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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 25, 2011: The Throw Show

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/25/11 6:00pm WEIRDOS:

Hi, Frangry!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:00pm stinkbug:

  Fri. 2/25/11 6:00pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:01pm WEIRDOS:

Throwdown? Or throw up?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:01pm TubaRuba:

I cry a little during each fumbled intro
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:02pm stinkbug:

I think these two kids will get better with the equipment after a few shows.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:03pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

You dudz
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:03pm TubaRuba:

Andy's answer is his passive aggressive attempt to throw the show by messing up the intro every week
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:03pm Tommelise:

Frangry is throwing joy to us listeners!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:03pm stinkbug:

I once got mad at my parents and threw a Rubik's Snake at our front door. It broke it half, instantly horrifying me, but I had to play it cool and stay upset and march upstairs.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:04pm deed:

a waterford vase
a tantrum
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:04pm Cecile:

I threw my dad's beloved Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass 8-track at the wall in a rage when I was a kid. He was as mad as if I threw it at him.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:05pm 8 Track:

I'm designed to withstand road rattles, not wall collisions.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:06pm Cecile:

I threw shade...
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:06pm stinkbug:

was the identifier a sticker that said "microphone"?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:06pm hamburger:

shame on you cecile - spanish fly??
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:06pm Equipment:

Fucking geniuses.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:06pm glenn:

i was thrown into a swimming pool at a party for my grade thirteen graduation party. with 100 hits of acid in my pocket.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:07pm TubaRuba:

Maybe he was trying to put a sticker *over* the microphone, to stop the madness
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:07pm stinkbug:

grade thirteen ???
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:07pm boop:

a friends father had a stake in studio 54 and we went there one night dressed in levis' and tee shirts...
i drank copious amounts of free heinekin and when we left, i threw up on the shoes of the beautiful people standing out front hoping to get in..
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:07pm Cecile:

I know! My dad was so pissed. I had to buy him a new one out of my allowance.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:07pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I had a teacher in high school that would throw blackboard erasers at me
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:08pm Equipment:

@L Dave -- Did you chalk it up to experience?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:08pm TubaRuba:

@Dave I had an eraser thrown at me once in school
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:09pm Cecile:

we had those teachers, Listener Dave.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:09pm Tommelise:

@Dave: Every teacher throws blackboard erasers to students! It's therapeutic!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:09pm Danne D:

Hi Weirdos :)
Hi Andy :)
Hi Frangry :) <333
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:10pm Danne D:

TubaRuba is here :)
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:10pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I thought it was just me. He also threw overshoes
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:10pm TubaRuba:

Hi Danne - happy Friday!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:10pm glenn:

grade thirteen. ontario. canada.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:11pm Danne D:

I've thrown a bird at a few people.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:11pm Danne D:

more like the bird actually
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:11pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  Fri. 2/25/11 6:12pm tommy:

my brother threw a hatchet at my leg when we were building a fence in out backyard. I now have a scar, and a chipped bone as a result!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:12pm Cecile:

tommy, that is better than an octopus.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:13pm Listener Dave from Ireland:

jesus tommy....
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:13pm tommy:

thanks! it was a good throw.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:13pm Danne D:

Hey Weirdos did you know that you can adopt Andy or Frangry for the year? It's true! And frankly the message board people need to kick the ass of the callers in this regard if you ask me.

Andy here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wfmu/3293829671/in/set-72157603873576097/

Frangry here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wfmu/3270338129/in/set-72157603873576097/
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:13pm Tommelise:

I once threw cough drops at a friend who was smoking next to me.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:14pm Jillers:

that little fuck ALWAYS get s on before me!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:14pm TubaRuba:

woohoo Jenna's here - I picked the right show to listen to
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:14pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Yeah I see the photos but then what do you do?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:14pm tommy's brother:

i was aiming for your head.....
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:15pm hamburger:

jenna sounds drunk
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:15pm Hostility:

I pervade sibling relationships, let's be honest here.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:15pm TubaRuba:

haha you're right, hamburger
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:15pm tommy:

to my brother: you have shitty aim, bro.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:16pm Danne D:

@Listener Dave you go here and pledge :) Ya gotta pre-pay the pledge to get your paws on the adoption rights for Andy or Frangry:

The picture page has the info on how to stake your claim :)
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:16pm Jillers:

Jenna... can I throw your annoying ass off a building?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:16pm glenn:

so...... it's okay for andy to throw something at his kid, but if his kid threw something at him, that's not okay?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:17pm Cecile:

It's not OK for people to throw things at each other.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:17pm Danne D:

Did you see that you can adopt some of the comments boards now - but not this one - at least not yet :(

But show the love for Kenzo and your fellow commenters and adopt a playlist if you are so moved :)
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:17pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I see!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:17pm Cecile:

Unless it's a sport.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:17pm Cops:

Jillers... sure, and after that we throw your hostile ass in the slammer and *throw* away the key.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:17pm Jillers:

There should be an AGE limit to calls.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:18pm hamburger:

does the SUW marathon calendar start from March?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:18pm Cecile:

I adopted Jason's Talk is Cheap board already.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:18pm Tommelise:

I think that's Jenna! She's trying to steal the show!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:18pm stinkbug:

Shut Up, Weirdo, WFMU's top-rated teen show!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:18pm Danne D:

Did you really Cecile? :) I have to look that up - you're the first one I think.

