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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options August 20, 2010

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Kusuma Darma  Semarandana   Options Bali: Les Grands Gong Kebyar des Années Soixante  0:00:00 ()
Sabidin (the dalang) & a bunch of farmers  Ladrang Sri Slamet   Options Indonesie-Madura: Musique Savante  0:15:16 ()
Pendhapa Gamelan of STSI Surakarta  Ketawang Langen Gita Srinarendra   Options Gamelan of Central Java: III. Modes and Timbres  0:21:45 ()
Uking Sukri, Ono Sukarna, & Iim Ibrahim  Kacapi Suling: Semarang & Banjaran   Options Indonesia: Music from West Java  0:31:55 ()
Linkungan Seni Malati Ida  Papatet, Rajamantri, Mupu Kembang, Toropongan   Options Java: Tembang Sunda  0:41:05 ()
Orkes Kroncong Bintang  Putri Gunung   Options Music of Indonesia 2: Indonesian Popular Music  0:52:29 ()
Orkes Kroncong Bintang  Wuyung   Options Music of Indonesia 2: Indonesian Popular Music  0:58:00 ()
Idjah Hadidjah  Mahoni   Options Sundanese Jaipong and Other Popular Music  1:05:10 ()
Gambang Kromong Slendang Betawi  Stambul Lama   Options Music from the Outskirts of Jakarta  1:12:31 ()
?  Hai Cium Dong   Street Music of Java  1:21:53 ()
?  Aku Rela Di Kau Perg   Street Music of Java  1:24:43 ()
?  Katik Ngangg Ngirk   Street Music of Java  1:29:52 ()
Samsimar  Indang Pariaman   Options Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra, vol. 1  1:33:16 ()
Haba Haba Group  Sitogol #1   Options Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra, vol. 1  1:38:07 ()
  Sayur Matua   Sumatra: Musiques des Batak  1:43:22 ()
Gendang Lima Sedalanen  Simalungun Rayat   Options Music of Nias & North Sumatra  1:46:43 ()
Gendang Lima Sedalanen  Gondang Marundur-Undur   Options Sumatra: Musiques des Batak  1:53:15 ()
Gondang Sabangunan  Gondang Si Monang-monang   Options   1:58:14 ()
Werdi Senatana  Tabuh Endung Geriya   Options Jegog: The Bamboo Gamelan of Bali  2:03:41 ()
Istana Kangkunagaran  Gending Munggang   Options Gamelan of Central Java: II. Ceremonial Music  2:24:40 ()
Grup Panca Bakti  Tatalu   Options Topeng Cirebon — Tarawangsa: Sundanese Music from West Java  2:31:51 ()
Sekaa Gamelan Selonding Sudamala  Ijang-ijang   Options The Bali Sessions  2:37:23 ()
Kusuma Sari  Tabuh Petegak   Options Gamelan Batel — Wayang Ramayana  2:43:33 ()
Suar Agung  Genderan   Options Bali  2:54:41 ()
Cikoneng village ensemble  Angklung Buhun   Options Java: Sundanese Folk Music  2:58:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/20/10 12:05pm kim:

great start, love gamelan!
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:08pm bryce:

hiiiiiiiiiii kim!
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:10pm Melissa:

whats all this clanking?
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:10pm kim:

hi bryce! i play gamelan so i'm a sucker to hear it on the radio!
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:10pm Melissa:

(geez, i almost didn't make it past the math question)
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:12pm Leech:

you sure got some nice gams, bryce!
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:12pm bryce:

it's 70 idosing lemurs in Pier 1
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:17pm Melissa:

i like the crescendo when the idosing lemurs all rushed the chandelier
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:21pm Looms:

Melissa, this wasn't lemurs at all, but the French Parkinson's Lovers Gang buying their new kitchen ustensils in Les Galeries Lafayette. Bryce is NOT to be trusted!
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:26pm bryce:

i just had 14 Monster energy drinks — i can say whatever i want!!!
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:26pm Marshall Stacks:

Great gamelan. Not aleatoric at all.
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:26pm Leech:

Looms, Melissa is a lemur in shepards underpants, and is to be trusted with your PIN numbers
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:27pm bryce:

  Fri. 8/20/10 12:27pm bryce:

lemurs are so adorable
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:27pm bryce:

  Fri. 8/20/10 12:28pm Leech:

they can eat money, too!
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:28pm bryce:

hey kim, what gamelan do you play with??
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:31pm Looms:

@Leech & Melissa: 911-17-3615
@Bryce: i yield to your argument
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:31pm Derigerbil:

Bryce, your show is great today. It is severely hurting my work productivity and pixels-per-minute count. Thank You!!!!
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:31pm kim:

Gamelan Sekar Jaya from oakland. i play in the angklung ensemble. it's Balinese. we'll have a new CD out this fall, shall I send you a copy?
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:32pm Marshall Stacks:

Gamelan Sekar Jaya rocks!
Do you have any Santa Cruz shows planned?
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:33pm mikey g:

Great set. Wish I were listening while laying in a hammock on a quiet beach.
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:34pm kim:

@marshall, sorry to say no, but there's a SC gamelan I think, and Pusaka Sunda is from San Jose, they're amazing!
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:34pm Looms:

Any chance you could play Indonesian yodel later?
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:45pm kim:

bryce, this is really making my day, thanks! started off listening to the feelies then turned on the radio & heard gamelan, yay!
  Fri. 8/20/10 12:47pm Melissa:

wayang kulit looks good with this music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdgZcvnpOo0
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:00pm Marshall Stacks:

Thanks for the Gamelan Pusaka Sunda recommendation, Kim. Looks like they just played a few times in Santa Cruz. I'll have to get over to San Jose to check them out, maybe the first Friday of Sept.

The Feelies, also a great way to start the day!
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:14pm kim:

yup love the feelies, wish they'd play here. that jaipong was cool. woa, trumpet? never heard anything like this before, is that also a slide guitar?
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:14pm Looms:

Vocals and music were both unbelievably awesome on that Idjah Hadidjah track! Must get a copy.
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:16pm kim:

i feel like i'm in indonesia, hawaii and mexico all at the same time!
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:22pm jason:

love this street music of java comp

enjoying today's focus bryce, every friday is the best!
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:26pm raga:

the only thing that could possibly make this show any better would be some fucking skynrd.
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:26pm jeff-m:

afternoon jerk
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:26pm bryce:

jason, me too — forgot we had this!! does Original Music still exist?? they really put out a lot of amazing stuff on a dental floss budget....
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:27pm raga:

i aims ta displease! i think...
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:27pm Hugo:

I'm wearing my Indonesian batik shirt in honour of the programme ...
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:27pm bryce:


jeff, your head will catch on fire in 15 minutes
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:30pm raga:

this is one of my favorite gamelan recordings of all time:
although perhaps we're no longer in bali
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:31pm Lena:

Selamat pagi, Bryce. Kim juga teman saya!
Aku cinta kamu, memang. Genggong-mu dimana?
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:33pm Looms:

Original Music doesn't exist anymore, Bryce (as far as i know)
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:35pm Looms:

I mean, THIS Original Music label.
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:35pm jason:

i dont think original music still exists...i recently heard them compared to like the sublime frequencies of its day, in that they tipped the world off to some amazing sounds but didn't necessarily 'clear' them all (sublime frequencies has gotten much more serious about this...it is an interesting topic for maybe another day)
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:36pm raga:

wow! had not heard this original before. colleen totally nailed it!
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:37pm bryce:

lena!!!! benar-benar-benar-benar?? dunia kecil......

original music: sigh, kinda always figured as much. :(
oh well....the music was brought all the way to our faces!
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:39pm Jim B:

Katik Ngangg Ngirk reminded me a little of Okinawan melodies I've heard.
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:39pm anne:

these are very awesome!
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:42pm Looms:

Hey! that Idjah Hadidjah cd wasn't easy to find; fortunately, there are great record shops in Germany.
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:44pm emmagineering:

gets out the awesome Wayang Golek puppets.... really digging the show bryce! thanks!
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:44pm bryce:

oh shit, really?? i think it's still in print on nonesuch!
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:45pm bryce:

thanks, em! :)
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:49pm Looms:

Maybe it is, but it's unaivelable here in France. Anyway, nevermind! I found it at a quite decent price.
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:57pm kim:

hi lena! wish i spoke Indonesian so I know what you said!
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:58pm Lena:

Kim: Hi! GoogleTranslate is your friend...
  Fri. 8/20/10 1:58pm Reeshard:

No, sadly, Original Music is no longer on the map, has not been for a very long time. I did the archival mastering for many of the label's lps & CDs. John Storm Roberts, the label's proprietor/A&R/chief-cook-and-bottle-washer, died last November:
...but long before that he'd literally thrown much of Original's remaining stock in the trash. Currently, much of that same material is being reissued (under different titles) by Mississippi, a label with Roberts' laissez-faire approach to royalty payments.
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:02pm kim:

haha lena, i thought that might be you! thanks for the googletranslate tip! i'm gonna listen to this show many times again on the archives!
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:08pm Marshall Stacks:

This jegog is so amazing. Great show, Bryce.
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:15pm kim:

i recognize this piece, i think our jegog ensemble has played it before. trying to learn to play jegog, very hard!
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:20pm bryce:

cool! yeah, i can imagine... you really need pretzel arms for this stuff.

don't know how they mic'd this grup's jegogan, but that bamboo sounds like it's 40 meters long...
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:22pm Rob W:

Ex FMU PD / MD David Newgarden, my sidekick Katie and I once traveled up to John Storm Roberts' place in Tivoli NY for a yard sale where he sold off his original masters - the LPs that he dubbed from for his compilations, that is - I still have the old African LPs I bought there. But he had great taste and a great annotated catalog, one of my early influences for sure. And it was indeed curious to see Mississippi Records more-or-less bootlegging his more-or-less bootlegs!
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:25pm kim:

haha, the player has to sit on top of the biggest instrument to play it!
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:28pm bryce:

Reeshard, RobW— thanks for the JSRoberts info! always wondered what the Original Music story was. yarp, i just assumed no one ever got their due, considering the consistent lack of crediting.....
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:31pm Chris from DC:

Is this Gending Munggang also by Werdi Senatana? I think I need to find a copy. Great.
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:38pm kim:

omg bryce, this is one of my very favorite gamelan pieces, i super duper love selonding!!! think i have this one.
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:39pm bryce:


hey chris, you mean the thing right after the bamboo thing?
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:40pm Chris from DC:

Yessir, right after the bamboo piece.
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:41pm Marshall Stacks:

Pronounced "ee mahd-ay soo-ay," alas. :-)
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:45pm Reeshard:

By the way, Bryce, today's trip abroad has comprised nothing less than celestial stuff. It's been the perfect soundtrack for a sunny morning in Marin County (where I'm listening). And now, more kebyar, whaa-hoo! Thank you.
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:46pm kim:

woo, lotsa cali folks tuning in today! totally worth being late for work!
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:57pm bryce:

heyaa chris, that was Gending Munggang. no idea if it's still in print. was on a comp from an italian label called felmay.... http://felmay.it
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:57pm bryce:

thanks for being around, everyone!

have lovely weeks, all at the same time
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:57pm Chris from DC:

Thanks, Bryce.
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:58pm Marshall Stacks:

You too, Bryce!
  Fri. 8/20/10 2:59pm jeff-m:

was beautiful , thanks sir
  Fri. 8/20/10 3:03pm Looms:

Yeah, great show!
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