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When the musics align, you can stare a future in the eye.

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Options January 25, 2010: Zeroing In On A Creative Vision from Far Eastern California
Giving away 3 Abble Tablets tonight on the comments

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Pulp  Common People   Options Decided this is the best song every created

jump kick
Romeo Void  Never Say Never   Options   0:05:38 ()
Christina Aguilera  Candyman (Slightly Scrwed)   Options   0:11:44 ()
Pizzicato Five  My Baby Portable Player Sound   Options   0:15:14 ()
The Joy Formidable  The Last Drop   Options   0:19:07 ()
Aeronaut  Meridian Sputnik   Options   0:22:21 ()
Dani Siciliano  Why Can't I Make You High?   Options   0:25:12 ()
emmanuelle seigner  Femme Fatale   Options   0:29:01 ()
Veronica Maggio  Gammal Song   Options   0:32:16 ()
Danez Vs. Rifehz  See U Fallin   Options   0:35:47 ()
The Ruby Suns  Cranberry (Radio Edit)   Options beautiful clouds  0:39:59 ()
Erobique & Superschool  Superschool   Options   0:43:30 ()
Ceephax Acid Crew  Topaz   Options   0:46:13 ()
Kleerup f/ Robyn  With Every Heartbeat   Options ROBYN acoustic set  0:49:07 ()
Ted Leo  With Every Heartbeat   Options   0:52:48 ()
Outkast  So Fresh, So Clean   Options   1:07:15 ()
Orbital  Quality Seconds   Options   1:11:25 ()
Malakai  Fading World   Options joshua tree brain world  1:12:47 ()
David Ruffin  Heaven Help Us All   Options more beautiful natchez trace clouds shiners  1:16:21 ()
The Darkness  Love Is Only A Feeling   Options   1:19:41 ()
Beach House  Silver Soul   Options beautiful beach  1:23:54 ()
CMYK  Tarzan Boy [Ned Rosenheim Birdcall Remix]   Options   1:28:32 ()
Fever Ray  When I Grow Old (Bassnectar Remix)   Options   1:33:48 ()
Plaid  Ralome   Options   1:36:54 ()
Best Coast  When I'm With You   Options   1:41:02 ()
the avalanches  since i left you   Options   1:44:40 ()
Gucci Mane  Danger's Not a Stranger (Diplo Remix)   Options   1:48:27 ()
Four Tet  Circling   Options circles  1:52:26 ()
Music behind DJ:
Many Mansions 
Sparkly Portal   Options   1:57:42 ()
Bananarama  Cruel Summer   Options going out to paul  2:12:45 ()
Notorious BIG  Pepsi Commercial   Options   2:15:32 ()
Webb Wilder  Looking For A Fool   Options   2:16:34 ()
  KE$HA Just Wants to Have Fun     2:19:49 ()
ChangWang2003  99 Problems (Battletoads Mix)   Options   2:24:02 ()
Katalina  DJ's Girl   Options   2:28:18 ()
Spod  Cats   Options Check out my cat interfaceing with the new Abble Tablet

don't do drugs
2:31:35 ()
Missy Elliot  Put It On Yall   Options   2:33:56 ()
Copycat  I Was Made For a Heavy Cross (copycat Mash)   Options   2:38:49 ()
Corey Hart  Sunglasses At Night   Options future mind orb electro sunglasses man  2:41:45 ()
Gucci Mane f/ Keisha Cole  Bad Bad Bad   Options   2:47:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Black Dog 
Barbola Work   Options   2:50:36 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 1/25/10 8:05pm Taylor Franklin:

TRENT!! monday again!

are you really giving away the tabs?
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:06pm dave:

freaky! i had 'common people' stuck in my head all day long.

