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When the musics align, you can stare a future in the eye.

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Options December 7, 2009: Greetings from Planet Izod

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Faye Wong  Dreams (Cranberries Cover)   Options     0:00:00 ()
Carl Belew  Too Much to Lose   Options   Thank you Scott Williams
0:05:48 ()
Les Reines Prochaines  Opfer Dieses Liedes (Wicked Game)   Options     0:13:41 ()
Gucci Mane f/ Nicki Minaj + Bobby Valentino  Sex In Crazy Places   Options     0:13:56 ()
Animal Collective  Graze   Options   new one from the fine boys and girls of Animal Collective

0:17:43 ()
Fugazi  Bed for the Scraping   Options     0:22:55 ()
Vampire Weekend  Cousins   Options   I STILL LIKE THESE GUYS  0:25:44 ()
Squarepusher  Planet Gear   Options Just a Souvenier    0:27:56 ()
Sia  You've Changed   Options     0:31:52 ()
M. Ward  Helicopter   Options     0:34:57 ()
Yo La Tengo  If IT's True   Options     0:38:39 ()
Frankie Avalon  Venus   Options     0:40:58 ()
mu-Ziq  Hasty Boom Alert   Options     0:43:17 ()
Wetdog  Tidy Up Your Bedroom   Options     0:48:23 ()
Tegan & Sara  Arrow   Options     0:50:43 ()
Lindstrom & Christiabelle  Baby Can't Stop (Idjit Boys Remix)   Options     0:54:00 ()
Music behind DJ:
p e a c e f i r e 
Sapphire   Options     1:01:14 ()
Fleetwood Mac  Never Going Back Again   Options     1:11:49 ()
Abba  Soldiers   Options     1:14:04 ()
Little Dragon  Runabout   Options     1:18:35 ()
Ilie Nastase  Pour Jtre un Homme   Options     1:23:04 ()
Steve Mason  All Come Down   Options     1:24:49 ()
Kraftwerk  Computer Love   Options     1:29:07 ()
Isao Tomita  Arabesque No. 1   Options     1:36:16 ()
Meow's Affectionate Century  Somewhere Out There   Options     1:40:26 ()
Amy Winehouse  Back to Black   Options     1:44:08 ()
Mamas and the Papas  California Dreamin'   Options   This is my new "stunt song"

1:48:15 ()
Silver Pines  Timefather   Options     1:51:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
Aphex Twin 
Untitled [SAW2 CD1 TRK1] Four Tet Remix   Options     1:55:33 ()
Joanna Newsom  The Book Of Right-On   Options   More comfort songs for your cats

2:04:50 ()
Rebekah Del Rio  Llorando   Options   crying

2:08:41 ()
Beach House  Norway   Options   This one's going out to My MOM and NICK and ED back at home  2:12:16 ()
Katalina  DJ's Girl   Options     2:16:28 ()
Lady GaGa  Teeth   Options   This song is sub-standard and I apologize for playing it

2:19:59 ()
Kelis  Acapella   Options     2:22:45 ()
Rustie  Keesha Resmak   Options     2:26:52 ()
Washed Out  New Theory   Options     2:30:14 ()
Atlas Sound  Walkabout   Options     2:33:08 ()
Kraftwerk  Pocket Calculator   Options   More like KATwerk

2:37:03 ()
Lindstrom  Little Drummer Boy (Edit)   Options     2:42:12 ()
Meow's Affectionate Century  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen   Options Meow Meow Cat    2:46:33 ()
The Prodigy  Poison (Radio 1 Live Edit)   Options     2:50:58 ()
Music behind DJ:
p e a c e f i r e 
Sapphire   Options     2:56:18 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 12/7/09 8:05pm bennett4senate:

trent u huffin' the oven cleaner again?
  Mon. 12/7/09 8:07pm trent:

  Mon. 12/7/09 8:17pm bennett4senate:

u gotta look out for "Go Dumb" by Bobby Valentino as well, its a nice one
  Mon. 12/7/09 8:19pm roommate #2:

dang, i get home and gucci mane is on, the tree is glowing red and the fat cats are loving it. what a life
  Mon. 12/7/09 8:24pm slugluv1313:

dang! almost plum fergot how much i LOVE this version of "Wicked Game" . . . chills up mah spine . . . ! (and the kitties are *loving* it too)
  Mon. 12/7/09 8:28pm bennett4senate:

dang. I got some tinsel at the dollar store today so that my cat can start f*cking up the xmas tree FOR REAL
  Mon. 12/7/09 8:29pm trent:

i'm doin this for the ROOMIES, tha KATZ, and the TREEZ, and the GHETTO and ALL OF YALL IN THE BURBS
  Mon. 12/7/09 8:36pm brenda:

just FYI, i am listening and making sugar cookies. i hope i can give you one soon
  Mon. 12/7/09 8:38pm dave:

  Mon. 12/7/09 8:39pm roommate #2:

dang, cookies, i need some cookies
  Mon. 12/7/09 8:41pm ?:

there are cookies for all the roomies
  Mon. 12/7/09 8:42pm dj:

unless y'all plannin to fedex me something stop y'allz makin me hungry and i ain't got no snacks
  Mon. 12/7/09 8:54pm trent:

i was just kidding, now i feel remorse because i wish you would keep chatting, even if it's about food
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:03pm slugluv1313:

well . . . i gots brown rice with a Japanese sweet potato cooked in it . . . organic tofu cooked in vegetable oil and those Bragg liquid aminos plus Hungarian paprika and garam masala . . . plus veggies (carrots, green pepper, red onion, garlic, tomato) cooked with cumin, pepper, fennel seed, oregano . . . then sprinkled with that Red Star nutritional yeast and more of the liquid aminos . . . (and YES the KITTIES try to steal the TOFU!!!)
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:17pm trent:

a description so rich i feel it has enriched my blood over the internet
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:18pm harvey:

funny thing you played something off of the rumors album. I've been listening to it all the past couple days.second hand news is my officiaal request my man.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:27pm B:

