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Reading the Traffic Part 3

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Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/26/10 7:03pm Steve Winwood:

This has fucking nothing to do with Traffic.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:04pm Colon:

This too shall pass.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:07pm JT:

When do we get to the part where we all yell, "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!"?

But I bet it comes shortly after he accidentally reads the station ID for whatever place this came from. The FCC don't play, Kenny!
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:07pm Dave the Sad Viking:

this rocks!
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:07pm Keith Baynard:

I confess to being fascinated with your traffic reports. Your commitment to the read is what captures my interest; there's no sarcasm, no humor, no superior attitude - you're just giving it a staight read. Amazing! I couldn't do it.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:12pm Just Curious:

Who the hell transcribed all this, or paid to have it transcribed?
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:12pm #K:

You need to get someone with a less soporific voice if you want this to be painful. JUST SAYING
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:19pm Comments:

We've been nonstop-talked into submission.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:21pm Julie:

Kenny is a one-man band. He did it all himself.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:23pm Just Curious:

So where is the WINS audio archived for him to type it up? Or did he tape it himself too, then transcribe it? God o god o god that would be boring to do. Bet he got a grad student or volunteer to do it.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:26pm Marco D Argento:

You know your torturing me with thaws traffic reports. I've got the drill and I'm going to drill a hole in my forehead and let out the last three weeks of one hour traffic reports, I'm not kidding!
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:27pm Marco D Argento:

I'm getting the noose out!!! I'm going to do it!!!
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:28pm Marco D Argento:

My neck is in the noose!!!
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:28pm Suicide Hotline:

I'm posting a new entry in

  Thu. 8/26/10 7:30pm Commander Ren Hoek:

It is not I who am crazy. It is I who am MAD!
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:31pm Fleep:

Listening online from Los Angeles, so like a double WTF from here, thank goodness for your comments, I'm not alone.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:32pm Marco D Argento:

I'm hanging from the noose from my bathroom door!
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:33pm Michael Hutchence:

Move it on over, Marco, take a number!
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:33pm Marco D Argento:

Ugh:( last few minutes of my life and I'm stuck listening to kennyG recite traffic from Wins
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:36pm Fleep:

Don't do it, you have so much to live for ... you know what? Forget what I just said. Knock yourself out.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:38pm Irony Monitor:

Kenny just read the phrase "in torture mode". No comment.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:38pm Marco D Argento:

God help us all the world has come to an end and Kenny g is the inky person left alive!!!!
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:41pm Irony Monitor:

Kenny just read the phrase "torture test". Is he sending listeners hidden messages?
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:42pm Julie:

I asked him. He transcribed it himself. He's very dedicated :)
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:47pm Irony Monitor:

Dedicated to torture. Of us and himself. Like that ancient comedy by Terence, _Heautontimorumenos_ -- "The Self-Torturer".
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:49pm Bad Ronald:

Kenny if you're taking requests I'd like to hear "Construction on the Major Deegan". Thanks - BR
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:49pm Julie:

@BadRonald you funny ;) Btw, I love that movie.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:53pm 7:53:

90% done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:56pm Fleep:

I have become comfortably numb.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:58pm Floyd:

That'll keep you going through the show, come on it's time to go.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:58pm Joel Robinson:

I was going to start singing "in a not too distant future, next sunday AD there was a guy named Joel"
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:58pm DavidG:

Beyond good or bad. Oddly compelling though.

I'm concerned that I need to listen to this.
  Thu. 8/26/10 7:59pm David's Therapist:

Would you like to talk about that?