  Mon. 1/25/10 8:06pm Kat:

time to turn it up!!! "Abble" lol
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:07pm Cheri Pi:

Abbla Kadabbla!
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:09pm A:

Abelard tablets. They've had their functionality limited.
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:11pm Kat:

Did you get those Abble tablets on Canal St.?
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:11pm ratbone:

"steal this tab" albie holfman
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:14pm A:

Or was that scrapple tabs?
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:16pm Timothy Leary:

I'll take a tab!
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:23pm trent:

  Mon. 1/25/10 8:25pm aka dj salamander:

what number caller am i? did i win?
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:28pm brenda:

i want one, too! please. is that the magic word?
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:28pm Irwin:

Joy Formidable: this is fucking awesome. Can't wait to air it and have listeners think I discovered it first.
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:28pm Bobby B:

Aloha Trent
Great music to finish my work day here in the islands.
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:35pm fjt:

  Mon. 1/25/10 8:40pm A:

The Venn diagram between Irwin's Amanda mobs and Trent's agitated Mondayers? NULL SET.
But yes, that JF is fantastic. Is it all that good?
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:40pm jesSICKA:

yo, its yer old roomie. guess what - i've got a 102 fevah! what is this jam? is that weezer being sampled?
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:41pm trent:

Oh I forgot, to win the Tablet you have to explain how this tbalet would better help you complete the tasks of your day; i.e. take out the trash, watch your favorite porno, change your adult baby diapers. Irwin, my people will be contacting your people, not in the fun way. Bobby - what is the scene outside your window like right now?
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:41pm dave:

that pic of an abble taplet looks shopped. i can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few taplets in my time.
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:43pm pauldepiperssonderighteouspontificator:

what a shit song. thx
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:45pm Bobby B:

Young college girls in short shorts and tiny tank tops walking between classes at The University of Hawaii.
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:48pm bennett4senate:

trent this abble tablet will help me get into your pants - easier
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:48pm trent:

Jess do you have any special jewish penicillin songs that make your fevez go away? I don't think that was the weez i think that was some lady doing New ORder. Bobby, pix or it didn't happen!
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:56pm jessicka:

how bout the chicken noodle soup song? dats all i got.
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:57pm Timothy Leary:

The Tablet will allow me to turn on, tune in and drop out more effectively.
  Mon. 1/25/10 8:57pm Bobby B:

Here is a preview

  Mon. 1/25/10 8:57pm jon:

where can i find the danez vs martinez track "see you fallin". plz let me know
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:00pm Kat:

A - sorry, I'm an Irwin fan too... but proud to be an "agitated Mondayer"
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:00pm jesSICKA:

oh or more cowbell, duh. (sorry had to say it)
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:00pm R:

Bobby: that one on the far left is DREAMY.
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:03pm Bobby B:

Here are a few more

  Mon. 1/25/10 9:03pm bennett4senate:

hey Trent play that Kyle Hall that I sent you, you were all "into it"
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:11pm jesSICKA:

already feelin better!
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:12pm dave:

depending on the size of the abble taplet, it might be just the ticket for whacking people upside the head so's you can take their android phones while they're stunned.

those droids, they're the business.
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:14pm Frank Sumatra:

It'll help me replace my driftwood collection
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:19pm spectakates:

member that chisel song "spectacles"? it was a cover actually, so prolly no one remembers it. but it was great, te promeso. i will find and send it on the back of a renner.
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:19pm bennett4senate:

this Malakai is sweet
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:23pm david RUFFIN:

RUFF had some good spectacles. brenda knows. she saw the 1998 movie, filmed in pittsburgh, DUHHH!! my highschool pal bedded Leon who played d ruff and then she got some std-attack in her pussy pack.
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:26pm barbara:

a tablet would make me cooler AND help me get a new job in LA, and it makes possible my life-long goal of lending you an electronic thing!
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:28pm Zach:

The tablet will finally supply me with the hi-res screen I've needed to cause seizures in all my enemies, at the team meeting.

