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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options October 8, 2010: Today I'm A Wo/Man

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/8/10 6:02pm Getting the Concept:

Time to ramble, eh?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:03pm TubaRuba:

Grown-up greetings, weirdos!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:03pm justin:

Congrats for your son, Andy
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:05pm Cecile:

When I got married.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:06pm G:

When I got divorced.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:06pm TubaRuba:

So... no anniversary show?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:07pm G:

Pat's on the phone?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:07pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 10/8/10 6:07pm TubaRuba:

I just checked - Oct 9th was the 25th Anniversary. Lord knows what anniversary today is
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:07pm John McCabe in LA:

I say save it for the 100th show then do something special
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:08pm Kirk:

the first time I ate cow testicals
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:08pm Carlos:

I've heard of russian robin hood...
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:10pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 10/8/10 6:10pm G:

Are Andy and Frangry engaged after all this time? Set a date yet?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:10pm White Russian:

Vladimir Vysotsky! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIcVImHpdNg
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:10pm Cecile:

I was ironing my dad's handkerchiefs at age 8.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:10pm hamburger:

wat da top-ik?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:11pm TubaRuba:

I thought living without a roommate would make me feel grown up, but it was kind of lame and not worth it
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:11pm Spike:

When I turned 25. I became a full-fledged adult
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:11pm G:

Topic: What event told you that you were truly a grown up woman/man?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:12pm Andrew:

When I grew my awesome beard.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:14pm James Villiers:

Mazel Tov, Jack!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:14pm hamburger:

never had any such an event. evar.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:16pm Dave Lifton:

I realized I was an adult when I started complaining about everything on Top 40 radio.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:16pm G:

@hamburger: What %age fat are you?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:16pm Carlos:

lunch with stephen merritt? hmm...
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:17pm G:

you could practice your gaydar, carlos...
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:17pm hamburger:

  Fri. 10/8/10 6:17pm TubaRuba:

I felt more grown-up when I started laying the verbal smack-down on smart-mouthed teenagers
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:18pm G:

not very heralthy, hamburger...
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:18pm Jil:

Truth be know, Kris called me an immature ordinary waste last week sooooo guess I'm not a grown up?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:18pm Carlos:

true, G
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:19pm Dave Lifton:

What about when you realize that, if you had lived out your dream to be a professional athlete, you'd be retired by now?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:19pm Jil:

When I first saw James Villiers in Pygmalion and realized he was only three years younger than I am now...
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:20pm Carlos:

little argentina would maybe be near union city
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:21pm TubaRuba:

@Dave - I have a similar one, when I realized I was too old to start a music career :(
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:22pm your mom:

Whats the number?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:23pm Carlos:

there's a pizza hut in ecuador, too
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:23pm kcphoto:

This show is making me feel old poor andy
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:24pm Vivian:

Pizza hut and Dominos suck. Almost as much as Philadelphia.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:24pm your mom:

Hi Frangry- Its mommy!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:24pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 10/8/10 6:24pm Dave Lifton:

@TubaRuba Yep.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:24pm G:

awwww!!!!!! cutttttttte!!!!!!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:25pm david.:

when do u know... When ur shopping for a black suit for ur parents funeral.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:26pm hamburger:

woa - good call
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:27pm david.:

(um thats in anticipation of their death)
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:27pm TubaRuba:

Haha! John's had a bunch of good calls recently
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:28pm Chuck Norris:

thats very morbid david-
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:29pm sarah foster:

when i didnt have to borrow money from my parents anymore
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:29pm josh swish:

funerals is da place to meet da ladies.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:29pm Chuck Norris:

Thats not right Andy. liking funerals?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:29pm Chuck Norris:

(kin see yer ah)
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:30pm Vivian:

Some old guy told my mom, 'Best place to meet folks-supermarkets and funerals'
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:30pm Carlos:

  Fri. 10/8/10 6:31pm 3rd girlfriend:

Thank goodness I'm your ex
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:31pm josh swish:

what's the best pickup line in a supermarket??
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:31pm Vivian:

My x is a stripper? That's sad and lame.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:31pm Chris:

When I found my father after he killed himself.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:32pm Vivian:

What type of Tofutti would you recommend? Instant action!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:33pm Andys son:

Embarrassing dad
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:33pm TubaRuba:

Sorry to hear that, Chris :(
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:34pm Carlos:

  Fri. 10/8/10 6:34pm landells:

I had to accept that I was a grown-up when my girlfriend's father paid us a visit and he was dressed in almost the same clothes as me... and my grown-up status is sadly re-confirmed almost every week when I'm trying to be cool in front of the kids
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:36pm ?:

