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Playlist for 06 January 2010 Options | Musical Tribute to Zebulon Brockway, American Penologist

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Ros Bobos  Beneath The Golden Sky   Options Mandatory Astral Projections 

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*   0:00:00 ()
David Darling & The Wulu Bunun  Lugu Lugu Kan-Ibi   Options Mudanin Kata      0:05:56 ()
OOIOO  OOIAH   Options Armonica Hewa 

Click for the full size image
*   0:08:00 ()
OOIOO  Nin Ya Yama   Options Armonico Hewa 

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*   0:10:40 ()
RIAA  Babar's Tusk   Options Reality Is An Accident    *   0:13:57 ()
Wax Audio  The Pink Jack   Options Mashopolis II - The Mashening 

Click for the full size image
  0:17:20 ()
The Slew (Kid Koala)  Battle of Heaven & Hell   Options 100%    *   0:25:41 ()
Ros Bobos  Kiss The Goat   Options Mandatory Astral Projections 

Click for the full size image
*   0:26:15 ()
Music behind DJ:
        0:36:26 ()
Connie Acher  Raw Deal   Options Spray Me Down    *   0:40:46 ()
Laura Veirs  Rialto   Options Yearof Meteors 

Click the non-penologist for the full size image
  0:46:08 ()
Matias Aguayo  Desde Rusia   Options Ay Ay Ay    *   0:48:51 ()
Schwabbingrad Ballet  Moderne Welt   Options Self Titled      0:54:24 ()
Kropotkins  They Are There   Options Paradise Square 

Click for the full size image
*   0:59:25 ()
MIka Ratto  Jo Kylliksi Myoha   Options Polkupyoralla Vuokkopenkereelle 

Click for the full size image
*   1:10:24 ()
Music Fur Allum  Jerusalem Is Waiting for Karnas To Call   Options Twice      1:13:36 ()
DJ Polymorphic  Song of Songs   Options Title Track      1:22:36 ()
Harry Nilsson  Jump Into The Fire   Options Nillson Schmilsson 

Click for the full size image
  1:28:48 ()
LCD Soundsystem  Jump Into The Fire   Options       1:35:56 ()
Laverne Baker  Jump Into The Fire   Options  

Click for the extremely huge image
  1:42:11 ()
Tom Waits  Goin' Out West   Options Glitter & Doom Live      1:45:45 ()
Tina Harvey  Tina's Song   Options Music for Mentalists: Unexpected Sounds for the Connoisseur (V/A)    *   1:55:17 ()
Ken Nordine  Anytime, Anytime   Options The Best Of Word Jazz, Vol. 1 

Click for the full size image
  1:57:55 ()
David Greenberger & Birdsongs of the Mesozoic  AEIOU (Guitar Part 1) and Guitar Part 2   Options 1001 Real Apes      2:00:04 ()
Shirley Collins  Space Girl   Options       2:04:13 ()
Jim Noir  Tower of Love   Options Title Track 

Click for the full size image
  2:14:13 ()
Niobe  Give All To Love   Options White Hats      2:18:35 ()
Boh Runga  Not Given Lightly   Options Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox (V/A) 

Click for the full size image
*   2:21:43 ()
Elis Regina & Antonio Carlos Jobim  So Tinha De Ser Com Voce   Options Elis & Tom      2:24:34 ()
Puffy  Track 12, remix by Watermelon   Options PRMX - Puffy Remix Project 

Click for the full size image
  2:28:39 ()
Supercluster  Sunflower Clock   Options Waves    *   2:33:47 ()
God's Gift  Anaesthetic   Options Pathology 1979-1984 

Remix This!! Click for the full size image
*   2:39:02 ()
I, Ludicrous  We're The Support Band   Options 20 Years In Show Business      2:42:40 ()
The Melvins  Linkshander (Remix by Matmos)   Options Chicken Switch (Melvins Remixes) 

Click for the full size image
*   2:46:23 ()
Bubblewrap Holocaust  Sizewise   Options Self Titled 

Click for the full size image
  2:51:47 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 1/6/10 9:00am Dan B From Upstate:

A fine good morning to Ken, and the Freedman Faithful!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:00am BSI:

hiya, pal.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:01am Ne-guh-tor:

Great to be here! 2010 Payback!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:04am Ghengis Jung:

  Wed. 1/6/10 9:04am Ken:

Morning everybody! Belated happy happy.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:06am Vivian:

Happy 2010! Anyone experiencing buffering issues with Itunes?
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:06am Vicki:

Morning Ken. Snow Day.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:08am John from Oslo:

Happi Knew Yer! Ken and all!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:10am seang:

Von Sudenfed!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:26am listener mark:

Good Morning Ken/
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:27am Cecile:

Hola, Ken. Hola, all!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:27am Ken:

Why, hello there Mark and a good morning to you too. So very nice to have you back.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:28am Ken:

Cecile! I still love you!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:29am PMD:

Mornin' and happy new year to all (a little late). Especially Ken...
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:30am annie:

you rang???
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:32am Cecile:

I still love you too, Ken!

