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Options May 9, 2010

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Blondie  Once I Had A Love   Options 0:00:00 ()
Jah Wobble  K Dub 10   Options 0:03:25 ()
Conrad Scnitzler  Auf dem Schwarzen Kanal (Mooner Remix)   Options 0:06:07 ()
Motor City Drum Ensemble  Raw Cuts #2   Options 0:09:47 ()
James Brown  Choo-Choo (Locomotion)   Options 0:15:40 ()
Herbie Mann  Why Don't You Do Right?   Options  
Stereo Total  Tour De France   Options 0:20:52 ()
Donnie Elbert  Where Did Our Love Go?   Options 0:23:42 ()
Ann Peebles  Come To Mama   Options 0:32:48 ()
Gene Allison  Hey, Hey, I Love You   Options 0:35:40 ()
Barbara Stephens  Wait A Minute   Options 0:38:30 ()
The Monkees  Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)   Options 0:40:48 ()
Dara Puspita  Rantiku   Options 0:43:29 ()
Orquestra International  Mucho Control   Options 0:45:34 ()
The Cobras  Restless   Options 0:48:31 ()
Lulu   Feelin' Alright   Options 0:50:46 ()
Ethan Persoff  Introduction   Options 0:53:36 ()
Roy Acuff  Yes Sir, That's My Baby   Options 0:55:43 ()
Ron Basejam  Fear (Intro)   Options 1:04:28 ()
MFSB (featuring the Three Degrees)  Love Is The Message   Options 1:06:32 ()
Ecstasy, Passion and Pain  Ask Me   Options 1:09:45 ()
Latin Blues Band  (I'll Be A) Happy Man   Options 1:14:12 ()
Augusto and His Golden...  The Music Goes Round And Round   Options 1:18:14 ()
Blondie  The Attack Of The Giant Ants   Options 1:20:22 ()
Bharat Karki & Party  Calcutta Calcutta   Options 1:23:52 ()
La Lupe  El Carbonero   Options 1:27:10 ()
Sly & The Family Stone  M'Lady   Options 1:33:11 ()
Sergio Mendes And Brasil '66  Pretty World   Options 1:37:00 ()
Brothers Johnson  I'll Be Good To You   Options 1:39:47 ()
Johnny Nash   Love Ain't Nothing (But A Monkey On Your Back)   Options 1:43:15 ()
The Stylistics  You'll Never Get to Heaven (If You Break My Heart)   Options 1:45:26 ()
Tarheel Slim and Little Ann  It's Too Late   Options 1:49:08 ()
Screamin' Jay Hawkins  I Put A Spell On You   Options 1:51:43 ()
King Pleasure  Moody's Mood For Love   Options 1:54:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 5/9/10 7:05pm CB1:

Hi, Monica. When the heck did Blondie do this version? It's wonderful.
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:07pm texas scott:

Aloha,Mo.Your shows always crack me up!
You're the Bestest!
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:15pm monica:

Hi CB1, it was on their 2nd album. Never heard it myself until last night. So lazy/nasty soundin'....Howdee texas scott! thanks and you too do some crazy crackin. Yes, fine to post that link!
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:24pm cb2:

Evenin' (with a drawl)

Hot as the dickens down here - have to run out and do some yard work for Mama while the sun is setting.

Don't shoot me!
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:26pm monica:

CB2, say it ain't so!! Can't beleive you're checkin' in my Alabama Bound friend!
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:30pm paulie:

monica i love the covers
mucho amore to BUTTER!
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:35pm frenchee:

My mom was all about the cartons of Pall Malls
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:36pm frenchee:

audio mishear: I thought Donnie was singing "where did our rent go?"
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:36pm CB1:

My Mom married her cousin's boyfriend. When the boyfriend's mother died, the cousin married her ex's father. So his ex became his mother. Screwed up or what?
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:37pm texas scott:

My Mother makes the best strawberry cake.And I love her for that.And on her birthday a carton of Virginia Slims and a bottle of wine makes her very happy.And when she's happy,we're all happy.
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:39pm Dagmar:

Seems to me that according to your listeners, Mo, it's all about the cigarettes with their Moms!
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:41pm texas scott:

...and she has gay boyfriends.
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:41pm frenchee:

thank god my mom gave up smoking--after her four pregnancies and most of our childhoods. <cough>
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:42pm listener 43327:

texas scott, TMI
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:42pm CB1:

Tex - not to mention SONS
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:43pm miketp:

just got in from the breeze noticed a conrad scnitzler cut... happy mothers day and hello monica
  Sun. 5/9/10 7:53pm monica:

Paulie, thanks and butter sends a big ole fragrant gasser to you!! hi miketp, nothing says mothers day quite like schnitzler, no?,,,, listener 43327, no such thig where Tex Scot is concerned and that's why we love him... frenchee, secondhand smoke fer daze over at our place too...texas scott, did they identify themselves as such? your mom wasn't juanita follett that lived kitty corner from us what it?...Dag, what sort of mother back then didn't smoke during pregnancy?...CB1, that explains SO much!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:02pm texas scott:

  Sun. 5/9/10 8:05pm texas scott:

my mom loves vicodin.and she's still bitchy.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:06pm Bruce:

My mother smoked Benson & Hedges. She was a pathetic martyr to my psychopathic father. Clueless. Taken advantage of by conmen.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:06pm texas scott:

whipping = go git me a switch!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:07pm CB1:

I will say my mom was the BEST when it came to sewing sequins and spangles onto tap-dancing outfits.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:08pm depilatrix:

just came back from visiting my mother. She's ancient. I'm getting old. I still react badly. I wish I could keep my temper...
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:08pm frenchee:

LOL, the hairbrush was an instrument of punishment at Casa Judy too. Not much contact was made, though.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:11pm CB2:

Too darn hot for any more work.

TS how do you cope?!?!?!

Fortunately, my Mama is still going and has a freezer full of boiled peanuts for me which I am warming up right now!

But a Diva she was, is, and shall evermore be.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:11pm Jill:

I moved to NYC from Chicago many moons ago to get away from my mother.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:15pm maria:

well, in comparison with this den of iniquity, my mom was pretty damn sweet. I always felt that she didnt pay enough attention to me though, and seemed to be pretty distracted from child-rearing by Im not sure What. nonetheless, she never beat me, never smoked, rarely lost her temper with me, and, well, I miss her so, because she's just not here anymore.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:16pm Windy City:

Youngest of 6 mom should have gotten a carton of smokes for mothers day.
You can run but you cant HIDE form mom!!!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:17pm CB1:

Maria - I know. I do too. I think we would have ended up friends if she had just stuck around. Sigh...
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:18pm texas scott:

If you enjoy the playlists of the lovely and talented Monica then,this will really tickle your underbelly...
(dl #257 and save for later)

and you're welcome.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:22pm monica:

Bruce, love that share....Jill, I believe we were on the same flight out of O'Hare....CB2, you are your mother's son!!....frenchee, thank got the flatiron hadn't been invented yet... depilatrix, doesn't take much to scratch the surface with moms, does it?... CB1, again, that explains SO much...T'Scott, not swipin' scripts is he?...
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:22pm brian baltin:

Hey love, thanks for another brilliant playlist! It's making the b-day much brighter—But then Lulu and Ann Peebles always do that! xxoo!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:24pm texas scott:

no script swipin' monica.
show consists of 5 DJs.

nothing compares 2U.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:27pm San Francisco Corporate Slave:

I too have rediscovered early Blondie. Great stuff, Plastic Letters in particular.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:27pm monica:

Maria, no wonder you're such a sweetheart. Here's to your moms!.... Windy City, i HEAR ya, let's light her up, hell, let's light em ALL up..Hey now, Brain Baltin, you're one of the BEST in the biz, kiddo - thanks for turning me on to so many great tunes...
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:31pm Listener Schned:

Thanks, Mo, for the memories of the stogie-steaming, Scotch-swilling Mamas- in our huts it was Pall Mall (nonfilter mind you- major props to pronouncing them pell-mell) and Cutty Sark- first Mothers Day w/o her- sad, but cannot forget those times of 6-8 kids rolling around Mrs Santos's '53 Chevy enroute to the ocean beach !! Luv
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:31pm monica:

San Francisco Corporate Slave, agreed!...T'Scott, not THOSE scripts, THESE scripts (vicodin, oxy, etc...)
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:32pm listener gary:

mine smoked Raleigh's and as for the hair brush ...from a plastic vanity set wedding gift ...she broke the handle off one day while waling my bottom and leaving blisters. She cumpled and cried and i apologized for breaking the brush. That was the end of that. Then dear okld dad took over with the belt ...but that's a tale for another holiday. Folks always used to ask me what ever prompted me to run away from home so much. duh, let me see!!! Best ...
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:34pm texas scott:

HAHA! But no,I like my mom to stay happy.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:36pm Windy City:

Momma used what we called "the wet dish rag"
and im the youngest of 5 ...so by the time it got to
me it really stunk.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:37pm Clone F93B201C2206A:

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:40pm Websie:

Mom doesn't smoke, and has never drank much beyond Cold Duck, but she told me that Ramones records would make me hard of hearing. And she was right!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:40pm texas scott:

we love all the mothers.despite everything.

I have this Sergio Mendes on vinyl.
Salvation Army Store.Tyler,TX.1992.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:41pm listener gary:

this reminds me ...she is now 91 and I should call her tonight ...after the program ...first things first!!!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:42pm Jill:

I <3 my mother-in-law!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:42pm CB1:

After all - mother is necessity of invention...
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:43pm texas scott:

you played the Brothers Johnson.

now you've touched my soul.
Thank you ,Mother Mo.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:44pm tony cormier:

Do you never tire of perfection? Damn you.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:44pm Mother's Little Helper:

My mum kept the Sergio Medes and Herb Alpert records together. I've been lugging the inherited records all over!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:48pm monkey:

" I wish either my father or my mother, or indeed both of them, as they were in duty both equally bound to it, had minded what they were about when they begot me; had they duly considered how much depended upon what they were then doing; that not only the production of a rational Being was concerned in it, but that possibly the happy formation and temperature of his body, perhaps his genius and the very cast of his mind;—and, for aught they knew to the contrary, even the fortunes of his whole house might take their turn from the humours and dispositions which were then uppermost: Had they duly weighed and considered all this, and proceeded accordingly, I am verily persuaded I should have made a quite different figure in the world, from that, in which the reader is likely to see me. "
— Laurence Sterne Tristram Shandy
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:48pm my mama done tole me:

never trust whitey
see a doctor and get rid of it!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:49pm ?:

achh just lost wfmu signal
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:49pm my mama done tole me:

oh,and the lord loves a workin' man.
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:54pm texas scott:

right thru the heart monica.

  Sun. 5/9/10 8:55pm Mr Greg:

Mama & Screamin' Jan - Perfect Together!!!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:56pm Mr Greg:

Screamin' Jay, that is...
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:57pm ?:

Mother's Little Helper, ha! sounds like the record collection in my parents' basement, plus Allen Sherman of course....monkey, wowsa on that one.... tony cormier, aw you kid, thanks!...Thank YOU, brother T'Scott!...CB1, that too explains SO much...hi listener gary, YES you BETTER!!!!...Websie, your mother was wise and that's why you're a wiseguy....Clone F93B201C2206A, come to mama...Windy City, a hand me down chile...Mr Greg, gots it and thanks, sir!!...my mama done tole me, you're killin' me...THANKS EVERYONE FOR TUNING IN, SEE YOU NEXT WEEK,. STAY TUNED FOR MARTHA!!!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:58pm papa's got a brand new bag:

my mama done tole me:

your mama summed it up nicely!
  Sun. 5/9/10 8:58pm seang:

nellie mckay has a great mom song called"Mama and Me"
  Tue. 5/11/10 1:49pm Nick Homyak:

your show is consistantly good..How about playingHank Thompson and more Salsa
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