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Jay Reatard tribute plus Dutchess and the Duke LIVE!!
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. 0:00:00 )  
R.I.P. Jay Lindsey aka Jay Reatard  
JAY REATARD  There Is No Sun   Options Watch Me Fall. Matador. (2009) 0:07:20 )  
JAY REATARD  I Know a Place   Options Singles 06-07. In the Red. CD box set. (2008) 0:10:59 )  
JAY REATARD  See Saw + Screaming Hand   Options Matador Singles '08. Matador. (2008) 0:13:56 )  
JAY REATARD  It Ain't Gonna Save Me   Options Watch Me Fall. Matador. (2009) 0:15:06 )  
REATARDS  I Gotta Rock n Roll   Options Bedroom Disasters. Empty. (2004) 0:17:24 )  
REATARDS  Pretty Baby   Options Not Fucked Enough. Empty. (2005) 0:18:34 )  
BAD TIMES  Listen to the Band   Options Bad Times. Goner. (2001) one off supergroup of Jay Reatard, King Louie, and Eric Oblivian! 0:30:21 )  
BAD TIMES  Trapped in the City   Options Bad Times. Goner. (2001) 0:32:45 )  
BAD TIMES  Over You   Options Bad Times. Goner. (2001) 0:34:19 )  
LOST SOUNDS  I Get Nervous   Options Lost Sounds. In the Red. (2004) 0:36:16 )  
LOST SOUNDS  Blackcoats/Whitefear   Options Rat's Brains and Microchips. Empty. (2002) 0:40:36 )  
LOST SOUNDS  Disease   Options Memphis Is Dead. Big Neck. (2001) 0:42:34 )  
FINAL SOLUTIONS  I'm a Punk   Options Return to the Motherland. Frick & Frack. 7". (2006) 0:44:36 )  
LOST SOUNDS  Energy Drink & the Long Walk Home   Options Demos Vol.2. On/On Switch. (2003) 0:46:03 )  
FINAL SOLUTIONS  I See You On a Path   Options Disco Eraser. Misprint. (2003) by request 0:49:19 )  
FINAL SOLUTIONS  Eye Don't Like You   Options Shit Sandwich. 7". (2005) 0:51:18 )  
FINAL SOLUTIONS  My Love Is Disappointing + I Am the Now   Options My Love Is Disappointing. Shattered. 7". (2005) 0:53:08 )  
FINAL SOLUTIONS  No Final Solution + Need Me   Options Disco Eraser. Misprint. (2003) 0:57:07 )  
FINAL SOLUTIONS  Face Puke + Liquid Brainstem Cocktail   Options Songs By Solutions. Goner. (2007) 1:14:00 )  
TERROR VISIONS  Itching   Options World of Shit. FDH. (2007) 1:18:06 )  
LOST SOUNDS  Don't Turn Around   Options Black-Wave. Empty. (2002) 1:19:28 )  
NERVOUS PATTERNS  In a Concrete Room + Pictures On My Wall   Options Nervous Patterns. Cochon / Contaminated. (2003) 1:23:09 )  
JAY REATARD  Feeling Blank Again   Options Night of Broken Glass EP. In the Red. Vinyl. (2007) 1:26:39 )  
LOST SOUNDS  I Don't Count   Options Outtakes & Demos V.1. Hate. (2002) 1:28:38 )  
ANGRY ANGLES  Things Are Moving   Options Shattered. 7". (2006) 1:30:12 )  
ANGRY ANGLES  Apparent-Transparent   Options Plastic Idol. 7". (2006) 1:32:40 )  
LOST SOUNDS  Total Destruction   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU 2002. entire session available here
thx to Big Plastic Head and Matt/Scratchbomb.com for audio trickery!
1:44:45 )  
LOST SOUNDS  I Get Nervous   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU 2004. entire session available here
thx to Big Plastic Head and Matt/Scratchbomb.com for audio trickery!
1:49:31 )  
LOST SOUNDS  Plastic Skin   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU 2004. 1:53:57 )  
Dutchess and the Duke live in the studio!!
Jesse Lortz - guitar/vox
Kimberly Morrison - guitar/vox
Engineered by Dave Amels

New album Sunset/Sunrise out now on Hardly Art
She's the Dutchess, He's the Duke also available from Hardly Art
Band site: myspace.com/thedutchessandtheduke
DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE  Out of Time   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU. 2:03:49 )  
DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE  Ship Made of Stone   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU. 2:07:19 )  
DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE  Let It Die   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU. 2:10:19 )  
DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE  Hands   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU. 2:13:21 )  
DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE  The River   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU. 2:17:21 )  
DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE  Reservoir Park   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU. 2:22:24 )  
DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE  Armageddon Song   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU. 2:26:36 )  
ANGRY ANGLES  Nightmares   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU 2006. entire session available here
thx to Big Plastic Head and Matt/Scratchbomb.com for audio trickery!