  Wed. 1/6/10 9:32am Ne-guh-tor:

You know, I don't worship Satan, but I feel this way sort of.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:33am Jan:

He is here!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:33am Ram Ewe:

XOXO Goat!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:33am listener mark:

tack så mycket!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:34am annie:

  Wed. 1/6/10 9:35am Ne-guh-tor:

Zebulon, NC
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:35am Maria D:

Ken, you always succeed in freaking me out. Why I missed you over the holidays. Lucifer plus headless women.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:36am Cecile:

How's it going?

Ken - you should play some Zebulon Pike.
(named after the midwest explorer)
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:36am Spankyflop:

The Satanic preacher sounded an awful lot like space ghost to me.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:36am Lizardner Dave:

Uh, is that pic next to the Ros Bobos track NSFW?
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:37am annie:

going ok cecile... still trying to figure out the moving thing..
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:38am Mark:

maybe it was Zeb Walton
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:38am sinister dexter:

greetings from grand rapids .. love your show! .. many thanks!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:38am PMD:

Seems there's a different type of heat in bathrooms in Japan.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:39am Cecile:

Are you just packing right now, or figuring out how to get there...?
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:40am tank:

get off the mike, before you turn into a penologist...
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:43am annie:

i'm not really packing at all... just in limbo waiting for the pieces to come together.. back in the old hippie days i would judt take off.. but geebus, possessions accumulate.. and i have to think of my vinyl collection.. but i'm taking very little with me in the long run and donate the vinyl to the station up there.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:43am Maria D:

Research a career in Penology and the education you need to start a career as a Penologist
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:44am Mickey Mephistopheles:

For the aspiring penologist:
King Missile Dog Fly Dubstep. It's true!
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:45am Ken:

I'm not packing, but i AM a penologist. I took a correspondence course with E.C.P.I.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:45am Cecile:

Shouldn't it be peen?
Because if you shorten it, it's pen, and that makes no sense.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:46am Ken:

I'm sorry, scratch that. i AM packing.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:46am Cecile:

Ken, my friend who grew up with Father Christmas is very impressed you did a Krampus special.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:47am trs:

the penal code
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:49am Chris:

Looks like shes studying the penos
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:50am Ken:

Cecile, I dont know what you mean. I'm an expert in penmanship and the history of writing implements. You dont mean..... OH MY GOD! You have SUCH a dirty mind! I'm shocked. And appalled. But mostly just shocked.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:52am Cecile:

I only say what everyone's thinking.
I'm the Id of this particular comment section. Which is saying SOMETHING
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:52am -max-:

Good morning, everybody! BBC website has a cassette article and they quote "sound artist" Vicki Bennett. See it here:
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:53am tank:

Dad, why is that Chelsea Clinton pinching the crash-test dummy's penis?
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:56am PMD:

Annie, where are you going??
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:59am Janet H:

Just stop by really fast to say HELLO KEN

Hi Annie and PMD.
  Wed. 1/6/10 9:59am annie:

pmd- i'm planning on moving to maine...
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:00am annie:

hi janet!!!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:04am PMD:

Hi Janet. Annie, where in Maine? And when?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:05am Chris:

right arm supporting the head while leaning to the side - classic alcoholic behavior
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:08am BSI:

Filthy! Filthy! Filthy!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:08am Cecile:

  Wed. 1/6/10 10:09am tank:

bah, what's the difference?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:09am texas scott:

hey annie...wait till springtime.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:09am annie:

pmd... well, "when" is still up for grabs.. and blue hill is the location. i'm traveling up there with a friend sometime within the month to check the scene out. i've been there before and it really draws me..
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:10am Cecile:

Good plan to do some recon beforehand.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:11am annie:

scott... yes, i know.. but man am i getting antsy. no work now for a year and a half.. living off other people's kindnesses.. time for me to start feeding people again..
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:12am Chris:

my god, penologist t-shirts:
on babies nonetheless!!!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:14am BSI:

Annie: Blue Hill is great. I spent some time in Bangor on a doomed magazine. You'll be in easy reach to THE BIG CHICKEN BARN in Ellsworth. Highly recommended.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:15am Sometimes Jasmine:

Good afternoon from London! Could someone PLEASE tell me the artist & song that played about half an hour ago... Someone to take my shoes off when I'm passed out drunk... had to do some work and missed the cite :-/
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:17am annie:

i've been to blue hill and really love it; but 'splain the chicken barn
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:17am Chris:

@sometimes - that was the Connie Acher song, right?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:18am Cecile:

How about something from the Boredoms' Super Are?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:19am Xavier:

hey no problem, do what you have to do
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:19am steely damn:

..and the glitter is gone/ Yo La Tengo 16 mins good
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:20am crowe:

alman bros
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:20am paul:

  Wed. 1/6/10 10:20am Mark:

Whipping Post!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:20am jeremy the listener:

  Wed. 1/6/10 10:21am Sometimes Jasmine:

Thank you Chris!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:21am crowe:

whipping post
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:22am Maria D:

Yes, please play Jump into the Fire!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:22am dilly gee:

play "hair" by meat puppets 10 times
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:22am dc pat:

..then after Super Are, how about something from Soul Discharge which NO ONE EVER about long songs, only 2 on the entire album..
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:22am BSI:

Annie: It's a huge mega explosion of books & antiques that takes up an entire old industrial-size chicken barn. Middle of nowhere. But you can easily spend a full day in there poking through bizarre stuff. Good way to spend a winter Saturday.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:23am Irwin:

Please play an entire Elakelaiset CD.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:23am jeremy the listener:

you *could* play it at half speed and you get 12 mins
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:24am paul:

mind = blown
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:25am dc pat:

wow, this is pretty impressive.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:26am annie:

that sounds wonderful.. we have something like that here, too and there's an 8-foot rooster at the foot of the driveway
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:28am Cecile:

where can you find this track?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:28am Ken:

Annie, I think that is MY 8 foot rooster. I lost mine. Or it was stolen, more likely. Not that I'm accusing you. But I do want it back.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:28am dilly gee:

this sounds like an all-male exotic-dancer party with too many wine coolers and xanax, and I like it...
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:29am adm:

yes yes... where can this track be found?!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:30am Chris:

8 foot rooster? you got to get off the innuendos ken.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:30am Vicki:

I lost my rooster first.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:31am 8 foot hen:

Walter, please come home. I'm sorry.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:33am bbell:

I LOVE this song, and by weird coincidence (in reference to the all male dance party comment) a picture of an ABBA spandex clad guy dancing always pops into my head when I hear this
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:33am annie:

guess you're gonna have to come upstate and drive around lookin for it!! mwwahahahah
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:33am Ken Russell:

An 8 inch rooster is dirty. An 8 foot rooster is funny.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:33am dc pat:

This Nilsson tune is my favorite song on earth right now..
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:35am Dr. Evil:

I'll return your rooster for 1 million dollars.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:35am Dr. Evil:

Make that 1 billion dollars.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:35am BSI:

Vicki, I still prefer to believe that the 8-foot rooster should've been credited to People Like Us.... bloody Wire...
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:36am Flaming Gravy:

The songs used in Song of Songs have always made me want to Jump Into the Fire to make it all stop.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:38am dilly gee:

who says you can't have a tribal-dance-party on mushrooms before noon?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:39am Coalition against tribal-dance-party on mushrooms:

We do.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:40am Mark:

perhaps the most superfluous cover version ever
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:42am The Rolling Stones:

what? That's MY song.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:42am bbell:

just did a headstand to this song .. . you don't need mushrooms
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:42am dilly gee:

ach, busted!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:42am Mark Williams:

i find most things about LCD Soundsystem superfluous, tbf.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:42am Cecile:

it puts the "flu" in superfluous. Or is it the "super" or the "us"?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:43am Mark:

now this is better
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:44am Vicki:

Ken's lost his rooster
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:47am jeremy the listener:

if roosters could talk, my theory is that they would sound like tom waits.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:48am Bob Dylan:

That Tom Waits guy sings real purty.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:48am Mark:

do you think Tom Waits knows that he has become a caricature of himself?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:48am trs:

and the u in '-ous'
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:48am BSI:

dunno about talking roosters but I happen to have a singin' chicken.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:50am Dan B From Upstate:

Your DJ Eats...
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:51am dc apt:

doesn't that happen to everyone Mark?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:51am dilly gee:

Is the robot force feeding you the corn chips?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:53am BSI:

....sudden mysterious craving for Walkers (tm) Cheese & Onion crisps....
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:53am -max-:

Ah, the loons have returned. Goes well with Ken's maniacal laughter.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:53am Tonto, Tarzan and Frankenstein:

We do Jump in Fire, Frank sing heep good. Unnngh!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:53am Detroit Mac:

Thirty years ago today, The Clash released the greatest album ever made (?) London Calling, in the United States.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:55am Looms:

Ken, il est impoli de parler la bouche pleine !
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:55am Mark:

I don't know if it happens to evreryone dc apt (or dc pat as the case may be)
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:55am frankenstein:

fire, bad! bread, goood!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:56am Ne-guh-tor:

You've successfully and simultaneously made me hungry and have to go potty. Thanks, Ken...
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:56am Cecile:

Detroit Mac, and I bought it the week after it came out.
ay yi yi.
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:56am Ursula:

play my pet robot from the pulsars!
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:57am Sometimes Jasmine:

Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough...
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:57am dc apt:

Mac: not sure greatest but I'll drink to that anyway..

