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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options March 11, 2011

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GRAND PRIZEE ($100 to get in)
the pocket piano

Pocket Piano from Critter and Guitari on Vimeo.

Artist Track Comments
Theoretical Girls  Lovin in the Red   Options ** first prize... 
Morgan-Fisher  Coventry   Options  
Yoko Ono  Don't Worry   Options  
Theoretical Girls  Contrary Motion   Options  
Christina Kubisch    ***up for grabs 
Les Baxter / Bas Sheva  Terror   Options  
George Coleman    *** next prize 
Music behind DJ:
i don't think 
i can continue to dii     
to do th accu playlist playlist     

Listener comments!

  Fri. 3/11/11 12:28pm perrin:

got ustream going, this should be fun!
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:29pm Ike:

Is this so we can see Vicki dumping baked beans all over Bryce's head at a certain pledge level, or what?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:30pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Are they laying out plastic to protect the studio from the baked beans?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:34pm pierre:

Bonjour Vicky and Bryce !
Bonjour everybody
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:35pm perrin:

ustream does not seem synced w audio?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:39pm JJ:

oh, yoko.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:39pm Danne D:

Somewhere Yoko Ono is smiling

Go Get Em Bryce and Vicki!

Beans are good for your heart Bryce - this should go well.

Have they reinforced the walls at Maxwell's yet for Bryce's Hoof N Mouth performance?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:39pm charles in portland:

Hi Vicki, Hi Bryce. I can see you on the cam and looks like you're already having a lot of fun over there in WFMU-land
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:40pm Carmichael:

vvvvvuuuuuhhhhhhhh ..............
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:41pm charles in portland:

vicki do you have your laptop there? It looks like you're not on skype at the moment. I'd enjoy seeing you from another angle.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:41pm Mary Wing:

I love it that Vicki is wearing an apron! This is going to be GOOOOOD!
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:42pm Carmichael:

Which one is Bryce?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:42pm Mary Wing:

The audio is not synched with the cam, boo.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:42pm jtm:

Vicki is so pretty!
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:43pm charles in portland:

there's an audio feed with the video, so just switch over et voila.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:43pm Skirkie:

The Ustream audio is synched, Not the live feed audio.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:43pm medusa:

i hear ewe, bryce!
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:44pm Chuck E. Jesus:

you look nervous Bryce...
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:44pm aaron in chicago:

trolley! tarpaulin!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:44pm medusa:

i hear ewe and am behooved to pledge
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:44pm Skirkie:

Well, synced enough.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:45pm Bridget:

Food goes in HERE!
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:45pm pierre:

if i turn on the camera, my explorer goes out !
prout !
(i have a question though, what is that lovely synth faery music behind the talking?)
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:45pm bruce from brooklyn:

It is lunch time!
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:46pm Mike Harding:

Vicki - ask Bryce if he would like to contribute to the online Touch recipe book xxx
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:47pm Mary Wing:

Ah, thanks for the info, Charles and Skirkie; silly me!
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:47pm Carmichael:

I see mayonnaise. This HAS to be good!
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:47pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

What recipes call for a large jar of mayonaisse and a bryce?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:47pm DJKurtG:

comfort food is not necessarily a comforting head-dress, ike.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:49pm Leech:

How much for you to consume a pallet of Mayo?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:49pm Mary Wing:

Did Bryce bring a polyester shirt for Vicki to wear, or does she have her own collection of interesting shirts?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:50pm BSI:

the curry has arrived. Bryce is here. I am pleased.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:50pm Kenzo:

The correct way to listen is with the stream playing, the video's audio turned up, and your radio tuned to 91.1 and 90.1.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:50pm Parq:

"Pallet of Mayo" would be a good name for a band.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:53pm Skirkie:

I'd stick that mayo in a fridge if you're not gonna use it right away.
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:53pm Ike:

@Kurt, HA! It wasn't MY idea. Or was it? I mean, Pseu already abused Bryce's head a while back, and then Vicki started talking about baked beans recently, so what was I *supposed* to think?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:54pm Mary Wing:

OMG, I want that synthesizer! Damn it, I hate being on staff...
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:55pm perrin:

