

My friend was taught that cats are baby dogs.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:50pm Waiting for the Punch Line:

Mike McKenzie, Nursing Male.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:51pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Yeah the food pyramid was all wrong. Still is.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:51pm Mike McKenzie:

Don't believe the lies.

I did take FRANGRY'S virginity.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:51pm Waiting for the Punch Line:

@Mike: The please give it back. She wasn't done with it yet.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:51pm Julie:

I Heard Mike McKenzie changed his name to Lady Gaga
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:52pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Hey Mike, what do you remember about this 4th grade romance?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:52pm Waiting for the Punch Line:

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:52pm jaycjay:

Frangry handles the calls better than almost any call-in host, because she's merciless.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:52pm g:

Mike McKenzie is a blond dwarf.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:52pm I X Key!:

everything Vasari wrote in Lives of the Painters
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:53pm Julie:

I was told Columbus discovered America
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:53pm Mike McKenzie:

We skipped Home Economic class - and did it under the bleachers!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:54pm hamburger / london:

did frangry just say 'That's fuckin' right on' ???
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:54pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

That is pretty advanced for 4th grade.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:55pm g:

Mike McKenzie was in Megadeth!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:55pm listener mark:

Whatever happend to Mike McKenzie? Where is he now?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:56pm g:

Frangry raked Mike McKenzie.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:56pm Waiting for the Punch Line:

@mark: He has tertiary syphilis and AIDS.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:56pm Skirkie:

Aw hell, some ladies might just get raked tonight.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:57pm TubaRuba:

Hey hamburger are you on vacation or are you always in London?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:58pm g:

Joe in Colonia has dwarf crabs.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:58pm listener mark:

Is this on UStream?
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:58pm Waiting for the Punch Line:

This show is on PeeStream
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:58pm jaycjay:

Anyone who explicitly asks for a t-shirt should be automatically disqualified.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:59pm (¸.•´ (¸.•[]`•.¸.•´¯`•:

If I were Scott, I wouldn't sign up for that. Scott's wife is way hottter than Frangry in my opininion.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:59pm FRANGRY:

BYE WEIRDOS. Congrats McCabe!
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:59pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

We are all winners here today.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:59pm g:

  Fri. 4/22/11 6:59pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Mike McKenzie is the ANTI-CHRIST.
  Fri. 4/22/11 6:59pm TubaRuba:

Wooo congrats John
  Fri. 4/22/11 7:00pm John McCabe in L.A.:

  Fri. 4/22/11 7:00pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

How do you address "van down by the river"?
  Fri. 4/22/11 7:00pm ?:

  Fri. 4/22/11 7:00pm g:

Lata all.
  Fri. 4/22/11 7:00pm Uncut:

Second runner up... not bad. REd headed stepchild no more!
  Wed. 4/27/11 10:05am Steve:

Paul is wrong about circumcision. Jews and Muslims (as required by religion), and Americans are circumcised.
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