Mark: me neither a musician over 40 that it hasn't happened to...
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:58am AnAnonymousParty:

Did the show just lap itself?
  Wed. 1/6/10 10:58am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and all you WFMU frequent flyer types.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:01am Carmichael:

OOIOO is sure getting a lot of airplay these days. And that's a good thing.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:02am Mel Bay:

This guy catches on quick.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:03am dc apt:

I'll drink to that too Carm. Actually I'll drink to just about anything. Today is Haxey Hood:
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:10am PMD:

Back after a meeting - Annie, make sure you go to Liberty Maine for great t-shirts..
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:10am Mark Williams:

to dc apt - Bruce Gilbert.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:11am Channel 7:

I'm feeling much better now and I still have the utmost enthusiasm for the mission, Ken.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:13am seang:

doot do!
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:16am annie:

pmd, i expect to make the most of my living there if it happens.. you'll remind me, anyway
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:17am Cecile:

today's also Woman's Christmas, isn't it? A local Irish bar celebrates it - the ladies get big discounts at the pub in honor of the days when the girls would get a day off after Christmas back in the day.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:17am Old-timer:

Why do i suddenly feel and urge to sing "Bicycle Built for Two"?
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:18am Detroit Mac:

Ken... got any Piero Piccioni?
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:19am Ken:

Mac, I dont have any Piero Piccioni but I do have some Zebulon Brockway.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:24am BSI:

Ken, they have an ointment for that.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:25am Cecile:

  Wed. 1/6/10 11:26am Elis:

  Wed. 1/6/10 11:33am dc apt:

Mark: still hitting the stage with Wire? I dunno... I'm not talking about purity here (I love Wire) just addressing your initial comment about Waits.

Okay that pic for the Puffy song is freakin me out.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:34am Cecile:

you rule! I hope you and Tom are making beautiful music in Bossa Nova heaven.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:36am Detroit Mac:

The Tenth Victim as performed by the inmates of the Detroit Pen under the supervision of Zebulon Brockway?
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:42am Mark:

dc apt, that was Mark Williams, not me just plain Mark
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:43am dc pat:

10th Victim = my fave film right now.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:43am dc apt:

oh sorry. I was wondering about that...
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:46am Mark:

I can't think, hungover
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:49am Detroit Mac:

Piccioni + The Tenth Victim = soundtrack.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:50am annie:

omg, ken that last gif made me crack up!!!!
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:50am north guinea hills:

nice and dandy, the melvins and matmos.....
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:52am dc apt:

D.Mac: Indeed, "Joopa-doi-doi-doi.."
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:56am Carmichael:

Thank you Ken, for the sights and sounds from East Orange town.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:59am Bad Ronald:

Hola everyone! Yes, the Melvins gif is quite risible.
  Wed. 1/6/10 11:59am Ike:

I agree with Carm. Nifty program.

What's this about Chris Knox? Don't all those socialists down under have evil gummint health insurance?!
  Wed. 1/6/10 12:00pm dc apt:

you win last comment bad ron.
  Wed. 1/6/10 12:00pm Mark:

sometime it seems that my boss speaks mostly in indeterminate sentences
  Wed. 1/6/10 12:00pm dc apt:

sorry, (sp)Ike beat you..
  Wed. 1/6/10 12:02pm Bad Ronald:

Aw shucks, next time...
  Wed. 1/6/10 12:35pm Ne-guh-tor:

Ken, you hairy sack, you!
  Wed. 1/6/10 3:53pm AJ:

Still the best band around:
  Wed. 1/6/10 5:43pm Jag:

I, Ludicrous:
  Thu. 1/7/10 1:35pm Aerick Duckhugger:

Listening back to the archive now from Japan. Missed you over the winter-break Ken, glad to have you back!
  Wed. 2/17/10 5:37pm Peecat:

I am loving that song by Schwabbingrad Ballet entitled "Moderne Welt ". I've searched online but can't find it anywhere--does anyone know where it can be purchased?
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