I just pledged $66.66 dollars through the intertubes, I hope I get a shout out from Bryce!
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:56pm pierre:

yeah Vicky, what is that music…? : )
Cerrone-y like ?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:59pm perrin:

Bryce - how much to be covered in glowing pickles?
  Fri. 3/11/11 12:59pm Mike Harding:

I just bought me a wax cylinder player - edison standard from 1907
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:00pm Ike:

This sounds like a massive robotic cat purring.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:02pm Critter & Guitari:

I think the you pulled up the wrong video for the Pocket Piano...
Should be: http://vimeo.com/14598032
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:03pm mike noble 7sd:

as a former bryceadopter i'm slightly insulted that he's still an orphan this year.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:03pm Gordon Bennet:

Cor blimey strike a light I'm gonna go down the rubabdub for a quick pie and pint and some pork scratchings
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:04pm mike noble 7sd:

bryce-- do i still have the power to command you to stand on one foot for one of your mic sets?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:05pm ASCPB:

Aha, bread abuse, I knew it. The dark seamy underbelly of FMUism.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:05pm JJ:

comfort food? wha? why sitting on toast?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:06pm Andy in Nova Scotia:

Love the Jumper, Vicki!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:06pm Don:

Can you save me some left overs?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:09pm Mike East:

These video streams are even more distracting than the comments board...I hope they don't last after the marathon or I may get fired.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:09pm Robert:

Lettuce is so expensive now -- couldn't they use toast?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:09pm noah:

baked beans. mmmm.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:09pm Andy in Nova Scotia:

Oh- that's an apron... doesn't the chair get an apron?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:09pm Robert:

I meant cabbage, not toast.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:09pm Mary Wing:

Dang, I hope the volunteers got some lunch before all the food ends up on Bryce.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

don't forget the cornpone, or maybe a porncone
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:10pm Don:

Does Vicki have Branston pickle? Baked Beans? Brown Sauce?! Sick!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:10pm perrin:

I didn't think the british ate vegetables except for mushy peas
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:11pm Robert:

Wait, I think that green thing was a cloth of some kind, not lettuce.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:12pm Gordon Bennet:

we dont eat vegetables we just eat curry and pies
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:12pm Nathan:

Always use protection Bryce...
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:14pm mike noble 7sd:

that's what she said
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what video game did that sound like?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:14pm Robert:

When that green smock was folded up, I thought it was a bagged lettuce head!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:14pm Attending Physician:

I'm very sorry. Bryce now appear to be in a persistent vegetative seat.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:14pm Bryce's Dad:

Bryce this is your father, if you defile those mashed potatoes i will disown kthxbye
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:16pm steve:

whats the cosmic disco talkover music??
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:16pm mike noble 7sd:

bryce your cohost skipped my thoughtfully crafted pledge comment
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:17pm Edgerton:

At the risk of making other DJ's jealous, I have to ask, does Vicky has a Dj Premium....?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:17pm Kevin:

whoo hoo!!! I love Kubisch! especially with gravy.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:18pm steve:

bongo joe...what a guy.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:19pm pierre:

Georges COLEMAN is the MAN !
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:20pm mike noble 7sd:

hey crittier & guitari are right... wrong video!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:20pm Ike:

@Mary@1:09, ha! But that's BRITISH food, so it's actually fit for volunteer consumption and works better as a hairdressing product. I sure HOPE they'd never give that to the poor volunteers. Give them real food.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:21pm Vicki's Mum:

Vicki, this is your Mum..you go right ahead and smash that mash
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:21pm Ike:

OOPS I meant it's NOT fit for v-teer consumption.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:23pm bryce:

whoops, the playlist autoreload won't let you watch to the pocket piano part! lemme switch it.....
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:25pm edinblack:

Sound's off...
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hot mic!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Bryce the Red
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:25pm edinblack:

OK it's back
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:26pm Mary Wing:

The audio feed annoyingly cuts out during mic breaks, what;s up with that?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:27pm Ike:

Also Ed is too low and Bryce sounds over-driven or in the red sometimes, right? It seems worse on the UStream audio, I think. Bryce, are you eating the mic?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:28pm Mash:

We're the audio feed. And the video feed. At least if people would just stop mucking about with us.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:29pm Psych:

Vicki is giving Bryce a cognitive test, checking for psychosis.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:29pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

He's starting to look like his adoption video.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:29pm Skirkie:

Bryce looks colonial.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:30pm Psych:

Or postcolonial.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:30pm jesse:

all this complaining from a man who voluntarily buttered his face...
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:31pm Danne D:

Bryce is making me hungry - have to go fetch lunch.