First solo Ted Leo record was really good, but I've been yawning a bit since then.
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:30pm Bobby B:

A tablet would make it easier to tutor students in Calculus and Physics.
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:33pm paul:

the world is in the turlet!!!
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:33pm trent:

  Mon. 1/25/10 9:34pm paul:

i'm not a "gadget" type guy so i dont need one
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:34pm m9:

  Mon. 1/25/10 9:34pm Kat:

it would make me more attractive to muggers on the train
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:35pm paul:

but good luck to everyone else may the best contestants win!!! or something
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:35pm bennett4senate:

a tablet is small enough that it could easily join the ranks of Things That I Wave at My Cat Until She Bites Them, currently un-achiveable with my perma-tethered laptop
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:37pm m9:

drug dealers got rocket launchers now
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:39pm Taylor Franklin:

TRENT - the tablet will allow me to draw weird things all over NY and beyond. i've been drawing a lot of drugged out musicians, backstage w/ their wedding rings off, past out in hotels ie cocksucker blues. simultantiously i can get these images/movies as inspiration. plus i just broke up with my gf and she is taking the kick ass computer i download all music with. mmmmm
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:41pm trent:

great entries you guys, you are also allowed to vote for people who are not you, and don't try to cheat because i can track your fucking IP
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:45pm Cheri Pi:

I would strap the Abblet on, and wear it 24/7 spreading the live streaming gospel of WFMU to all of earth's people, in my general vicinity. I would also use it to find a helper monkey service specializing in adult diapering. The monkey, however, would have to keep his damn hands off the Abblet.
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:46pm Taylor Franklin:

i vote for Timothy but i expect to be compensated TL!
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:46pm barbara:

i think Taylor Franklin because MAN, cool idea. and THAT SUCKS. but also me.
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:49pm bennett4senate:

like Cheri Pi, I will also "strap on" the tablet (guess where) and proceed to BOMB THE BASS
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:51pm Cheri Pi:

bennett4senate ; because cats deserve only the finest distractions from their naps. (stroking mr. Big Puss as I type)
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:51pm Bobby B:

I could strap it around my neck and walk around campus "cooler" than Flava Flav
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:55pm bennett4senate:

Cheri; I will Skype you live video of my little black cat on our abblets
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:56pm Cheri Pi:

bennett4senate ; it's a deal!
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:56pm Zach:

Bennett4senate for sure cause I'm catsitting. and the laser pointer ran out of batteries
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:57pm brenda:

um my number 1 reason for needing to win the tablet is that i still am using an ibook from december 2005. i'll value it! i'll use it til it dies
i need an upgrade without financial stress. PLUS, not to be exploitative, but .... it would help me help bronx families!!! art is cool too but you have to give it to one "social justice" person so the giveaway is like all holistic and stuff
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:57pm Kat:

oooh, Four Tet...
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:57pm jesSICKA:

hi btw you know i want one of these tablets. what do i need to do? steve is giving me permission to gt it on with you. i will also email you a nude photo from it every day (if not of me, then maybe of claudia or some other hooker)
  Mon. 1/25/10 9:58pm Timothy Leary:

Sure thing - 1 vote for Taylor!
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:00pm dave:

man, four tet just never gets old.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:00pm A:

I neither want nor deserve anything of the sort.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:02pm brenda:

well, i can strap it around my neck and wear it in bronx family court. i will use it to spread your message of love and kindness to the judges in that building. who knows, it might help get kids out of foster care and back home with their parents. WHO DOESNT WANT THAT?
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:03pm b:

just randomly, out of the blue, you're the best dj ever!
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:05pm Joe:

I need it because I can walk around and charge technophiles 30 dollars a pop to play with it.

At least for the first week or two.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:06pm Murphette:

The only way I can prove to this man holding a potato cannon aimed at my apartment, that I can pay him the ransom to not send me to spud heaven/hell.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:07pm Bobby B:

Its would be better than my etch a sketch
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:08pm R:

If only you were giving away stablets.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:08pm noah:

i need it to fill time!
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:08pm Jojo:

I am archiving great show. Btw tablet blows
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:10pm zazani:

many reasons i NEED THIS . NEED NOT WANT. I will find unforesseeen uses for it. i am the bug testrer par excellence so i will find new ways to empoy it as a tool for art deviance fun and maybe find practical use for it too!
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:10pm scottC:

I need the tablet to help destroy the publishing industry to return society to a pre-industrial state so we can all walk around naked again.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:10pm murphette:

Lighting the fuse, now. Oh Jesus. He looks like a firefighter, you know suspenders, but here, thinking about my life, and it's cynical dismissal of new technology, I might just love the tablet. But I cant move. HEs has me in the crosshairs. If I could just raise it up so he could see my sort of net wealth...
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:13pm Steve:

I need a tablet to help improve my accuracy with a slap chop.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:13pm paul:

play cruel summer again it was in my head this morning
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:13pm mike:

Rihanna chopped & screwed!
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:13pm Zach:

Hey don't forget about me. Back there at 9:28
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:14pm bennett4senate:

Duane is filling in for Hatch dude
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:14pm Kat:

yeah, no "Thatch" tonite
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:15pm Ant:

How 'bout some classic Elvis Costello?
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:15pm murphette:

It's wet out, so the fuse didn't take. He's asking passer-bys for a light.
Thank god nobody smokes. Oh there's a bum. He's got a light. HELP!
The fuse is burning....my life...before ..my...eyes...WHIT A MINUTE! THATS NOT HOW IT WAS! I never OWNED OR KEPT A GERBIL!
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:15pm linda linda:

I am the victim of a criminally-insane cyber criminal who has just nuked my laptop, a desktop, and a notebook without them being turned on.
I need the tablet in order to continue the fight and take this guy out. I will never give up.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:16pm kari:

i need it to house my soul through some weird third party app that i will write so that i may love wfmu throughout eternity....also will you play some Silkworm?
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:16pm dave:

CURSES! how will i get a droid now?!
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:16pm paul:

fark yeah
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:17pm trent:

i'm sorry dave and everyone who didn't get read out loud. here is a hint, just leave a comment and DRUNK ME WILL PROMISE YOU SOMETHING I HAVE TO FULFILL LATER
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:19pm frank:

yo trent I am an ESL teacher for elementary school students and I have to make flash cards everyday for my class... I cut an 8x11 sheet into six pieces and everyday the kids say TEACHERRR TOO SMALLL, but I don't want to waste paper using a big sheet

soo... if I had the tablet, I could put the words on the screen, maybe in color and marquee style scroll effect + I could add pictures and maybe a video of spongebob saying the ABCs... also I'm a programmer so I could make an interactive touch game for the kids like that game on the old mac where the thing ate the words, the children will be so pleased plus they will learn english

I actually have to go now, so I can't listen to the end of the show, but I'll be back later
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:19pm Bobby B:

Another 40 minutes of work before I can go have a drink.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:19pm A:

What kind of prosecco?
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:20pm mike:

Pepsi Prosecco
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:24pm Joe:

never realized this beat kinda sounds like Tom Tom club
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:24pm A:

Just cuz years ago I wrote copy for a few prosecco brands, and am just wondering whether my words resonated over time and were a contributing factor to The Darkness.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:26pm trent:

pionolo proseco - thanks to GMA + barbara for this rec
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:29pm dave:

joe, i'm pretty sure that's because tina weymouth, cyndi lauper, and ke$sha are actually the same person.

think of it: ever seen 'em all together?
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:29pm chelsea:

i could use an apple tablet, because i got an itouch ipod whatever the fuck and it sucks - maybe the tablet will work better? also, i'll write you poems on it and e-mail them to you monthly. haikus, "epics", whatever you want.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:31pm hector:

id like the tablet to give to my girl whose laptop i crashed for downloading corrupted files..i.e. porn... shes a photographer n will use it for that reason mostly,, pics n creativity..plus it'll make me look good =) peace
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:32pm Joe:

I believe it. I've never believed anything harder in my life.

