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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 18, 2011: All The Rage

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/18/11 6:00pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:01pm FRANGRY:

We are happy to donate some of our time to KUSF
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:01pm tommelise:

  Fri. 2/18/11 6:01pm Elwyn:

  Fri. 2/18/11 6:02pm John McCabe in LA:

here is my new setup if anyone wants to see it
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:02pm TubaRuba:

Those crazy exiles - always stealing airtime
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:02pm Elwyn:

PS Good luck with board, Andy!

Or has Frangry taken over now?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:03pm Clovis Sangrail:

Andy Cohen is foraying into rap already?
This show should be good!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:03pm John McCabe in LA:

Andy is too loud
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:03pm dave-iiie:

  Fri. 2/18/11 6:03pm tommelise:

Andy muted Frangry in order to rap.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:04pm John McCabe in LA:

turn Frangry up
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:05pm KM:

did andy and frangry take tom's podcast parody on tuesday to heart?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:05pm deed:

turn it up to 11
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:05pm Elwyn:

or Andy, turn yourself down or Andy whisper
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:05pm pete poxxer:

andy needs some beats to go with his rap
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:06pm hamburgerman:

why is this mans voice so loud, i dont like him, hes bad
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:06pm John McCabe in LA:

Andy and Frangry trade mic's
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:06pm Elwyn:

Andy, it's called wasabi!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:07pm cheeseburgerlady:

I like it a bit, his voice is nice
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:07pm fleep:

Nothing much. Wasabi with you?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:07pm hamburgerman:

You thought Agnew had a nice voice too dirty old woman
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:07pm English Teacher:

That should be "mics" w/no apostrophe, Mr. McCabe. ;)
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:08pm cheeseburgerlady:

it was nixons voice i liked,
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:08pm mouth:

oh yes please...
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:08pm KM:

is ken in the station? he needs to come in, slap andy and correct the levels
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:08pm tommelise:

Cling into the microphone!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:08pm pete poxxer:

there was once a band i heard that didn't like machines. they raged against them.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:09pm FRANGRY:

get over it. theres nothing we can do. the good mic aint here
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:09pm Alex:

I may be the cause of a lot of sidewalk rage, due to my tendency to passive-aggressively hold doors for people (hold the door when they're just too far away, and see if I can make them run).
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:09pm lil frangry:

yeah theres nothing we can do
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:10pm Ken:

Alas, Im not there. I just entered Colorado airspace.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:11pm pete poxxer:

ok. need to distinguish the difference between getting pissed or mad, angry and RAGE!!!!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:11pm fleep:

Anger, denial, bargaining, depression, acceptance. What are we up to?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:11pm dave-iiie:

Do you folks in the states have those people standing on the sidewalk who try and get you to sign up to support their charity? And they stand every 250 meters... and approach you with evil smiles?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:12pm Andy:

In russia they have them every 50 metres
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:13pm tommelise:

I get sidewalk rage whenever people park their cars in the sidewalk!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:13pm bad mic:

heh heh heh, nothin u kin do
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:13pm Elwyn:

charity street fundraisers are evil
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:13pm tommelise:

In Russia, charities and parties find you!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:13pm fleep:

They mainly populate supermarket entrances here, and it's everything from Shave the Children to Nutbars for LaRouche
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:14pm Jayden Smith:

I hate it when my dad gets all up in my movies, like hes cool and all but sometimes im like dad come on
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:14pm dave-iiie:

One time, one of these people managed to stop me in my tracks and attempted to sign me up to support a depression charity... I replied "but I'm not depressed!" and walked off.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:15pm pete poxxer:

again this is not about peeves it is about RAGE!!!!!!godamit!!!!don't let this show laps into lame calles about people irritated about dumb shit. this is about RAGE!!!!!!!!!!sons a biches goddammit!!!FFF!!!!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:15pm Frisco Kid:

dave-iiie: we have those people in San Francisco, they operate in pairs and annoy me with their aggressive ploys. I call them the binder beggars.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:15pm flek:

live in rural vt, not many sidewalks, lots of mud though.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:16pm Elwyn:

charity street fundraisers get paid a really high commission.

i told one to f#@k off and donated the finger this week when he tried that technique of being superfriendly-like
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:16pm dave-iiie:

Frisco - it's their horrible smiling attack that really gets to me... "hhhheeey man, have you got 5 minutes??!"

