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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 25, 2011: Let Go (Bryce Fills In For Andy)

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:00pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:01pm John McCabe in L.A.:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:01pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:02pm hamburger:

ugh. great. start.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:02pm MISTER JOHNNY:


I wanna headbutt you!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:02pm listener rob:

and so it begins
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:02pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Pseudo Andy
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:02pm Jillers:

Yikes the picture looks like TUB GIRL!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:03pm Ike:

This should be interesting.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:03pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Nice parody of ANDY
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:03pm Robert:

What picture?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:04pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

How did you get fired from the end of the world?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:04pm Neil Sedaka:

...cuz breakin' up is hard to do!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:05pm Obvious Guy:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:05pm Jesus:

Ask him about the lottery
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:05pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Fire him now, Frangry!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:06pm John McCabe in L.A.:

was Andy fired from fmu?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Could we get J-LO to crush SPIKE with her ginormous ass?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:07pm Obvious Guy:

SPIKE = Ratso Rizzo's bastard child
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:07pm Jesus:

mayo mayo mayo!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:07pm ben drinken:

how do you get fired up! at your job? maybe the boss will walk around telling people you're fired....up!!!!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:08pm Spike:

Obvious Guy: You need a life, Pet.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:08pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I think there should be a first-time callers show
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:08pm Obvious Guy:

It's fun slamming you. You're *so* annoying.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

holy crap!!!

John McCabe, are you OK, man?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:09pm Elwyn:

Does anyone think John McCabe will get some sympathy sexxx from Frangry?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:09pm Obvious Guy:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:09pm Jesus:

John always sounds like he just ran a mile
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Maybe from ANDY!!!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:11pm MISTER JOHNNY:

It's a fine line between weird and creepy.

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:11pm A. in Essex Co. NJ:

It's all in the delivery. Bryce makes it sound funny. I can do the same stuff and it would probably be creepy (or maybe I'm just paranoid about that).
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:11pm Spike:

@Obvious Guy: It's fun annoying the likes of you and your ilk.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:12pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

If I slept with a sandwich it would certainly be a footlong
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:13pm listener rob:

how do we know that this is really bryce and not andy pretending to be bryce?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:13pm Obvious Guy:

Hey Bryce, try getting Frangry toked up, like y'all do during the 9PM Friday shift. We'd like to compare how she sounds liquored up (archives) and bonged up.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:13pm John McCabe in L.A.:

the reason I'm often out of breath is i start pacing when i get nervous and I always get nervous on the show
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:13pm Jesus:

Would John get fired if his boss saw his drawings?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:14pm Obvious Guy:

"ilk"? what is this, 1840?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:14pm MISTER JOHNNY:

So far, BRYCE has been underwhelming.

Let's go BRYCE - do something awesome.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:15pm Jesus:

Bryce....awesome job on the Hoof and Mouth.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:15pm Julie:

Frangy sounds so happy
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:15pm Jesus:

Mikey D didn't change his watch
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:16pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I wonder that Mikey D looks like
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:17pm Jesus:

I picture him looking like Rupert Pupkin
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:17pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is ANDY listening?

Is he eating his heart out?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:18pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Of course Andy is listening. Hi Andy!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Mikey D shouldn't call from the old age home.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:19pm Julie:

Nah it's not the beer, it's the company!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:21pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I got fired once for not working. Very exciting story.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:21pm Elwyn:

OfficeSpace: the only good thing Jennifer Aniston was in... and...
Jennifer Anisterston: the only good thing Brad Pitt was in...

(just joking. Fight Club and Angelina are awesome.)
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:22pm JCJ:

Don't know about NJ, but NY is an "employment at will" state. Except in cases of discrimination against protected classes, anyone can be fired for any reason, even for no reason at all.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:22pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I'm kinda missing ANDY - is that weird?

BRYCE is not bringing much to the show.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:22pm Just Sayin':

This topic really brings out the total Parade of Losers! Wow, makes us the rest of us feel better about whatever our issues are...
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:22pm JCJ:

Aniston was also great in The Good Girl, but no one saw that.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:24pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

How does one get fired in Russia? We will never know.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:25pm Johnny Muller:

SUW: Where the losers are winners.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:25pm Just Sayin':

In Russia, you fire job.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:26pm Sad Andy:

An Italian guy talking about wacking...how typical
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:


I say exterminate them!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:27pm Frappy:

this show needs some baked beans and primal scream therapy.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:28pm Brett:

That HAD to be larry the perv!!!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:28pm Frank Rizzo:

"Lou" was doing his Jerky Boys routine, methinks.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Has JILLERS called yet???

