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Options March 6, 2011: This Time The Dream's On Me: Marathon Show with Co-Host DJ Trouble

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Artist Track Album
Peggy Lee  I Don't Know Enough About You   Options  
Les Paul & Mary Ford  The Best Things In Life Are Free   Options  
Timi Yuro  Count Everything   Options  
Cheryl  I Am An Achiever   Options  
The University Of Utah Singers  Buffalo Gals   Options  
World Famous Supreme Team  WHBI aircheck   Options  
Ecstasy, Passion and Pain  Ask Me   Options  
Pepper Leshay  Dive In The Pool   Options  
Florida A&M Marching Band 1972  Fanfare   Options  
Andre Leon Talley  Laying down the law on America's Next Top Model   Options  
El Timbo  Descarga Bontempi   Options  
Mina   Que No Que No   Options  
The Crystals  All Grown Up   Options  
Tito Puente  Black Brothers   Options  
Damita Jo  He Loves Me   Options  
Kalyanji Anandji  Somebody To Love   Options  
Roger Miller  Whistle Stop   Options  
Francoise Hardy  L'Amore Va   Options  
Bruce Haack  Electric To Me Turn   Options  
Seu Jorge and Almaz  Rock With Me   Options  
Lucille Starr  Wooden Heart   Options  
Candi Staton  Stand By Your Man   Options  
Butter  Snoring   Options  

Listener comments!

  Sun. 3/6/11 7:13pm CB's:

Hi, Monica! Just so you know, the CB's just adopted their favorite gal - you!
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:13pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings to Monica and Trouble.
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:15pm hamburger:

morning Monica and Trouble - from Hong Kong
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:15pm CB2:

Yo Mo!

Let's keep dancin'
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:16pm trouble:

greetings richard, welcome aboard tonite!
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:18pm Parq:

Good luck to Jim and Paul as Miss Butter's 2011-12 adopters. And hi, Bill.
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:19pm sugarwolf:

I thought the 90.1 signal had gone out, but it's the FLOOD WARNING weather lady.
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:19pm Cold Sesame Noodles:

Pittsburgh LOVES Monica!
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:20pm monica:

Hi everybody! SO happy to be here tonight with the divine DJ Trouble! Let's raise the roof and a few bucks for WFMU tonight! 1-800-989-9368 or online at www.wfmu.org. ALL pledgers to this show will get an EXCLUSIVE Fantasy Runway Name!! Let's make it happen, people!!!
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:22pm trouble:

monica's here just one night during our all important fundraiser, share the love peeps! let her know how much you love her sunday show!!
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:29pm Laurie:

~fiercely real~
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:30pm Richard from Venezuela:

will be a dream come true go to new jersey and tuning my little radio at 91.1. I hope make it.
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:32pm Irene:

A fantasy runway name?!! You know I'm a huge Top Model fan. Cool!
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:34pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

Please enough wannabe Eastern European Runway models here in Gravesend Brooklyn !!! HEHE
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:36pm Richard from Venezuela:

the listeners need a video access to see the models :P
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:38pm Tir Chonaill Abu:

How do you perfect that runway walk?
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:38pm Carmichael:

Hiya 2 favorite DJs!
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:41pm Danne D:

wtg CBs :)
Hola RIcardo :)
S'up hamburger and Parq and Laurie and Irene and Bactrian Tom, S-wolf, CSM, TCA and Carmichael and of course Hi Monica and Trouble :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:44pm monica:

Hi All and Thanks!! Can't do too much ciommenting as I'm crazy bizzy doin' the show. TROUBLE IN THE HOUSE!!!
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:44pm trouble:

good evening dannne d and carmichael
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:44pm Richard from Venezuela:

Hi Danne D. Very good song by el timbo. Perfect to Playing air timbal.
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:49pm Carmichael:

Hi Danne! Ola Ricardo! Hi Trubb!
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:50pm steveroo:

hey what a nice surprise my two favorite wfmu djs over the broadband
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:50pm Carmichael:

Roman ROCKS!!
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:51pm MARC:

  Sun. 3/6/11 7:52pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings carmichael.
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:53pm Patrick B:

I just donated to my favorite DJ and must have missed the box to express my devotion to Soul Sister #1, Monica. Thanks for doing what you do, have done, will do, and regret doing
  Sun. 3/6/11 7:56pm Frankie:

Regrets, I've had a few...
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:01pm Danne D:

Patrick, the comment box is in an odd space on the form (at least in my opinion) as it's off to the right. It's very easy to hit pledge and miss it before you realize it.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:07pm hamburger in Hong Kong:

howdy Danne D - thanks for the shoutout! :) Tried calling-in on the plane but my credit card had some fraud protection thing turned on bleh
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:08pm Cold Sesame Noodles:

The pairing of Monica with Sunday evenings is a brilliant stroke of programming. Every selection you make, Monica, is a brilliant stroke of programming. Meticulously chosen, blissfully presented.

