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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options November 12, 2010: I Don't Believe It

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:00pm deed:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:02pm hamburger:

howdy! (hi andy's wife) what a catch ;)
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:02pm Mr. Johnny:

Is Andy off his meds again?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:02pm Johnny Muller:

It's okay
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:03pm TubaRuba:

Happy Friday, weirdies
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:03pm Kyja:

"The customer is always right."
Pft... no way... dummies.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:04pm Paul:

I have my doubts about True Love, actually.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:05pm Julie:

I agree with Paul. No true love.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:05pm landells:

I refuse to believe that Frangry is good looking and sexy
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:05pm Listener Dave:

I don't believe today's show
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:06pm ric:

What about contrived, forced love?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:06pm TubaRuba:

I don't believe that Andy prepares for the show
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:06pm Paul:

It's hard to believe that the seasons are actually reversed in the Southern Hemisphere. I know it's true scientifically, but it just feels wrong.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:06pm cessna:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:06pm hamburger:

i am loving the technical errors
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:06pm Jilliers/Jil:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:06pm Listener Dave:

If I was in NJ I would help out with engineering the show.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:07pm Jilliers/Jil:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:07pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I refuse to believe that Frangry and I won't live happily ever after.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:07pm frangry:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:07pm cessna:

Has andy gotten worse with the engineering?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:07pm dave-ie:

I don't believe that was you Jilliers/Jil
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:07pm Julie:

Ah professional radio :) listen to Frangry!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:07pm deed:

and i bet you like it jill ;)
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:08pm Listener Dave:

He is off the pills
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:08pm Paul:

Contrived, fake love is totally real. It can often be found among people who insist that true love is real.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:10pm J. Edgar Hoovagoodone:

Andrew Cohen is a man with known ties to communists. Any conspiracy theory he puts forth should be taken with a grain of government-issue salt as it is the product of a disturbed leftist mind and not in the best interest of this glorious republic.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:10pm Kyja:

Yay!!! Lists! I love lists!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:10pm bubz:

Don't believe the hype, also 2012.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:10pm TubaRuba:

Hi John I'm glad you're back (if you ever really left)
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:10pm Julie:

I can't believe Andy just said "You've been sir-ved"
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:11pm Danne D:

Hi Weirdos :)
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:11pm Johnny Muller:

Jesus Christ
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:11pm Listener Dave:

Agree with 2012
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:12pm Paul:

I don't believe doctors when they say "I'm a doctor b/c I want to heal people." BS. They want to make $$$ and date people who would otherwise be out of their league.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:12pm Jilliers/Jil:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people call me Jilly!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:13pm Danne D:

Hi Jillly :)
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:13pm TubaRuba:

Hi Danne good to see you
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:14pm Jilliers/Jil:

I DO!!!!!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:15pm Jilliers/Jil:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:15pm Elwyn:

Hey Weirdos.

I've only slept 2 hours again so I probably shouldn't call... and there's a hot chick down at the shared pool in our apartment complexes and it's a good excuse to have a swim. It's an Australian Melrose Place!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:15pm Jilliers/Jil:

Hi Danne D
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:16pm Danne D:

I don't believe it:

"Ticket bought at Michigan porn shop worth $129M"
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:16pm Danne D:

"Greer said he didn't buy the ticket himself and doesn't know whether it was purchased inside the Uptown Bookstore or at its outside, walk-up lottery window. And he said that among the group's members, "nobody cares" where it was bought."

This, I do not believe...
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:17pm Danne D:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:18pm Danne D:

Elwyn - I don't believe that.

(Unless of course you supply pictures)
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:19pm Jilliers/Jil:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:19pm Julie:

Elwyn has to go hit on Heather Locklear. GO Elwyn!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:19pm Lulu:

This is the grossest subject ever you guys are totally perverted
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:22pm Danne D:

Hi Julie :)

I don't believe that you think this is the grossest subject ever Lulu - they've stooped much lower :D
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:24pm Julie:

oh yeah this is nothing like "what animal would you have sex with" or "how would you kill someone."

Hi Danne!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:24pm Jilliers/Jil:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:24pm Nostradamus:

What the heck is going on?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:25pm Danne D:

If you don't know Nostradamus, who does?!?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:25pm Elwyn:

Damn it! The hot chick had left already AND I'm not even within WiFi range of my own home.

