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October 30, 2010 Options
It's the Eve of All Hallows' Eve! And... RIP Reggie King
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. Repertoire. CD. (1998) from 1970. 0:00:00 )  
MISFITS  Halloween   Options Collection II. Caroline. CD. (1995) from 1981 0:06:47 )  
DESTROY ALL MONSTERS  You're Gonna Die   Options Ron Asheton/Sonic's Rendezvous Band. Revenge. LP. from 1978. 0:08:33 )  
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND  Evil   Options Wasa Wasa. EMI. LP. (1969) 0:11:21 )  
GUN  Race with the Devil   Options Gun. Epic. LP. (1968) 0:13:56 )  
PAGANS  Eyes of Satan   Options Everybody Hates You. Crypt. CD. (1994) from 1978 0:17:16 )  
M.O.T.O.  Evil Clown Skull   Options Single File. Criminal IQ. CD. from 1988. 0:19:09 )  
CREWD!  dog day afternoon   Options Gather 'Round. Bemisbrain. LP. (1983) 0:20:28 )  
SUBSONICS  Frankenstein   Options Follow Me Down. Get Hip. CD. (1998) 0:22:07 )  
ALEX CHILTON  Walking Dead   Options Stuff. New Rose. CD. (1986) from 1975. 0:25:14 )  
RINGS & THINGS  Strange Things Are Happening   Options VA: The Rubble Collection, Vols. 1-10. Past & Present. Boxed set. (2002) from 1968 0:28:10 )  
REIGNING SOUND  You're So Strange   Options Time Bomb High School. In The Red. CD. (2002) 0:30:23 )  
45 GRAVE  Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood   Options va: Darker Skratcher. LAFMS. LP. (1980) 0:33:36 )  
INFLATABLE BOY CLAMS  Skeletons   Options Subterranean Records. 7". (1981) 0:36:06 )  
Music behind DJ:
Inferno   Options VA: Kim Fowley - One Man's Garbage: Lost Treasures From The Vaults 1959-69 Volume One. Norton. CD. (2009) 0:39:15 )  
MOURNING NOISE  Monster Madness   Options Death Trip Delivery 1981-1985. Grand Theft Audio. CD. (1997) 0:50:23 )  
RUBBER CITY REBELS  Child Eaters   Options From Akron. Clone Records. LP. 0:53:07 )  
YOUNG WEREWOLVES  Mischief Night   Options Cheat tthe Devil. Werewolf Enterprises. CD. (2008) 0:56:39 )  
TALL DWARFS  Brain that Wouldn't Die   Options Hello Cruel World. Flying Nun. LP. (1987) For Eyenoise! 0:59:27 )  
Music behind DJ:
Inferno   Options 1:02:49 )  
MAJOR STARS  Run From Me Devil   Options Return To Form. Drag City. CD. -NR 1:17:40 )  
RIVER CITY TANLINES  Devil Made Me Do it   Options all 7 inches plus 2 more. Dirtnap. 1:21:07 )  
ROKY ERICKSON AND THE ALIENS  I Think of Demons   Options I Have Always Been Here Before: The Roky Erickson Anthology. Shout. (2005) 1:24:09 )  
PINK FLOYD  Lucifer Sam   Options The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. EMI. CD box set. (2007) from 1967. mono version! 1:26:31 )  
LOLLIPOP SHOPPE  You Must Be A Witch   Options VA: Nuggets, Volume 12 - Punk, Part Three. Rhino. LP. from 1967. 1:29:35 )  
ELECTRIC MESS  You've Become a Witch   Options The Electric Mess. self released. CD. (2009) 1:32:20 )  
SCREAMING TRIBESMEN  Date With A Vampyre   Options Date with a Vampyre. Dutch East India Trading. 12". (1985) 1:34:33 )  
JONESES  Graveyard Rock   Options VA: Someone Got Their Head Kicked In!. Better Youth Organization. LP. (1982) 1:38:02 )  
GOBLINS  Necklace of Brains   Options Missing Fits. My Pal God. CD. (2001) 1:40:20 )  
SLANT 6  What Kind of Monster Are You?   Options Soda Pop- Rip Off. Dischord. CD. (1994) 1:42:03 )  
TED CASSIDY  The Lurch   Options Capitol. 7". (1965) Thanx Michael Lynch! 1:43:58 )  
OCTOBER COUNTRY  My Girlfriend Is A Witch   Options VA: Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968. Rhino. CD box set. (2009) from 1967. 1:46:01 )  
SCREAMING LORD SUTCH  Murder in the Graveyard   Options Monster Rock. Munster. CD. (2003) from 1978. for Oweinama! 1:48:02 )  
GRAVEDIGGER V  All Black And Hairy   Options All Black and Hairy. Voxx. LP. (1984) a cover of a Screaming Lord Sutch track! 1:50:58 )  
YUMMY FUR  Frankenstein A Go Go   Options 1:53:43 )  
HUSBANDS  Monster Party   Options There's Nothing I'd Like More Than To See You Dead. CD. 1:54:52 )  
ERAZERHEAD  Werewolf   Options VA: Flicknife Records Punk Collection. Anagram. CD. (1995) 1:56:30 )  
DEAD KENNEDYS  Halloween   Options Plastic Surgery Disasters. Alternative Tentacles. LP. (1981) 1:59:22 )  
Music behind DJ:
Inferno   Options 2:03:31 )  
Tribute to Reggie King (1945-2010) -- extraordinary vocalist for the Action
THE ACTION   I'll Keep On Holding On   Options Edsel. 7". (1981) from 1966. 2:18:13 )  
THE ACTION  Hey Sha-Lo-Ney   Options The Ultimate Action. Edsel. LP. (1981) from 1966. 2:21:37 )  
THE ACTION  Wasn't It You?   Options Edsel. 7". (1981) from 1966. 2:23:35 )  
THE ACTION  The Place   Options The Ultimate Action. Edsel. LP. (1981) from 1966. recorded for an unreleased LP at the time. 2:26:20 )  
THE ACTION  Shadows And Reflections   Options Edsel. 7". (1981) from 1967 2:28:37 )  
THE ACTION   Strange Roads   Options Rolled Gold. Dig the Fuzz. CD. (1998) from 1967. demos for another unreleased LP. 2:31:17 )  
REG KING  In My Dreams   Options Reg King. Circle. CD. (2006) from 1971 2:34:55 )  
THE ACTION  Brain   Options Rolled Gold. Dig the Fuzz. CD. (1998) from 1967. a demo for another unreleased LP. 2:38:41 )  
Music behind DJ:
Inferno   Options 2:41:25 )  
WHITE MYSTERY  Halloween   Options White Mystery. self released. CD. -NR 2:49:06 )  
ENDTABLES  Trick Or Treat   Options Endtables. Drag City. CD. from 1979. 2:51:17 )  
DEAD BOYS  All This and More   Options Young Loud and Snotty. Sire. LP. (1977) 2:53:36 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 10/30/10 3:05pm Danne D:

Wooooooooooo Ralle With Terre! :)
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:06pm Danne D:

Make sure you all go out and vote on Tuesday :)

And Happy Halloween :)
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:16pm Madam Robot:

  Sat. 10/30/10 3:17pm Nate K:

Sounds great TT! Got any Cramps lined up?
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:22pm seang:

It would be best if no one voted anymore--all politicians are scumbags no matter what party. Anarchy in the US!
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:25pm Danne D:

Damn, I was gonna for SeanG too :(
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:25pm Joe:

  Sat. 10/30/10 3:25pm Deeeeeeeeeee:

THRAASHHHHHH [solo mosh]
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:26pm eyenoise:

Happy Halloween to Terre T, the best radio GHOUL GAL!
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:28pm Danne D:

Great first set Terre :D
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:30pm Dr Belz:

Awesomely jacked horror rock! For those suckers stuck in urban zombie and ghoulish suburban lands, how about City Hobgoblin by The Fall?
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:35pm Mickey:

Reigning Sound! F'ing A, Peter.
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:41pm eyenoise:

Inflatable Boy Clams! Nice choice.
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:46pm John John:

I dressed up as a bed bug last night and told everyone that they found me in a Lady Gaga costume. Love the show and listing live from Ft Lauderdale.
Happy Halloween HA HA HA HA HA!!!!
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:50pm Listener Jumpy:

"Halloween" Dream Syndicate
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:51pm evi:

Hey, great great music today, it makes my day! haha. Greetings from Madrid
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:52pm Danne D:

bon jour, er hola! evi :)
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:52pm space druid:

If I were picking out some spooky songs about zombies, or monks, or warlocks, my thoughts might turn to BWST . . . i mean, I'm just sayin. . .
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:52pm Skirkie:

I find that highly unbelievable, but Mike Sin is usually right about stuff.
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:55pm Danne D:


The guy who cuts my hair was in Mourning Noise!
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:55pm Danne D:

  Sat. 10/30/10 3:56pm Danne D:

:) :) :)
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:58pm Danne D:

It was Chris' birthday just last week.
  Sat. 10/30/10 3:59pm Caroline:

Great show...be afraid, very afraid...how about "Evil" - Howlin Wolf!
  Sat. 10/30/10 4:10pm Danne D:

More like a Misfits cousin.
He's right in Lodi, btw.

I gotta say that Chris' talents cutting hair are wasted on me.
  Sat. 10/30/10 4:10pm Danne D:


  Sat. 10/30/10 4:12pm Danne D:

From the wiki article: "Mourning Noise was an American horror- and hardcore punk band from Lodi, New Jersey, notable for drummer Steve Zing. Active around the time of the Misfits, Mourning Noise were strongly influenced by the Misfits as drummer Steve Zing lived very close to Jerry Only and Doyle's house and Steve went to high school with Doyle."
  Sat. 10/30/10 4:13pm Danne D:

I'll actually start trying to winning tickets probably next week as I'll have more free time soon :) Good luck callers!
  Sat. 10/30/10 4:15pm Danne D:

My co-worker is friends with one of the members of the Black Hollies btw. I am not kidding :)
  Sat. 10/30/10 4:17pm Glenn L:

Ding-Dong Lounge @ 106st & Columbus Ave.
  Sat. 10/30/10 4:21pm glenn:

holy jimmy page, batman!
  Sat. 10/30/10 4:37pm glenn:

lollipop shoppe sounds like the bastard love child of roky erikkson and arthur lee. not that that's a bad thing.
  Sat. 10/30/10 4:44pm Mickey:

That riff from Date w a Vampyre also appears in My Love is a Monster from the Compulsive Gamblers. A tune that would fit right into this show hint hint.
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:03pm Kath:

Wow, Ter, I don't think I've heard this since the last time I played it on the air! Thanks for the memories - I think!
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:13pm Marc:

Sabrina the teenage witch.
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:14pm Skirkie:

The Mod Go-go Witches - totally awesome band name.
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:18pm Steve:

OK...two definitely missing releases. She's A Witch by I believe the Sonics and Season of the Witch...Donovan or Al Kooper versions are both cool. -s
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:21pm Steve:

Then what about some Groovy Ghoulies? -s
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:22pm Italo Disco:

Helen - Witch

  Sat. 10/30/10 5:25pm Listener Jumpy:

I found that Screaming Tribesman 12" in the garbage in the East Village a few years ago. Everybody's a critic!
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:28pm Danne D:

Ghoulie Get Together from Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits would be awesome :)

I heard the East Village is known for it's high quality garbage, Jumpy.
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:30pm Skirkie:

High Quality Garbage - another terrific band name.
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:38pm Lola:

Tell Steve who posted that *the* coolest version of "Season of the Witch" is by Julie Driscoll!
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:38pm JK:

Strange roads sounds like it would be a good Dino Jr cover
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:43pm Radar:

Great set so far by The Action. Especially this song.
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:47pm max:

this is awesome, I've never heard The Action or Reg King before... just tuning in so i missed all the horror rock stuff, I guess I'll be catching it on the archive..... actually I should blast it while the little kids come trick or treating tomorrow instead of a horror sound effects cd or something
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:53pm Skirkie:

that is all
  Sat. 10/30/10 5:54pm Danne D:

Thanks for an awesome show Terre T (and Mike too!) :D
Got me through a paticularly zombifying piece of grunt work

Hope all you goblins have a great weekend and a great halloween :)

And do vote, even if it is for seang
  Sat. 10/30/10 8:11pm Stu:

Hi Terre

Great show! I'm listening after the fact today. I just want to point out that I correctly predicted Michael Lynch being the catalyst behind the Lurch single being played!
  Fri. 11/12/10 10:34pm Howie Lord:

Great show, Terre! Listening about 13 days later. appropriate for a Halloween show. Been busy however..time flies..my time crawls..like an insect.....(you forgot bauhaus), Love the pagans track..thanx!
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