This is Monica's ONLY marathon show (because she'll be preempted next Sunday evening.) We have only tonight to pledge in honor of Monica's fantastic efforts on our behalf. So MAKE A PLEDGE fellow appreciators!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:08pm texas scott:

Thanks,Monica and Trouble,for making WFMU worthwhile.
A rare medium,well done.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:10pm Parq:

Luvved that version of "She Loves Me". If you will indulge me in a didactic moment, I'd like to point out that as the title song from a musical based on Ernst Lubtsch's "Shop Around the Corner". Kralik, she's dunking!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:11pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

... watching the wind sweeping rain with my headphones this show just oozes calm and Sunday Evening ty to you Monica and yourself Trouble !!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:13pm Danne D:

whoa s'up texas scott?
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:14pm Katanta Blumquist:

Thank you,Monica.
My career continues.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:14pm texas scott:

hola,Danne D.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:15pm Richard from Venezuela:

we need venezuelan and greek name models.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:17pm Danne D:

actually visualizing those kisses as the kind the fashion people where do them on each cheek
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:17pm CB's:

Mo, CB's adopted you and never got a runway name! Our careers are over!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:18pm Manageress:

Come on, girls, chop chop!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:19pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

.... woo if it was like 25 degrees colder we'd be up to our earlobes in snow again ....
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:24pm Danne D:

I think CBs should get a fashion designer name as they are running the fashion house now :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:24pm CB's:

Danne D. I think we'll retire and write a tell-all...
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:25pm anne:

LOVE my runway name and topaz is my birthstone ;)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:25pm Danne D:

Ohhhhhhhh Noooooooooos
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:26pm Tir Chonaill Abu:

Danne D you are so right bout those CB's I can see them in their Karl Lagerfield glasses
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:28pm mike tp:

thanks to monica and trouble and all the listeners of wfmu. charo rules
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:28pm MARC:

Cool names.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:29pm John Galliano:

You don't wanna know what *I* have to say, trust me there.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:29pm MARC:

what's Trouble's Runway name?
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:30pm hamburger in Hong Kong:

ditto - lovin' these names :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:31pm Tamara:

I'd like a special name please.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:32pm minnesota jeff:

I just tuned in, is this crazy echo supposed to be happening? Uhp, it just stopped.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:32pm Colin:

Maria Levitsky fan club checking in.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:34pm texas scott:

  Sun. 3/6/11 8:37pm Drummer Some:

Thanks for your pledge Texas Scott!!!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:37pm ?:

Mr. Galliano, don't let the Dior hit you when you leave.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:38pm John Galliano:

You freakin ---- ------ ------s, I always hated y'all.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:39pm bennett4senate:

ladies, I'm blushing.... me & Mrs. Jones & The Other Mrs. Jones
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:40pm texas scott:

I heart WFMU.
my tigerblood is brimming.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:40pm trouble:

tamara doll if you pledged we gave you a fab name. listen to the archive to get yours again
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:41pm Don (trip dub):

Steinski. You know the 'Krush Groove' movie was shown at MoMA. Now it's in a time capsule. There was a big roar when Sheila E. made out with Russell. Good to see Husker Du on Rick Rubin's tee. Love 'em Crystals. Monica's name shall now be Marathon Monica Mayhem Milland (MMMM good show!)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:43pm Julie:

Oh no I just got home! I'm soaking wet, I want a runway name! <3 Monica & Trouble, the kick-ass chicks of WFMU
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:43pm Tamara:

oh, thanks. I was cooking pork chops and the fan was on high. will re-listen. can't wait.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:44pm Wishful Thinker:

All wet?
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:44pm Makaela Mendez (a.k.a. Lani from Hankins, NY):

Thanks for the Tito!! I'd like to bequeath a word to you two ladies in the stude and anyone else who feels titillated by it. Consider adopting it this week and try to use it every day until next Sunday,

Your new "runway" word tonight is: sybaritic (adj.) given or devoted to pleasure, even excessively so; hedonistic, voluptuous, self-indulgently sensuous.

Ex: And so the two sybaritic septuagenarians stripped down to their Strumpfhosen and sank into the sumptuous (but waterless) tub - well, the young puppy of a clerk didn't know whether to avert his gaze or climb in with them, just to clinch the sale.