May have to hit a diner for some mashed potatoes later.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:31pm Skirkie:

Now he looks like Beldar Conehead
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:31pm Vegetables:

@Ike: Bryce is eating EVERYTHING.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:31pm pierre:

oh i wish to know what this crazy synth are ?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:32pm Vegetables:

Is this another one of Vicki's cool mashiups?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:34pm Vegetables:

Bryce looks like King Plastic Poncho of Mashland.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:35pm edinblack:

Good job, Mr. Potatohead!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:36pm Mary Wing:

Potatoes are not above the laws of gravity, evidently.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:37pm BSI:

...Bryce is beginning to resemble some demented refugee from a Daevid Allen cartoon....
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:37pm Potatoes:

We're, like, totally heavy, man.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:38pm Josh:

This song is the lament of all of Bryce's previous head hairs watching the state of his head on the live feed.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:38pm glenn:

some people will do ANYTHING for money. thankfully.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:38pm Ike:

I hope that someone has been getting screencaps of this, or that the video will be archived. This is brill.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:38pm Dominick:

It's a slippery slope
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:39pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

where's the video feed at? not that it won't be blocked by my CORPORATE OVERLORDS.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:41pm Potatoes:

@DCE: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/marathon-2011
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:41pm you look like:

wolfgang amadeus potatohead
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:43pm Mr. Two-Arms:

Does anyone else lose the audio feed on the video stream whenever they change camera views?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:43pm glenn:

  Fri. 3/11/11 1:43pm Beans:

Don't forget we're the magical fruit.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:43pm noah:

head bangers and mash. Anyone ever see the Peanut Butter Solution? Kids spreads a peanut butter concoction on his head to make his hair grow back after it all fell out because of fright. Is that what's going on here with Bryce?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:44pm potatoes:

  Fri. 3/11/11 1:44pm fred:

The pocket piano looks amazing. And whoever gets it for a mere $100 is getting a great bargain as well, they're listed at $175.
So don't let the webcams distract you all from pledging!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:47pm Marmalade Kitty:

I hope somebody is going to eat that!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:48pm Mary Wing:

I seem to lose the audio whenever the mics come back on. Refreshing the video helps once in a while.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I never pictured the air studio being yellow
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:49pm Beans Smarter Brother:

Actually, we're legumes.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:50pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Bryce is eating his own head!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 3/11/11 1:51pm BSI:

brain is brain food!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I thought she was going to sprinkle some grated cheddar on there for a moment...
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:53pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

She should make him up like the Duchamp Monte Carlo bond

  Fri. 3/11/11 1:53pm Kenzo:

DCE: The air studio usually used isn't yellow. Bryce usually is, though.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:55pm Robert:

Seriously, I do wonder whether this sort of thing actually puts off phone and Web pledges, because you have one page up of comments and another with a live video stream, so people may be fully occupied with that rather than getting on the phone or another Web page to pledge.

Of course you never know what delayed effect you might have. People might donate a month from now without pledging, feeling sorry for what you've been put thru.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:56pm Skirkie:

I don't know. I'm gonna be over there later tonight I'd rather it not stink of cabbage.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:56pm Potatoes:

The worrywort has arrived. :-)
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:57pm Kenzo:

and everyone at home is putting food on their bodies
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:57pm Ike:

Well, it's better than piercing someone, right?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:57pm Danne D:

So are you guys gonna give Bryce a fine set of coconuts?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:57pm Capitalist:

Threaten to cut the feed!
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:58pm Everyone at home:

@Kenzo: We're very suggestible.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:58pm jb:

where is the video?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:58pm Danne D:

LOL you know folks have been on the comments board a lot when we can just pick up a conversation from Wednesday now :) Robert, just think of this as Bryce's commentary on Lady Gaga's meat dress :)
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:58pm pierre:

@ Ike : what about piercing someone with a vegetable ?
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:58pm Danne D:

front page jb
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:58pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Bryce will be on Mt Rushmore by the end of the day
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:59pm Potatoes:

@DCE: That's Mount Mashmore to you.
  Fri. 3/11/11 1:59pm Danne D:

So the winner of this can say "Why yes, this is a piano in my pocket and I AM happy to see you" :)
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:00pm Danne D:

Bryce will be turned into Mt Rushmore by the end of the day.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:00pm zax:

Bryce will BE Mt Rushmore by the end of the day
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:00pm JJ:

make a plea to food fetishists to donate if they're not too busy getting off on this.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:00pm jb:

thanks danne
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:01pm Nathan:

I actually had Bryce for lunch today... with a side salad.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:01pm zax:

Danne, stop stealing my jokes
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:02pm Carmichael:

No wonder we always talk about lunch on this board.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:02pm Danne D:

No Prob jb :)
lol zax :) great minds and all that

So has anyone dared asked the question - does Bryce has his edible underwear on?
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:02pm Ike:

@Danne@1:57, that's not a British food! But maybe if they reach $3000, they'll consider branching out to tropical fruits....
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I am all the richer for having witnessed this
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:03pm Bryce Channeling the Elephant Man:

I am not an animal. I am a HUMAN BEAN!!!!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:03pm Ike:

What DCE said.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:03pm Marmalade Kitty:

poor bryce! This is terrible..
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:03pm Danne D:

Ike, I'm sure they coconuts somewhere in the Empire :)

I am all the fatter for having witnessed this.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:04pm BSI:

nope, all hope for getting "things" done today has gone up in a puff of beans.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:04pm Danne D:

Bryce answers the question - What if it wasn't Man Vs Food? What if instead they joined forces?
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:05pm Kenzo:

Bryce's head is an empty canvas for creativity and potatoes
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:06pm zax:

hey, if I pledged 30$ can get in the running for two prizes? I WANT that Hototogisu!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:06pm Nathan:

7 point 6 2 Millimeter full metal jacket... potato
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:07pm Mary Wing:

No kidding, BSI! I think it may not end when Billy Jam shows up, either.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:07pm JJ:

It's like watching the torture scene from Marathon Man except I think Bryce likes it.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:09pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

And just this morning they were saying there's no shower at the station.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:09pm MAC:

Someone should throw up on Bryce!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:10pm Kevin:

wow bryce looks a LOT like Zippy the Pinhead right now.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:11pm No Commercials:

God forbid anyone should miss a moment of this!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:12pm mike noble 7sd:

+1 MAC's comment
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:15pm BSI:

bah! the audio dropouts on the vid-feed are heartbreaking...
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:15pm pierre:

bryce i found you a friend

  Fri. 3/11/11 2:15pm mike noble 7sd:

this is reminding me a little of peanut butter man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDUIwUbkFZs
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:16pm Mary Wing:

Yeah, the audio really sucks. I hope the archived video will have better audio.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:17pm Dominick:

Are we having fun yet?
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 3/11/11 2:17pm Ken:

yeah, audio is out almost all of the time. We are gonna try a test with one camera only to see if that prevents the audio from cutting out
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:17pm zax:

YEY!!! I was hoping to get the Rosenboom !! Brainwave galore!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:19pm Museum of Unnatural History:

Look! It's the rarely sighted Bryceosaurus Wrecks.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:19pm Mary Wing:

It never cuts out during the music though!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:19pm Marmalade Kitty:

Flash player is fine, 7 second delay..
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:19pm Germano:

hey Bryce all the worms in the lab are getting crazy watching you!!!.....germano :-)
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:20pm BSI:

sounds good Ken. For me it seemed like transitioning from the one-cam (left) back to the two cams was killing the audio for some reason.... But this is the very pinnacle of human civilization right here.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:21pm British Tinned Gravy:

I am the vilest EVAR.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:21pm Tara:

oh look, it's an Edible Arrangements Bouquet!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:23pm PMD:

I see I've missed a lot! Are we making a Bryce sandwich?
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:23pm Mayo Clinic:

Do you have EMTs on standby there for the moment when this expired mayo turns into Bryce's quicksand?
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:23pm Skirkie:

I don't know if I can keep watching this.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:24pm Marmalade Kitty:

serving suggestion: sliced tomato on eyes, sausage..
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:25pm Carmen Mirando:

  Fri. 3/11/11 2:25pm Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Veggies:

Vegetable abuse is simply not funny.


Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:26pm nyoukis:

wee wullie winky sausages up the nostrils.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:26pm Ike:

That broccoli is defying the laws of gravity.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:26pm Ken:

OK, now we are just switching from one camera to another without doing any split screen to see if the audio still holds up.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:27pm Danne D:

Bryce sorta has the Chiquita Banana Lady thing going on now.

Agree with SPCV - definitely going to be a strict Meatarian now.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

where the devil are the deviled eggs?
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:27pm Mary Wing:

The cheese sticking to the gravy is particularly revolting, heh.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:27pm Danne D:

great minds again, Carmen Mirando...
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:28pm BSI:

It's good to be alive right now.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:28pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hose him down!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:29pm Danne D:

Bryce could use a Human Serviette about now.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:29pm PMD:

I'm no longer hungry for lunch.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:31pm mike noble 7sd:

man, i feel really bad for billy jam, and andy and frangry... how long could that smell possibly linger for??
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:32pm Robert:

The irony of this is that Bryce has one of the most serious music programs on the current schedule. I'd say it's between him & Bob Brainen for serious music playing.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:32pm zax:

Hey Dylan - Pickle Surprise!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:34pm Mike:

I've heard bryces show enough times that this shouldn't suprise me, and yet I'm still shocked and appalled. at least the music is good.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I can't work, I can't tear myself away
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:36pm Chuckles the Clown:

A little song, a little dance, a little mayo down his pants!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:37pm Ike:

This'll teach you not to do a premium, and to give away your talents to Billy Jam's premium! ;)
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:37pm BSI:

DCE, yep, this has been practically a day off. Weirdly awesome.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:37pm Mary Wing:

I got called away from my desk, what did I miss? Mayo?
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:38pm Mary Wing:

Ohmygod, asparagus!!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:38pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

asparagus mohawk!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:38pm Danne D:

Coulda been worse I suppose - the host of Noise and Syrup could've been the emcee...
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:39pm Danne D:

Bryce you make a lovely Lady Liberty I must say
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:39pm Ike:

I can't get anything done either. I'll have to catch up later -- I hope Billy Jam doesn't do anything visual!

Vicki, WOW! How do you get it to stay UP like that?!? (That's what she said.)
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:41pm Danne D:

2 Mayo, er Mouse Pledges to go!!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:42pm Ike:

There had BETTER be a lot of photos of this going up on the WFMU Flickr acct.!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:42pm mike noble 7sd:

they should have prepped a big vat of egg whites to pour over his head. that way all of this could harden and be bryce's permanent hat.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:42pm Danne D:

Mothers everywhere will use this video to explain why they keep the furniture covered in plastic...
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:46pm Chuckles the Clown:

Vicki should change her name to Ming the Merciless.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:48pm JJ:

get some volunteers to eat that stuff off his head. make it sexy.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:49pm fred:

@danne: And Bryce will be able to point at this to prove that he's serious when he says "I'm always appropriately dressed"
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:49pm BSI:

ah, the age-old dilemma of male-pattern-vegetables...
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:50pm Museum of Unnatural History:

OMG, it's the killer Porcubryce, run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:50pm mike noble 7sd:

bryce is starting to remind me of the predator
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:50pm Mary Wing:

Come on, folks! We need more pledges to see the Mayonaising!