Supermarket pickup lines. So many possibilities, so little time. Nice-looking melons!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:36pm Haley:

this is only 2 years ago, my dad got dared by his budies that he had to have the hottest pepper in the world, you should have seen him- his mouth was on fire, and he couldn't have milk, he felt like he had purpose in life. it was sad. ),:
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:37pm Rob W:

A little late on this - but there's a Quinceañera reality show on Telemundo - "Quinceañera, My Teen Dream" - although it's also also something of an American Idol knockoff: "In this magical adventure, 10 contestants battle in song and dance competitions under the watchful eyes of experts, as they begin their artistic career, turn their dream of having a 15th birthday party into reality, and make their debut in the world of entertainment."
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:37pm justin:

but every highschool student has a prego scare....
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:38pm hamburger:

wow - frangry's jock intepretation sounds awesome!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:38pm Carlos:

keep money out of it
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:39pm TubaRuba:

Haha I thought the same thing, hamburger
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:39pm Cannon:

1. Breaking someone's heart. 2. Getting your heart broken. 3. Kicking someone's ass. 4. Getting your ass kicked. 5. Your first real, soul-wrenching hangover.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:39pm John McCabe in LA:

first time I paid for my mom's dinner I was 40
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:39pm G:

About 5. -- I've seen people have that at 13-14.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:39pm TubaRuba:

@Cannon - sounds like a good night!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:40pm Robert in Seattle:

When I was in my 20's I liked guys in their 40's. Now I'm in my 40's and seem to be attracted to guys in their 20's,which makes me feel old. Just not into being a daddy.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:40pm Cannon:

@G: It gets a lot worse.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:41pm G:

This week, on "A Very Speial SUW"...
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:41pm Cannon:

@Tuba: 'Twas.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:41pm hamburger:

first time i felt like an adult was when i was 11, an stared down a 7-11 clerk and bought a pack of 20 marlboro reds
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:41pm landells:

Hey! You pronounced my name perfectly... that doesn't happen often
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:41pm susy:

couger robert?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:42pm Dave Lifton:

Since we're on the subject of money, how about cutting up your parents' credit card because you got your own?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:42pm hamburger:

when frangry went all gruffy huffy with her voice.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:42pm Cannon:

@Robert: Yeah, being attracted to someone who's just way too young for you.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:42pm hamburger:

no typo!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:43pm OMG!!:

lens AND gills
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:43pm Cannon:

@Dave: Paying your balance in full.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:44pm Dave Lifton:

@Cannon Still waiting for that to happen.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:44pm 1971:

wow you andy are old 1972???
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:45pm Cannon:

The first time I turned on the "old school hip hop" station and heard Dipset.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:45pm hamburger:

first time I felt like an adult:: paid for something with a credit card. and BOY! was that a SUMIN SMIN!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:45pm suzie:

Getting divorced before you're 31. That's all it takes to be a grown-up. (or maybe it's a good way to revert to college behavior?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:46pm susy:

it's susy suZie you stole my identification. you stealer!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:47pm Lulu Titlon:

ed dead dad there all the same
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:48pm susy:

nice lulu ed is your dad who is dead
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:49pm John McCabe in LA:

  Fri. 10/8/10 6:50pm Lulu Titlon:

we are tracking you down John McCabe in LA we are
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:50pm Carlos:

andro + gynos
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:50pm Robert in Seattle:

@ Susy, ha! No, just can't quite go there.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:51pm Lulu Titlon:

no your half and half caller
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:51pm John McCabe in LA:

come and get me
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:52pm Robert in Seattle:

  Fri. 10/8/10 6:52pm Carlos:

why be nervous, divorce is a catchy word these days
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:53pm John McCabe in LA:

I mean repo man 1984
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:53pm Lulu Titlon:

KILL????? YOUR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:53pm Carlos:

  Fri. 10/8/10 6:54pm Lulu Titlon:

cold/hot = swintter
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:54pm Robert in Seattle:

Trying to look busy @ work while I listen to this show is making me feel super adult.
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:55pm Lulu Titlon:

ooolllllldddddyyyyyy your all oldies
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:55pm Lulu Titlon:

little little gurrly
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:55pm Carlos:

that's when I feel like I'll be a man... because I'll never be man enough for my pappy
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:57pm John McCabe in LA:

I realized I wasn't a man the first time i got arrested
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:57pm MEEEE you know who i am:

you guys are all nerds for listenigng to this 8)
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:57pm G:

but who's nerds for broadcasting it?
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:58pm Carlos:

and that's the conclusion presented by MIKEY D
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:58pm MEEEE you know who i am:

you g you
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:59pm SF Steve:

When having a beer is not exciting anymore
  Fri. 10/8/10 6:59pm d:

What the hell! The classic thing is sex, and I mean the centuries-old thing. Did Brooke (yes, her real name) and I accomplish nothing?
  Wed. 9/21/11 8:38am lz:

How about Дама for Lady in Russian?
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