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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 30, 2011: Play the Music Loud (with special guest Eddie Trunk)
~Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
Marie Osmond  Play the Music Loud   Options   Polydor  1977  45     
Bran Van 3000  Cum on Feel the Noize   Options Bran Van 3000  Audiogram  1997  CD     
Motörhead  Built for Speed   Options Orgasmatron  GWR Records  1986  CD     
Iron Maiden  The Prisoner   Options The Number of the Beast  Columbia   1982  CD     
Paranoyd  Shallow Toilet Water   Options Kill Yourself or Die Tryin'  self released  2007  CD     
Orthrelm  untitled   Options Orthrelm / Touchdown Split  Troubleman  2002  CD     
Tangorodrim  Without Eyes and Anything Above   Options Justice Ex Fide Vivit  Southern Lord  2007  CD     
Minsk  Pisgah   Options With Echoes in the Movement of Stone  Relapse  2009  CD     
With Blood Comes Cleansing  Hematidrosis   Options Horror  Victory Records  2008  CD    0:38:39 ()
Converge  Weight of the World   Options No Heroes  Epitaph  2006  CD    0:41:35 ()
Comatose Vigil  Galleries of Coma   Options Not a Gleam of Hope  Marche Funebre Productions  2005  CD    0:45:47 ()
Saxon  Dednim and Leather   Options Denim and Leather          0:56:29 ()
Kiss   Do You Remeber Rock''n'Roll Radio   Options We're a Happy Family: A Tribute to the Ramones          1:11:27 ()
Slayer  Screaming From the Sky   Options Diabolus in Musica          1:28:10 ()
Jamie Saft  Serpent Seed   Options Black Shabbis  Tzadik  2008      1:42:32 ()
Dio   Holy Diver   Options Armageddon Over Wacken: Live 2004          2:04:36 ()
Black Sabbath  Behind the Wall of Sleep   Options Black Sabbath  Vertigo  1970  CD    2:09:23 ()
Butthole Surfers  Sweet Loaf   Options Locust Abortion Tehnician  Touch and Go    CD    2:13:29 ()
Han Degc  War Iron Hand Pus   Options Metal  quodlibet  2006  CD-R    2:18:36 ()
AC/DC  D.T.   Options Who Made Who?  Albert  1986  CD    2:20:18 ()
AC/3P  Data Deeds Done Dirt Cheap   Options Watch Me Explode  Spasticated    CD    2:22:21 ()
Love  Product of the Times   Options Black Beauty  High Moon Records  2011  CD  Recorded in 1972  2:29:19 ()
Striborg  Race of Apathy   Options Embittered Darkness  Southern Lord  2006  CD    2:33:25 ()
Isis  The Other (James Plotkin remix)   Options Oceanic Remixes / ReInterpretations  Hydrahead  2005  CD    2:36:53 ()
Moss  Crypts of Somnabulance (edit)   Options Cthonic Rites  Aurora   2005  CD  edit taken from Oaken Throne magazine/CD  2:46:36 ()
Petula Clark  The Show is Over   Options Beautiful Sounds: The Petula Clark Songbook  Castle  2000  CD    2:56:26 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/30/11 12:04pm BodegaMan:

MN Jeff has outdone himself.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:05pm Carmichael:

Hey there, Kurt. Diggin' the Marie ... (did that sound convincing?)
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:06pm MuttonChops:

Do you have paper roses by Marie. I used to sing that as a little girl.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:06pm Cecile:

This is going to be so cool. How did this interview come about, Kurt?
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:08pm still b/p:

On the board, we'll get wide, wide, wide.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:08pm Minnesota Jeff:

Eddie Trunk is someone I never really would have expected to hear on WFMU. The guy is totally an expert on Metal.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:09pm Cecile:

I know, Jeff. He's about the only thing (besides You're Maxed Our) I can watch on MTV networks any more.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:10pm Carmichael:

Ya baby, Motorhead!!
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:10pm Cecile:

Orgasmatron is a great album, way overrated.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:11pm Cecile:

underrated! Underrated!
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:12pm Handsome Harry:

Motörhead!! Another great animation by the likes of Minnesota Jeff.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:12pm Minnesota Jeff:

Is it the most overated underrated album in their library?
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:14pm Minnesota Jeff:

  Wed. 3/30/11 12:14pm Mike East:

  Wed. 3/30/11 12:15pm D in Miami:

Funny, I was just going to request some early Maiden.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:15pm Cecile:

I hope there is some Priest in the on-deck circle...
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:16pm D in Miami:

He might as well throw in some Mercyful Fate, too, huh, Cecile?
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:16pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Damn. This set kicks so much ass. And nice .gif, MN Jeff!
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:18pm BustaChops:

Man, i just need a greasey hot bike bewteen my legs with this tune!
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:21pm DJ KG:


hi everyone.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:22pm BustaChops:

Question: How long would a comedian last in prison?
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:23pm BustaChops:

play some steely dan
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:25pm BustaChops:

Bad Brains
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:26pm Carmichael:

Sgt. Barry Sadler
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:26pm Minnesota Jeff:

Mick Barr, shrrrrreeeed master!
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:27pm Minnesota Jeff:

Wait, Mick Barr is in Orthrelm right?
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:30pm Das:

Saturday afternoon at the music store?
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:30pm DJ KG:

yep, mick barr. thanks for the awesome graphic, as always mn jeff!
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:30pm Minnesota Jeff:

Yes, he is.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:31pm Minnesota Jeff:

No problem Kurt!
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:34pm Cecile:

I wonder what Eddie thinks of metallers crossing over the free jazz and vice versa? And that whole intersection of music...
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:43pm Minnesota Jeff:

I guess I am not sure where Eddie stands on like Death/Doom/Black metal type stuff. Any thing I persoanlly have ever seen him talk about is 80's Hair metal, power, new wave of british heavy metal, 70's metal, and NU Metal type stuff. I would assume he goes beyond that, but maybe just the programs he is on sort of stop at that stuff.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:43pm BustaChops:

might i suggest some burt bachrach?
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:44pm Carmichael:

This guy's voice has amazing staying power!
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:44pm BodegaMan:

This program is serious fun.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:45pm BustaChops:

Catmichael the Salesman as spoken by Geddy Lee
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:46pm bryce:

are you a doctor?
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:47pm BustaChops:

A doctor of unlicensed capacity
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:48pm bones:

no i play one on tv
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:51pm BustaChops:

Play some old cure
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:52pm Minnesota Jeff:

The Cure stink.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:52pm BustaChops:

Cocteau Twins perchance s'il vous plait
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:53pm BustaChops:

love stinks J Geils. Yeah some J Geils!
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:54pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings to Kurt and Eddie. Big fan.
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:54pm BustaChops:

or Black Label Society
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:00pm Cecile:

  Wed. 3/30/11 1:02pm Cecile:

You both better be air-guitaring or you are dead to me.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:12pm Cecile:

Dude, I'm having Circus magazine flashbacks.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:12pm Cecile:

Punky Meadows!
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:13pm Hopey:

Oh, Circus and Hit Parader!
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:14pm Cecile:

Kiss also did an amazing version of the Dave Clark 5's Anyway You Want it.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:15pm DG:

Ask Eddie about the underground classic on his radio show. There is a guy who wins it all time. He is some sort of metal music guru.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:15pm Lou:

yes...that version of anyway you want it totally kick ass...i remember loving side 4 of alive 2 way more than the 3 live sides because of the DC5 cover, larger than life, etc
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:17pm Cecile:

Alive II was so disappointing.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:18pm Lou:

i know...'cept for side 4
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:18pm Cecile:

I like all the big 4 for different reasons.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:18pm Cecile:

Yeah, side 4 is great!
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:18pm Cheri Pi:

I mixed Dio & Duran Duran together on my bedroom wall.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:19pm Cecile:

Slayer = toughest
Metallica = most ambitious
Megadeth = most mercurial]
Anthrax = most proletarian
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:20pm Minnesota Jeff:

Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer ..... Anthrax???
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:20pm Cecile:

Rust in F'ing Peace is spotless. Until he went Tea Party.