1-800-969-9368 or wfmu.org
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:50pm Jeff M:

The Weave d'Asperges is all the rage.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:51pm Monitor:

I see Vicki's availing herself of liquid courage.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:51pm mike noble 7sd:

some americans (the crazy ones with no taste) prefer miracle whip
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:51pm charlie:

this has been a wonderful show. i have learned about makeovers and cooking all at once. oh and there was music too. it's a musical makeover cooking show.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:51pm Jackie ny-ca:

I have made more mistakes at work while watching this than I would care to recount.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:53pm PMD:

  Fri. 3/11/11 2:53pm Marmalade Kitty:

what's for dessert..?
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:54pm Danne D:

*hopes Jackie isn't a brain surgeon*
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:55pm Kevin:

my pledge was for Vicki. Bryce is on his own. I put no steak in a man of such mettle.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:56pm Jeff M:

Gherkins somehow sound oddly menacing. Perhaps that's because years ago a housemate started joking about gherkin-water enemas, and I never quite knew what to make of it.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:56pm Jackie ny-ca:

Yes, someone today is very happy that I am NOT a brain surgeon.
  Fri. 3/11/11 2:59pm vicki:

sorry for mpt typing in comments, i've got my8 hands full of potato. kurt is typing this for me. if any of you on comments haven't pledgedi know where you live!
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:00pm Danne D:

Been serial (cereal?) pledging all marathon :)
how close to the mayo?
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:00pm Kevin:

From Kenny G's HEAD CITATIONS - 716. We are asparagus in my cereal bowl.
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:01pm Pledger:

Pledge, you freeloaders.

A FREAKIN GALLON OF MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:01pm fred:

@vicki: I swear I pledged last week! Don't come over and give me a makeover, I beg you!
@UK non-pledgers: you know what's coming if you don't show up
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:02pm Danne D:

Okay I dribbled one more piece - I just don't want to run out before my volunteer shifts...
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:03pm Marmalade Kitty:

Vicky looks like Delia Smith
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:03pm Danne D:

Gotta love FXO :)
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:04pm Danne D:

There was my dribble :)
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:04pm Danne D:

That mayo needed to be held up sooner :)
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:05pm Danne D:

Mayo break for heroes and villains
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:05pm Mayo:

  Fri. 3/11/11 3:05pm Mayo:

We're hell, man!
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:07pm Nice!:

Vicki ensures there is legitimate suffering, not just radio schtick. :-)
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:07pm mike noble 7sd:

it's a tarp! -- admiral ackbar'd
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:08pm Love it!:

  Fri. 3/11/11 3:09pm Ike:

The folks on the PATH train are going to LOVE this when Bryce rides home to get a shower!
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:09pm paul:

oh gawwwwwwwwwwd
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:09pm BSI:

suitable for framing:
"I feel like I have a mayonaise baby."
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:09pm rob:

Bryce!!!! Vicki deserves a BIG HUG!!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:09pm Barber:

Coat his face up with it and give him a nice shave
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:09pm m:

Do u know how much people pay for what bryce just got at spas?
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:09pm Marmalade Kitty:

salad cream is better to pour.. Pour POUUURRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:09pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it's OK to cry in this situation
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:09pm Mary Wing:

That smell is never going to leave the studio, I bet.
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:10pm fred:

Remember when they said earlier there wasn't even a shower in the building?
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:10pm mike noble 7sd:

can bryce use this to shave now? mayo can act as a razor lubricant right?
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

cheez wiz and salsa
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:11pm Marmalade Kitty:

FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:11pm Danne D:

I may have to bring a mask to the studio for my vol shift tomorrow...
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:12pm Cold Sesame Noodles:

And to think. WFMU doesn't have a shower.
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:12pm Advice:

Bryce could take a swim now in the water cistern they have on the roof of most large buildings. Spread that beany mayo love through the building's whole water system.
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:12pm PMD:

they must have a hose somewhere.
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:13pm ?:

Finally Bryce looks like his adoption gallery pic.
  Fri. 3/11/11 3:15pm Robert:

Reminds me of getting home full of mud after rugby -- getting a ride in a teammate's car, then the subway.
  Fri. 3/11/11 9:14pm ms_a:

so sorry I missed today's festivities
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