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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options November 8, 2010: (formerly called "***")

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Erica Pomerance  The Slippery Morning   Options You Used to Think     
Pierre Schaeffer   Flute Mexicaine   Options V/a, Panorama de Musique Concrete    0:03:50 ()
Ghédalia Tazartès  Le Coeur Volé   Options 5 Rimbaud    0:06:24 ()
Beaks Plinth  Hey La   Options Organo Saturado    0:08:45 ()
a Bill Callahan loop  he's playing the Chris Knox song "Lapse"   Options     0:11:59 ()
Kevin Ayers  Town Feeling   Options Joy of a Toy    0:13:33 ()
Mayo Thompson  Dear Betty Baby   Options Corky's Debt to His Father    0:18:13 ()
Ream Daranoi  Fai Yen   Options V/a, The Sound Of Siam - Leftfield Luk-Thung, Jazz & Molam In Thailand 1964-1975    0:22:17 ()
Liberal Religious Youth  Violet Grey   Options The L.R.Y. Record    0:27:01 ()
Ignatz  For One   Options V/a, Graag Traag cassette    0:30:24 ()
Dr. Strangely Strange  Dark-Haired Lady   Options Kip of the Serenes    0:34:55 ()
more from Erica Pomerance        0:38:47 ()
Fabulous Diamonds  Live at the 2010 WFMU Record Fair (exc)   Options     0:52:48 ()
Donna Summer  I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Mix)   Options 12" single    1:03:10 ()
Walter Murphy  A Fifth of Beethoven (Traktor mix)   Options     1:10:00 ()
w/ Diamanda Galas  The Litanies of Satan (exc)   Options The Litanies of Satan    1:12:44 ()
DJ Dog Dick  tr 1 (untitled)   Options The New Honky Dog Pound    1:22:42 ()
Tretetam  Paw Paw   Options Pawhuska    1:25:42 ()
Everly Brothers  I'm Afraid   Options Heartaches & Harmonies    1:29:00 ()
Twig Harper & Daniel Higgs  Number Two   Options Clairaudience Fellowship Omphalos/Baltimore    1:43:17 ()
Pram  Gravity   Options Helium    1:47:27 ()
Al Caiola  Baubles, Bangles & Beads   Options Percussion & Guitars    1:51:41 ()
Serge Gainsbourg / Jean-Claude Brialy  Un Poison Violent, c'est ca la amour   Options sdtk, Anna    1:54:08 ()
Goblin  Profondo Rosso   Options The Fantastic Journey of Goblin: Best of Volume 1    1:56:37 ()
Tony Conrad w/ Faust  From the Side of Woman and Mankind   Options Outside the Dream Syndicate    2:01:21 ()
pHoaming Edison  .... (tr 11)   Options Cow    2:20:07 ()
T.O.M.B.  Mausoleum Witchcraft   Options UAG  Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy  2:23:57 ()
Juliane Werding  Niemand hat Zeit (Too Much Time on My Hands)   Options Traumland    2:32:15 ()
Robert Wyatt  Heaps of Sheeps, Traktor remix   Options     2:42:30 ()
The Dead C  Shaft   Options Patience    2:46:26 ()
MIJ  Grok (Martian Love Call)   Options Yodeling Astologer    2:51:21 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 11/8/10 3:01pm Yair Yona:

Great opening track, have a great show Scott
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:05pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Things are much calmer in my world today...I think I may be able to enjoy your show much more than the last few weeks.
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:07pm marq:

at home listening live this week.
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:08pm Looms:

Yeah! Ghédalia!
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:08pm BSI:

We are gathered at the feet of Thee Mighty Radio, awaiting your instructions....
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:10pm Thy Mighty Radio:

  Mon. 11/8/10 3:21pm Yair Yona:

The only radio you can hear a Kevin Ayers song and right after - Mayo Thompson. love this station.
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:21pm Scott:

Hey everyone! I think I left your instructions at Au Bon Pain, very sorry. Hope no one gets the wrong idea...
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:23pm BSI:

  Mon. 11/8/10 3:30pm marq:

The Au Bon Pain things reminds me that I'm glad to live in New England where there are still so many real bakeries and pastry shops, delis, etc that are not chains and owned by real families and mommas and pappas. So disappointing to see NYC turn into chain after chain and not real anymore.
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:32pm fred:

@looms: have you heard about Ghédalia's new project that opened last week? More info here: http://tinyurl.com/2vgu2bp
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:34pm postmanpaul:

My earholes are having audiogasms.
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:37pm seang:

my chain store just sells chains
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:39pm ?:

mr.williams more great singer/songwriters/aka roky erickson/daniel johnston/ r.hitchcock//p.gabriel/a.peacock/ ect./ ectt. ......
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:41pm BSI:

funny, i was detecting a possible tom rapp appearance there, for a minute. But heck, that Strangely Strange was greatsville.
  Mon. 11/8/10 3:50pm marq:

actually there is a guy that makes chains. and our public works department makes their own snow chains to put on the trucks.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:04pm Yair Yona:

You really wanna check out the fantastic cover of I Feel Love by Electra, power trio, fun stuff
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:07pm ?:

/i feel sick no love
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:09pm R I S K Y:

  Mon. 11/8/10 4:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

gawd I remember this as a kid during the disco era...
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:12pm BSI:

ooh hey, I'm back at the roller disco, circa 1978, with that chick that skated much better than me... but sounds like we're all being eaten alive by mescaline-spewing cabbages. Again!
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:16pm ?:

the mask of red death lives
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:16pm Parq:

People are declining, out of fear, to come into my office. Come to think of it, that's pretty neat. Thanks!
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:17pm Parq:

And, Mescaline-Spewing Cabbages would be a good -- you know.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:17pm marq:

For some reason I have a hankering for Scott to rap over this.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:19pm Scott:

I just got a hate phone call!! That hasn't happened since like 2002
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:20pm marq:

put that hate call to music.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:23pm Scott:

you sing it: "all you people do is play drones. this sounds like someone vacuuming over Revolution #9 and I'm not giving you any more money"
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:27pm BSI:

God bless you and your vacuum cleaner.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:29pm marq:

I am getting out my vacuum cleaner now. I make music for myself with it all of the time. I also need to clean out the car for tomorrow. a carpool to burlington.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:32pm ?:

when is it 7pm? 30 mins or 1 hour 30 mins?
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:33pm marq:

you can music like crazy with a vacuum. No end to the fun. pinching the pipe is what most people do. But you can also make music with a vacuum by doing so much else. using plastic bags is an example.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:33pm postmanpaul:

My girl is calling round any moment now... had better tune into something not quite so mescaline-cabbage-spewing vacuum-droning....ah, the Everly Bros.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:33pm another DS:

Hey Scott, what's the name of this instrumental track you talk over?
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:37pm marq:

balloon music with a vacuum is fun. you just put the mouth of the balloon over the vacuum and go at it. A shop vacuum can reverse so you can pump the balloon up or back.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:38pm annie:

that furry creature is Falcor
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:38pm ric:

There's a piece of music by Ligeti that requires a vaccuum cleaner linked to a pipe organ.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:39pm annie:

that furry creature is Falcor
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:40pm marq:

RIc: OMG I needed to know that! Pipe organs are my big thing.
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:40pm annie:

( just in case you didn't see it the first time) haha
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:44pm Scott:

Thanks Annie!
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hey, who's that furry creature again?
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:50pm ?:

should I order Red Dead Redemption or Borderlands first?
  Mon. 11/8/10 4:53pm rosh:

i missed out on diamanda,twig & higgs, AND hate phone calls?! luckily i've made it back in time for this amazing Pram bizness...it sounds like a safe spooky dream i'd like to live in.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:00pm marq:

so good
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:05pm marq:

not sure how much time I have left listening to the show live. Making dinner. kid here already and wife here soon. eat nice food and then clean out the car with the vacuum some more. maybe a family activity but it is kinda cold out now it will probably be me alone. just as good because then I can make my vacuum music by myself. but the problem with making vacuum music by yourself is that when it gets good everyone else wants to join in.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:07pm BSI:

hey Loretta. Git yr.skates.... the cabbages are back...
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:08pm gibbo from UK:

yes please
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:08pm Scott:

BSI, you've just made me do a rotflol.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:08pm marq:

anyone here know how to make a vacuum sound like a bagpipe? I do!!!
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:10pm gibbo from UK:

what about playing some La Monte Young?
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:16pm Adler:

she's a bass
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:17pm marq:

just learned that some people make music with thought daggers. I myself never heard of it til then. they shoot thoughts and music all around with their mind. too much
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:19pm rosh:

@ ?: i'm not a gamer & have issues w/mainstream gaming but almost everything about RDR is spot on. Whether you pick the main plot or just roam around the plains you wont be disappointed.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:20pm marq:

still have not heard scott rap over something
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:23pm annie:

sure scott, it's from "neverending story"
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:24pm marq:

i am still here to hear scott rap
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:25pm Scott:

Best to move along Marq
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:26pm marq:

  Mon. 11/8/10 5:27pm BSI:

keep lookin' for an off-ramp but it keeps gettin' groovy dark and scary in here.
[shakes fist] damn you, scott williams...
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:28pm marq:

you rap anyway naturally with the smooth voice of scott.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:32pm Scott:

Here it comes, BSI...
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:33pm marq:

smooove. scott is one smoove.....
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:33pm BSI:

bah! still too cool.
praise allah for the archives.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:34pm Marmalade Kitty:

Great set Scott! ..by the way, who's that furry creature..?
only joking: ) hi Annie
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:34pm Cecile:

Scott, I love ya, but Styx is an unbridgeable gulf between us.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:35pm Scott:

  Mon. 11/8/10 5:36pm marq:

Scott has the best voice for being smooove!!! who else?
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:36pm Cecile:

That's all right. A lot of my friends lost me over my Viking metal phase.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:38pm marq:

  Mon. 11/8/10 5:38pm Cecile:

Bjam! Bjam Company!
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:39pm rosh:

@marq: i've heard that what we long from others is REALLY what we subconsciously long for ourselves....are we to expect a hip hop record ft. vacuum sounds from VT anytime soon?
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:42pm marq:

rosh: scott is a big influence on me and my art. he doesn't know this.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:45pm annie:

hi kitty!! if you have a kid they know this movie..
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:53pm rosh:

random question to nj/nyc ppl: how's the sound @ the Bell House now? Saw Obits there earlier this year & it was horrible but am thinking of catching Roky there this week.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:54pm marq:

I guess impetus Scott for things he is. not influence.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:56pm Scott:

Rosh, they can sound pretty good with a packed house, which I'm sure you'll get w/ a Roky show.
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:57pm Looms:

I have to get this yodeling astrologer!
  Mon. 11/8/10 5:58pm marq:

  Mon. 11/8/10 5:59pm marq:

  Mon. 11/8/10 6:00pm marq:

  Mon. 11/15/10 5:58pm czkluk:

i like your show Mr. Williams
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