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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options December 31, 2009: DJ Jim Sharpe fill-in for Fabio
Failure of the Decade

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Artist Track Album Comments
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party   
Keith Mansfield  Exclusive Blend   Options    
Yellow Magic Orchestra  Tighten up   Options    
Serge Gainsbourg  Requiem Pour un Con   Options    
Klaus und Uschi  Young Stud   Options    
Les Maledictus Sound  Kriminal Theme   Options    
Lalo Schifrin  Ape Shuffle (Theme From Planet of the Apes)   Options    
Music behind DJ:
May   Options May  background music 
David McCallum  House of Mirrors   Options    
Mystic Moods Orchestra  Cosmic Sea   Options    
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra  Der Hexer   Options    
Marsha Hunt  Walk on Gilded splinters   Options    
Ofo The Black Company  Allah Wakbarr   Options    
Art Ensemble of Chicago  Theme de Yoyo   Options    
Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra  Light my Fire   Options    
El Gran Combo  Chua Chua Boogaloo   Options    
Charlie Palmieri  Cab Driver   Options    
Johnny Colon  You Gotta Love me   Options    
Joe Cuba Sextet  Sock it to Me   Options    
johnny rodriguez y Angel Rene  Sister Sue   Options    
Incredible Bongo Band  In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida   Options    
Guido & Maurizio de Angelis  Goodbye My Friend (rock Version)   Options    
Lesiman (Paolo Renosto)  Schegge   Options    
Ennio Morricone  Sospiri da una radio Lontana   Options    
Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Brialey  Photographes et Reigieuses   Options anna   
Monkees  Daily Nightly   Options    
Scott Walker  The plague   Options    
Paddy Kingsland  the earthmen   Options    
The Commodores  Machine Gun   Options    
Richard Hayman  The Peanut Vendor   Options    
Peppers  Pepper Box   Options    
Claude Denjean  Venus   Options    
Lord Sitar  I Am the Walrus   Options    
Billy Strange  Star Trek   Options    
Cal Tjader  The Fakir   Options    
Lennie Hibbert  More Creation   Options    
The Eternals  Push me in the corner   Options    
Eddie Baxter  Quiet Village   Options    
Flying Guitar  Taboo   Options    
Jack Anderson  Caravan   Options    
Vinnie Bell  Quiet Village   Options    
Exotic Guitars  Quiet Village   Options    
The Beatles  Flying   Options    
Eugen Thomas  Undergroovin'   Options    
101 Strings  flameout   Options    
Joe Meek and The Blue Men  I Hear A New World   Options    
Synthesonic Sounds  House of the Rising Sun   Options    
David Bowie  i DIG Everything   Options    

Listener comments!

  Thu. 12/31/09 3:18pm annie:

yay! hippie now, yore, fabio
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:20pm jeff m:

cool set so far
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:24pm miketp:

a hello and a happy new year. great year of the good sounds
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:26pm huh??:

  Thu. 12/31/09 3:28pm ?:

haha i dont know but it sounds good
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:37pm melissa:

Great show! keep it rolling, man. By the way- who is doing this Dr. John cover???
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:42pm julie:

i love this set, but where can i find out what's playing now?? am i dumb? i don't see it anywhere!
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:45pm C:

julie, try refreshing the page. it usually auto-refreshes, but i had to do it manually just now to get the playlist.
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:49pm Cheri Pi:

I LOVE this AEOC song! Thanks for playing it.
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:53pm Ike:

Julie, not all accu-playlists are always in sync with the music. Some are more "accu" than others. C, refreshing doesn't always work on this particular playlist, to be fair.
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:53pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

Sure Sounds like Fabio !!???????
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:54pm molerat:

Was about to say the same thing. Very confused.
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:56pm see....:

i think he's using an alias..
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:57pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

I might have to get more confused but it's still early yet ....
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:58pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

ahhh ,,,, sopes Y Gorditas mmm mmm m mmm
  Thu. 12/31/09 3:58pm A fan:

Sharpe = an alter ego in fact...
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:01pm Ike:

Sopes? Where? I ate some awesome sopes recently in Dover, Delaware, of all the dogforsaken places. Not where you'd expect to find amazing Mexican food!
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:03pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

In Brooklyn of cause ask Fabio ..
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:07pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/245416 < here is good
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:09pm physician john:

oh bollocks i missed walk on gilded splinters!
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:11pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

http://papacitosbrooklyn.blogspot.com/ < perhaps better ... bestest even ...
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:13pm ?:

two thousand and nine sucked!!! excepted for all the great music and programming from wfmu, of course.
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:14pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

< has gotten the Maracas, bongos , timbales, and cheese grater out the closet ..
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:16pm c&c music outlet:

let's get the starty parted
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:18pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

Inagadda shamm ookies doo doo wee wee
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:18pm Ike:

Thanks Tom. I hear there's amazing hummus out on Cortelyou Rd. too. Unfortunately I don't get out there much, or to Greenpoint.