I still believe Paul is dead but John Lenon is alive
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:26pm Kevin from B.C.:

What I refuse to believe: 'Corporate self-regulation'. How many more examples do we need that this doesn't happen in the real world before pundits stop using this term??!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:26pm TubaRuba:

The show has moved from "Shut up, weirdo" to "Keep on talkin', weirdo!"
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:26pm Nostradamus:

I know...there's no hope.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:26pm Danne D:

I think I saw that TubaRuba character around here somewhere :)

Elwyn, that's what you get for cheating on Frangry!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:27pm Danne D:

I don't believe Frangry's truly drunk as she is not yet slurring.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:27pm Jilliers/Jil:

Eye hath not seen nor ear hath heard the wonders God hth set for us in Heaven... assholes.

Call and bring up the Christian level, ELWYN!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:28pm Paul:

What is Progressive Christianity? Maybe I should just wiki it...
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:28pm Jilliers/Jil:

Don't get me started Paul! Wiki! I'll explode!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:29pm TubaRuba:

Is "Progressive" Christianity even more progressive than post-modern?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:29pm Josh:

I'm late to the show. What's the theme?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:29pm Danne D:

I don't believe it! Andy's actually reading the comments board tonight!?!?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:30pm Danne D:

"Progressive Christianity" involves worshiping the mighty "Flo"

Hi TubaRuba :)
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:30pm Julie:

I don't believe Frangry actually wants us to "have a good one"
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:30pm TubaRuba:

Yo Andy I heard your TubaRuba shout-out last week, even though I wasn't on the comments board. Respect.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:31pm Jilliers/Jil:

Tuba... it's flat out GOING TO HELL material!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:31pm Spike:

I don't believe that Andy and Frangry are trying their best tonight.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:31pm TubaRuba:

Good evening, Danno!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:31pm Scott B:

Don't believe anyone who says "Let me be honest", or "Trust me"
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:32pm Danne D:

This caller sounds like Dave Emory
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:32pm Paul:

I don't believe that people really like Katy Perry songs.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:32pm hamburger:

john lennon quote:

I don't believe in magic,
I don't believe in I-ching,
I don't believe in bible,
I don't believe in tarot,
I don't believe in Hitler,
I don't believe in Jesus,
I don't believe in Kennedy,
I don't believe in Buddha,
I don't believe in mantra,
I don't believe in Gita,
I don't believe in yoga,
I don't believe in kings,
I don't believe in Elvis,
I don't believe in Zimmerman,
I don't believe in Beatles,
I just believe in me,
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:32pm Vampire Hitler:

Dude, shut up!
You're blowing my cover.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:33pm Jilliers/Jil:

THAT was Rudy Heß didng dong!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:33pm Lulu:

I don't belive that a strawberry isn't a berry but a banana is. thats just plain WRONG!!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:33pm Julie:

this guy DOES sound like Dave Emery
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:34pm glenn:

i refuse to believe that lou lamoriello lost his mind and gave ilya kovalchuk a 100 million dollar contract. makes leafs management look smart.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:34pm Vampire Hitler:

What about Vampire Eva Braun?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:34pm Julie:

I think there were Hitler doubles, like Hussein had
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:35pm Jilliers/Jil:

Yous is all goin to HELL
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:35pm hamburger:

victor meldrew ring a bell?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:36pm Mark:

On a recent episode of NOVA that dealt with elevators, an expert on elevators stated that the close door button is only there to make the user feel like they have control but it does NOT work. The previous caller probably saw this and should be disqualified.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:36pm TubaRuba:

@Julie - He'd probably just have to shave his mustache during his getaway and no one would recognize him
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:36pm Vampire Hitler:

I don't believe in Vampire Goebbels
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:36pm Julie:

the close door button in the WFMU elevator works
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:37pm hamburger:

i don't believe it was a catch phrase from an english sit-com, 'one foot in the grave' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLNrLI3OBwg
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:37pm hannah:

pick up the phone!!!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:37pm Julie:

@TubaRuba I think he would have them in case of would-be assassins
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:38pm Julie:

no no the Hitler vampire guy sounded like Dave
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:38pm hannah:

this guy is sooo boring
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:38pm Vampire Hitler:

I can't believe how many things FRANGRY doesn't know.

She's kinda ignorant.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:38pm TubaRuba:

Aw Hannah's here! Hang up on Dave Emory and pick up Hannah's call!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:38pm Danne D:

Whoa Glenn, let the Leafs win 3 Cups in my lifetime and I'll believe that one! (PS - thanks for Scott Niedermayer!)

I'm under the sad impression that owner forced that move upon Lou. But Lou is still the man regardless.