On Monday night, Trent makes, the world takes.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:35pm slugluv1313:

aw, thanks (just trying to ward off feeling crappy -- perhaps due to icky weather, like you were talking about)
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:35pm trent:

I try, B, but sometimes it's difficult to tell if anyone's even taking it.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:39pm trent:

<---- decided to quit being such a p*** and play some hard techno
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:43pm Davice:

Oh no, not the cats!!!
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:44pm slugluv1313:

omg, TOMITA!!!!!!! is that from "Snowflakes are Dancing"??? (i really DO love that album -- probably have not heard that since i got it for my Mom for Xmas many many many years ago)
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:44pm roommate #2:

merryl is crying right now...
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:44pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Arabesque No. 1 seems to be the theme song for the astronomy guy on PBS.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:45pm slugluv1313:

YES!!!!!!! the CATS!!!!!!!! now i DARE ya to play ANYTHING form the "JIngle Cats" albums!!!!!!!
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:45pm dave:

"somewhere meowt there" is some seriously hardcore techno.

also, i think we came home last winter to find our cat batting fievel around the apartment.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:45pm Kat (really):

You're cute when you're crabby.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:45pm B:

Oh, now, I'm sure the people at the Taylor Ham Company feel the same way sometimes too, but they keep on spinning and steaming.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:45pm Ike:

One of my cats seems puzzled and vaguely alarmed. And you'd think she'd be used to strange radio noises by now.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:46pm Davice:

I feel like I'm going to the dogs . . . I mean cats.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:47pm slugluv1313:

i swear one of my cats (LEFTY . . . the HEFTY!) is "singing" along!!!!!
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:47pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

If they only made a version of my AKG headphones for Cats ....
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:47pm jpb:

Cat also puzzled/alarmed over here. He can't finish eating; gripped by fear.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:48pm trent:

everyone please tell your cats to keep listening. there is more coming soon.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:48pm DPW:

Nick and Ed are going crazy trying to find the 'others'!!
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:48pm Davice:

My rat is very nerveous now - running about in circles.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:50pm Ike:

My cat stopped paying attention after a couple of minutes. I think she's jaded after nine years of WFMU.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:51pm slugluv1313:

BRADY -- *inspired* by lil Miss Winehouse -- is uh, looking for *contraband* . . . (he is the lil black and white Tuxedo kitty who not only tries to steal my tofu but *also* loves raw tomato . . . )
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:51pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

  Mon. 12/7/09 9:52pm Davice:

The mama's and Papa's and the kitties
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:53pm Peter:

I once played this song so many times in a row my roommate broke my stereo.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:57pm dave:

our cat has no opinion on this silver pines song. clearly, he needs a tiny pair of headphones, 'cause it's awesome.
  Mon. 12/7/09 9:59pm Davice:

Cats are OK but Rats are better
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:04pm slugluv1313:

lovely, the Silver Pines song -- rather Mazzy-Star-z-ish . . . !
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:08pm Davice:

Right on!
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:10pm Hatch:

Who is this chipmunk singing?
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:10pm slugluv1313:

awwwww, love he kitties with headphones! just too friggin' CUTE!!!!
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:20pm bw:

I'm WITH THE DJ!!! I tried that.. but it got me nowhere
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:20pm echardcore:

did we hear a song from that star gazer PBS program?
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:26pm trent:

excuse me mr. bouncer, i think we did!
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:26pm echardcore:

Isao Tomita - Arabesque No1...YES!
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:34pm Kat:

Scroll up and down the playlist and watch all the cats dance to the music... it's fun
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:36pm trent:

Kat I just realized about your name
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:37pm Kat:

  Mon. 12/7/09 10:41pm clyde:

excellent pocket calculator version
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:43pm dave:

more like PET CATulator, amirite?
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:47pm trent:

omigod no you didn't dave
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:48pm dave:

oh, i TOTALLY did.
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:50pm bw:

I am pumping my fist in the air as my potato soup boils over VIVA LA TRONT!!!
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:51pm slugluv1313:

ha ha! KAT has been short-for-Kathy for me for a long time too!
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:51pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

  Mon. 12/7/09 10:54pm paul:

i got the poison! i got the lemonade! i got the poison to put in the lemonade!
  Mon. 12/7/09 10:55pm trent:

  Mon. 12/7/09 10:56pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

GREAT Trent and glad you got the Kitties Grooving in your playlist too HEHE
  Mon. 12/7/09 11:01pm slugluv1313:

YES great show Trent and glad the KITTIES are ROCKIN' OUT too!!!!!
  Mon. 12/7/09 11:01pm Hot Girl:

Trent is SEX
  Mon. 12/7/09 11:03pm bw:

everyones mom is listening.. they will be so proud of trent and hatch
  Mon. 12/7/09 11:04pm mom:

  Mon. 12/7/09 11:05pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

my mom invented the internet ....
  Mon. 12/7/09 11:06pm bw:

are you sure you werent in japan!!!!! go hatch
  Mon. 12/7/09 11:07pm Kat:

already following you, too late!
  Mon. 12/7/09 11:07pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

... and a GREAT SET too TRENT !!! WTG !!!
  Mon. 12/7/09 11:08pm @:

RT @tront I'm having diarrhea for Thanksgiving!
  Mon. 12/7/09 11:12pm bw:

  Sat. 2/13/10 11:32am CENA:

hmmmmm? mhm
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