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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options March 24, 2011: The Clear Light of Failure

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Artist Track Album
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party 
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paradiso U.F.O.  Reverse of Universe 1   Options Ivan Piskov's Wiild Gals A Go-go 
Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa  Iblis Atas Iblis   Options Suara Naga 
Renegade Scanners  Untitled   Options Hands On Future 
Teeth Mountain  Keinsein   Options Teeth Mountain 
Winter Drones  Undreamed/Unheard   Options Blood in the Coffin 
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paradiso U.F.O.  Reverse of the Universe 2   Options Ivan Piskov's Wiild Gals A Go-go 
David Maranha  Antarctica, part 1   Options Antarctica 
Hop Frog's Refrigerator Mothers  Ya Ya Suitor   Options Ghosts of a Primitive World 
Agape  Guardaropa 2   Options Guardaropa Open/Closed 
Burning Star Core  Catapults   Options The Very Heart of the World 
Nackt Insecten  The Atomic Age   Options Reality Bridge 
Bionulor  DCHMP   Options Sacred Mushroom Chant 
CM von Hausswolff  Day and Night Day_Night_Alas! 3   Options 800 000 Seconds in Harar 
This Heat  Fall of Saigon   Options This Heat 
Grails  Daughters of Bilitis   Options Deep Politics 
Ennio Morricone  Ordini   Options L'Istruttoria E' Chiusa: Dimentichi 
Bill Dixon/Aaron Siegel/Ben Hall  The Red & The Black   Options Weight / CounterWeight 
Tiny Music  untitled   Options Tiny Music 
Novi_sad  Srebrenica   Options Inhumane Humans 
Werewolf of Jerusalem  CArnal Violence Part One (Hunted by Night)   Options CArnal Violence 
Jalwal, Annie & Geerasak  Klug Tum La   Options V/A Thai Dai! 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/24/11 3:19pm glenn:

truthfully, giant man is kind of a silly song, BUT it's got a killer bass line.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

a real mind-scorcher in here today
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:21pm Looms:

Great opening set, Fabio.
Arrington De Dionyso is slowly becoming on of my faves, nice to hear it in your show.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:22pm Richard from Venezuela:

Thanks for the track of Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paradiso U.F.O. . Total masters.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:23pm Cecile:

  Thu. 3/24/11 3:24pm The Last Shall Be First:

Mind officially blown
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:24pm Richard from Venezuela:

See Lionel Messi playing soccer in New Jersey with argentina.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:27pm Michael Kushman:

I love this music so much, so does Tommy. He is eating a big fat and juicy hot dog right now.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:29pm The Last Shall Be First:

As in, James Last Shall Be First
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:29pm Jennifer Harris:

I eating big fat juicy hot dogs too Michael Kushman!
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:30pm Tommy Gunn:

I freaking LOVE Acid Mothers and big fat juicy hot dogs covered in yummy goodness.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:30pm Jennifer Harris:

I wanted to say I just absolutely LOVE Eating big fat juicy hard hot dogs.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:32pm Michael Kushman:

I love the Yummy Goodness the best.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:32pm Tommy Gunn:

I try to keep my big fat juicy hot dogs far away from teeth mountain.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:33pm lonely:

Jennifer, give me your number, sweetie
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:33pm ?:

wow, this is really tunnelling into my brain
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:33pm BSI:

drone blown.....
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:33pm Michael Kushman:

I like when my mouth turns into a Winter Drone and just eats that dog.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:38pm BSI:

it's a drone eat dog world out there.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:40pm The Last Shall Be First:

I'm droning a blank.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:40pm Michael Kushman:

I don't like it when some drone eats my dog.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:42pm Fabio:

See what you've started Cecile.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:43pm still b/p:

Drone and quartered. Oooooh ouch.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:47pm Michael Kushman:

MY hot dog is being munched owwww!
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:47pm Cecile:

me? I wasn't the one playing the drones. Enabler. :D
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I don't relish this discussion
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:47pm Michael Kushman:

Fabio is such a naughty enabler :)
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:49pm Tommy Gunn:

I like brown mustard on mine. Press 1. for Yum!
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:50pm Jennifer Harris:

I don't give out my number but I do love to swallow big hot dogs.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:50pm Jennifer Harris:

1 YUM!
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:51pm Jen Polk:

I love licking off the brown mustard from the hot dog then swallowing it.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:52pm BSI:

no mustard on the hot drone pls.
sriracha. big bucket o' sriracha.
good drone...
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:52pm hamburger:

black angel death's song would be a nice addition to this drone-a-thon..
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:54pm Steppenwiener:

...bun to be wiiiiiiild!
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:54pm The Last Shall Be First:

Maranha made me think of John Cale also
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:55pm Jen Polk:

Who is John Cale? Does he like hot dogs too?
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:58pm Lou Reed:

Funny, I've been asking myself the same questions lately.
  Thu. 3/24/11 3:59pm hamburger:

I'm not sure what they feed these Tibetan monks.. but it sure is makin them moody
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:00pm BSI:

hollowed out tofu pups make great substitute thighbone trumpets.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:02pm Looms:

  Thu. 3/24/11 4:03pm Jen Polk:

My butt looks great in these jeans.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:03pm The Last Shall Be First:

someone in a rocking chair next to an old fashioned film projector
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:06pm Jen Polk:

I am so Hot, I love staring at myself.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:07pm _+_:

who are this peoples and why does they spoke of such thing as a butt and staring at mirror hotly?
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:08pm Buffalo Bill:

I like staring at you too. It should watch itself.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:08pm Jen Polk:

You would stare too if you saw me _+_
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:09pm Ike:

The fuck?
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:12pm _+_:

please to send naked pictures
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:12pm Jen Polk:

I am just playing around boys and girls don't take everything so seriously.
DUH! Winning
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:13pm Tod Stark:

What the fudge is going on with the comments today? It's usually a little wacky but this is like some sort of dirty club land hot dog party prostitution ring that I'm not sure if I'm comfortable being around. Ya freaks!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:13pm The Last Shall Be First:

Moving on ...
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:15pm Jen Polk:

Seriously Todd Stark, why is everyone so weird today?
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

there's wacky, then there's WACKY!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:19pm Cecile:

It's very weird today. I'm standing back a ways myself.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:19pm Ike:

Agreed, Tod. "Dirty clubland hot dog party prostitution ring" -- accurate, plus that's about 86x funnier than anything these fakers have said so far.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:20pm Cecile:

  Thu. 3/24/11 4:20pm Jen Polk:

come closer Cecile, we need you here.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:21pm Cecile:

Go away.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:21pm Jen Polk:

Don't be scared.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:22pm David Katcher:

I love this show!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:22pm Handsome Harry:

Great set right there. My many failures are transmorphing into strengths at a rapid clip.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:23pm Dept. of Online Health reminder:

Trolliosis. Don't scratch it.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:23pm Cecile:

Fabio, Destijl just put out a CS Yeh 45. Do you have it at the station yet?
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:24pm BSI:

Funny, I've often wondered about the Agape pronounce thing. It's some kind of catholic term, no?
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I think it comes from Hebrew, for like "universal love", kind of
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nope, it's Greek
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:26pm βrian:

I thought it was from the Greek, meaning "wonder" or some such.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:26pm Cecile:

It is. It's pronounced "Uh-gapay". If memory serves me correctly, it is pure, unconditional non-sexualized spiritual love that the Holy Spirit brings you.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:27pm Cecile:

the Catholics use it a hell of a lot. If my old church didn't invent it, we sure publicized it. Pentacostal churches also use the term.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

why use memory when you've got wikipedia, right? screw that. we're humans!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:28pm Cecile:

I need to use it so I don't tax the social security network with Alzheimer's. My future knee surgeries will bankrupt the system as it is.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:29pm Memory:

Gaddis's last novel was _Agape Agape_ (first word is three syllables, last word is two)
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:29pm BSI:

I trust y'all more than some dirty wikipedia.
...having done time as a catholic in my yoot, the Agape term seemed oddly familiar...
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you must be the one the Republicans are all up in arms about!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