2:43:26 )  
JAY REATARD  Nightmares   Options Blood Visions. In the Red. (2006) 2:45:32 )  
JAY REATARD  Fall Over Again   Options Singles 06-07. In the Red. CD box set. (2008) 2:47:49 )  
JAY REATARD  My Shadow   Options Blood Visions. In the Red. (2006) 2:49:54 )  
REATARDS  You Got So Much Soul   Options Goner. 7". (1996) Jay's first single as a one-man band > 16 yrs young! 2:52:59 )  
JAY REATARD  Wounded   Options Watch Me Fall. Matador. (2009) 2:54:56 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 1/23/10 3:21pm eyenoise:

I discovered Lost Sounds right around the same time they appeared on CBC the first time. And Jay has been a real fave since. I just got to see his hot live show for the first time last month. Man the potential that dude had. What a waste.
  Sat. 1/23/10 3:22pm eyenoise:

I recommend this if you haven't seen it:
  Sat. 1/23/10 3:35pm Dave:

Saw Lost Sounds back in '03-'04 at the Union in Athens, OH.
Loved them "Total Destruction!"

Talked to Jay after their set, asked him if there was a scene in Memphis, "No, we're it!"

Got a mouthful of air everytime I talked to him because it was loud and he had to put his ear in front of my mouth to hear me! YUM!
  Sat. 1/23/10 3:37pm Kevin Jones:

So rad you're doing this. Can you please play "Fashion Victim" from Bedroom Disasters or "I'm on a Path" from the Final Solutions 1st album? Thanks so much.
  Sat. 1/23/10 3:40pm Dave:

  Sat. 1/23/10 3:41pm Ian Zamboni:

RIP Jay Lee Lindsey Jr.

Best dude.
  Sat. 1/23/10 3:45pm Chris:

JR - so young, so sad. but he did seem to cram a lot of living into a short amount of time and that's always good.

@ Ian I like your blog
  Sat. 1/23/10 3:46pm Bill:

Nice Tribute! I was unfamiliar with his early work. Good to hear it.
  Sat. 1/23/10 3:51pm Dave:

I typed "air", but meant "hair."
  Sat. 1/23/10 3:54pm Kevin Jones:

Awesome! Thanks so much for playing "On a path"! It reminds me of the Urinals, which I know Jay was a huge fan of -- hence the cover of "Black Hole"
  Sat. 1/23/10 3:55pm Ron:

What a great tribute to a supremely talented person. He is so missed and his work will live on.Thank you for this Terre T!
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:01pm andy:

The first time I saw him live was at the Roskilde festival 2008 in a big tent, he was the last band of the festival for me and I was blown away by the intensity of his performance, totally relentless! Even when he had guitar problems he just threw it to one side and screamed along to the bass and drums. I remember everyone jumping around and high fiving. Jay tried to jump on top of us at the end but the security stopped him. I saw him again following that and it was never less than totally full on, he put so much blood and sweat into his music both live and on record. RIP.
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:15pm Kevin Jones:

Did she just say, "merkin?"
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:16pm SueP:

Believe it or not the venue is Merkin Hall.
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:24pm eyenoise:

BLACK WAVE! Yes. My favorite.
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:29pm ScottC:

I was not too familiar with JR but listening to this -wow what a loss.
really unique ideas and execution. The production is as fresh and individual as the music. great loss.
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:37pm Big Plastic Head:

Terre T, thanks for doing this amazing tribute/celebration. His music was fearless from the start.
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:39pm Joe Steele:

I'm a bit curious as to where this water is supposed to come from.
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:44pm Nicole:

Terre thanks so much for doing this awesome show. It's a really special one. RIP Jay.
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:45pm marc:

Terre, the weather alert is for tomorrow night through monday. not tonight
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:48pm SueP:

@marc - the national weather service notice says 1/23....maybe they're jumping the gun but that's what it says!
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:52pm marc:

Issued by The National Weather Servicee

Start time : 10:00 PM EST Sun, Jan 24, 2010

End time : 03:00 PM EST Mon, Jan 25, 2010

  Sat. 1/23/10 4:55pm FCC:

Thats WMFU Mt. Hope! Pay up.
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:56pm evan:

Great show, Terre. Thanks for introducing me to the music of Jay Reatard/Lost Sounds on your show(s). A real shame, R.I.P.
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:56pm marc:

From: http://weather.aol.com/severe-weather-alerts/nj/NJC013/NJZ005
  Sat. 1/23/10 4:59pm eric o:

Thanks, Terre.
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:00pm Topkat:

Thanks Terre, (and Sue & Liz) for yet again "doing right" for a departed artist. While acting as the lightning rod, it's obvious Jay Reatard surrounded himself with many other talented artists which resulted in all of this huge, diverse body of work. All of this stuff is just...so cool, so, I want to offer some kudos to all of them as well. RIP JR.
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:00pm e-:

Great show. This rocks. Given I had seen him in Philly a couple of months before his death, I was soooo shocked. Still cant figure out what he died from. Seems that there's very little information out there about it other than the silly homicide rumor.
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:02pm Spoony:

This is a great tribute. Thanks, Terre.
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:03pm FCC:

...Um...I knew that.
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:05pm SueP:

@eric o - Thanks for introducing us all to Msr. Reatard in the first place!
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:07pm Big Plastic Head:

Actually, scratchbomb is not me. And his site is scratchbomb.com. I pulled and cut the MP3s but scratchbomb did the high res stuff for today.
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:08pm eric o:

woulda come out anyway... truth! i was basically dragged along for the ride. god i miss that guy.
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:10pm Kevin Jones:

I am positive the band is from Seattle, WA... Tell Kimberly that Kevin and Lily in Berkeley want to thank her for opening with their fav song!

I bet she might have stories about the Reatards playing Gibson's and Fallout records
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:24pm bobby:

i needed this today

ty terre t

ty dutchess duke

rip Jay Reatard
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:40pm Joe Steele:

Hold up, whats this google look up website thingy?
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:45pm Meesha:

Hey, Terre T.! Did you say Dutchess and the Duke are playing somewhere tonight? Please do tell.
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:48pm SueP:

@Meesha - 'twas a little put on...the session was actually pre-recorded a few weeks ago. Sorry!!
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:51pm ?:

Too bad. I'll have to check them out next time. Glad I caught them on the show at least.
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:52pm Pam/RocknRoll Nurse:

it's great to hear Jay's music on the radio.
  Sat. 1/23/10 5:56pm Joe B:

A versatile super-talent has a lot of bases to cover, but a super-talent like Terre T gets the job done, a great and comprehensive sendoff. RIP. Great show TT
  Sat. 1/23/10 6:00pm Pam/RocknRoll Nurse:

thanks for playing those great records today..Jay's music sounds better every day & it's like I'm hearing 'em for the first time..I miss him.
  Sat. 1/23/10 6:05pm MixMasterMoose:

Every day should be Reatard Day!! And for some of us, IT IS!!
  Sat. 1/23/10 6:06pm MixMasterMoose:

Thanks TT!!
  Sun. 1/24/10 9:58am scratchbomb:

Terre--I couldn't listen live for most of the show, unfortunately. But thank you for the shoutout, and thank you for putting this awesome tribute together
  Sun. 1/24/10 11:09am Amy B-B:

Thank you Terre T, my husband and I now want to go out and buy everything Jay Reatard ever made. I am really saddened by his death, but we can still enjoy his music.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:51pm Cyn:

Superb trib Terre. Really put a spotlight on his pretty amazing versatility.
  Tue. 1/26/10 3:32pm nasok:

thanks terry for all the jams-nice to hear the lost sounds bringing the heat once more
  Wed. 1/27/10 3:50pm herb:

eerie'ily, latest "dt" mag has full body pic of JAY REATARD on cover. with text, like, "jay reatard saves rock n roll". i wish he were here to make it so.
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