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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options January 14, 2011

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Au  Death   Options Versions  0:00:00 ()
Animal Collective  Too Soon   Options Here Comes the Indian  0:04:52 ()
Flower-Corsano Duo  I, Brute Force? / The Three Degrees of Temptation   Options The Four Aims  0:11:28 ()
Vibracathedral Orchestra  Wisdom Thunderbolt   Options Wisdom Thunderbolt  0:30:38 ()
Birchville Cat Motel  Cold Herds Travel   Options Chi Vampires  0:38:34 ()
The Hototogisu  [side F]   Options Floating Japanese Oof! Gardens of the 21st Century  0:49:30 ()
Bjorn Fongaard  Elektrofonia No.1   Options Elektrofoni  1:13:43 ()
Dick Raaijmakers  De Lange Mars   Options The Complete Tape Music of Dick Raaijmakers  1:22:33 ()
Aldo Clementi  Parafrasi   Options Punctum Contra Punctum  1:43:54 ()
Vittorio Gelmetti  Treni d'Onda a Modulazione d'Intensità   Options Musiche Elettroniche  2:03:36 ()
Maryanne Amacher  Teo! - pt. 4 (A) & (B)   Options Sound Characters 2  2:14:30 ()
  Piece for Plung Orchestra [excerpt]   Ritual Mouth-Organs of the Murung  2:39:51 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/14/11 12:06pm Ike:

  Fri. 1/14/11 12:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 1/14/11 12:08pm Vicki:

good day to you
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:09pm ms_a:

  Fri. 1/14/11 12:10pm bryce:

17,462 17,463 17,464 17,465 17,466 17,467 17,468 17,469 meow 17,470 17,471 17,472
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:11pm Vicki:

now there's no need to be like that, you could let the other children join in
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:11pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/14/11 12:11pm BSI:

the hell you say!
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:12pm Vicki:

  Fri. 1/14/11 12:12pm Ike:

Is that the number of pieces of furniture that you've scratched up?
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:13pm Vicki:

now look what you've done. Adobe Forums: [svn:osmf:] 17473: Implemented the...
1 post - Last post: 24 Aug 2010
[svn:osmf:] 17473: Implemented the timeout for the stream reconnect. Revision: 17473. Revision: 17473.
share with the other children
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:13pm Carmichael:

Oh happy day ....♫
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:14pm ms_a:

(washes face with paw)
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:15pm Vicki:

ok that's it, we're leaving
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:17pm bryce:

well if you need me, http://youtube.com/watch?v=yUp883vE_Qg
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:17pm Scottm:

Yay, Flower-Corsano!!!!! Brycghteous!
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:18pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/14/11 12:18pm Vicki:

I hope you're going to play the music from that
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:19pm bryce:

i'm glad to see mr. rodchenko's cloud has wireless
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:21pm Vicki:

and no shortage of
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:24pm Ike:

My brain still cannot grasp the mystifying complexities of pre-Merriweather-Post-Pavilion-era AC (or "pre-sell-out" AC, if you prefer). But this Flower-Corsano is digesting much more smoothly, thx.
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:27pm Kenzo:

Bryce needs to see Play Time @ Museum of Moving Image tomorrow @ 1pm
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:28pm Wincent:

Hi Bryce, Flower-Corsano really shredded that last one! Nice one.
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:30pm bryce:

what a cheapass. they couldn't spring for a cross-cut?
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:31pm Carmichael:

I'm a recent AC convert, having never before heard of them. Other people have mentioned the "sell out" phase of their music. I honestly haven't noticed the difference when pointed to different eras.
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:31pm bryce:

what?? someone restored a tati film??!?
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:34pm glenn:

hey vicki, i checked out some of your stuff on youtube. excellent work.
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:35pm Vicki:

thanks - although I never put stuff on there, best to go to ubu for non stalker versions http://ubu.com/film/plu.html
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:39pm glenn:

yes, there seems to be some offence taken to the word retard.
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:43pm Kenzo:

Yes, Bryce...Tati, just for us. Go tomorrow.
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:45pm Vicki:

you can't win 'em all.
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:46pm bryce:

vicki is offensive to a HUGE section of society
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:46pm glenn:

is it difficult to dub audio from one dvd to another? i think it would be kinda funny to dub deadwood dialogue onto spongebob video.
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:48pm Vicki:

Shouldn't you be like, DJing or something?
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:48pm bryce:

glen meadmore had videos?

is the tati just for one day?!?
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:49pm Kenzo:

Just tomorrow at 1!
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:50pm schizflow:

there is a way to talk about the different eras of animal collective, if you really want to
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:51pm Vicki:

yes, he was in films too!
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:54pm bennett4senate:

yo bryce yo everyone YO
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:56pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/14/11 12:57pm bennett4senate:

i.e. freezedried
  Fri. 1/14/11 12:58pm bryce:

ie. peeing in one's clothes
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:02pm ms_a:

...and with that, it's almost time to talk lunch.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:03pm Kenzo:

Astronaut high five:
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:04pm Carmichael:

Thanks, ms_a. I've decided on salad rolls with a killer hot peanut sauce.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

are we crashing the server or what? very slow response time w the website...can't run flash...
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:07pm BSI:

...and with that, my office's web connection gets all stuttery again. Missed out on the Birchville Cat Motel. Watching the comment board in silence like a sedated fruit-bat in a glass box. Fate is a cruel mistress.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:08pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

(I think it's them)
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:08pm bryce:

freezedried ghee medallions in a peach tang reduction
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

better now
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:11pm Vicki:

oh it's just Bryce checking his email
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:12pm BSI:

DCE: you may be right...... although we've had troubles here, web-wise this week. I immediately point a bony finger of blame to the IT folk and start making animal noises...
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:13pm bryce:

shouldn't you stuffing parkas into a sandwich bag, vicki?
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:13pm BSI:

I hereby revoke all previous fruit-bat references.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:13pm Cheri Pi:

I love this record.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:14pm glenn:

re; glen meadmore - this looks interesting http://www.queermusicheritage.us/mar2005.html
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:18pm Alessandro:

Damn!! R.Kayn died. :(( Plz give us 5 hours of Tektra.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:19pm tacomajohn:

  Fri. 1/14/11 1:19pm Vicki:

  Fri. 1/14/11 1:19pm bryce:

WHAT???? are you serious?
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:20pm Alessandro:

  Fri. 1/14/11 1:22pm northguineahills:

Bjorn Fongaard!
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:22pm bryce:

next week. i can't believe i didn't hear
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:28pm tacomajohn:

I will be listening next week to find out who this Kayn fella was and what he did ...
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:31pm tacomajohn:

But this week... could you play that a capella cover of Seger's "Old Time Rock n Roll" by The House of Saud Boys Choir again?
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:32pm tacomajohn:

okay. i made that up. sorry.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:33pm BSI:

I need Kayn/Tektra schoolin'.
Might know the material but don't know the name, alas.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:49pm Vicki:

I had to go to the petrol station
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:50pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/14/11 1:51pm Vicki:

6 Diet Cokes and some Extra Strong Mints.
I realise this isn't very interesting but it's all I've got
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:51pm Mr. Lowry:

Two thousand and one and a half.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

voices, voices, I hear angelic voices
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:54pm northguineahills:

Nice stuff, time for lunch!
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:54pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/14/11 1:56pm Vicki:

I did that in my throat once in front of a table of people. They were really impressed (ie horrified). I made lots of fizzing noises and felt like my head was going to explode
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:58pm dave in vermont:

i'm freeekin out man...
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:58pm jerk:

try harder next time!
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:58pm bryce:

it's your doing it alone that concerns me.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:59pm coelacanth:

i'm turning into a tiny dot
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:59pm Vicki:

just for you I will, jerk.
  Fri. 1/14/11 1:59pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I was doing this thing with my keyboard and sustain last night with all these voices. Not that it was good...but yeah.
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:00pm idle suite:

De Lange Mars = dream angles, danger meals, mangled eras, derange slam, a Mars legend sang mad reel.
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:00pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 1/14/11 2:01pm stefica:

at the museum of the moving image on sunday...
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:03pm JT:

i'm turning into a microdot
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:03pm BSI:

i am levitating in a vortex of hairy worms. i think they love me.
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:04pm harry tuchus:

grazie per il Clementi!
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:06pm Vicki:

it's true actually, the flash stream is a bit stuttery. I'll tell someone
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:06pm tacomajohn:

i am listening to Bryce's show from last week at the same time I am listening to this show.... they blend well together.
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:07pm still idle suite:

hairy worms = my airy show
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:09pm bryce:

thanks, stef! wow, that looks like a winning combo....
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:12pm still idle suite:

error error -- y, oh, y
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:28pm Kenzo:

tacomajohn: http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2006/05/bryce_meets_ire.html
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:34pm Wincent:

  Fri. 1/14/11 2:35pm nic:

  Fri. 1/14/11 2:42pm bryce:

i can't understand why a foundatino of some sort hasn't swooped down with a cash sack already.

  Fri. 1/14/11 2:45pm Kenzo:

tell mr. foundatino he'd better clear his cash
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:46pm Rob W:

Piece for Plung Orchestra = beautiful
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:47pm bryce:

hey, you!!! :)
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:48pm jeff m:

  Fri. 1/14/11 2:48pm corey:

these are like...harmonicas? freaking luvly.
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:49pm Wincent:

What else are they suppose to do with such a large sack?
I thought the mission statement sounded sincere. :P
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:52pm Wincent:

oh wait, mis read something- doh-
very nice
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:52pm bryce:

hey corey -- http://www.rolfkillius.com/mim.html

it's an orchestra of "Plung" :)
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:54pm Vicki:

where does the money come from for fractured atlas? subscriptions or private donators?
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

maybe I'm too trusting, just pasting in all these urls people keep putting up...
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:55pm corey:

thanks bryce. freekin' cool.
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:56pm Kenzo:

DCE: Don't worry, in playlists v2, you'll be sent to those URL's automatically. Like we'll send you to Greenland, all expenses paid.
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:57pm Vicki:

ta ta Bryce
  Fri. 1/14/11 2:58pm bryce:

oh! have good everythings, everyone!!
  Fri. 1/14/11 3:00pm tacomajohn:

yeah! awesome..thanks KENZO!
  Fri. 1/14/11 3:03pm tacomajohn:

bye Bryce..great show!
  Fri. 1/14/11 3:20pm Vicki:

yes, thankee.
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