BSI, do you trust the "hot dog contingent"?
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:31pm Cecile:

That's me!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:31pm Cecile:

Taxing the system.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:31pm CatholicBoy:

When I sat in the pew directly behind Lisa Tomaselli, my Lord, I know me some fine agape.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:33pm glenn:

why do i get the feeling catholicboy and jen polk / jennifer harris are one and the same?
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I don't know what it was about mass, but I used to spend the whole mass thinking of girls, not Jesus.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:34pm berlusconi's nose:

My man Marcel D!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:34pm Fido:

woof! woof! woof!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:34pm BSI:

DCE, I trust only the dogs I can see. Once they become a "contingent," I get all paranoid and start picking my teeth with my keys.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:34pm glenn:

i'm not religious so for me, it was history class.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:35pm CatholicBoy:

Nah, I'm from across the aisle, so to speak.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:36pm BSI:

oh, and hell yes, thinking of girls rather than the topic of mass... We had both genders as "altar boys" and one young lass in particular was quite a distraction... what? oh, sin, yeh, sin....
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:36pm Ike:

Ouch! There's lots of high-pitched squealing tones in the show today. Time for a quick aural peek into the Save KUSF Stream to save my hearing, but I'll be right back.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:37pm Fredericks:

This is painful. Literally.

Fabio are you wearing earphones or earplugs?
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:38pm The Last Shall Be First:

Sex, religion .. now all we need to do is bring up politics!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:39pm Tinnitus:

Squealing? Painful? You guys are too critical of my voice.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:39pm βrian:

Not politics, but drugs.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:40pm BSI:

As a voting citizen, I support the Sexy Religious Drug Party exclusively.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:40pm Courtney Delo:

Big Jugs!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:40pm berlusconi's nose:

bicycle wheel!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:40pm βrian:

... that is, if you wax nostalgic about the CYO.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:41pm The Last Shall Be First:

By the way, who brought the drugs? I didn't get any.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:43pm Looms:

"Don't do drugs, be drugs!"
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, you're last on the list, Last Shall be First.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:48pm Courtney Delo:

Massive Cans!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:50pm Ike:

The track playing now is totally mesmerizing me.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:51pm BSI:

Set and setting, people, focus. We've got a hottie altar server up there. And what Ike said as I typed this. Whoa.
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:52pm berlusconi's nose:

I have a bicycle wheel in my Milan villa!
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:54pm nvs:

...and a set of bunga drums?
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:55pm The Last Shall Be First:

Riding all around the street
Four o'clock and they're all asleep
I'm not tired and it's so late
Moving fast everything looks great.
My white bicycle, my white bicycle
  Thu. 3/24/11 4:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 3/24/11 4:57pm βrian:

I do not understand and wish to continue.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:01pm Cecile:

It had to be, Fabio. I was just thinking about an article about This Heat in Trouser Press that ran a million years ago.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:05pm glenn:

will there be idle chit chat with mr. pigeon this evening?
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:06pm Looms:

Speaking of This Heat somehow, Noisy Champs by Les Batteries was reissued last year by Gazul Records. Nice mastering, and a couple beautiful unreleased tracks recorded between 2000 and 2006. This CD makes my day everytime i listen to it.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:06pm berlusconi's nose:

Mr Pigeon has a death wish.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:11pm Steve Howe:

@The Last Shall Be First: Ah, you remember my first great guitar solos.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:12pm The Last Shall Be First:

Steve! Good to hear from ya. Those were crazy days.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:14pm Steve Howe:

No shit, sherlock.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:18pm The Last Shall Be First:

I shit you not.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:21pm Richard from Venezuela:

Grails - Burning Off Impurities. Classic record.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:37pm ?:

tiny music -
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:55pm Cecile:

Is this for Clay?
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:57pm Pantagruel:

I'd love to hear how these lyrics translate into English.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:59pm david:

yes, an homage to Clay for his marathon performance.
  Thu. 3/24/11 5:59pm C from Thailand:

yeah, this is crazy...
my thai language skills aren't great but it's definitely not a straight translation from the Chicago song.
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