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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options September 10, 2010

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Mr. Ikeda's self is performing >>tonight & tomorrow<<

Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Ryoji Ikeda  Headphonics   Options +/-  Touch    0:00:00 ()
Ryoji Ikeda  op. 1   Options Op.  Touch    0:10:19 ()
Ryoji Ikeda  . Matrix   Options Matrix  Touch    0:26:20 ()
Ryoji Ikeda    Options 0°C  Touch    0:58:42 ()
Gil Melle  soundtrack to "The Andromeda Strain"   Options The Andromeda Strain  Kapp    1:14:46 ()
David Rosenboom  In the Beginning: Etude II [excerpt]   Options Gravikords, Whirlies and Pyrophones  Ellipsis Arts  played by Don Buchla & Robert Moog!  1:40:59 ()
David Rosenboom  Portable Gold and Philosophers' Stones   Options Brainwave Music  EM Records  analog synthesis controlled by four people's brainwaves  1:46:20 ()
Eliane Radigue  Biogenesis   Options Biogenesis  Metamkine    2:06:17 ()
Jean-Claude Eloy  Kaiso   Options Gaku-No-Michi  Disques Adès    2:27:35 ()
Jean-Claude Eloy  Han   Options Gaku-No-Michi  Disques Adès     

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/10/10 12:07pm Marco D Argento:

Hello Bryce:-) what's on tap for today?
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:08pm Marco D Argento:

Last week it was insane people trying to play pianos:)
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:08pm bryce:

i...........just don't know
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:11pm Dale from North Dakota:

Is Kenny G sitting in today? This is vaguely nauseating, literally. Maybe just me, but I can't imagine wearing headphones to listen to it.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:12pm bryce:

you're actually supposed to lay on a bathtub full of ice with the headphones
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:13pm bryce:

that's what i do, anyway
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:14pm Dale from North Dakota:

That would do me in, I'm afraid. I might be more susceptible to these things than most, but I had to put you on mute, it was actually making me sick.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:15pm bryce:

oh nooooo!! sorry, dale :(

i was just trying to microcalibrate my framboozle combobulator.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:16pm Dale from North Dakota:

No worries, I'm sure that there are some out there who really dig it :-)
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:16pm Marco D Argento:

O I C today's theme is music that makes you freak out and want to hide under a bed?
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:18pm Marco D Argento:

Bryce? I love your show even have couple on my iPod. But! No more crazy people trying to play pianos!
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:21pm Dale from North Dakota:

This, on the other hand, is quite nice. Sounds like the soundtrack to a movie like "Solaris."
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:21pm Royvis:

Hey Bryce! Sounds great!
my computer here at work was recently upgraded... they forgot to lock itunes radio, so for the first time in almost 10 years I can listen to WFMU at work!
(91.1 never came in clear)
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:22pm JT:

geez i got confused. i thought i was listening on random... i actually bought headphonics after hearing something from it on a previous show.

i'm not even laying in a bathtub full of ice!
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:23pm Marco D Argento:

I know Bryce doesn't take requests. But the soundtrack to "the andromeda strain" would be great! It fits in with his show:-) the 1971 movie "the andromeda strain"
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:23pm bryce:

my god, i can't shake you sickos!!! you just keep LISTENING and LISTENING.......

what the hell do i have to do....talk????!!?
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:26pm Dale from North Dakota:

Start reading the automatic traffic report from July, lol
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:27pm Marco D Argento:

We love you Bryce! And were sticking with you till the day you die! So get use to us:-) cause we ain't leavin:-)
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:30pm Joe Voltage:

Hi Bryce .
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:31pm bryce:

  Fri. 9/10/10 12:32pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I missed the nauseating stuff. I'm here for whatever else you have.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:33pm Marco D Argento:

Sounds like the emergency broadcast tone? Are missiles from Russia heading for new york?
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:33pm bryce:

with any luck
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:34pm Joe:

only way to stop the missiles are to give yourselfs fully to Our Lord Jesus H. Bryyst.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

somebody slipped in an I Dose instead of a track
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:35pm Mike Fun:

Seriously digging this stuff. Glad I'm not driving or operating heavy machinery.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:36pm Joe Voltage:

Bryct of lader day saints
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:36pm Marco D Argento:

Could those missiles take out a building at 330 west 34th street?
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:37pm Marco D Argento:

I think when this show is available for download I'll put it on my iPod with the 16 other Bryce broadcasts.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:38pm Joe Voltage:

I'm so happy that I moved my sterio & records into my bomb shelter!
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:39pm Marco D Argento:

Hey I have headphones on! this is vibrating my brain!!!!
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:39pm Dominick:

Digging the patterns on my oscilloscope
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:40pm D:

Today is a special day, I remembered the Bryce show.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:42pm Dale from North Dakota:

I went and scared up a copy of "The Andromeda Strain" soundtrack for a quick listen, and, yes Marco, it would definitely play well on Bryce's show.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:43pm D:

Google's popular Chrome web browser won't allow me to view comments.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:45pm bryce:

love love that soundtrack. amazing music!
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:45pm Marco D Argento:

I've been trying to get a hold of it on a torrent file. But I keep getting the one with the virus attached to it:-(
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:46pm Ike:

I can see comments just fine in Chrome. I think Google just doesn't like you, D. Maybe you're on their special red list.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:46pm Mike East:

Thats a great movie. I've also been looking forward to watching Solaris which you mentioned before. Just waiting for the right time...perhaps today
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:47pm Marco D Argento:

Andromeda strain is still on vinyl only. There's no CD of it available:-(
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:47pm Mike East:

Not too ashamed to say I also watched the Andromeda Strain remake starring Rick Schroder with my sister when she was in the hospital.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:47pm D:

It's okay in Safari now, maybe I have too many extensions. Will R. Ikeda every branch out from dot matrix or is he just keeping it real?
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:48pm Marco D Argento:

LOVE andromeda strain too. The 1971 version. Don't care much for the newer version A
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:48pm bryce:

?? there's a cd copy here in the library!! mayhaps a boot...

the hexagonal vinyl is pretty lovely tho...
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:51pm nic:

i love what Ryoji Ikeda does _he's GREAT !!!!!!!!
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:51pm Dale from North Dakota:

If you've sixty dollars you're not attached to, amazon has it on CD: http://tinyurl.com/322b3l4
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:51pm Looms:

Woohoo, Matrix! Great stuff!
I physically just can't listen to a few Ikeda's tracks because of the frequencies used (or maybe these frequencies dislike my body, who knows?) but he's to me one of the bests. He made many many great works and went through many styles.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:52pm Marco D Argento:

Great movie. But I can't watch where the woman sees the flashing red light and goes into convulsions:-(
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:53pm Dale from North Dakota:

The theme today seems to be skewing towards "things you watch and hear that make you sick", lol
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:54pm D:

So it will be all raster noton stuff, then?
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:54pm still b/p:

For someone in a pre-lunch crash, this is a lullaby. It'll do me in entirely when I'm back with a post-lunch crash.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:57pm Marco D Argento:

$60 too steep for me:-( if it was $20 or less.
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:58pm D:

Download it for educational purposes. How long until the copyright runs out?
  Fri. 9/10/10 12:58pm Marco D Argento:

Need to get bedsheets. Tired of sleeping on a bare mattress:(
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:00pm bryce:

hey D, just monomaniacally playing a bunch of ryoji ikeda for because i'm super excited to see him tonight. *twitch*
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:02pm D:

I bet it will be amazing. I have Dataplex, which I think was based on computers malfunctioning?
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:03pm Marco D Argento:

Where was that place he is performing at?
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:05pm bryce:

florence gould hall, i think? if you click on the words "tonight & tomorrw" over there to the left, you will automagically be redirected to a website page on the internet!
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

wow, that internet...it does just about everything.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:06pm Marco D Argento:

Florence Gould Hall? Wow that's a new one to me. Probably all sold out:-(
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:06pm marg ana:

Kia joy ride.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:06pm Hugo:

Good for you, Bryce. I'm off to see Atomic and Vandermark 5 tonight, a bunch of Scandinavian and American jazzers, which ought to be good, too, though, shall we say, different.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:07pm Marco D Argento:

Tickets probably $100 or more:-(
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:10pm bryce:

hugo!!!! how are you?

$100??! ack
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Bryce will walk in undetected with his cloak of invisibility.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:14pm Marco D Argento:

Florence Gould hall? Sounds big? Or is it small?
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:15pm Ike:

Site says $18, doesn't it? If it were $100, Bryce would probably be hocking his liver over on 8th Ave.

"Note: performance includes strobe lights."
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:15pm D:

18 bucks says the webpage, unless you're a member of the Japan Society.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:15pm Hugo:

Fine here, Bryce. Heading off to Iceland for most of next week, which will be a first for me. No ash clouds in sight, hopefully ...
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:17pm Marco D Argento:

$18 dollars I'm guessing it's a big place!
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:18pm still b/p:

Brycius Hockliver could be one of Groucho's movie character names.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:18pm Looms:

"Note: performance includes strobe lights." = don't attend this if you are epileptic.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:19pm Carmichael:

bfkauondfjfh, Bryce.

