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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 25, 2010: What If?!?!?

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:02pm Danne D:

Hi Weirdos!
Goin' to Vega$ tomorrow. Gonna miss me next week? :)
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:02pm Tuffz McGruff:

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:02pm Danne D:

S'up Tuffz
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:03pm Whatif:

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:03pm Johnny Muller:

What if Andy came up with a good intro?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:03pm Danne D:

Wow Happy Birthday Andy!
Your b-day is 2 days before mine :)
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:03pm Slacker:

Show prep is overrated.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:04pm Tuffz McGruff:

Hey there, Danne D
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:04pm Dan B From Upstate:

Happy Birthday, Andy Cohen!
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:04pm Spike:

The beginnings of OLD AGE on Monday.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:04pm WTF?:

My gf says frangry has a hot voice.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:05pm Danne D:

What if she called in WTF?

Would that be the world's first radio threesome with her and Andy?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:05pm Cecile:

What if God was one of us?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:05pm Johnny Muller:

What if prostitutes had ATM machines built in? It would be a lot easier to catch serial killers.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:06pm Sean:

If prostitutes had built in ATM machines then service fees would be much higher.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:06pm Skirkie:

Jim Thorpe, PA is actually known as the "Switzerland of America"
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:07pm "Station Manager":

We *want* to melt the Djs. Not the record library.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:07pm hamburger:

aww cecile you stole my 'in' :D
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:07pm Alex:

What if everyone was born with their nipples on a different part of their body?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:07pm angry:

That's it - I'm getting rid of my ATM card
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:07pm Danne D:

What if I had gone to the World Cup instead of Vega$ for my birthday? Would I be jailed for shoving a vuvuzela up someone's butt?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:08pm Tuffz McGruff:

I just wait until Mikey calls.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:08pm Cecile:

what if Lady Gaga was in charge of counterinsurgency in Afghanistan?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:08pm frangry:

we need consequences too people!
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:08pm What If:

What if the callers were compelling? The world would end, i guess.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:09pm Ron from NJ:

What if Spike had something interesting to say.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:09pm Dan B From Upstate:

So, Spike would kidnap people and force them to act. Classy guy.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:10pm Spike Listener:

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:10pm TubaRuba:

@Tuffz - I just anxiously await the day that caller that mumbled about killing Tommy calls back
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:10pm Alex:

What if Svetlana was president?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:10pm Tuffz McGruff:

Dr. Cox played Flash
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:10pm Ron from NJ:

Yeah. But he hates everyone else.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:10pm Cecile:

if Frangry was dictator
the world would be a drunker, happier place.

The Flash was a great show.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:10pm Johnny Muller:

What if Johnny Land was real? Frangry would be the Queen, ANdy would be the King, RayJay would be the Jester and Svetlana would be the Princess.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:11pm Kim Jong Mentally Ill:

I want my own airshift.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:11pm Tuffz McGruff:

What if Mikey got the respect he deserved as a SU,W caller?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:11pm Cecile:

much cooler, but less practical uniforms
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:11pm Skirkie:

Not enough.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:12pm Johnny Muller:

As long as you're not getting iced.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:12pm Spike:

I always have interesting things to say, Pets.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:12pm Lady Gaga:

I'd bird flip those terrorists to death. And my skank smell would polish them off.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:13pm Cecile:

how drunk are you when you get drunk? If you remember the night before, you're good Frangry.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:13pm poconojohnny:

WHat if ANdy and frangry swiitched roles?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:13pm Johnny Muller:

Check out the calendar.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:15pm Danne D:

You should have the 1st caller give a "What if?" question and the next caller give an answer to that question and provide the next question." That would be more random and interesting.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:15pm What If:

What if we put this caller in the BACK of the hearse, not the driver's seat.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:15pm hamburger:

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:16pm Tuffz McGruff:

Unlike Andy's opinion. Which is 10 people's opinions.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:16pm Danne D:

What if I didn't keep chickening out of my lame call to today's show? Would Frangry give me a prize out of pity?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:16pm Duke of Earl Grey:

Once a week is below average for the glamorous young drunks of NYC, but that would still be a lot for some of us boring types in the 'burbs.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:16pm Danne D:

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:16pm Tuffz McGruff:

Sorry, Cecile, your skill points are not high enough yet.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:17pm Skirkie:

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:17pm Dan B From Upstate:

Oh, Svetlana... your phone is crap today, but I still love you.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:17pm Listener:

Frangry doesn't sound like she does mercyfucks, Danne.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:17pm Cecile:

there would be ocular aerobic clubs.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:17pm Danne D:

What if I drooled on my keyboard when Svetlana called? I'd probably short circuit out my computer and burn down my office.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:18pm Tuffz McGruff:

2 opinions vs. 10. Andy is still winning.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:18pm Listener:

Neither does Svetlana. BZZZT! Thanks for playing.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:18pm Danne D:

So Listener would I break her Mercyfu...oh let's not go there...
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:18pm Skirkie:

Perfectly normal Frangry, stop listening to these puritans.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:19pm Danne D:

What if this caller were me instead/ It'd be every bit as lame...
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:19pm Listener:

In your pitiful dreams, Danne.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:19pm hamburger:

what if SUW listeners turned up to AA, how many of them would recognise each other?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:19pm Danne D:

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:19pm Tuffz McGruff:

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:20pm DIfferent Alex:

What if George Lucas actually ended up directing Apocalypse Now?

Kurtz would would have been Willard's father and all the Viet Cong would have terrible aim.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:21pm Tuffz McGruff:

What if Andy could use photoshop?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:21pm What If:

What if anyone really ever had "a good one"?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:21pm Sean:

What if youtube didn't exist? Then Spike would still be a mystery, the media would run out of a ideas, and cats/Justin Bieber would have nothing to do.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:21pm Tuffz McGruff:

What if Andy didn't always take the easy way out?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:21pm Cecile:

love it, Different Alex
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:22pm Tuffz McGruff:

What if Andy pulled his half of the weight?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:22pm Skirkie:

Best show ever.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:23pm TubaRuba:

What if this argument had the comforting drone of vuvuzelas behind it? Then I would be cringing less.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:23pm Tuffz McGruff:

What if Andy realized that Frangry was right?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:23pm Ron from NJ:

What if we could go back to the Frangry and Andy of earlier shows. Then we wuold actually hear some callers.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:24pm What If:

What is Andy and Frangry ever got along?

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:24pm Ron from NJ:

Andy, at the age of 50 haven't you figured out yet that the woman is ALWAYS right!?!?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:24pm hamburger:

this is the Frangriest show I've heard in a while
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:25pm Danne D:

You can do that TubaRuba
Go here :)
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:25pm Danne D:

That was for TubaRuba btw
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:25pm Johnny Muller:

Frangry's got a hot liver.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:25pm Different Alex:

If your skin was transparent you could get sunburns on your vital organs.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:26pm Dan B From Upstate:

Frangry, to be fair, read some of the pro-andy comments. Oh wait. There aren't any.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:26pm Tuffz McGruff:

What if Andy could admit he just lost a "disagreement"?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:27pm Tuffz McGruff:

3 Opinions vs. Andy's 10 Opinions
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:27pm Skirkie:

People who don't drink have a problem.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:28pm Tuffz McGruff:

Have a different co-host.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:28pm Alkie:

Reality is for people who can't handle booze.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:28pm Skirkie:

I overheard that at the bar last night.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:29pm Cecile:

to me a drunker, happier world was a GOOD thing...
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:29pm Tuffz McGruff:

Johnny. Let's LOG ROLL, good vs. evil!
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:29pm Pro Andy Comment:

Andy makes a great p-ssy and wet blanket.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:29pm Danne D:

North Korea doesn't have any scissors.

Only rocks.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:29pm Tuffz McGruff:

Hey andy, it is called WHAT IF...
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:31pm Cecile:

it's decaptiation if the head's cut off...
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:31pm brian c:

what if andy and frangry turned shut up weirdo into a full time job
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:32pm hamburger:

I vote McCabe
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:33pm What If:

What if it wasn't a job that paid $-0-
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:33pm Skirkie:

You wouldn't be able to breathe wading through knee high water.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:33pm Johnny Muller:

I'm glad John McCabe is back on the U! (That's my abbreviation for WFMU)
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:33pm Cecile:

Later! Have a great weekend everybody!
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:34pm hamburger:

McCabe.. you reading off a list??
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:34pm Danne D:

bye cecile :)
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:34pm observation:

you can hear the paper he's reading off of
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:35pm About that Caller:

he reads so naturally, though.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:36pm TubaRuba:

pfff Joe was awesome - he gets my high-fives
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:36pm Danne D:

TubaRuba is good people :)
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:37pm Johnny Muller:

What if there were no more what ifs?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:37pm Tuffz McGruff:

Joe was fantastic. Joe and Mikey. Just get them together. Best match since Fabio and Clay.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:37pm Dan B From Upstate:

Yay! Kids in the Hall reference! A pro andy comment for the ages!
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:38pm TubaRuba:

Thanks, Danne - you are sweet as pumpkin pie
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:38pm John McCabe in LA:

@hamburger I had too I still get so nervous I almost throw up so I need notes to keep me anchored
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:38pm What If:

What if there only twenty minutes left of this?

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:39pm hamburger:

Picasso had his blue period, what if Johnny Muller had his cute.... what would it be? Kittens? or Koalas..
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:41pm Danne D:

not like any noted serial killers painted clowns or anything...
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:41pm What If:

What if Andy did the show with Alzheimers? No one would notice.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:41pm Johnny Muller:

I'll send you the skull of Morris
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:42pm Ron from NJ:

What if the listeners could pick each week's topic at the beginning of the show? Then would there be more caller?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:42pm angry:

What if I could listen to Shut Up Weirdo without all these GD co-workers calling me for help!
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:42pm Coworkers:

What if we actually worked for a living?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:42pm Kyja:

What about Johnny Muller's interpretation of 'Frangry's voice: The Basket of Kittens"
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:43pm John McCabe in LA:

what if I was Frangrys 40 year old premium making slave
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:43pm Johnny Muller:

There was a clown, but they neglected to state that there was a guy going through a wood chipper
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:44pm What If:

What if McCabe's comments creeped out the whole comments board?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:44pm John McCabe in LA:

romance without finance is a nuisance
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:44pm Johnny Muller:

He's a bookie for the mob
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:44pm John McCabe in LA:

  Fri. 6/25/10 6:46pm Danne D:

What if Andy and Frangry did an astrology hour with Mikey Digits?

A great show would ensue.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:46pm Danne D:

Andy = Sensitive Cancer
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:46pm Danne D:

He's saying Andy should be committed?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:47pm John McCabe in LA:

Frangry is a sheep I'm a dog we only have a 40% chance of getting along this and a lot of counseling got me off my Frangry obsession
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:47pm TubaRuba:

Good show idea, Danne!
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:47pm Auditioning for a Mob Movie:

Dis, Dese, Dat, Den, Dose.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:48pm Danne D:

I always check the astrology from the National Enquirer...the week after to see what was supposed to happen.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:49pm John McCabe in LA:

andy needs a Dragon or aMonkey
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:49pm Danne D:

Frangry is getting close to the Year of the Cougar.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:50pm What If:

What If Andy filled a quarter of the show with wacko astrology discussion.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:53pm Danne D:

Just kidding Frangry <3 You're beauty is timeless. Awwwwww :) Have a good one!
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:53pm Mr Sarcasm:

Nice save, Danne
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:54pm Johnny Muller:

I'm not in training...
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:54pm John McCabe in LA:

chinese zodiac Frangry is a sheep
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:54pm Danne D:

Thanks Mr. Sarcasm. I really appreciate that :D
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:55pm Ron from NJ:

What if people were made of silicon instead of carbon? Then we would have translucent skin. That's all it takes.
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:56pm Danne D:

Um, Heidi Montag is made of silicon now, no?
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:56pm Slutwear:

Good work, Frangry!
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:56pm Ron from NJ:

So true. So true. We need o see her topless to tell . . .
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:57pm John McCabe in LA:

this is the best topic ever, just saying
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:58pm Danne D:

Farewell Weirdos! See you in two weeks! Off to Vega$!!!

Happy Birthday Andy! :)
Happy Andy's Birthday Frangry!

Take care all :D
  Fri. 6/25/10 6:59pm TubaRuba:

Have a safe one, Danne! Bye weirdos
  Fri. 6/25/10 7:00pm Johnny Muller:

I have two whole weeks to draw as many dead babies getting raped as I can!
  Sat. 6/26/10 10:06pm tomasz.:

damn, i really thought McCabe had this one. that bizarre list of what ifs was just too awesome.
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