The 99 problems battletoads youtube video is even more infinitely full of winly awesomeness.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:33pm Herb:

I've been using an Etch A Sketch as a laptop, fooling people into thinking I have something small and sleek and cool. I'm afraid someone is going to catch me and then humiliate me publicly. An Apple Tablet would be my salvation.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:36pm Kat:

  Mon. 1/25/10 10:37pm pawprint:

wow - so it's like this - just listening to some very cool keyboard earlier and thinking how much I miss playing - then looking at some etchings I did and missing that too - I'm tired of the typing - with all the writing I do now I need a medium where that reconnects me to the tactile - and well yes, my PC is going haywire - all signs pointing to a new tabula rasa..
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:37pm brick astley:

I'd sell the tablet tomorrow and buy an op-1 from teenage engineering next month
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:37pm cheri pi:

I'm surrounded by them!
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:37pm chelsea:

does the apple tablet recognize cat paws? or is it racist like every other electronic item these days?
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:38pm Ike:

What's this lampshaded cat's story?
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:40pm Kat:

poor kitty :(
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:40pm Erin:

Hey Trent! I am going back to night school and it would be so amazing to go paperless. ¡¡¡NO MORE PAPER!!! Also, I would be the envy of all my fellow NJCUers. (we still use chalkboards there)
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:47pm Joe:

Hey, Corey Hart, why are you in that wheelchair?

I wear my sunglasses at night... and I got into a horrible car accident...
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:49pm Christian Salazar:

*Supreme beings from the Universe, PLEASE direct Trents contest drawing soul to this comment!*
(I could reallly use this to get through court reporting school)
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:50pm j:

The tablet is the perfect running the ceramic business during the day, and at night connecting the bbq record player to stream wfmu while entertaining friends with another round of prosecco served atop the new tablet. Smiles and abound.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:52pm fj torres:

I want to get away from wintel. And it looks good;

In Puerto Rico there is a Rock station that still plays that Corey Hart song with out a hint of irony.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:52pm trent:

FJT there is a rock station in Jersey City that still plays Corey Hart without a Hint of Irony
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:55pm chelsea:

come onnnnn tabletttt! frisbee throw that thing at me!
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:56pm sahak:

hey trent good tunes you been playing. i sure could use a tablet since all my current electronics suck thanks man
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:56pm bennett4senate:

j is right - tablet = next level coaster
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:56pm sahak:

whats up bennett
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:57pm chuck:

I can sell it to raise money for my friend's voice surgery
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:58pm Weams.:

Mom needs it to do medical coding so she can stop doing security down at the games.
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:59pm Cpt Fun:

I need 2 tablets for my interpretation of the ten commandments!
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:59pm bennett4senate:

whats poppin sahak come pick me up in your car
  Mon. 1/25/10 10:59pm Taylor Franklin:

I didn't make it on the list :(
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:02pm noodle:

I need one so i can be like bro your i phone be all small and sh*t my iphone like 5 times as big yo
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:02pm Kat:

trent; what's yours?
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:02pm dave:

HOORAY. all you droid owners, you'd better CHECK YOUR HEADS.
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:04pm Cheri Pi:

We're all Weiners- Hip Hip Hooray! Thanks Trent!
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:04pm dave:

i think this FDU guy completely needs an abble taplet to help him promote his band.
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:05pm Matt Viola:

It's Apple* Tablet, can I have one... OR THREE? I deserve one for the correction lmaooo
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:06pm A:

"Then, on June 14, 2008, Rutland was hit with some powerful storms, and the Pyramid was flooded. Our entire lower level, including the salt cave, was destroyed in a matter of seconds. Following the flood, we spent months identifying a new, safer location, and when we found the location at 120 Merchants Row, we took a few extra months to make it what it is today. We proud of our current home, which has a diverse, rich history in the Downtown area." - William Kelley, Pyramid owner and practitioner
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:06pm dave:

i'm pretty sure it's abble, matt. but you can probably get one anyway.
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:06pm A:

The salt cave was destroyed in a matter of seconds!
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:06pm I is in Collage:

More crystal pyramids!
  Mon. 1/25/10 11:10pm Matt:

It's definitely Apple, I mean it's an APPLE product.
  Tue. 1/26/10 12:13am Armando:

The Apple Tablet will help me to listen to wfmu 24/7 as I ponder what my purpose in life is.
  Tue. 1/26/10 4:02pm KD:

On track one: a rare example of a rock song delivered with both passion and wit. I like the BBC live video of this song - recorded by a single camera and much more engrossing than the usual multi-camera, jump-cut extravaganza of TV music recording.
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