No I'm unemployed, fuck off
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:17pm Jayden Smith:

  Fri. 2/18/11 6:17pm Staten Island:

people here key your car if they don't want you parking in the public parking spaces in front of their house, which they bizarrely think they OWN

PARKING SPACE RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:17pm Jayden Smith:

  Fri. 2/18/11 6:18pm bean:

I man in Midwood got made at me for parking in front of his house while he was watering his garden
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:19pm Danne D:

hi weirdos - no posting for me today - devils game
have a good one :)

you guys better adopt frangry as she rightly belongs to the message boarders!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:20pm Staten Island:

the whole south shore of S.I. used to live in central and south Brooklyn, including Middwood. Islanders call the Verrazzano Bridge "the guinea gangplank"
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:21pm tommelise:

This feels like a therapy session! "Hi, I'm Tommelise and I have 'rage-like' episodes because I live in Puerto Rico."
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:21pm Danne D:

if you don't i'll be enraged!

have a good one!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:21pm ?:

Are you protesting the schools in PR?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:23pm pete poxxer:

seems like it was the end of summer last year when we finally got that dumb book for the premium
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:25pm Staten Island:

that danne d -- what a social butterfly!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:25pm deed:

you should yell shut up weirdo
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:26pm B:

  Fri. 2/18/11 6:27pm Johnny Muller:

I was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder but I refuse to accept that I have it. It's a bullshit disorder, it's extremely rare and it will fit to anyone that gets really angry.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:27pm Danne D:

spit up weirdo?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:27pm Staten Island:

  Fri. 2/18/11 6:27pm tommelise:

Anger management gives me rage! It's too "peaceful"!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:28pm Elwyn:

I never rage but do get angry. I need anger enhancement classes.

McCabe needs Frangry management classes where he'll learn to manipulate her emotions. Ha ha!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:29pm John McCabe in LA:

I get comments board rage
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:29pm Elwyn:

@Danne D: Are you going to adopt Keili again this year?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:30pm Emily Litella:

What's all this I'm hearing about rape management?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:30pm John McCabe in LA:

there is no sidewalk rage in L.A. nobody walks here they all drive
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:31pm Elwyn:

Watching Judge Judy has taught me to avoid confrontation just in case the other person is complete psycho.
These days, there are too many ice addicts around. I don't even honk at jerks who cross red lights when I have a green light.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:31pm pete poxxer:

sometimes laughter is the best medicine when you get mad. when i get really mad at someone i burst into laughter, insane clown like laughter, with eyes shifting around and all. it seems to make everything better. especially if i keep walking towards the person as they walk away from the situation.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:31pm timotato:

Rush Limbaugh enrages me
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:31pm Danne D:

shoot up weirdo?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:31pm dave-iiie:

Did any of you ever suffer teacher/lecturer rage? And flip out at them in class?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:32pm B:

Anger is an Energy properly channeled! DESTYROY
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:33pm Spike:

I have Staten Island rage. Everytime I see Sncikers or Snooky or whatever her name is, I see red.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:34pm dave-iiie:

sir wins! SIR WINS!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:34pm tommelise:

@ dave-iiie: Yes! I had an Arnold-like episode once. Like the one he had in Kindergarden Cop. I yelled at them and the teachers in the adjacent classrooms freaked-out.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:35pm flatterer:

Frangry's best weapon is her mouth!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:35pm hearse:

That sounds like something Clay Pigeon would do...
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:35pm Elwyn:

Ken will get you a new microphone.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:36pm Staten Island:

Those south shore ex-BK Italians are big on rage. They carry bats in their cars as plausibly deniable weapons (until they use them). And the Juiceheads among them are totally raged out from steroids. Testosterone poisoning.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:36pm tommelise:

Small women are rage-filled beings.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:37pm psychic:

I knew this guy was going to call.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:37pm dave-iiie:

best comments board ever ever ever ever
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:38pm pete poxxer:

this guy keeps running into pshycics because they know when he will be there and know when to be where he is just to piss him off.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:38pm B:

  Fri. 2/18/11 6:38pm Elwyn:

If you believe in Scientology or psychics, you're an idiot.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:38pm tommelise:

Cursing in Spanish while driving in rage is magical.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:39pm God:

I don't believe in physics.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:39pm deed:

shut up weirdo
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:40pm pete poxxer:

the string theory phycics are the worst
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:40pm God:

I win!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:41pm Terrorists:

Rage? Us? O:-)
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:41pm psychic:

string theory psychics? Like violin playing mentalists?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:42pm tommelise:

Rage from living with parents.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:43pm WFMUMING!:

!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:43pm Orlando:

DJ "rhymes with Doritos"
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:43pm pete poxxer:

almost 45 minutes into it and no one has called about getting mad against machines
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:45pm tommelise:

Despite all my rage I'm still just a rat in a cage!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:45pm Danne D:

psych up weirdo?u
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:45pm Johnny Muller:

First John McCabe then Rayjay!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:46pm scrumble:

New deejay name I came up with at the 7-11 last night: MC Pregnant Woman Buying 12-Pack
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:46pm pete poxxer:

i wish that reporter who had a stroke or a migraine on live tv would call in to the show
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:46pm dave-iiie:

this show... just went...
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:46pm ?:

this guy's making me mad.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:47pm Whole Paycheck:

Fuck Rage against the Machine. Howzabout some Rage against the Organics?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:47pm Elwyn:

McCabe is back...
Rayjay is back...
Svetlana returns next week??? :-D
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:47pm tommelise:

Mis poderes psíquicos me dicen que estamos poniéndonos rabiosos a raíz de esta llamada.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:47pm fck:

What about the Russian girl with Xraye eyes?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:47pm ?:

Rage against the Vegans.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:48pm Bonnaventure:

Can someone call CPS?
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:49pm pete poxxer:

next we need that guy that pickles his brother and that guy that walks old and needs his voice modified ladies across the street
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:49pm Whole Paycheck:

Call CPS what? That bastard.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:49pm MI7:

  Fri. 2/18/11 6:49pm Carlos:

PDAs give me rage
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:49pm tommelise:

Andy and Frangry sound way too happy for an episode based on "rage."
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:51pm Bop:

Bop ya in da noze sucka.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:51pm Orlando:

Rage makes us happy.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:52pm spectra:

The madder they get the slower I drive.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:52pm pete poxxer:

otherwise her name would be Fragerey
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:52pm thegreatlakes:

i'm in love with frangry's voice.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:52pm Danne D:

I am enraged at all the crappy drivers calling in
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:52pm dave-iiie:

i think when a non fighter is forced to fight, it's the definition of rage

so you gentle callers forced into action, are rage specimens
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:52pm Elwyn:

I need Jenna to call! I wonder if she beats up hobos when they ask for money.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:53pm tommelise:

Happily enraged!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:54pm Carlos:

get down with my girlfriend, that ain't right.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:55pm Johnny Muller:

sweaty sock guy wins
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:55pm road rage:

That's socksual assault!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:55pm tommelise:

I once became enraged because I was told that I was too white to be Puerto Rican.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:56pm Carlos:

I love puerto ricans, even the white ones.
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:56pm pete poxxer:

did the socks guy get pissed off at himself later when he realized he did not have any socks! sounds dumb to me. rage when you end up ultimatley doing bad to yourself shouldn't be good
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:57pm tommy:

i broke a rake over my brothers forehead because he and his friend dumped a bucket of water from the garage roof on me. 13 stitches and a gnarly photo to boot
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:58pm WFMUMING!:

Rage is perfectly valid when conducted under reasonable circumstances.. You should never feel bad afterwards, just vindicated!
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:58pm ?:

except michelle she rules :)
  Fri. 2/18/11 6:58pm pete poxxer:

maybe fine wine will donate his airtime to that charity station in san fran cisco
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