Success for that awesome idea of adopting message boards!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:19pm Cecile:

remember the show that was coherent? Me either.

Later, taters!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:19pm Joeee:

does it matter if you threw something at someone accidentally?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:19pm Cecile:

Yup. I did that yesterday, Danne.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:19pm Danne D:

I don't see your name up there yet Cecile :(
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:20pm Cecile:

It should be. Jason knows, and I put a pledge in. I better geddit!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:20pm Danne D:

But the lack of coherence is part of the charm, Cecile :)

Have a good night :) Looking forward to seeing your name in lights (or pixels anyway)
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:20pm Stinker:

I once threw a formaldehyde soaked dead rat through a window into a pot of lobsters at the Harvard Lampoon.

Do I have to call to win?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:20pm Show:

@Cecile: This show is always the throw show. As in "thrown together at the last minute":
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:20pm Cecile:

And my name won't be on it. We came up with a name.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:20pm Listener Dave from Ireland:

I've been hit three times while out walking with stuff thrown from cars :(

I need to start throwing stuff back
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:21pm Cecile:

LOL, thanks for the clarification, SHow.

I am so pledging $180 next week from my prize account.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:21pm TubaRuba:

hm, now that you mention it, I think I'll pour myself a shot of vodka right now
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:22pm tommy:

ill raise money for the pledge by setting up a station where people can throw things at me. pay 5 bux, and let'r rip
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:22pm G:

I adopted Iriwn's board yesterday. So are we the Chairmen of the Boards now?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:22pm stinkbug:

Who would pledge $500 for frangry to allow andy to make his video?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:23pm Cecile:

tommy, you should do a dunk tank.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:23pm Danne D:

I think they did a Breckman dart board as a premium in the past.

Maybe someone else will name one of the other boards after Cecile then :)
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:23pm Cecile:

have a great weekend!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:23pm Danne D:

you too Cecile :) Are you volunteering at the marathon at all?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:24pm Johnny Muller:

You know what's gay? That show Throwdown with Bobby Flay. He always loses.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:25pm Tommelise:

When I was a kid I threw a rosary at a classmate and I was kicked-out of the classroom.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:25pm Bobby Flay:

It's a reality show competition, so of course the producers rig it.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:25pm Danne D:

I actually have to get going too :( I have a Doctor's appointment as my neck's been sorta hurting lately and I think it's a sinus infection thing or something :(
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:26pm Danne D:

TubaRuba take care of the boards for me :)
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:26pm Kirk:

my ex g/f threw a carmel macchiato at me...what a waste of 5 bucks :/
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:26pm Board:

@Danne: Woos!!!!!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:26pm Danne D:

  Fri. 2/25/11 6:27pm Caramel Macchiato:

Like we enjoyed it? Had you showered that day, dude?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:27pm Charles:

So THAT's what makes that SOUND!! CICADAS. My brother always used to tell me they were sprinklers.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:27pm Danne D:

@board I love you anyway
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:27pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I threw my money away on the stock market
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:27pm John McCabe in LA:

I believe you made 7k last year 10k is a good goal
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:28pm Kirk:

Im not sayin it hit me....Ive got made reflexes
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:28pm Charles:

I threw halloween candy at a record store employee for trash talking a girl and then he called it assault.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:28pm stinkbug:

You could easily make $10K with a video.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:29pm TubaRuba:

yikes Danne I hope you feel better
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:29pm Orlando:

I throw pennies at people who cut me off in traffic.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:29pm Record Store Employee:

I threw the book at that a-hole.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:30pm Charles:

I worked with the a-hole.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:30pm stinkbug:

wtf is this caller going on about?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:30pm record store girl:

thanks for saving me Charles.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:31pm Danne D:

I'll be okay TubaRuba :) I think it's nothing too bad, but it's been lingering so I figured I should get it checked out.

See you next week weirdos :) pledge your love to Frangry and Andy :)
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:31pm Orlando:

Ray jay is The Professional
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:31pm Charles:

saving your honor, no problem
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:31pm TubaRuba:

You dudes should pitch the Andy&Frangry tv show to the Sundance channel
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:32pm record store girl:

my *honor*? lmfao! as if!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:32pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Nick the Bard threw his shoes at an escalator
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:34pm Charles:

yes, it happens when people sleep together.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:34pm reginald:

Once in a fight, as a kid, I picked up my enemy's bike and threw it at him. It pinned him down and ended the fight. Also as a kid, my brother threw darts at me while I was running up the basement stairs. One stuck in my right big toe.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:35pm bluevast:

for a hamburger today i'll gladly pay you on tuesday
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:35pm commenter:

@reggie: thro what?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:35pm Nickt he Bard:

No, the escalator ATE my shoes.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:36pm TubaRuba:

Jill reminds me of Paula Poundstone
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:36pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Whatever it takes to get those exclusive action figures
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:37pm Nick the Bard:

That I never did get :/
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:37pm bluevast:

once when i was young my brother threw a red house brick in the air and hit me on the head i was only like5-7 i had to get stitches:(
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:38pm g:

I used to throw snowballs at the sides of buses. And I threw up in the middle of the New Orleans bus terminal one Mardi Gras. I'm not proud of either. I'm also sure I'm not alone.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:39pm Jillers:

seriously? vegan butter is the best
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:39pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Sounds like a lawsuit to me
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:40pm Stinker:

ooh, @g, i once threw a rock into the road. i wanted to throw it over the passing car. but i hit the car. and the guy got out and yelled at me.

i was 2.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:40pm Tommelise:

There are a couple of strikes in Puerto Rico, what should I throw at the whinny professors? Banana peals? Plantain flavored gum?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:40pm g:

The Dumont Huskies!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:40pm Guy:

You little punk, i'll murder yez!!!!!!!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:41pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I recommend a cruise ship
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:41pm Tommelise:

The Thow-aton enraged tour!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:41pm Jillers:

  Fri. 2/25/11 6:41pm Johnny Muller:

I've been on hold so long I've been disconnected twice.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:41pm Kirk:

I wanna throw something at this show today :/
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:42pm tommy:

@ j Muller. Dido.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:43pm Guy:

Ditto even, moron.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:43pm Tommelise:

Bad callers should get thrown rotting octopuses!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:43pm Julie:

I have never done this, but has anyone REALLY thrown their panties at a rock star?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:44pm Guy:

Sure, Julie, you never ever did, you're just asking out of theoretical interest.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:44pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I don't have panties
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:45pm TubaRuba:

@Julie - seems like too much work, but don't people bring extra bras to throw at Tom Jones shows etc.?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:45pm Orlando:

I can't believe she's afraid of butter.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:45pm Julie:

If I'd done it, I'd know the answer now wouldn't I?
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:45pm Guy:

Steal your gf's.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:46pm Guy:

Nice save, Julie. We'll pretend we believe you'd never do it yourself.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:46pm Julie:

@Tuba that's what I was wondering! Yes it does seem like a lot of work. And I don't have like "extra" underwear to give a rock star to throw away.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:46pm g:

The first time I met my girlfriend's 3 year old nephew I hit him in the face with a Wiffle ball.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:47pm Julie:

@Guy I WISH I was that kind of party girl. I don't flash my boobs at guys with video cameras either. I am very boring.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:47pm mark:

I threw my panties at Iggy Pop ... but I was still wearing them
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:47pm Spike:

People throw bottles at Snoop Kitty Kat and Jenny From the Bedroom.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:48pm Guy:

There's always a first time, Julie baby! Try it, you might like it.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:49pm Kirk:

I throw gang signs...
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:50pm Sean:

Wait? Did that guy say he was in Shudder to Think? That band was awesome
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:50pm Jillers:

I love you, g!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:50pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

When I was a kid we used to throw dirt bombs at each other
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:52pm The Dirtbombs:

@L Dave: Whaddya know, so did we.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:52pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Good, dirty fun. At least it wasn't poop
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:56pm g:

Right back at ya Dumont.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:56pm Jillers:

BTW Andy ... ~I~ got the James Cagney reference.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:57pm Johnny Muller:

I already pledged earlier last week. Make sure the money gets credited to SUW!
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:57pm TubaRuba:

Well. That was a terrifying image search: http://ny-image3.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.95554379.jpg
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:58pm Tommelise:

I always regret throwing food at people. It seems like such a waste.
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:58pm And Now...:

Let's throw it to Mr Fine Wine
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:58pm Kirk:

I throw awesomeness
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:59pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I just threw a furtive glance at the girl across the room
  Fri. 2/25/11 6:59pm Tommelise:

Throw that call off the air!
  Fri. 2/25/11 7:00pm Tommelise:

Butter face!
  Fri. 2/25/11 7:01pm girls:

im throwing my panties at this show
  Fri. 1/10/14 5:56pm Zontar:

what's a message?
  Fri. 1/10/14 6:55pm ?:

Even though I didn't make the list, I made you guys laugh tonight which is awesome to me. ALSO, you guys said how old you guys were tonight and I'm amazed. I really thought you guys were both in your 20's
  Fri. 2/14/14 6:42pm pablo:

  Fri. 9/26/14 6:46pm Halfonion:

Your mother should have swollowed you or the best of you dropped down your mothers leg
  Fri. 5/8/15 6:17pm jason:

Frangry should of got a couple of slaps she screws up with me to!
  Fri. 12/4/15 6:39pm aldo:

Weed the best I need some lets party
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:57pm brian:

how about "well, latte-dah"
Avatar 🎃 Fri. 11/25/16 6:46pm schwartzy:

  Fri. 5/19/17 6:52pm Bob:

...nothing follows
  Fri. 5/18/18 6:41pm thathguy:

Thought it was in there
Oh despair, wasn't in there
had sex with a rug
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