I'd bet my last dollar that she's been fired scores of times.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:29pm Butthead:

Shut up, Beavis
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:29pm Lou Rawls:

hey sweet cheeks!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:29pm Just Sayin':

These loser callers are slowing down the show pacing something awful! It's even slowing down the comments, because there is less to comment on...
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:29pm Ike:

Wait, burping burros or boroughs?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:30pm Brett:

I don't know, it sounded like LAAAARRRRYYY doing the routine a less heavy.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:30pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Please wake me when it's over
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:30pm fan of frangry:

Bryce mumbles but he does sound cute when he actually speaks
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:31pm MISTER JOHNNY:


YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:31pm Jill Hater:

Jill was really nasty last week. For someone religious, how hypocritical was that.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:31pm JJ:

You need time limits on these characters. Next caller!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:32pm ben drinken:

thought maybe that guy would be a mason.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:32pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Has SHUT UP WEIRDO jumped the shark??????
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:33pm Sad Andy:

You should institute a 5min slow dance
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:34pm Jillers:

Go fuck yourself. Because I am religious... that means I am 100% good all the time? Or that I have to like annoying asshole kid calls?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:34pm MISTER JOHNNY:


Tell us about your vaginal headbutting!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:36pm Sad Andy:

are you the one tweezing your bikini line?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:36pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I'm glad we learned last week how open-minded the Catholic church is
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:36pm MISTER JOHNNY:


Don't listen to the haters.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:37pm Just Sayin':

...said Mister Johnny, hating on Bryce...
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:37pm Brett:

Child Perv
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:37pm Frappy:

Catholic Church? Hasn't that company gone out of business yet? Who buys their stuff anymore?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:38pm Jill Hater:

it's not your show. Don't alienate the callers.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:38pm JJ:

@just sayin' You'd be laughing if you could see Bryce that has been slow jerking it the whole show.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:40pm Danne D:

Hi Weirdos :) at the NCA regional in Newark so I have to catch the archive :) have a good one!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:40pm Just Sayin':

So the hidden premise is that Frangry has to tease Bryce the whole hour and he can't come till 7:01?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:41pm fan of frangry:

Frangry would u rather do the show with Andy or Bryce?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:41pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I think the Burger King could kick Ronald McDonald's ass.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:41pm Sad Andy:

Will you slow dance with Bryce?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:42pm ben drinken:

Mr Fine Wine will be coming in in a few minutes to fire tonigh'ts SUW show.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:42pm g:

Sorry I'm late. Have I missed anything?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:43pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Ray Jay is in Libya working with the rebel alliance.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:43pm Just Sayin':

Lotsa dead air as callers fumfer, g.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:43pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

But does he have fancy socks?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:43pm g:

Callers are so overrated.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:44pm JCJ:

OK, the "I will make love with Bryce" quickly followed by "What's that? Bryce, don't do that?" sounded... well, you know.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:44pm Just Sayin':

@g.: No shit, sherlock.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:44pm Robert in Seattle:

Oh no, I fear I've been usurped by tight pants.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Old line: "Have a good one."

New line: "Go fist yourself."
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:46pm Scarlett:

Frangry, Bryce is mine. Keep your hands off him
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:46pm Frappy:

One time, one summer, i had this dream that was really weird...
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:46pm g:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:47pm JCJ:

Frangry, once the archived posted I'll find the moment that happened and send it to you as an mp3.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:47pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Did the grocery store manager annex the Sudetenland?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:48pm Just Sayin':

@MJ: No, but he personally killed Anne Frank.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:49pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:49pm ben drinken:

why is it called fired? and why laid off? why not "you're fisted!!"
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:49pm g:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:49pm Just Sayin':

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:50pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Why isn't Nick the Bard co-hosting?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:50pm listener rob:

bryce prize = jar of mayo
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:50pm Scarlett:

Have a good fisting!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:50pm Just Sayin':

@LD: It's an experiment in dead air maximization.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:51pm Scarlett:

Text him back "Go fist yourself"
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:52pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I like how Frangry when from happy to mad after hearing from Andy
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:52pm g:

Does anyone know when Daylight Fisting Time starts?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:52pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:52pm Julie:

Andy went to Canada to evade the draft. He thinks it's 1968.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:52pm FRANGRY:

@dave YEP!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:53pm Just Sayin':

@Julie: Another Jewish dude with relatives in Toronto. Big news!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:53pm Frappy:

Andy is probably lost somewhere, the friggin' old. Does he carry a red handkerchief around? That's hanky code color for fisters.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:53pm MISTER JOHNNY:


Splash some cold water on your face!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:54pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

But I think that is what gives the show its spice
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:54pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How many kills does Sniper Tom have????
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:55pm g:

Why stop the slop?
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:57pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

LOL @g
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:57pm Just Sayin':

@g: Yeah, don't hassle the hustle.
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:58pm g:

Engineers are so funny!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:58pm Scarlett:

row row your boat
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:58pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:59pm Sybil:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:59pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 3/25/11 6:59pm g:

Fists Over America!
  Fri. 3/25/11 6:59pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Have a good #2
  Fri. 3/25/11 7:00pm Scarlett:

his mic is not in mono
  Fri. 3/25/11 7:00pm Just Sayin':

This show is matter. The other co-hist is andy-matter.
  Fri. 3/25/11 7:00pm g:

Fist ya later!
  Fri. 3/25/11 7:00pm MISTER JOHNNY:


  Fri. 3/25/11 7:01pm Just Sayin':

Great production there at the end, pros!
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