Somehow it reminds me of you. Thanks for another brilliant run, Monica.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:44pm Danne D:

lots of quality FMU names getting brought up in this show (along with our hostesses of course) :)
Charlie, Tony, Doug, Steinski and the femme fatale Maria :)

Julie! I'm bummed we did not cross paths wen I volunteered this week :(
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:45pm Parq:

And, hi Doug! So sorry I won't be volunteering while you're there.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:46pm Julie:

@Wishful yes, it's monsoonie outside!
@Danne me too! Any more shifts for you coming up?
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:46pm Danne D:

This version of the Ramones would probably give my friend a heart attack :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:47pm Danne D:

I'm volunteering the Wednesday Night EFD shift, The Saturday Afternoon Terre T shift and the Sunday morning Sarge shift. I'll also be at the Hoof N Mouth as that is mandatory attendance in my world :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:48pm hamburger in Hong Kong:

this is radio win
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:48pm Wishful Thinker:

Danne D, comments board wrangler!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:49pm Drummer Some:

Hi Parq! You are a wise man for adding your spirit to the celebration that is Monica!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:49pm Danne D:

I'm afraid of this monsoon :( Last year I fractured my shoulder leaving the station in that big rain on the last Saturday :( The PATH abandoned us at Journal square and I was running around with 2 strangers and tripped over a classic Jersey City middle of the sidewalk standpipe!

Ah, wishful I am but a humble commentator like you :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:51pm Julie:

@Danne I live by the river, and you know the station, I'm used to the pointlessness of umbrellas!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:52pm hamburger in Hong Kong:

hope these names aren't coming out of a smuggled escort service catalog ;)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:52pm Drummer Some:

How about some pledges for Monica who is keeping up with the online playlist in the middle of all this Marathon craziness. It is NOT easy to do, but she does it with grace and talent.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:54pm Elwyn:

Hey everyone!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:55pm Julie:

Kevin Nutt's name is already wicked cool
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:55pm hamburger in Hong Kong:

Howdy Elwyn - BobDog/aka Fake Elwyn :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:55pm Danne D:

  Sun. 3/6/11 8:56pm Danne D:

Hamburger, you are quite the global traveller :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:56pm Danne D:

I have to pace myself now on my pledges...
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:56pm hamburger in Hong Kong:

just an annual thing :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:57pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings Elwyn.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:57pm Danne D:

And how come Jersey City is not the hamburger globe-trotting tour? :(
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:58pm Julie:

@Danne haha me too..I need to see how much of my mousy for life I have left!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:58pm Elwyn:

Ha ha! This is real Elwyn from Australia!

I've only made one pledge, a Mouse. I need to save my pennies this month - too many car bills.
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:58pm Wishful Thinker:

next, hamburger will be posng from zurich, where he'll be visiting his deposit vault
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:58pm hamburger in Hong Kong:

Savin' up for Day of Joy 2012!
  Sun. 3/6/11 8:59pm Danne D:

Elwyn you are awesome :)
I'm just doing the nibbles and throwing in a dose of more suasion with my pledge cards.
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:00pm CB1:

Night, all. Keep struttin that runway.
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:00pm Danne D:

oooh if hamburger is like an international jewel thief or something that's kinda bad ass.

Goodnight CB1 :) (and CB2)
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:00pm Parq:

Danne, I finish up just before Evan's show, so I'll be sure to say howdy.
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:00pm Julie:

Yay for Elwyn's mouse!
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:01pm Julie:

Thank you loverly ladies for all your awesome shows!
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:02pm Elwyn:

Why thank you Danne D! I do feel like it's essential for me to mouse because I can only enjoy FMU via the Internerd.

Danne, don't ever underestimate your contributions. It all counts.
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:03pm Julie:

Double Y3K!
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:03pm hamburger in Hong Kong:

Double Y3k. wow. that is win!
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:03pm Danne D:

awwwww butter!

Cool Parq :) I'll be a total dork up.

Trust me Elwyn I'm in your category too - just taking the long route :) Problem is I fear I'm losing count :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:04pm Danne D:

gooooooooooooooooooooo double y3k person :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:04pm Danne D:

Monica's finishing in style of course :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:05pm Danne D:

Yay - I didn't win. I fear it's entering prize-hog stage :( and I just wanna really shout out all the great shows and yell at people to pledge :)
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:05pm Wishful Thinker:

double y3k PWNS
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:09pm Danne D:

y3k = most confusing pledge name ever
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:12pm Wishful Thinker:

MST3K was the insider/hip term for Mystery Science Theater 3000, back around the year 2000 (aka Y2K). So "Y3K" usually means ironically futuristic.
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:14pm Elwyn:

I wish I had the pledging ability to prize hog.
  Sun. 3/6/11 9:30pm Danne D:

I recall it being just a play on the Y2K bug actually :)

I'm not quite sure there was $3000 level at that time.

LOL - well Elwyn you pledged your mouse at once - if you just dribble it out you can be a prize hog. (I actually think I won 3. Not exactly hogging to a comical extent but at this point I'd just as soon see other people have a turn to win :)
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