I don't believe TubaRuba will call tonight and that makes me sad 8(
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:38pm Listener Dave:

I can't believe how boring this guy is
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:39pm B9CC1D:

I can PROVE I'm not Dave, Julia.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:39pm Hannah:

aww...thanks tubaRuba....PICK UP THE PHONE!!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:40pm Johnny Muller:

I don't believe George Reeves killed himself. Superman doesn't commit suicide.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:40pm Danne D:

Hi Hannah :) any friend of TubaRuba's is a friend of mine :)
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:40pm Johnny Muller:

You're right little boy. He's not dead.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:41pm ADL:

I don't believe this kid is 10.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:41pm Jilliers/Jil:

Shut the FUCK up, kid.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:41pm Hannah:

calvin sounds ...smart??
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:41pm Listener Dave:

Sounds like Milo's retarded cousin
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:41pm B9CC1D:

Surrealists never die...they just become existential.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:41pm Vampire Hitler:

What about Vampire Horst Wessel?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:42pm hamburger:

10 year old Kelvin, knowing Dali is neat
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:42pm Julie:

Hitler Vampire guy: I know you're not Dave, you just kinda sounded like him.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:42pm Salvador Dali:

I don't believe in Calvin.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:42pm Julie:

he must have hipster parents
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:43pm fancy louie:

she said "salvadore dal-E"... it's "doll-e"... snob...
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:43pm B9CC1D:

@Julie ... Jah...I'm not even a vampire.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:43pm Hannah:

Irish...what kind of A name is that?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:43pm Vampire Hitler:

I'm sending my vampire army to annex the Sudetenland.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:43pm ADL:

Zombie Hitler = Zitler?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:43pm TubaRuba:

@B9CC1D your name/color is eerily close to the playlist's text-color
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:44pm bubz:

Karma, time travel, ghosts & jackalopes.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:44pm Winklebottom:

can we extend this show an hour to get a decent call?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:44pm Vampire Hitler:

Zombie Hitler is sub-human.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:44pm B9CC1D:

@Hitler: Won't work...they are too sparkly in daylight to be camouflaged
@ Tuba ....Purely coincidental.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:44pm Johnny Muller:

I don't believe you make any sense
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:45pm Danne D:

What the hell is this Dave Emory impersonation night?
Now we have a nazi call?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:45pm TubaRuba:

Hey Vampire Hitler, are you excited that it's almost Vampire Weekend? :)
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:45pm Paul:

Ugh. Enough with the nazis already.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:45pm Jilliers/Jil:

I still think Hitler was sexy. Jus sayin
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:46pm ADL:

I refuse to believe most of these people think others want to hear what they have to say.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:46pm ric:

Many people in Nazi Germany didn't believe in the evil ideology, but they went along with it because that's what they had to do to get on in life.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:46pm Scott B:

Bubz. You went too far. I've seen jackalopes.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:46pm Danne D:

If I want Nazis I'll go to the Hitler, er History Channel
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:46pm TubaRuba:

@ADL - ha!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:46pm B9CC1D:

The best thing to believe about Nazi's is that they are past-tense. Even the ones that still exist.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:47pm Vampire Hitler:


This show is off the rails!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:47pm seang:

the only person that can save this show is Mikey Digits
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:47pm Job:

Lord, 13 minutes, someone save this show!!!!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:47pm aym rand:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:48pm Mark:

This topic needs to be stuck in an elevator with no open door button.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:48pm TubaRuba:

Somebody show Frangry a Keith Haring calendar so she'll get angry enough to hang up on these weirdos
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:48pm B9CC1D:

There have been worse shows...but bad shows always seem to start with headphone problems/
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:48pm bobo:

Frangry, the "show is a mess" because you humor those who don't stay on topic (the present caller) and the long winded (Jill's rants).
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:48pm Vampire Hitler:

Yeah, the History Channel owes me BILLIONS in royalties.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:48pm Johnny Muller:

I don't believe Ray Jay is dead
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:48pm Danne D:

you'll know the show has truly hit bottom if Frangry's begging for a Danne D call...
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:48pm Scott B:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:50pm Danne D:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:50pm Joe:

I don't believe in people. I'm fairly positive all of you "people" are either robots or lizard men bent on world domination. Also, gravity. That's fake too.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:50pm Listener Dave:

The strawberry is not classified by botanists as a true berry. True berries, such as blueberries and cranberries have seeds inside. The strawberry, however has its dry, yellow "seeds" on the outside (each of which is actually considered a separate fruit).
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:50pm TubaRuba:

Ah-ha see I knew Hannah's call would be totally awesome. P.S. she's right
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:50pm Vampire Hitler:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:50pm Elwyn:

Give the kid the prize!!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:50pm B9CC1D:

I believe Chuck is a Berry.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:51pm Listener Dave:

Yes, the banana fruit is a berry. Berries are identified as being many seeded with a fleshy inner layer.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:51pm Danne D:

Better role model for Hannah:

Frangry or Lindsay Lohan?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:51pm Lulu:

Hey i said that already!!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:51pm tom:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:51pm Radio Consultant:

The keys to a successful talk show are selection (material, callers) and pacing (how fast to go, and when to end a call or subject). What *I* don't believe is that anyone doesn't know that already.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:52pm TubaRuba:

@Danne - Frida Kahlo ;)
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:52pm Lulu:

poor hannah that stupid snapple
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:52pm Danne D:

I didn't say which the answer was, Frangry
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:52pm ric:

Taco Bell filing is a solyent green.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:52pm Tim Serpas:

Meat at Taco Bell is Animal 57.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:53pm Lulu:

ur right what was ur answer Danne
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:53pm Danne D:

TubaRuba is way more of a patron of the arts than I am:
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:53pm Vampire Hitler:

Yeah, enough with the Nazis.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:53pm TubaRuba:

I don't believe the show has reached the point where Frangy actually said "I felt bad hanging up on people"
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:54pm Danne D:

A strawberry is a Fragaria, not to be confused with a Frangria
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:54pm Sean:

Taco Bell is chihuahua. Delicious chihuahuas...who were probably nazis.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:54pm Vampire Hitler:

I love Gefilte Fish.

With BLOOD on top.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:54pm Lulu:

vamp hitler don't say a word you killed them all with ur teeth
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:54pm TubaRuba:

@Danne I was keeping with the art theme of the night!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:55pm ric:

That's explains why chihuahuas are so snappy and mean.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:55pm hamburger:

there's that theory that the universe is just a hologram (new scientist) ala matrix, AS IF that's true.... frangry, you read 'the secret' ?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:55pm Danne D:

Frangry needs to go all Hitler on the bad callers...
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:55pm Listener Dave:

If there is an emergency the cell towers get overloaded and then cell phones don't work
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:55pm Klaus Barbie:

Great show this evening!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:55pm Danne D:

Wasn't Hitler a frustrated painter?
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:56pm Lulu:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:56pm Scott B:

They call ObAmA the president, why can't they call a banana a berry
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:56pm Johnny Muller:

Yeah he got kicked out of some Austrian art school
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:56pm popeye's new arabian chicken sandwhich:

i dont believe you've tried popeye's new arabian chicken sandwhich
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:56pm timotato:

I don't believe in religion.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:56pm Vampire Hitler:


Get in touch with your inner Hitler.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:56pm Listener Dave:

I've lost the will to live
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:56pm Johnny Muller:

Note to art schools: accept all applicants or risk genocide
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:56pm Obama:

I don't believe they bought the hype. Honestly, dudes.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:57pm Danne D:

Cookies and Nazis. There are no jokes with that that aren't in the worst taste.

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:57pm ric:

If only Hitler had had a radio show he could send in his paintings to, the world would be a better place today.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:57pm nazi-cookie:

someone quickly call in impersonating mickey digits to save this show!!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:57pm Paul:

Arabian chicken???
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:57pm Danne D:

I don't believe popeye's new arabian chicken sandwich is made with real arabians
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:57pm popeye's new arabian chicken sandwhich:

it's new, exciting
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:58pm Obama:

Halal = Arabian Chicken. Some Indonesian lore I picked up as a kid.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:58pm tom:

Spirits are real. I've had first hand experience.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:58pm Sean:

it is made with real Popeye though
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:58pm Danne D:

popeye's new solient arabian chicken sandwich...
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:58pm Smedley Butler:

The Nazis were no strangers to cookies themselves. Second photo from the top! How festive!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:58pm Vampire Hitler:

Maybe Andy and Frangry could broadcast from the Fuerherbunker.
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:58pm popeye's new arabian chicken sandwhich:

it's spiced with the spices of the arabianland
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:59pm Danne D:

The show was mediocre, but the comments board just killed it tonight!!!!

Congrats peoples :)

Good night weirdos!
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:59pm Vampire Hitler:

  Fri. 11/12/10 6:59pm TubaRuba:

Yay congrats, Hannah! Goodnight, weirdos
  Fri. 11/12/10 6:59pm Lulu:

  Fri. 11/12/10 7:00pm Vampire Hitler:

Trivia contest with Frangry
  Tue. 11/16/10 4:56am Listener smartass:

Immaculate conception is not the same as virgin birth.
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