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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 27, 2010: It's a Date!

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/27/10 5:59pm Go for it!!!!:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:00pm FRANGRY:

Dear God help us...
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:01pm God:

I helps them what helps theirselves... I'm not syain, I'm just sayin...
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:02pm Cecile:

let's celebrate the second anniversary of my ING money market account.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:03pm Cecile:

That would be as good as any topic.

Oh, sober. That's not a good thing to be.
Give that woman a drink!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:03pm Johnny Muller:

Three weeks is a long time for alcoholics.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:03pm ric:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:03pm Beavis:

He said Tramp steamer, hehehehehehe
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:03pm ric:

Ah... back on the comments board again. It's like being one of the hecklers in the gallery.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:03pm Cecile:

Don't they get a big medal or something?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:04pm Cecile:

@ric, I feel like Sandler and Waldorf on the Muppet Show.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:04pm ric:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:05pm hamburger:

word up weirdos
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:05pm Topic Suggestion:

Try something funny?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:05pm Toby:

To paraphrase Groucho, I wouldn't want to date a girl who'd have me for a boyfriend.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:06pm ric:

Andy does sound a bit like an amiable Kermit.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:06pm Miss Piggy:

Frangry is NOT in my league. Hmmph!!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:07pm ric:

Toby, that's basically the plot of Woody Allen's Annie Hall.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:10pm Toby:

Ric, I know, I think Woody's character even quotes that Groucho joke in his the opening monolgue
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:11pm Cecile:

It didn't work so hot for Cyrano de Bergerac
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:12pm bruce printscreen:

Tip 1: shave your teeth
Tip 2: confuse a cat
Tip 3: wear a tiny hat
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:12pm ric:

The trouble with the peice of paper tactic is that it could be a hoax set up by the go-between... not that I'm cynical or anything.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:12pm Zzzzz:

There is something to this one.

Something boring
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:12pm Cecile:

No, that's for the third date.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:13pm Johnny Muller:

You didn't get the drawing because WFMU's mailing address changed within the last week from 07303 to 07203, which I did not know.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:13pm TubaRuba:

Whatever Bruce is preparing for, I'm down with that.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:14pm hamburger:

so JM, you send originals, not scans?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:14pm FRANGRY:

of course he sends originals
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:15pm hamburger:

that is noble
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:16pm John McCabe in LA:

how much is a Johnny Muller original?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:16pm Zzzzz:

This call is longer than a Bryce track.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:16pm Johnny Muller:

of course!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:16pm giraffe-o:

S.U.W. doesn't need a guest host to fill in for Frangry the next 2 weeks. Caller Jill, John Muller, and John McCabe will dominate the airtime.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:17pm Johnny Muller:

although I send copies when for some reason they don't get the original cause I always have a couple copies handy
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:18pm Jil:

You're dating a Golden Girl! You're SET!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:18pm Cecile:

Hey, have a good one. Weekend starts now!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:18pm ric:

It's turning in a sales & management training course.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:19pm ric:

"Be confident – close that sale!"
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:19pm John McCabe in LA:

I do lots of research
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:20pm Jil:

I have confidence that if James Villiers were still alive, I'd give sex with him the ol college try!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:21pm Zzzzz:

It's the stoner hour now!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:22pm Toby:

Never break and enter on a first date.
It was the early hours of the morning and we noticed there was a door open around the back of a Blockbusters as we walked past. So we crept in, it was completely dark and as we turned a corner there was a face right in front of us, staring directly into my terrified eyes. My blood ran ice cold and my spine turned to spaghetti. Instinct took over and I punched this face as hard as I could.
It was a cardboard cutout of Mrs Doubtfire.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:22pm Johnny Muller:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:22pm ladyhawk:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:23pm Johnny Muller:

deer are so sexy, so graceful and feminine
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:23pm Jil:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:23pm skids are alright:

This show is like the inmates ruling the asylum. A very dull, disjointed asylum.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:24pm Announcement:

Calling all pervs!!!

Thank you for your attention.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:24pm skids are alright:

Bestiality would be a much better topic. I would do a jellyfish.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:24pm Deed:

leave the animals alone!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:24pm bruce printscreen:

Id like to sodomize an owl cause he d stare at me while intetcourse
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:24pm Brian:

George "The Animal" Steele
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:25pm Furries:

You called?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:25pm You can't handle the truth:

jerboas are hot
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:25pm Skirkie:

I was gonna say turtle actually. Have you seen the YouTube videos? They really seem to enjoy it.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:25pm Different Alex:

Of all animals, the genitals of female manatees are most similar to those of human females. Just something to think about.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:26pm Jil:

If I hear "BRANDON" heads will roll!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:26pm Curious:

Firsthand knowledge, Alex?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:27pm You can't handle the truth:

I left jizz on a computer in one of my high school classes. True story.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:28pm Clarification:

@You can't: They didn't ask for callers who were animals and had sex.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:30pm giraffe-o:

Giraffes make the best lovers
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:30pm mrhands:

dolphins, they will change your life and dig humans.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:30pm Jil:

Chicks use me at IKEA for the hearse.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:31pm Giraffe:

Two words: Deep throat.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:31pm Johnny Muller:

What animal would you have sex with Andy and Frangry?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:31pm Tony:

Hey - I moved to Berlin 3 weeks ago - apparently there's a sex club here that has a "Bring your Dog Night " nice.........
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:32pm Jil:

I'd have sex with Hitler.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:32pm Deed:

my jil
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:32pm giraffe-o:

Okapi is the closest living relative of the giraffe
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:33pm John McCabe in LA:

what animal would pankake have sex with?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:33pm giraffe-o:

giraffes have tongues for days!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:33pm Match.com:

There are tons of okapis on here.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:34pm anonymous:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:34pm You can't handle the truth:

I love f*cking capybaras. Like a rottweiler-sized guinea pig
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:34pm bruce printscreen:

Id totally frenchkiss armadillos
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:34pm hamburger:

a grumpy ravaged old cranky cougar
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:34pm Zzzzz:

Stoner hour again.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:35pm Banal:

Probably an octopus if I really had to choose, there's no pointy bits.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:35pm You can't handle the truth:

Hey Frangry - I will be your pants panther
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:36pm Answer for the caller:

They are not affiliated with a group. They are affiliated with a group home.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:36pm John McCabe in LA:

hey Andy why don't you highjack the show and talk about Politics to get back Frangry for talking a bout dating on your show about politics (see 1/16/09)
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:37pm ric:

There's a Japanese woodblock print of an octopus performing oral sex.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:37pm Johnny Muller:

She gonna get lots of wedgies
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:38pm Deed:

I'd have sex with a pussy
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:38pm John McCabe in LA:

buy the way 1/16/09 was my all time favorite show
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:38pm ric:

Look up tentacle erotica in wikipedia
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:38pm All Time Lows:

Stiff competition there, hunny
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:38pm anonymous:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:39pm John McCabe in LA:

whats better sex on the bus or sex on a bike?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:40pm Noticing:

Tom Scharpling got to Spike after last week's show, right?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:40pm bruce printscreen:

Madeleine allbright on ketamine
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:41pm Brian:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:42pm Famous last words:

" but somehow we got to animal sex..."
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:42pm Different Alex:

Narwahls, because unicorns don't exist.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:43pm hamburger:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:43pm phoust:

Who says people wouldn't want to have sex with a fish. In England, supporters of Southhampton F.C. call supporters of Portsmouth F.C. "Skates". This apparently has something to do with sailors from Portsmouth relieving their sexual fustration at sea with a skate. I friend of mine said his mum always refused to eat skate.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:43pm Johnny Muller:

I was creepin on u at 7SD Andy...
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:44pm Cat:

Is this a ventriloquist act or something tonight?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:44pm mrhands:

a monitor lizard, because dinosaurs is gone away
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:44pm JJ:

for the love of god put a bullet in this show already.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:45pm giraffe-o:

Fisherman's wife is some creepy stuff
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:45pm Guy with poisoned tuna:

Let's find out if Cats really have nine lives.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:46pm Toby:

A threesome with a hawk and a naughty, wicked little puppy
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:46pm mrhands:

i thought all the gays were into horses
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:46pm Mr Ed:

shhh, on the downlow
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:47pm Danne D:

Hi Weirdos. Out of town at a training so I cannot hear this or read the comments currently being posted but I wanted to say. Any call I woulda made probably woulda been kinda sad though. Have a Good One Frangry, Andy,Cecile, Tubaruba and everyone else! :) Hope to be back around next week!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:47pm Deed:

and pussies!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:48pm bruce printscreen:

shaved bonobos?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:48pm Drunken Dumbo:

Are you a moslem?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:48pm Woot Woot:

Bonobo monkeys are very sexual and experiment with gay and hetero sex.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:49pm TubaRuba:

Hi ghost of Danne :)
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:49pm Caller clinic:

Get a new phone, caller!!!!!! And a new accent.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:49pm Tom Sharpling:

I like to be raped by eleven racoons
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:49pm mrhands:

so back to dating, i'm not wasting my slime on a girl slug that isn't going to put out
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:50pm Wondering:

Was that "Tom" comment Spike's revenge?? Just making trouble, thanks.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:51pm Deed:

thanks mr vincent
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:53pm Official Scorer:

So when is the determination made if this is a four-peat "worst of" or not?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:53pm bryce:

fine. my shortlist:

5. aye-aye - http://bit.ly/baGOuq
4. chinese giant salamander - http://bit.ly/d2Qoup
3. sea pig - http://bit.ly/csvuXy
2. blob fish - http://bit.ly/bX82aO
1. celebes crested macaque - http://bit.ly/alsbJQ
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:53pm ric:

Awesome animal sex: female mantis eats her mating partner during sex.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:53pm ric:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:53pm Johnny Muller:

Gorillas have tiny dicks for their size
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:54pm ladyhawk:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:54pm You can't handle the truth:

"That dog is a gay homosexual"
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:54pm John McCabe in LA:

September is going to suck fans need Frangry
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:54pm hamburger:

gorillas have tiny ..
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:54pm giraffe-o:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:54pm ric:

"Gorillas have tiny dicks for their size " – like body-builders, compensating for something
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:55pm Johnny Muller:

Andy's racist
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:55pm bruce printscreen:

What about a boobcat?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:55pm TubaRuba:

Nobody said bear? Not even the gay guys?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:55pm Johnny Muller:

winnie the pooh!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:55pm John McCabe in LA:

a horse of course
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:56pm Johnny Muller:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:56pm Mr Ed:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:57pm Zzzzz:

Is Mr Science on the line?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:57pm Different Alex:

Hermaphrogitic is when all members of a species can play the part of a male or female and bear young.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:57pm Johnny Muller:

I should get honorary win for my vagina perfume
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:58pm Soul 45:

[tapping his foot]
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:58pm fromage:

slow loris
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:58pm paolo:

a frunny!.... frangry in bunny ears and a cotton-puff tail
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:59pm John McCabe in LA:

yeah I like that one paolo
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:00pm Comments Stalker Quotient:

Just leapt up.
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:00pm mrhands:

paolo wins
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:00pm Comments Stalker Quotient:

Just went up.
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