Eddie, Death Magnetic? Really? I"ll have listen again.

yes, Jeff, that's right.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:21pm Cecile:

The 2nd string was Exodus, Testament, etc.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:21pm DG:

Overkill Kings of Thrash!
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:22pm Minnesota Jeff:

Death Magnetic is so awesome, I don't care what anyone says, the album is awesome.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:22pm Cecile:

Slayer's fanbase throws a whole lot of shit. I won't go see them live again, I almost got doused by a cup of snuff 'n' beer.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:22pm Cecile:

I'll give it another try.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:24pm Cecile:

Brian Posehn said "I love metal, I hate the fans." LOL!
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:24pm Cheri Pi:

How come Eddie's tv show doesn't venture into any kultish or "new" non-Clear channel metal? Am i mistaken? Is it only historically themed? I've only caught it a few times-the book sounds way better to me.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:25pm DG:

It is on VH1 classic. Its geared toward the demographic that watches the channel.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:25pm Cheri Pi:

My big 4:
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:27pm Richard from Venezuela:

Make a Stomp The Trunk via WFMU to Eddie.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:27pm New Yawwk!:

  Wed. 3/30/11 1:28pm DG:

Its too easy to stump him
He wont do it.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:30pm Cecile:

Slayer do a great cover of Dissident Aggressor.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:31pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Cecile, you are so right, as usual.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:31pm Richard from Venezuela:

I like this nu metal cd by slayer.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:36pm Cecile:

  Wed. 3/30/11 1:37pm Cecile:

Martin Popoff does the same thing.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:37pm Cheri Pi:

Suh-Seal- yo!
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:38pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Cecile: I think Kurt us just giving you a met.al name?
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:38pm Cecile:

  Wed. 3/30/11 1:39pm Cecile:

what do you think about Ratt's first album? I think it is a minor classic.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:41pm Richard from Venezuela:

Cecile, I really enjoy their comeback album. Good hard rock.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:42pm Richard from Venezuela:

Alex Skolnick is another example. Amazing Musician. Love his jazz records.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:43pm Adam in Lynnwood:

I wonder if Eddie has any St. Vitus/Wino stories to share?
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:43pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Great point, Richard!
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:43pm Cecile:

Erik Fraztke from Happy Apple and Zebulon Pike.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:44pm BSI:

Motorhead doing the Sinatra tune "Granada" could totally work.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:44pm Dave B:

Whats your take on late the 80s "crossover" genre?
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:46pm Richard from Venezuela:

Black Shabbis is good!!
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:46pm Sideburns:

I remember Eddie years ago on the air at Jersey's WDHA-FM. How did he go from radio to getting on the air at VH1 Classic to begin with, before That Metal Show even came about?
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:47pm Cheri Pi:

Though the Popeye voice is well established in Nu Dark Metal, do you think it's time for Olive Oyl???
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:47pm Cecile:

You should play Sigh for Eddie. That would tweak his mind.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:48pm Cecile:

And, Eddie, while I love the new stuff, bless you and people like the BWBK crew and Diane Kamikaze for keeping me posted on the old stuff.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:51pm Richard from Venezuela:

And Visual Kei music Cecile, like Versailles Philharmonic Quintet , or Mucc.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:51pm Cecile:

  Wed. 3/30/11 1:53pm Richard from Venezuela:

Dio talk about the devil horn also on the documental Metal A headbanger Journey.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:54pm Cecile:

Yes, that's right Richard.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:57pm Dave B:

Worked at viacom in the early 90s. With some friends on the elevator, Dio came on around the 18th floor. When we reached the lobby, courtesies were offered to which my friend replied "Cause I'm the last in line" And shot him the horns.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:58pm Richard from Venezuela:

Heaven & Hell - Live From Radio City Music Hall is the ultimate live record. Total masterpiece.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:58pm Cecile:

I've heard Ronnie's R&B singing and he was spotless. if he had made it, he would have been a legend in that field, too.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:58pm seang:

my middle school math teacher was appalled by my Dio shirt--had to turn it inside out-
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:58pm efd:

Elf (RJD pre-Rainbow) is great straight-ahead '70s rock. LP is in the wall, Kurt, if you want to check it out.
  Wed. 3/30/11 1:59pm Richard from Venezuela:

Yes it is Cecile!!. The post on wfmu blog: http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2010/05/ronnie-james-dio-the-early-years.html
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:01pm Dave B:

@efd - elf pretty much was the band on the first Rainbow album, minus their guitarist
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:03pm Parq:

I assume the home-page picture of the day is in honor of the event we're now listening to. Well chosen.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:04pm Dave B:

Zappa Plays Zappa does the same thing
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:06pm Cecile:

Mingus Dynasty, Jazz Messengers are the same thing.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:09pm DJ KG:

that was a blast! sorry i haven't been able to keep up with the comments...
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:10pm Cecile:

that's ok! If you even want to have him as a guest again, I wouldn't be too upset. Such a pro.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:14pm Minnesota Jeff:

That interview was cool, I need to peg down when his XM/Sirius show airs and check that out more often.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:15pm RobotBoy:

Metal on WFMU? How did I miss this?
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:15pm BodegaMan:

I too fell in love with Sabbath through Heaven and Hell. great segment Kurt.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:16pm BSI:

  Wed. 3/30/11 2:17pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Thank you, Kurt, for orchestrating the Eddie Trunk segment!
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:18pm Adam in Lynnwood:

RobotBoy: check out Kamikaze Fun Machine on Tuesdays sometime.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:20pm Cecile:

Wm Berger has been known to trot out a few metal songs here and there on Monday, as will Brian Turner.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:22pm BSI:

Berger's castle is none too quiet, on most nights......
highly recommended.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:22pm Adam in Lynnwood:

I'm on team Cecile. \m/
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:24pm Richard from Venezuela:

  Wed. 3/30/11 2:24pm Nathan:

I second that Cecile: Brian Turner definitely went through a heavy patch yesterday...
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:25pm Cecile:

aw, Adam.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:25pm RobotBoy:

Wow, an AC/DC song that didn't suck.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:25pm Cecile:

You gotta love a DJ whose favorite CD is "Downer Rock Genocide."
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:26pm FMU schedulebot:

Sue P. also brings the noise with regularity Tuesday nights at midnight. And the Castle is at its noisiest Thursdsay nights, also starting at midnight.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:27pm FMU schedulebot:

Also, don't overlook Martha on Sunday nights from 9pm-12mid. But of course right now we're here for Kurt!
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:27pm Handsome Harry:

Goddamn it I missed the Converge.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:29pm Richard from Venezuela:

Agreed with FMU schedulebot. The last sunday martha's show was anthologic.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:31pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Thingy = metal!
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:31pm Richard from Venezuela:

Eddie gone?. he didnt talk about rihanna. :(
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:33pm hamburger / london:

Can I ask a stupid question: If you buy a USB vinyl player, how much different would it sound from a general vinyl player?
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:34pm BSI:

Great show. Strangely compelled to run home & hug my copy of the first Budgie LP...
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:35pm RobotBoy:

This is a song dedicate to the hippies.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:36pm Adam in Lynnwood:

I feel like listening to loads of Rob Halford in chiffon-era Judas Priest.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:38pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Chiffonera might make a great metal band name.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:39pm Cecile:

We don't need no parental guidance here.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:39pm Adam in Lynnwood:

....or a wince-inducing one.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:40pm Cecile:

sounds more like a shoegaze band name to me.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:40pm Richard from Venezuela:

ISIS!!! . I miss them.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:40pm Cecile:

reminds me of the word "chifforobe" which sounds really exotic, but is really just a free-standing closer.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:41pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Cecile: agreed, but just imagine the name in barely legible print.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:42pm STEVE:

  Wed. 3/30/11 2:43pm Cecile:

Yeah, among 70 other names that look exactly the same on a death-metal bill, it might work.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:44pm Adam in Lynnwood:

The blackest black pizza crust!
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:48pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Cecile, are you still going by SESS-UHL? It sounds tuff! May I call you that now and again?
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:48pm Nathan:

@Hamburger : Depends on what you're trying to do and how much you care about fidelity / noise. Most built-in internal sound cards found on computers are rather noisy. If you've got it plugged into a decent amp, just turn it up with nothing playing and you'll see what I mean. That will colour anything you import.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:50pm Julie:

HA I left the radio on for my pets while I was out..came out to blasting metal..I don't think they are fans!
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:50pm Cecile:

No, Adam, you may not.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:50pm hamburger / london:

Thanks Nathan - guess I gotta go for the real deal then :)
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:52pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Cecile: fair enough. You, however, may occasionally refer to me as AWW-DUMB.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:53pm DJ KG:

julie, your animals are not true.
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:54pm Cecile:

Not like the animals in Hatebeak or Caninus
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:57pm Handsome Harry:

Great show today, Kurt. \mm/
  Wed. 3/30/11 2:59pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Missy at Megaforce.
  Wed. 3/30/11 3:00pm Pet:

Meet you downtown!
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