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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 21, 2011: Breaking Bad Habits

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Artist Track
Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:01pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:01pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Hi, everybody!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:01pm Mr Obvious:

off to a flying start, huh?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:02pm deed:

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:03pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Start fighting Andy and Frangry.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:03pm Jillers:

Gearing up to annoy Chris! Amen!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:03pm Professor Time Fillage:

Great show, kids! You really paid attention in my class!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:03pm glenn:

you spelled theremin wrong.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:04pm ben drinken:

what's this about bagpipes? it is soon Robert Burns night. Get the haggis and scotch ready.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:04pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Who is this Andy impostor who knows how to work the board????
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:04pm Johnny Muller:

you get goosebumps and sweat
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:05pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Comments Board to ASPBERGER ANDY

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:07pm Johnny Muller:

my b day was yesterday!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:07pm pamelat:

Its nation hug day today... Maybe that's why Andy wanted to hug u so bad
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:07pm Professor Time Fillage:

Spike is a BORE. Just keepin' it real, dawgs.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:07pm hamburger:

howdy weirdos
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:08pm deed:

Happy Birthday Johnny Muller
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:09pm pamelat:

Its national hug day today... Maybe that's why Andy wanted to hug u so bad
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:09pm Frangry's Ex BF:

The only other thing wrong with her is when she's in bed...
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Take a look at the guy's black lungs, Johnny Muller.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:09pm g:

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:09pm James Villiers:

Take Jil's call!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:10pm Spike:

Professor Time Fillage: Your IQ is still in the single digits. YOU'RE AN IDIOT.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:10pm g:

Double Bubble.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:10pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What kind of gum do they have in RUSSIA, Andy?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:10pm g:

I hate Doublemint.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:11pm Johnny Muller:

Borscht flavored gum
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:11pm stinkbug:

I hate it when I forget to tune in on time.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:11pm g:

Which one had the spider eggs? I like that one too.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:11pm Professor Time Fillage:

Wow, zinged by Spike with an insult so nostalgic from fourth grade. Now I have to commit ritual suicide.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:12pm Jillers:

YAYAYAYAYAY Was last night?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:12pm Johnny Muller:

JIl is better than Angelina Jolie
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:12pm stinkbug:

Why is Frangry in such a good mood?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:12pm Spike:

Professor: Please commit suicide.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:12pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Sawdust flavored gum
Vodka flavored gum
Stalin flavored gum
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:12pm g:

Trolls? I'm more gnomey.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:13pm Jillers:

Thanks Johnny!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:13pm Professor Time Fillage:

Commenting on this show is a bad habit. Any advice for Spikeypoo et al.?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:13pm g:

Imodium makes you say "like" a lot.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:14pm Professor Time Fillage:

Like for real?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:14pm g:

Imodium is okay with white wine but deadly with red.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:14pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I wish I could quit you, FRANGRY.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:14pm Johnny Muller:

I got off of immodium by doing heroin
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:15pm Hannah:

This show is a habit!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How do you get off the IMMODIUM?????
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:15pm Professor Time Fillage:

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:15pm boop:

time fillage, spike is cool - you're not...
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:15pm Jillers:

You took the KID'S call over YOUR first celeb??????
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:16pm Professor Time Fillage:

So let me do Spike

Mumble mutter pause slur
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Does this kid ride in the short bus?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:17pm g:

A child eating turduckin is borderline abuse.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:17pm Hannah:

That was mean Mr. JoHnny!!!!
and so true...
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:19pm weedhead:

is weed a habit? cause I anit breakin it!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:19pm ben drinken:

I always thought gum was disgusting because imagine what is in it after someone chews it. plaque, food particles, and bad breath trapped in it from the mouth of the person.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:19pm Johnny Muller:

You live in Montclair! Oooh girl, we gonna hang out.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:20pm Juga:

you are great!!!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:21pm Johnny Muller:

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:22pm Tommelise:

Is making origami-frogs with post-its a bad habit?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:22pm weedhead:

oxycodone=hillberry heroin
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:22pm Lulu:

my dad recently stopped picking his nose!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:22pm Professor Time Fillage:

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:23pm weedhead:

hey lady, shut up weirdo!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Get off drugs COLD TURDUCKEN
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:23pm Jillers:

Johnny! PM me on facebook! We can hang out!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:23pm Tommelise:

Bad habit: parents farting during a road trip.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:24pm Professor Time Fillage:

Make out on the board, you two.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:24pm Johnny Muller:

I will! What does "PM" mean.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:25pm Hannah:

Andy+ Frangry+hating eachother= awesome!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:25pm Professor Time Fillage:

private message
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:25pm Jillers:

errrr private message
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:25pm Johnny Muller:

oh ok will do
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:26pm Tommelise:

One of my recent bad habits has been posting in this board. It's extremely fun, free of cost, but time consuming. I feel like I'm becoming a troll.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:26pm boop:

so next weeks show is:
which twin is better?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:26pm weedhead:

red carpet rolled out for the alkie at the booze store,yay!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:26pm Lulu:

SHUT UP WEIRDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:27pm ben drinken:

hey, you just go to another store to buy you booz every day. never go to the same store in the same neighborhood everyday.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:27pm Juga:

bad habits...hm....sleep afternoon
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:27pm Professor Time Fillage:

this dude has swiss cheese brain syndrome, ya know
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:28pm Lulu:

he stillsounds like he is listen to his voice.lol
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:28pm Tommelise:

Does anyone know how stop drinking coffee?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:28pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What are these so called "prizes" FRANGRY sends out?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:28pm weedhead:

Is this my God?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:28pm Juga:

very tasty swiss cheese
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:28pm Professor Time Fillage:

he's almost as good as S---e
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:28pm boop:

no work, no dough, no pot... bad habit broken...
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:29pm Johnny Muller:

stickers buttons and/or a t shirt
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:29pm Lulu:

t-shirts and bumber stickers
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:29pm Juga:

drunk only by weekend
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:29pm bobbi:

I'm glad you brought it up.... Jill is a serious rambler that bogarts airtime. Others would like to contribute to the show but can't. And then, of course, who calls but her equally bogarting sister. Those two just sucked half your show away.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:29pm Tommelise:

I bet he was smoking while talking on the phone.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:30pm weedhead:

Anyone ever take off their pants and jacket?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:30pm stinkbug:

seriously, Frangry seems to be in a very good mood. is this normal?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:30pm Lulu:

thats what i thought
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:30pm john:

when whence we wonder with weed, whom wanders with whom weirdos won't shut up.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:31pm Lulu:

break ur bad habit of talking weird
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:31pm seang:

jill is cool, stop hating ya gobshites
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:31pm Professor Time Fillage:

rettile this episode "Parade of Retards" -- who dialed the phone for these clowns?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:31pm Juga:

and swees wine or gerany wine
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:31pm Tommelise:

Andy sounds freaked-out. Is he trying to break a habit?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:31pm Everyone:

@bobbi: word.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:31pm Johnny Muller:

I stopped digging up animals because I haven't found any plus the ground is too hard
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:32pm Vivian:

I kicked my alcoholic boyfriend out of my house. Then his sister hinted at legal action. Oh the humor!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:32pm Tommelise:

Bad habit: trying to help people way too much.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:32pm Chris:

HOBO KILLING === BEST ANDY ZINGER EVER!!!!!! Watch out Breckman will steal it...
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:33pm Juga:

yes -women is bad habits
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:33pm weedhead:

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:34pm Juga:

i am not gay
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:34pm Spike:

Professor: You dialed the number. G-d, you're a jackass.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:34pm Tommelise:

Being obsessed with studying and asking professors extra work is a bad habit.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:34pm Shakespeare:

Better to have fucked the bitch and then not called her ever again, rather than to never have gotten laid at all.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:35pm stinkbug:

i'm renaming her Cheergry.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:36pm Cristo:

"Its better to have loved in a loft, than never to have loved at all"
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:36pm Danne D:

Hi weirdos :), Hi Frangry :) <333 Hi Andy :)
Happy Birthday Muller!
I took the train to work today so I am on my stupid 'smart' phone - thus I cannot read any replies or comments past page 1 :(
gonna listen on the phone now but stay warm everyone and have a good one!!! :)
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:36pm Jumpin Jack F.:

I died with that Spike talkin' on the air, yeah yeah yeah.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:37pm weedhead:

drive a hearse, drink some T-Bird, and eat some turduckin...a great Friday night
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:37pm James Villiers:

Jil is allowed to bogart time; I give her permission as a not so recognized celebrity.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:38pm weedhead:

wear sunglasses dusch.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:39pm Lulu:

ur family and freinds r the worst!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:39pm Johnny Muller:

Gracias Frangry and Danne D! Feliz cumpleanos madre de Frangry.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:40pm Tommelise:

Madre, mami, and mamá is the same in Spanish.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:40pm Hannah:

wow you peoples have potty mouths!!!!!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:40pm Danne D:

lol at Andy - that is brilliant! 'I'm not stalking you, I'm just people watching'

Now how do you explain the ladder and binoculars, Andy?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:41pm stinkbug:

this caller has a potty mouth.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:41pm Johnny Muller:

I have a good recipe for grapefruit...cut in half then sprinkle some sugar and bake in oven for just a little mmmmmmm...
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:41pm g:

I work with 2 people born on 1/21/82. Weird.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:41pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Exterminate the HOBOS
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:41pm Tommelise:

Hanging on the comments board can lead you to bad habits.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:41pm Lulu:

this is my sis!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:43pm g:

The rapper with the big clock had a pacifier.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:43pm Hannah:

they hung up on me...
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:43pm weedhead:

Hannah is total weirdo
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:44pm Hannah:

your a weirdo weedhead
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:44pm Lulu:

no they didn;t han u sounded done
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:44pm g:

Andy needs a "pacifier".
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:44pm Tommelise:

@ Hannah, Don't worry. They then to do that. It's their bad habit!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:44pm stinkbug:

hannah, that's because you started cursing.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:45pm Cristo:

Bourbon is my favorite pacifier... : )
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:45pm boop:

weedhead doesn't know how to spell douche... the douche
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:45pm Hannah:

I do tend to do that. stinkbug
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:45pm Danne D:

I are too good people! 8(

Is that why Frangry never gives commenters prizes - cuz she hates us all? 8(
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:45pm weedhead:

a weed pacifier..total genius!!!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:46pm Tommelise:

This show is about drug addicts, alcoholics, and chronic masturbators; not about bad habits!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:47pm Tommelise:

It's a lie! A lie! She doesn't give any prizes to us at all!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:48pm weedhead:

pichers...the next best thing to weed
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:49pm De Fenestrated:

I think only nuns have dirty habits.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:49pm JT:

being a functional alcoholic is a bad habit!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:49pm g:

The callers are Frangry's bad habit.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:49pm Kwap:

A few years back i used to kidnap law gnomes. I have two shopping carts full in my back yard before i stopped.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:49pm boop:

weedhead doesn't know how to spell pitchers.... the douche
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:50pm tom:

Asking for addictions that aren't drug or alcohol related pretty much opens up pandora's box for the rare and odd things that don't get much attention. You asked for it and should expect it and allow it. I, personally, wanted to hear about the bugger eating because it might make unique radio.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:50pm weedhead:

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:50pm Jumpin Jack F.:

boop's bad habit is slamming slammers. i guess she should check the mirror! lmao
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:51pm Tommelise:

Singing Menudo songs while showering is a terrible habit. Specially if you're Puerto Rican
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:52pm g:

Mikey D is great......for one joke.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:52pm hamburger:

was that john mccabe?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:52pm boop:

frangry is brilliant.... i believe it...
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:52pm Spike:

Another bad habit is eating Republicans on Fridays.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:53pm weedhead:

Bad habit? probing Uranus
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:53pm Jumpin Jack F.:

Great material, Spikeypoo! w00t! See if Tom likes.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:54pm Danne D:

um the show being called 'Shut Up Weirdo' doesn't exactly encourage calers who have self-actualized ya know :) drug addicts and masturbaholics would seem to be about par.

btw I am addicted to commenting - I mean I'm still doing it even when I cannot see the replies!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:54pm GumpStumpBump:

A show called "Shut Up, Weirdo" hosted by an adorable camp counselor and a 'whatevs' teenie bopper is bound to bring out the creeps. Like me. :) It dares the weirdos to push the shiny buttons.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:54pm g:

This playlist is a strange place.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:54pm Tommelise:

Dancing alone in your room while listening to a boy band is a bad habit.. if you're over 12
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:54pm Cristo:

Right on! g
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:54pm hamburger:

andy: Carlos Valderrama
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:54pm Kwap:

I don't think i would have stopped but then there was a news paper article about it. "Homes With No Gnomes" Had to ditch them all.
@ weedhead I forgot the n the world is ending. Get a life grammar natzi.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:55pm g:

I love this playlist!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:55pm Jumpin Jack F.:

Let's slam sweet Danne D. He will only see it too late to do anything O:-)
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:55pm toolshed:

Kwap is a tool
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:55pm Hannah:

I have a bad habit of wearing my pjs around my house.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:56pm stinkbug:

how do you find a radio station via channel surfing?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:56pm Jumpin Jack F.:

Frangry's famous last words:

"I guess I was WRONG!!!!!"
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:56pm g:

My girlfriend swallows her gum.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:56pm Kwap:

Says TOOLshed
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:57pm Tommelise:

Chewing pills must be a bad habit.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:57pm Danne D:

SUW: all about mastication
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:58pm weedhead:

Frangry said "Swallow"
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:58pm g:

Do you ever swallow it? NO!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:58pm MISTER JOHHNY:

More gum stories next week, please!!!!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:58pm hamburger:

aw frangry you harsh but fair
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:58pm Hannah:

Yeah Andy!!!
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:59pm JT:

my girllfriend swallows my ... gum

thank you frangry for sighing audibly over that caller
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:59pm Hannah:

I am homeschooled so I actually wear my Pjs all ALL day in school
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:59pm g:

PJs arevery comfortable. Loungewear is the new word.
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:59pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 1/21/11 6:59pm MISTER JOHHNY:

What's next week's topic?
  Fri. 1/21/11 6:59pm hamburger:

  Fri. 1/21/11 7:00pm MISTER JOHHNY:

  Fri. 1/21/11 7:00pm Hannah:

  Fri. 1/21/11 7:00pm Jumpin Jack F.:

  Fri. 9/23/11 9:15pm high heels:

I never understood how just wearing a certain shoe could help people lose weight. You'd think high heels would work better on a treadmill because they literally kill me when I wear them. plus watching a bit-- I mean woman with heels on a treadmill would amuse me for hours, another one bites the dust! from globalsaler.com
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