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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options January 29, 2010

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Artist Track Album
Andy Hayleck    Two Gong/Wire Pieces 
Anthony Moore  Reed, Whistle and Sticks   Options Reed, Whistle and Sticks 
Neil Feather  Revelation of an Anaplumb   Options Revelation of an Anaplumb 
Pierre Berthet  Cuve, Bidon et Fils   Options Two Continuum Pieces 
Lê Quan Ninh  Musique Spectrale a Petit Budget   Options  
Mark Sanders  [track 6]   Options Swallow Chase 
Mark Sanders  [track 7]   Options Swallow Chase 
George Coleman  Science Fiction   Options Bongo Joe 
Quintron    I.F. 001-011 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/29/10 12:18pm BSI:

what it is, jive turkey!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:18pm numbatwombat:

hi bryce and everyone in wfmu-land! i was listening from the other room and was like "what is this wonderful drone?" it filled the whole house!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:18pm perrin:

  Fri. 1/29/10 12:19pm Greebler:

worpple blerg blupp morning friiidaayyyy rerrrllll
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:20pm greebler:

hey numba you listen to diane and to bryce! how bout thatttttttt
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:20pm ken:

Supreme beginning, thanks Bryce! Hoping it's another loooooooong song Friday!!!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:22pm numbatwombat:

now that i am not employed and mostly agoraphobic i can finally plan my life around metal and noise offerings from sacred wfmu!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:23pm north guinea hills:

Bryce, one of the Wire writers but your show as one of the highlights of 2009.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:23pm greebler:

Finally! While I am employed I fit the other parameters. Plus if I never leave my cube doesn't that count?
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:25pm numbatwombat:

or you know, totally agoraphobic most of the time! wfmu roxxxxxx!!! i have been a listener for years and years and years but now it is also a social outlet for shut-in type-stuff full of awesome drones! cubes allow semi-portable agoraphobia which actually is kinda cool.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:27pm Chris:

hey numbatwombat - you are mentioned: http://shutupweirdo.com/post/358389253/no-idea-what-they-are-talking-about-finnish
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:27pm Jed:

yeah, well..that's great, but I need to open the Hatch.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:29pm numbatwombat:

i like it down here. we are the last of the dharma! we got the best new age lp's!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:30pm Jed:

not that htach. HATCH. I need to open him up and poke around inside.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:31pm Jed:

  Fri. 1/29/10 12:32pm perrin:

makes me want to make a tune entitled "screaming and hitting my head against an SM58 while
burning holes in my fingers soldering XLR cables"
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:32pm Jed:

Bryce hates me because I will not love an animal. I think they're good for pets and eating but not lovemaking, I don't get any rush from that.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:33pm numbatwombat:

that haare stuff is the jam! extended beds of overlapped analog power noise. seems to be one finnish dude. i like my power noise to be all tripped out and haare more than fits the bill. i do go on sometimes, though, and elliptically. sorry for confusion!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:33pm BSI:

Perrin: the SM57s sound better on impact, FYI. and they leave cooler scars.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:34pm BSI:

bah, i've been summoned away from the 'fones for a bit..... fate is a cruel bitchy.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:37pm greebler:

the smoke monster is my friend.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:38pm numbatwombat:

i cannot wait until tuesday. sometimes i feel the smoke monster lives in my sinuses.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:38pm Chris:

I wonder if Bryce is even in the studio...I bet he's smoking out back.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:39pm Jed:

  Fri. 1/29/10 12:39pm numbatwombat:

to get ready, i have been watching the stepfather I and II dvd reissues! terry o'quinn! = psychopath of the year! and with such heavy competiton!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:40pm bryce:


i was friskin my whiskers, dad. crazy.
y'all got your boots on?
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:40pm Ike:

Bryce doesn't smoke nearly as much as Stan or John Allen. Unless you light him on fire.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:40pm Hugo:

Anthony Moore from Slapp Happy?
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:42pm Jed:

I smoked Bryce once. Made my eyes water.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:44pm Jed:

Faeries wear boots. I have mine on. I want adjustment to the cortex. Flatten the modulation a bit so I can get my hermaphrodite in on this.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:46pm Cecile:

Bryce, you got some Z''ev floating or clanging around there?
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:46pm Chris:

remember to frisk with the grain, not against...

i shall die with mine on...
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:47pm numbatwombat:

z'ev! hooray! i have been hankering for full-scale z'ev exposure lately! that would be capital!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:47pm numbatwombat:

esp. given percussive nature of extant set!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:48pm perrin:

if a mary jane plant ever achieves consciousness, it might smoke itself and then
watch being john malkovich and then get the munches and realized it can't yet drive to taco bell
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:49pm numbatwombat:

cf autonomous sentient being composed of marijuana brixx from a scanner darkly via pkd walking all the way to the antarctic and confusing penguins and/or polar bears depending on automaton direction!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:50pm numbatwombat:

it has had over 40,000 years to get other species to do all that stuff on its behalf! even sneakier!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:51pm numbatwombat:

said number applies to humans, not all sentient species. and is still being updated.
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:55pm c block:

is it almost over?
not to be a jerk
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:56pm bryce:

hugo, yeah! i love this thing. voiceprint put it out a few years back...

ngh, thanks! just saw that the other week.... derek walmsley's been quite charitable a few times now. i've no idea why — it's not exactly high-impact djing, hitting the play button 5 times in 3 hours, you know?
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:58pm KOSTAS GRAVOS:

hi guys gretings from Ioannina N/W of Greece i am a new listener of your radio i am enjoying a lot
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:59pm north guinea hills:

hola & hello KOSTAS GRAVOS!
  Fri. 1/29/10 12:59pm numbatwombat:

bryce this album is great! it sounds to me like a very lo-tek prequel to ghostbusters by about say 40,000 years!
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:00pm Jed:

off to be useless elsewhere....later.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:00pm numbatwombat:

greece! proud champion of electroacoustic noise and black metal! welcome indeed!
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:01pm annie:

i'm going to wash the floor, this is great music to accompany me!
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:03pm c block:

north guinea fools
what's up baby
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:03pm ?:

we also love frank zappa and every progressive mind
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:03pm Hugo:

Yeah, John Stevens' stripped-down drum kit with SME would sometimes sound like this ...
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:08pm north guinea hills:

yo, casey..... just slavin' away at work. anyone need a map?
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:10pm Chris:

you got any treasure maps lying around?
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:11pm numbatwombat:

sme is fine indeed. it kinda put me in the mind of a much smaller chamber version of the scratch orchestra.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:12pm Kaitlyn:

Interesting, I would be interested in this as background for my office
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:19pm don poohba:

  Fri. 1/29/10 1:20pm bryce:

hey, kostas gravos; hey, kaitlyn; seeeeeeya mr. poobah...
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:21pm don poohba:

dooooooubt it!
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:22pm c blcok:

na, i just down the
history maps app
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:23pm c block:

  Fri. 1/29/10 1:23pm c block:

this track is so sweet
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:25pm Kaitlyn:

Trancy even
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:25pm Jimm:

this is the soundtrack to my life.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:26pm Kaitlyn:

Most peoples' lives I would suspect
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:33pm bryce:

it does go on for a bit . . . .

really amazing that it's just one device completely on autopilot.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:36pm Carmichael:

Bryce my man. This is just the sound I need to focus away from the pain of a torn ACL and wait for the painkillers to kick in.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:36pm numbatwombat:

dear bryce - do you guys have some jean tinguely stuff? i am sure i have heard some on wfmu before.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:37pm numbatwombat:

probably on your show.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:38pm Chris:

this bit saonds like someone repeatedly pressing down on a guitar's whammy bar - very cool device
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:41pm bryce:

hahaa, yay

heya numbatwombat, not sure what's here. i have a 10" at home somehwere. sure would like to see one of his flaming selfdestructing machines roll down the street here in jersey city....
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:41pm Ike:

  Fri. 1/29/10 1:41pm ken:

SUBLIME!!!!! LOVE the Neil Feather!!! Did he make these instruments??
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:43pm numbatwombat:

word to that! some survival research laboratories critters gone amok would also deeply satisfy. those robot wars robots are just too tiny.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:44pm numbatwombat:

robots playing themselves, robots playing other things, robots stopping working, its all good!
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:45pm Cecile:

Carm, I'm sorry about your knee. Are you going to have to get surgery?
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:48pm jeff-m:

so pretty today Bryce, gracias
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:48pm bryce:

oh cool, thanks, ike! ken, yeah — it's actually just one single ingenious instrument, and it's playing itself.

heyy jeffem!
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:49pm Kaitlyn:

Sorry about your knee!!! Hey, I wonder how this would sound with multiple pickups...
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:49pm Chris:

hey carmichael - i've noticed that if you break open and snort the painkillers, they work much faster - just an observation.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:52pm dc pat:

thank gosh I'm not missing the Scelsi show.....Hey! Why am I not missing the Scelsi show??
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:52pm Carmichael:

@Cecile: Unortunately, no surgery. 2 months of hobbling with a knee brace and lots of painkillers. I fucked myself up royally.

