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WABC Afternoon

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Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/5/10 7:05pm Julie:

Yay First Comment!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:07pm seang:

yeah, I think I'll check out Bob Brainen's archives
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:07pm John Cage:

Kenny G's Hour of Pain: "Dave the Spazz" For People With Terminal Degrees"
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:07pm marq:

was going to wait to be the 911th poster but what the hell. i post now.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:08pm Osama:

We'll hit Jersey City next time, inishallah.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:11pm Osama:

By the way, what is so painful about this broadcast, anyhow?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:20pm Osama:

Kenny G, a true audio terrorist.

What we terrorists crave most is fear and repugnance. Kenny's totally repulsed the (ex-)audience.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:29pm student of life:

What am I hearing? It's not sept 11th? WTF?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:31pm seang:

what a total over-reaction we had to 9-11 in retrospect. Man, we leveled Nagasaki and Hiroshima and then we freak out when a couple of our buildings are destroyed.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:31pm Rick:

The news-flash was a typical news-flash, puppet-show.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:31pm Osama:

It's my "greatest hits" show. I am in total nostalgia mode. Gotta fix me a nice drink and settle in for the suration.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:32pm seang:

yeah baby Osama lives...
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:36pm ?:

I don't know why, exactly, but this makes for fascinating radio. something about the general undertone of confusion conveyed in the dulcet tones of journalism-speak.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:41pm Rush Limbaugh:

was i pre-empted? waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:43pm Julie:

"Do you think it was Mexicans?" Did he ask that with a straight face?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:44pm ?:

somebody also said something about the 'moneylenders' at the world trade center . . .

  Thu. 8/5/10 7:45pm Rick:

He wasn't able to make it to the studio, but he's fine.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:46pm student of life:

Well at least your not playing the planes hitting the building over and over and over and over!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:46pm ?:

rush limbaugh AND the yankee game got cancelled!?!?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:46pm Rush:

I'm *never* fine, as a matter of fact. FWIW.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:48pm Mark Levin:

Muslim bastards! Exterminate every one off the face of the earth. There I said it and I mean it!!!!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:50pm WABC morning hosts:

Every one of these 2001 WABC morning hosts and newsreaders is gone. Sliwa is on some talk station at 970, Gambling got fired and went back to WOR when Imus was hired, Ron Kuby got fired when Imus came back, and Bruce Anderson moved to another station. Only the afternoon hosts there never ever die.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:51pm president reagen:

Even though I'm dead! I'm still president! Nuclear warheads are on the way to Mecca and medina we'll show those towel headed freaks!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:51pm Bob Grant:

Get Khadaffy! I mean Osama!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:53pm bubba Clinton:

Hey that Betty ong is hot. Come to the white house to see my cigar.oh wait she died on the plane
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:54pm Bubba Clinton:

Shame that big fat back stabbing bitch Linda trip wasn't on one if those planes! 'Sniff'
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:57pm Barrack Hussein Obama:

Osama. Were sorry fir making you so mad. As a show of good faith I'm going to have the statue of liberty draped in a burka
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:57pm Osama:

Nice start, Barry. Keep going.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:59pm Laura L:

Thanks, Kenny G.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:59pm Barrack Hussein Obama:

I have directed my army to set fire to all churches all across America. Christians will be shot on site.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:59pm Tming:

Kenny seems to think that this was an afternoon broadcast. It ran from maybe 11:30 till 12:30 with the national noon news in roughly the middle of the hour.
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:00pm Rick:

radio in the u.s. is a mess
  Thu. 8/5/10 9:11pm marq: