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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 3, 2010: Worst Threat To Mankind

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:01pm Vampire Hitler:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:02pm DTB:

Are you guys on the Four Loko already?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:03pm stinkbug:

and "Hi" back.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:03pm Cecile:

Styx reforming with Dennis DeYoung.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:03pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:04pm DTB:

Styx reforming without Dennis DeYoung more like. Yes to haemorrhoids.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:04pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I want to jizzle on Frangry's vajazzle.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:04pm Nick K:

The answer is: a resounding yes.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:05pm Metak:

Worst. Show. Ever.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:05pm Spike:

Worst threat? Annoying soap characters
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:05pm Alison:

Biebans, also a clear threat: http://lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com/
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:06pm stinkbug:

I wonder if they have seen the video of Justin solving a rubik's cube in 90 seconds. Made me give some respect to the man, er, boy.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:06pm DTB:

Spike hating on under 25s and Staten Island? NO WAY.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:06pm hamburger (in london):

j bieber is on a talkshow tv right now here in the uk, they panned to an outside shot of fans standing outside the studio, probably 20 max
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:06pm Vampire Hitler:

Zombies and Vampire Nazis are a huge threat to mankind.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:06pm ?:

risky business in february
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:08pm Different Alex:

The Sasquatch Liberation Front.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:09pm Listener Dave:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:10pm stinkbug:

omg, her reaction to the beeping just made me "lol"
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:10pm Dave Emory:

I am
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:11pm Vampire Hitler:

Raw sewage tsunami.
Big threat.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:11pm DTB:

Ukelele covers of showtunes
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:11pm JR:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:11pm hamburger (in london):

Bigfoot's front of Judea
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:11pm fancy loui:

green scarves
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:11pm stinkbug:

obviously the worst threat to her is a subtle beeping in her ear.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:12pm stinkbug:

the remake of Let the Right One In is actually really well done, don't be dissin' it.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:12pm Listener Dave:

don't ask don't tell
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:13pm Professor Freeform:

The biggest threat to mankind would have to be education. Not learning...but education.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:13pm John McCabe in L.A.:

Vajazzle Frangry with melted cheese.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:15pm Cecile:

I had a really good answer.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:15pm DTB:

Tool posters, they could blow all of our minds. Especially if Tool are playing, right!!!!!!11
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:15pm ADL:

National Public Radio, hipsters, and the word vajazzle or any variation thereof.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:16pm JR:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:16pm casey:

Gary Busey is the biggest threat to mankind. And then genetically modified organisms.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:16pm Vampire Hitler:

That's Thunktank, stupid.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:16pm steve:

this woman thinks you guys are bronwyn and jay. i like you guys more.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:17pm sayhellobirdie:

That's Petey, respect eh?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:17pm sayhellobirdie:

That's Petey, respect eh?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:17pm sayhellobirdie:

That's Petey, respect eh?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:17pm sayhellobirdie:

That's Petey, respect eh?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:18pm hamburger (in london):

biggest threat to mankind, future cyborg sex dolls with the epileptic fit glitch
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:18pm Listener Dave:

I just hope the world makes it through this show
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:19pm leonard nimoy:

william shatner is the worst threat to mankind. andy, canadian thanksgiving is the second week in october.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:19pm Vampire Hitler:

Slow motion train wreck
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:19pm poconojohnny:

future prez Sarah Palin
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:19pm bad beeper:

homeless lesbians
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:20pm Vampire Hitler:

Frangry GOMPED a kid.

I hope you're proud of yourself.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:21pm professor freeform:

Hemorrhoids can be internal and external. Some who suffer have one or both. Many people have the internal kind and do not know it. People who abuse alcohol have a good chance of having the internal version. People who ride bikes a lot or have anal 888 can have the internal kind as well
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:23pm hamburger (in london):

if children are the future, the elderly would be the end, and would starve all funding on earth for the sake of hemmerhoid cream
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:23pm glenn:

crocs are a WAY bigger threat to mankind than uggs.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:24pm Hello Alex:

Subway's Foot long Chicken Parm is the biggest threat to man kind. In fact, anything with Subway's marinara sauce could be catastrophic. ... and yes, when I did Blow all the time I had Hemorrhoids.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:24pm ADL:

I think you guys could raise $180K pretty quickly if you stopped talking about hemorrhoids.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:25pm Listener Dave:

It' is a brown area
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:25pm stinkbug:

what is "anal 888"?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:25pm bad beeper:

that's all sue listeners
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:26pm Dave Emory:


