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Music That Melts in Your Ears.

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Options December 16, 2009: beeellllssssz

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Artist Track Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Essie Jain  Here We Go   Options The In Between  Leaf    *   0:00:00 ()
On Fillmore  Master Moon   Options Extended Vacation  Dead Oceans    *   0:03:37 ()
The Diamond Center  Bombay Beach   Options My Only Companion  no label    *   0:09:21 ()
Marimba De Fidel Funes            0:13:44 ()
Cornelius  Sensuous   Options Sensuous Sample  Ever Loving      0:19:58 ()
Cal Tjader  Soul Burst   Options Soul Burst  Verve      0:29:17 ()
Pascal Comelade/ Pierre Bastien/ Jac Berrocal/ Jaki Liebezeit  Wooloomooloobay   Options Oblique Sessions  EVVA/ Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier      0:34:46 ()
Pascal Comelade  L'Espinosa Etica De La Santa Espina   Options El Cabaret Galactic  EVVA/ Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier      0:37:25 ()
Mike Oldfield  Orabidoo   Options Files Miles Out  Epic/Virgin      0:40:09 ()
Music behind DJ:
          0:51:35 ()
Molly Berg and Stephen Vitiello  Variation 2   Options The Gorilla Variations  12k    *   0:53:47 ()
Mike Oldfield  Band 4   Options Ommadawn  Virgin  for s/bp    0:59:01 ()
John Cale  Stainless Steel Gamelan   Options Stainless Steel Gamelan:Inside the Dream Syndicate Vol. 3  Table of the Elements      1:03:58 ()
Califone  One/Horoscopic Amputation Honey   Options Quicksand/Cradlesnakes  Thrill Jockey      1:21:07 ()
Bill Direen  Put a li'l sugar in yr pocket, friend   Options Songs For MickeyJoe  Powertool    *   1:29:08 ()
Mika Ratto  Lieron Viettelys   Options Polkupyoralla Vuokkopenkereelle  Ektro    *   1:31:21 ()
Sonny and the Sunsets  Too Young To Burn   Options Tomorrow is Alright  Soft Abuse    *   1:36:03 ()
Devendra Banhart  Maria Lionza   Options What WIll We Be  Warner Bros.      1:39:24 ()
Hayward/Coxon/Thomas/Taylor  Degraw   Options About  Treader    *   1:45:05 ()
Bill Direen  Song of the Unemployed   Options         1:59:07 ()
Leyland Kirby  1   Options Sadly, the Future Is No Longer What It Was  History Always Favours the Winners    *   2:00:27 ()
Julian Cope & Teardrop Explodes  Sunspots   Options Floored Genius teh best of Julian Cope & Teardrop Explodes1979-1991  Island Records      2:08:50 ()
13th Chime  Radio Man   Options The Lost Album  Sacred Bones      2:12:32 ()
Peter Reno  Silver THrust   Options Bite Harder: The Music De Wolfe Studio Sampler Volume 2  World Headquarters    *   2:16:27 ()
Kropotkins  My Body Lies on the Mountain   Options Paradise Square  Mulatta    *   2:20:24 ()
Cornershop  Camp Orange   Options Woman's Gotta Have It  Luaka Bop/Warner Bros.      2:24:00 ()
Ben Perwosky  Sweet Adelaide   Options Moodswing Orchestra  El Destructo    *   2:34:49 ()
Jamie Lidell  Daddy's Car   Options Warp20 (chosen)  Warp    *   2:40:26 ()
Mr Chop  For Pete's Sake   Options For Pete's Sake  Now Again    *   2:43:27 ()
Voks  Klap Dingdot   Options Astra & Knyst  Dekorder    *   2:46:28 ()
David Kilgour  Nothing's Going to Happen   Options Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox (V/A)  Amaj000      2:53:57 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 12/16/09 12:07pm Cecile:

Afternoon, Maria!
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:11pm annie:

still here, been setting up the new computer.. not even half finished..
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:14pm james:

Before Midnight, Cecile
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:16pm recession wretch:

Cecile, what would you say were the funniest songs of the decade about to conclude?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:18pm annie:

hey, didn't we have the same discussion when the year turned to 2001?? the decade begins with 1, not zero?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:19pm recession wretch:

but would that make, say, 1990 part of the eighties?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:21pm annie:

uuuuhhh... ok, sure!
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:22pm Dan:

oh yeah deca means 10
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:23pm Carmichael:

So a deca cards would mean ten cards, right?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:24pm Cecile:

Uh. Let me think.
I liked Obie Trice's Got Some Teeth
Flight of the Conchords Business Time and Ladies of the World

Sweet and funny was Clare and the Reasons' song about Pluto
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:27pm recession wretch:

thanks, Cecile, for the thoughts! I'm partial to the Conchords' "I've Got Hurt Feelings" myself.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:28pm dc pat:

nope, decade begins with 0. 2000 to 2009 = 10 years. We cleared this up on Joe's show.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:28pm Cecile:

Sloan's Emergency 911
(it's such a good "shut up you damn kids!" song)

Jonathan Coulton's Chiron Beta Prime

Arj Barker's The Sickest Buddhist

I like that as well.
"Once again, they forgot about J."
As well as Too Many D*cks on the Dancefloor...
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:29pm annie:

pat, does that just apply to music, then>> ? or is it a blanket decade.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:29pm recession wretch:

yes! "Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor" is fantastic!
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:31pm Cecile:

I'd put Stana by FoTC there, but they haven't recorded it properly yet., it's only been done life.