When I came home, I remembered Dr. Bryce would provide tonal tonic.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:54pm numbatwombat:

knee braces are yucky. they should just give you new bionic limbs and be done with it. that way, you could tune into wfmu internally! the droning does help healing, though! that is why i like it! feel better!
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:54pm yockey:

sounds great on my little clock radio
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:55pm just me:

Hey Mr. Bryce.
it takes balls...perhaps even some othr organs, to do what you are doin g.
In a world of instasnt entertainment...Im on the otherside of the planet..im trying to set up cooking squid...the airwaves are yours...im nor really listening because thats the point..its just ambience..
but in the end your in my head...with my garlic with my squid.....dont ever let them think differently.
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:57pm Chris:

i wonder if this instrument could be combined with the orgone box for musical therapy
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:58pm Kaitlyn:

or the Didgeridoo
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:58pm Cecile:

Oh, carm, take it easy. Listen to your knee.

It probably sounds a lot like Bryce's show...
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:59pm just me:

does anybody else eat squid?
  Fri. 1/29/10 1:59pm ken:

The last two weeks have been mind bending EPIC sonic journeys into the Brycian world of Inner Space, thanks for being both relentless and visionary in sharing these masterworks!!!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:01pm numbatwombat:

in agreement ken! i have no solid schedule but i made for darn sure i woke up in time to lock down bryce's show this afternoon!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:01pm Ike:

I didn't like squid until I had good tender squid at a really good Thai restaurant. Maybe it was Sripraphai in Queens. I can't cook it myself. With garlic? Sounds excellent.
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:01pm Kaitlyn:

absolutely!! With the econ it is a rarity in Arkansas though
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:02pm Chris:

i'll eat squid only if it's slow cooked over an anaplumb
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:02pm Cecile:

I love squid. I get afraid to cook it at home, but I don't know why. I'd probably do a good job.

I heard the secret is to either cook it for 2 minutes or two hours. Nothing in between.
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

don't they have Ozark Mountain Squids down that way?
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:03pm The Doctah:

I will not eat them, Just Me kid,
I will not eat skate eggs and squid.
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:03pm numbatwombat:

a fine televised program dce!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:05pm Carmichael:

If you want to get to squid,
You got to raise a little garlic ....
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:05pm just me:

In italy we have these little squids...dont ask m why...its a population thing and our freezers are small..regardless...olive oil, garlic, red pepper, evertthing sauteed....and as lou reed once quoted a friend..'stick a fork in thier ass theyre done with"
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:05pm numbatwombat:

squids are super-tasty ESP. w/ garlic but i no longer eat them for fear of armed landsquid reprisal tactics.
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:06pm Chris:

...or, if i kill it myself - but it has to be a giant squid otherwise it ain't worth the trouble
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:07pm just me:

i have to admit...i removed an explosive device from one squid.
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:09pm numbatwombat:

neil feather then is sort of cousin to ellen fullman/panhuysen type stuff? cool!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:09pm numbatwombat:

def. dig this long-string theme, bryce!!!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:13pm Hugo:

This Baltimore outfit looks pretty interesting. Gotta do some explorations.

  Fri. 1/29/10 2:15pm bartelby:

great listening
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:16pm I prefer not to:

I agree
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:23pm nic:

what a great show_thx
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:29pm ken:

  Fri. 1/29/10 2:30pm joe voltage:

the website for the pub is www.theshepnj.com
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:34pm numbatwombat:

cavalcades of ghosts will surely be summoned! this rocks and rolls! that pierre berthet was wicked good too. spectral music set sometime? grisey, et al
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:35pm Hugo:

Saw him - Lê Quan Ninh - in town in November last year with Michel Doneda. Very special drum technique.
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:36pm numbatwombat:

i am positive this would be absolutely entrancing live!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:41pm bryce:

oh yeah, he's a trip — the guy plays bass drums with pine cones!

i looove them spectralists. doesn't take much to get me on a jag with that stuff.

thanks for the nicenesses, everyone! we're all pretty lucky to have this place....

joe v! when are we going? don't spackle your keybd
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:43pm Hugo:

and Mark Sanders - half a year before. Cool.
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:48pm numbatwombat:

the sound of the dinosaur!!! unreal!!!!!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:52pm just me:

fantastic....dont you get it?...men who eat squid...
laugh last ND BEST
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:53pm crazy ak47:

wow wow wow
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:54pm Kaitlyn:

Time to tune out... Thanks Bryce!!!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:55pm perrin:

Quintron - human drummers, or computer?
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:56pm Stan:

I'm betting on the humans
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:56pm numbatwombat:

this set of banging on things has given me enough energy to go ride my bike around the block! thnx bryce! keep up the mind/body altering work!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:56pm bryce:

see y'all!

perrin, it's one guy, singing and drumming live!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:57pm Carmichael:

Thanks Bryce!!
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:57pm dc pat:

"Electric Kettle Payeraaaaaaaahhhhhhooowww!!"
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:57pm numbatwombat:

never bet on the humans. i mean, just as a general principle. although our success boggles what is left of my mind.
  Fri. 1/29/10 2:59pm ken:

Quintron, my hero! THANKS BRYCE** another desert island archive!!!!
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