Mr. Ikeda, I regularly "self-perform".
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

do attend if you are eclectic
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:20pm Dale from North Dakota:

We have precedence for requests, folks! "Play Free Bird!" lol.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:20pm Carmichael:

Oe Episcopalian.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:20pm Looms:

@DCE: definitely
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:21pm Mike East:

what if you're an eclectic epileptic?
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:21pm D:

I would attend if I lived in the Greater Northern NJ Listening Area.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:21pm Marco D Argento:

Wow! Bryce is playing a request! Call Washington! Somethings wrong here!
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:22pm Looms:

@Mike: you're in big trouble...
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:25pm Marco D Argento:

Sooooo good to hear it:)
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:27pm bryce:

$60, fuck that!
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:30pm BSI:

as usual, i'm late to the party.
missed out on all the groovy nausea.
oh, how i digs the groovy nausea.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:32pm bryce:

kinderwurst! what up?
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:32pm Marco D Argento:

When the computer displays "601" in the movie under it it should say "please contact Microsoft about this issue! Thank you" OK
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:34pm BSI:

no wurst for wear!
whatever that means!
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:35pm googler:

Just a hint... if you add "site:blogspot.com" to a google search for... ahem... overpriced out of print items, one will often find alternatives.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:36pm Marco D Argento:

The town piedmont in the movie freaked me out. Some people with thier eyes open!
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:37pm Marco D Argento:

There is a vinyl rip on a torrent file. But it has a Trojan attached to it:-(
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:41pm Dale from North Dakota:

Yeah, I remember seeing the movie on tv when I was a kid and it was terrifying. Listening to the soundtrack today, there was a lot of aural tension to go with the visual images.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:42pm D:

adblock was keeping comments off chrome. Try adding ".rar"
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:42pm perrin:

year of "The Andromeda Strain? 1981?
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:42pm Marco D Argento:

  Fri. 9/10/10 1:42pm Dale from North Dakota:

1971 for the good one. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0066769/
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, it was the rare synth that sounded like this in 1981! by then it was all carp.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:44pm Marco D Argento:

Great movie by a great man micheal crichton
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:45pm Dale from North Dakota:

What the heck is this a picture of? The decontamination scene? I don't remember this at all. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm7968768/tt0066769
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:45pm Marco D Argento:

Before the computer I read most of micheal Crichtons books "Congo" "sphere" "disclosure" he was a great writer:-(
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:47pm Marco D Argento:

The book "sphere" I couldn't put it down! I read it in three days!!!
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:49pm Marco D Argento:

Terrible loss to the world micheal crichton:-(
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:51pm Ike:

D, for Chrome, Adthwart is good. No comment-ectomy.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:51pm Looms:

Didn't see the movie made from Andromeda Strain, but disliked the Sphere and Congo. Though, i dug reading MC's novels.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:51pm perrin:

michael critons global warming scientists as terrorists was a strange book.
I could not tell if it was a joke or not.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:52pm Russ:

what's the name of the album playing right now? it's good stuff!
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:52pm perrin:

year of Rosenboom piece?
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:53pm Marco D Argento:

I didn't like either films. The casting was all wrong!!
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:54pm Marco D Argento:

Sharon stone. Dustin hoffman. Laura linney. NO to all of the above!
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:54pm BSI:

I totally get what Person no.3 is thinking right now.
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:55pm bryce:

perrin!! i always forget; don't even have an excuse today...1972

russ, the record is "brainwave music". japanese label "em" did a cd reissue 4 years ago-ish. maybe iuit's still around? emrecords.net
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:57pm Russ:

thanks, am looking in amazon first...
  Fri. 9/10/10 1:58pm nic:

this is a G R E A T S H O W
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

let's try controlling Bryce with our collective brainwaves.
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:02pm bryce:

why am i breaking my fingers?
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:03pm bryce:

thanks, nic! :)
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:03pm Dale from North Dakota:

I agree, great show (after the dodgy start :-)

So, technically, David Rosenboom is more the recording engineer than the artist of this piece, right?
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:04pm Marco D Argento:

Sorry bryce:) I just wanted you to take us all to the concert tonight:)
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:04pm Russ:

is the track before this one on Brainwave too? ("In the Beginning: Etude II [excerpt]" by David Rosenboom )
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:05pm Marco D Argento:

Mmmmmmmm "don't break fingers" Mmmmmmmm "don't break fingers"
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:09pm Looms:

@DCE: i'm reluncted to do that, i have an appointment tonight and just remembered how Cronenberg's Scanners ends...
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:13pm Marco D Argento:

Since you mentioned "Scanners" I loved that film:)
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:16pm Looms:

So do i; best to me is The Brood though.
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:17pm Looms:

Anyway, i dig most of Cronenberg's movies
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:19pm bryce:

hey dale, i'd call him the artist. he custom-built the electronics to create the piece and wrote the score, a set of specific instructions for the performers to follow.

hey russ, sadly, no. it was from a compilation called "gravikords, whirlies & pyrophones". always wanted to hear the full piece, but have never come across it...
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:20pm Looms:

And actually, Dead Ringers IS my favorite.
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:20pm Mike East:

ever watch Videodrome? Thats a strange one.
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:21pm Looms:

Watched all his works many times, Mike, i'm a fanatic.
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:24pm BSI:

Looms: agreed. The reveal scene at the end of Dead Ringers is a mind-roasting classic.
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:26pm Leech:

those moving pictures make me nauseous you are all sick
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:27pm Looms:

  Fri. 9/10/10 2:27pm Marco D Argento:

I watched videodrome! And the day after I became a vegetarian!
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:28pm bryce:

  Fri. 9/10/10 2:28pm Marco D Argento:

Been a vegetarian for 25+ years!
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:29pm ms_atomisees:

Mme. Radigue :D
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:29pm Marco D Argento:

I had videodrome on VHS videotape!
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:30pm Leech:

I only eat meat that is exploded from the television or popeyes
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:31pm Mike East:

I haven't seen nearly all of his pictures, but I have been quite impressed with all of his visual effects that I have seen...Naked Lunch was another good one...I had to watch it again immediately after the credits ran.
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:32pm Marco D Argento:

Best special effects in a movie id have to say 2001: a space odyssey you would have never thought it was made in 1967
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:33pm bryce:

criminy, the atomized lady to boot? what is this, kwaaanzaaa?
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:34pm BSI:

okay, now this here is ear candy.
god bless you, bryce. god bless the HELL out of you.
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:35pm bryce:

  Fri. 9/10/10 2:36pm Marco D Argento:

Sounds like a computer having a nervous breakdown:-)
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:36pm kim:

hiiii bryce, happy friday! yummmmmmm.
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I want to go home I want to go home I want to
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:37pm frédéric le junter:

Hello Bryce, thank you from Dunkerque-France
I am very proud that my songs was on your playlist a few times, thank you!
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:38pm Looms (Fr):

Just remembering a sentence from a shitty french movie critic about Eastern Promises: "even when he fails, Cronenberg is an interesting movie director"
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:38pm bryce:

hey marco,
that sequence was done by one of my favorite "visual music" artists, james whitney. if his stuff ever comes around, theater-wise, you might really dig — it really can't translate to other media, even dvds......
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:41pm Marco D Argento:

Bryce? When will this show be archived? I can't wait to put it on my iPod!:-)
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:42pm bryce:

what up, kim!!

cool, hi, m le junter! my pleasure, very much love your music. if you're ever around the new york area, could i convince you to come by and do something on the air?

pierre berthet actually stopped in a couple years ago. what a lovely person....
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:45pm Looms:

Time to check out, bye bye! Excellent show!
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:46pm frédéric le junter:

i was in victoriaville- canada festival a couple years ago, but no project at the moment, all is in europe; i ll not forget to come if by chance
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:50pm bryce:

please do!

haven't been to victo for a few years. always fun to take over that town...
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:52pm nic:

i'm in such a good mood today_i think this music put me there_thanks_awesome show
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

always a pleasure, Bryce. Have a good weekend.
  Fri. 9/10/10 2:59pm bryce:

you too, dce, nic, & et al

  Fri. 9/10/10 3:00pm Frisko Kid:

This is the perfect soundtrack for drinking really strong coffee and typing long boring lists into Excel. A tedious chore magically transformed into something tolerable. Just thought you should know. Thanks!
  Fri. 9/10/10 3:01pm BSI:

  Fri. 9/10/10 3:01pm slugluv1313:

hi Bryce! thank you for another wonderful show! have a most fabulous weekend!!!
  Fri. 9/10/10 3:01pm bryce:

  Tue. 9/14/10 10:06pm raga:

my dog went berserk for the opening Ryoji Ikeda piece.
  Tue. 9/14/10 10:12pm raga:

ok, spouse is now berserk as well.
  Wed. 9/15/10 1:18am bryce:

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