Sickest Buddhist is just a vid, but it's properly produced.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:32pm Cecile:

live, I mean

I think Mika is pretty funny, but in small doses.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:33pm dc pat:

computers are 0-based too. a list in most (all?) programming languages starts with 0.

annie: I dunno! I don't make the rules. When Joe Belock says the decade starts with 0, I go with it!
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:34pm maria:

I think "01" is the completion of the first year, and '09" is the completion of the tenth, etc
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:34pm dc pat:

what are the most un-funny songs of the decade?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:35pm Poindexter:

The problem with that, Maria, is that the savants who concocted the calendar did not think to include a Year 0.
So the year before 1 A.D. was 1 B.C. If a decade runs from xxx0 to xxx9, then the first decade would only have had 9 years (1 A.D. - 9 A.D.). Which is to say, the first decade would not have been a decade.
Proof by reductio ad absurdum. Hence all decades start in the year xxx1.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:35pm annie:

i absolutely love circular discussions, they can get soo silly..
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:36pm Cecile:

Opeth. I love them, but they are dead serious.
Even their frontman has to play in a goofy black-metal side band to cope. LOL!

U2 were serious, but since their first album have been hilarious to me.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:36pm Poindexter:

Are you calling my "0" circular?
Well, you have a point. A decimal point, you might say.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:36pm recession wretch:

anything by Shakira is unintentionally funny, therefore perhaps unfunny.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:38pm annie:

poindexter, that O is more ovoid, dontcha think?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:38pm Poindexter:

And another thing, I forgot to say "QED."
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:38pm Cecile:

OH, Korpliklaani are hiliarious and pretty deliberately so. They're a finnish folk-black-metal band that sounds like they're throwing a wild party on every song, and their flawed command of sung English only makes it better. I have no doubt IRL they speak English better than mee.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:43pm Steve:

Cue Eydie?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:46pm dc pat:

Poindexter: good point but does it really matter that the 1st century AD gets screwed out of a year?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:47pm Cecile:

And Sentenced! Antoher Finnish metal band.
They'd have these hilarious grumpy, suicidal lyrics set to these cheerful metal melodies. They were funny.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:48pm maria:

But it isnt as though the year 1 ad was the beginning of time. SO even if thye didnt start with 0. there was a year 0 no? or did the folks who came up with the BC calendar forget to put a 0 in there? what do I know? And I gree with pat. aftert 2010 years, it kind of averages out to not mattering too much
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:49pm dc pat:

I mean, we have to add 1/3 of a day on to our calendar each year but we don't get to have that third of a day. That would be cool. Boss:"okay lunch time" Me: "fuck that, day's over, pal. see you later"
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:51pm annie:

and who says we have to number them anyway??? man-made problems.. and time, what about that? does it really exist?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:51pm dc pat:

well I guess we do get to have leap day, never mind.
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:52pm dc pat:

that's my point, annie. We made this shit up anyway so why not just forget about year 0? or better yet, why not fix it all by moving everything back a year and installing year 0?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:53pm Cecile:

hey, Maria, do you have any Bobby Hutcherson?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:54pm annie:

what you said, pat!
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:54pm still b/p:

I was whistling part of Oldfield's Ommadawn last night in my kitchen. What happened to that LP -- did I lose it or sell it before I moved two-and-a-half decades ago?
  Wed. 12/16/09 12:58pm PMD:

Oh, my. my brain is too toasted to discuss the existence of time.
  Wed. 12/16/09 1:01pm annie:

on a diff subject, it looks like i will be going ahead with my plans to relocate to maine..
  Wed. 12/16/09 1:03pm still b/p:

Maria = anti-Krampus!
  Wed. 12/16/09 1:04pm Cecile:

really, annie? When?
  Wed. 12/16/09 1:10pm still b/p:

Ohh, the film images I was going to create and set to that M.O. track when I was 17. Thanks, Maria.
  Wed. 12/16/09 1:11pm annie:

i have a perspective ride towards the end of january..
  Wed. 12/16/09 1:12pm annie:

  Wed. 12/16/09 1:14pm recession wretch:

perhaps Annie can help vote out Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe in favor of someone who really gives a damn about health care reform.
  Wed. 12/16/09 1:19pm ?:

@ rw -- Ain't you seen the scary picture that keeps playin' up here?
"Easy Incumbency of the Fifty-Foot Moderate Republican Women"
  Wed. 12/16/09 1:19pm annie:

not really sure if this is true, but i hear that maine is generally right-leaning...
  Wed. 12/16/09 1:26pm recession wretch:

haven't been to Maine in several years, alas--it's a beautiful state (with middle-of-the-road politicians and a Democratic gov).
  Wed. 12/16/09 1:27pm Bob:

Listening in Copenhagen. "Stainless Steel Gamelan" went well with the snow currently happening.
  Wed. 12/16/09 2:08pm Cecile:

very lovely, Maria.
  Wed. 12/16/09 2:26pm thecleef:

sounds like a mellow/dreamy Mallard
  Wed. 12/16/09 2:30pm sophie:

Maya Deren?
  Wed. 12/16/09 2:44pm mikeC:

yo maria, check out the Big Love Christmas album. Hits like 'Silient Wife'
  Wed. 12/16/09 2:52pm Cecile:

I really like the John Waters Christmas album. A great mix of silly, kitschy and really soulful. Good stuff. And the liner notes sound exactly like him speaking.
  Wed. 12/16/09 2:56pm thecleef:

Claude Vivier -esque moments...
  Wed. 12/16/09 2:57pm BSI:

...i wish i was listening in Copenhagen.
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