5 finger shoes
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:26pm professor freeform:

with internal hemorroids only you would not have anything visible on the outside of the anus. You may experience bright red blood when you have a bowel movement and notice this in the toilette. The roids are on the inside of the anus and are ruptures in the blood vessels.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:26pm bad beeper:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:26pm Preparation H:

Thanks for the free press!
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:27pm stinkbug:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:27pm tee hee:

Worst threat... ALIENS
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:27pm Listener Dave:

hemorroids or femorroids?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:28pm poconojohnny:

a turtle
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:28pm stinkbug:

who has Frangroids?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:29pm rodan:

did you know it's really 'masura' not mothra...
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:29pm Metak:

I once had an external hemmorroid that was the size of a grape, and twice as tasty.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:30pm Preparation H:

Mothra has hemorrhoids - bad!
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:30pm poconojohnny:

those two miniature japanese singing twins in the movies
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:30pm dave-ie:

thank you for that mental image
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:30pm beth:

Yes I've had hemorrhoids. Multiple times! And bad art is the biggest threat to mankind. Or maybe the Tea Party.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:30pm beep beep:

Miley Cyrus for snatching everyones money up at the age of fifteen
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:31pm Vivian:

The worse threat? Idle, obnoxious teenagers who have no clue about current events or manners.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:31pm anna l fissure:

Gamera is "The Friend of All Children"
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:31pm tanner:

John boehner is the worst threat - straight up
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:31pm professor freeform:

a hemorrhage is basically what is happening with a "roid" it is a build up of blood on a vessel. Why do so many people here who listen to SUW have them?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:31pm Preparation H:

Dancing with the Stars.

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:32pm stinkbug:

facebook, sarah palin, 3-D movies, cheese, poor drivers, stupid news anchors, nuclear bombs, hollywood reboots, RNC, etc.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:32pm Preparation H:

Does JOHN TESH talk about hemorrhoids?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:32pm Different Alex:

So long as there is a chance that someone could combine a baconator, a double down and a carl's jr. double six dollar burger, mankind is not safe.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:33pm stinkbug:

greatest threat = callers who don't turn down their radio and create a wormhole that we will get sucked into.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:35pm beep beep:

Cops on power trips
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:35pm Listener Dave:

This reminds me of the Andy/Ken show
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:36pm ADL:

The biggest threat to the world is the thing we don't see UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:36pm tommelise:

The worst thread to mankind are Paulo Coelho novels. His books cause me hemorrhoids.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:37pm butt plug:

never had hemmorhoids, but i had the worlds largest skin tag up my pooter.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:37pm pizzatime:

The greatest threat to mankind is explosive hemmoroids.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:37pm Glenn Jones:

X-Ray burns, when he leaves the station on sundays
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:37pm Preparation H:

This show is giving me a brain hemorrhoid.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:38pm hamburger (in london):

The LHC in Cern Switzerland, the Large Hemmerhoid Collider, high energy pile accelerator. resulting in a super massive brown hole enveloping planet earth with a billion silent screams
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:38pm XRA:

No matter what anyone says, the answer is NOT ZOMBIES.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:38pm Zartan:

The greatest threat to mankind are all of these mutant vampire pirate space ninja robot caveman devil clone babies. Available with or without hemorrhoids,
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:38pm professor freeform:

Frangry, you are on the right track with the definition. But it is important to note that it is the bright red blood in the stool that determines internal roids. If one would have purple or dark red stool it would be more seriuos and come form deeper in the bowels. The internal roids are from right inside the anus.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:38pm pizzatime:

I want to change my answer, I agree with this crazy zombie doctor.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:39pm K Marx:

(where's jil, btw?)
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:39pm Nat the Envelope-stuffer:

johnny cash fell into a ring of fire, and wrote a song about it. after he died, his song was briefly sold to be used in a hemorrhoid commercial.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:39pm ?:

The Alchemist...
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:40pm ?:

A bit... F-IN BORING. Nice moral, though...
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:40pm stinkbug:

It's not about being gross, dark red blood can possibly mean Big Trouble in the system, in general people shouldn't get freaked out by bright red blood (in their stool).
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:40pm pizzatime:

I am a blackjecwgay.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:41pm frank:

Sammy Davis was all 3
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:41pm pizzatime:

and I gave mark hemmoroids.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:41pm ?:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:42pm tommelise:

If I ever see Frangry, I will high-five her. I hate Paulo Coelho.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:42pm DJ:

When did the topic this week change to hemorrhoids?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:42pm V Butt:

I can hardly hear the callers tonight... they're all calling from their internal hemmoroids
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:43pm V Butt:

You can't hear crazy!
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:43pm XRA:

Natalie Portman's acting.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:44pm Listener Dave:

What the hell drugs are the hosts on tonight?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:44pm DJ:

oh god, andy broke WFMU
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:44pm tommelise:

I want give Andy Spanish lessons.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:44pm Johnny Muller:

tights that go up to your boobs
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:44pm moops:

Jewish hemorrhoids
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:45pm hamburger (in london):

Julian ASS-ange!
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:45pm V Butt:

Miller Light beer is one of the downfalls to mankind...
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:45pm tommelise:

Andy y Frangry están preguntándole a sus radioescuchas acerca de hemorroides.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:45pm Preparation H:

Radioactive Kangaroos are a HUGE threat to all mankind!!!
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:45pm PMD:

sniffing preparatino H?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:46pm steve:

i love that guy
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:46pm stinkbug:

is Frangry aware that Black Swan is about how natalie portman's character deals with hemorrhoids?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:46pm the great fabiosa:

biggest threat to mankind is a crooked proctologist
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:47pm dave:

i'm pretty sure wikipedia is the biggest threat to mankind.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:48pm PMD:

can you beat a dead horse with hemmorhoids?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:48pm JimmySlacks:

My Little Pony is the greatest threat to the human race.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:48pm Royd Hemmer:

What's the greatest threat to mankind?
Asking this same question to womankind.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:49pm Ken the scientist:

The biggest threat to humanity is man's inhumanity to man.
Sorry about the beeping before.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:49pm tommelise:

Andy está ahogádose en su propia hemorroide
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:49pm Skirkie:

Cats, cats are the biggest threat.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:49pm Listener Dave:

Butt swan?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:50pm slop:


  Fri. 12/3/10 6:50pm johnny:

throw away diapers
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:50pm tommelise:

The worst threat to man kind is reading this on air:
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:50pm Nat the Envelope-stuffer:

SARS is the greatest threat to mankind
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:50pm Preparation H:

Biggest threat:

Lesbos driving around in hearses. True.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:51pm PMD:

Justin Beaver?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:52pm ?:

Tards are really are like strong and stuff man... But rabid tards are way more powerful than regular retards and could lift like eleventy-bazillion hemorrhoids like a million times
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:53pm Listener Dave:

Perhaps we should all just sit quietly for the rest of the show. Put our heads down.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:53pm XRA:

That, Andy, is the definition of elbow grease.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:53pm Elwyn:

I'm struggling to get my call through to today. I had the best answer involving Boobquake!
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:53pm frank:

say hi to jil, you guys - it will give kristin hemmorhoids
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:53pm Ken the scientist:

It's almost tautological, but it's true. Humanity's biggest threat is itself.
And hemorrhoids.
And Justin Bieber.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:54pm marqaholic:

I have internal roids once in awhile. There is alarming bright red blood in the toilette. It looks just like woman period blood, but with brown poo in there as well. Just like when women on their period take dumps.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:54pm PMD:

Did you see Dead Snow? Zombie Nazis!
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:54pm Vampire Hitler:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:54pm kos:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:55pm the great fabiosa:

how about Vampire Hookers?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:55pm Listener Dave:

Can you say call screener?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:55pm Ken the scientist:

Also, Mecha-Hitler mating with Justin Bieber and taking over Hulu to broadcast the Disney Channel directly into our brains nonstop, with all the commercials being replaced by Dick Cheney bellydancing with a marmoset.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:55pm DJ:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:55pm tommelise:

The biggest threat is when Andy gets surprised
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:55pm Nat the Envelope-stuffer:

yes, kos is right, Four Loco!
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:56pm Listener Dave:

Can commenters win?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:56pm Ken the scientist:

Four Loko makes you travel through time.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:56pm Hitler's Hemorrhoid:

This is very painful show
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:57pm tommelise:

Comments SHOULD win!
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:57pm PMD:

The biggest threat to mankind is the cell phone.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:57pm steve:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:57pm jalapeno:

could chaos theory result in this show ending mankind? but what if somali pirates hijacked a shipment of hemmerhoid cream, resulting in a super massive reduction of desk-workers, ending all human productivity, thus starvation, chaos, and burst hemmeroids etc.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:57pm stinkbug:

Can I nominate this show for a peabody?
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:57pm kos:

Thank you Nat the envelope stuffer. Four Lokos are death.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:58pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 12/3/10 6:58pm hope:

good luck next week
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:58pm tommelise:

Give him Preparation H
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:58pm professor freeform:

Education is still the big threat to humankind. Not learning...but education. Education is fun, though, and a way to entertain ourselves while we slowly demise.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:58pm kos:

Comments get no air love.
  Fri. 12/3/10 6:59pm Listener Dave:

Are you guys married? Just kidding.
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