If you're ever near Paterson, NJ, check out Mazaj. Great Lebanese/Syrian.
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:18pm Trishula in Sweden:

dear mr Sharp, thanks for zoundz, why do you and Fabio sound so much alike ?
do you hang out ? or are you two from the same part of the planet ?
very confusing
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:20pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

< puts on the James Last Voice singing Iron Butterfly now
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:21pm Bob loblaw:

wow.... last 6 or so salsa tunes have been spectacular...
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:25pm Mal:

...and kept secret.
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:26pm Bob Loblaw:

why is that, Mal?? Why the secret??
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:28pm dude from sapat:

what is this? we have covered this song too! (in addition to the dr. john song.) shoot, i cant remember the name of this...
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:32pm Mal:

I dunno, Bob. Maybe Tom can tell us without having to kill us?
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:33pm bob loblaw:

this is awesome! sorry to be so lame!
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:35pm Bob Loblaw:

All in good time, Mal... loooks like the playlist has been updated.
Johnny colon and joe cuba
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:36pm Mal:

Yep. I may not be young, but I am restless.
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:37pm annie:

i love this song
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:38pm matheus:

  Thu. 12/31/09 4:38pm bob loblaw:

Oh, were you that old man that honked at me for not driving fast enough in the snow this am??? :)
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:38pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

had to reboot my system on Ubuntu now ... is more stable... yea Lebanese and Syrian yum yum ... used to be good lunch places but that is changing now ...
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:39pm bob loblaw:

this song has a certain feel akin to the Jefferson Airport.... trippy that way. and the 'singer' screams like gracie 'slick
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:40pm Mal:

I thought I recognized you, Bob! ; )
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:41pm Jamie:

Outstanding jams Fabio. You're in the groove.
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:41pm bob loblaw:

yeah, that was me. Old and in the way.
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:46pm ?:

"Jim"? Holy $#!7!!! I called him "Tom"!
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:47pm bob loblaw:

at least his italian is better than his french. :)
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:48pm Mal:

Molto bene!
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:49pm annie:

is that sharp with an "E"?
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:49pm Mal:

More secret music!
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:50pm bob loblaw:

no annie... then it would be 'sharpe'. sorry, couldn't resist.
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:51pm Mal:

*Drumroll* *Rimshot*
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:52pm listener james from westwood:

w00t! time for tix @ 4:06!
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:53pm laura:

Yeah James... or else it's time to boogie!
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:53pm fred:

james, my thought exactly!
  Thu. 12/31/09 4:53pm jmd:

thanks James. I was trying to figure out how I know this cut.
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:05pm Mal:

Is Lord Sitar in the house?
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:09pm Sitar Lord:

How come no one ever asks if I'M in the house!
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:10pm Mal:

Is Sitar Lord in the house?
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:11pm Mal:

Why is Billy strange?
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:13pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

Got a LItre of Wild Turkey 101 will due I guess...
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:14pm Droll:

I remember Zima... I had forgotten all about focus group beverages.
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:18pm Mal:

"Focus group beverages"? Like, Night Train for winos and high school kids?
; )
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:20pm Ike:

What about that alcoholic energy drink that DJ Marty McSorley is always talking about? Is that a focus group beverage? Heh.
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:23pm Mal:

I don't know. I don't think I could focus with both alcohol and speed rushing through my veins AT THE SAME TIME.
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:25pm Droll:

Whatever Marty drinks is from an "Out of Focus Group". I was thinking of Zima contemporaries like the focus group designed wine cooler Bartles and James.
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:27pm Mal:

Who are the B&Js made for?
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:28pm matheus:

Any The Fall?
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:33pm blackbug:

so on target-------- perfect accentuation to my day......
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:34pm tombom:

matheus, you're rather single minded
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:37pm mike cooper:

Thanx for the perfect party music - we are grooving in Roma - Italy - 11.30 - happy new year to you...
mike cooper
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:38pm Mal:

Any chance of hearing "Quiet Village Idiot" by The Tards?
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:44pm matheus:

well, you know...
The Fall is like a disease. =(
  Thu. 12/31/09 5:58pm CitizenLodi:

Wow! What a great show!!!! YOU should be regular!
  Thu. 12/31/09 6:00pm Ike:

That Joe Meek song is always awesome. And awesomely weird. Googled him -- sounds like he was 100% unique.
  Thu. 12/31/09 6:00pm Mal:

Agreed! Those were some great tunes!
  Thu. 12/31/09 6:00pm Rock Pitts:

Wow Mr. Sharpe, you're playing a bunch of my favorites!
This is almost as enjoyable as a Fabio show I agree with CitizenLodi
  Thu. 12/31/09 6:01pm Ike:

Anybody who digs everything should be careful; might hit some underground power lines.
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