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Music That Melts in Your Ears.

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Options October 28, 2009: sounds for your pumpkin massacre

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Artist Track Album New Approx. start time
Alvarius B & Cerberous Shoal  Ding   Options The Vim and Vigour of Alvarius B & Cerberus Shoal    0:00:00 ()
Mickael Hurley  Werewolf   Options Wolfways    0:16:09 ()
Mudboy  The Wisher Man   Options Hungry Ghosts! These Songs Are Doors    0:20:12 ()
Tarantel  Ghost Trees   Options Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun    0:22:23 ()
The Residents  Thoughts Busily Betraying   Options Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats?    0:31:17 ()
The Caretaker  Haunted Ballroom   Options     0:35:19 ()
small Cruel Party        0:42:13 ()
The Birthday Party  Capers   Options Prayers On Fire    0:44:14 ()
    Outer Limits Soundtrack    0:47:58 ()
Hrsta  Haunted Pluckey   Options Ghosts Will Come and Kiss Our Eyes    0:57:45 ()
The Focus Group  The Green Station Haunt   Options We Are All Pan's People    1:00:57 ()
Edward Ka-Spel  And The Stars   Options Dream Logik Part 1    1:07:23 ()
The Specials  Ghost Town   Options ep    1:13:34 ()
Take  Black Space & Tangerines   Options     1:23:03 ()
Theo Angell &   Forward With The Veil   Options Auraplinth    1:31:44 ()
Mechanical Instrument  Old Black JOe   Options Razzmatazz in Hi Fi    1:35:05 ()
Milton Delugg  The Creep   Options At The Monster Ball    1:38:31 ()
Bob McFadden  I Dig You Baby   Options Ghouls With Attidtude    1:40:50 ()
Clutchy Hopkins  Sound of the Ghost   Options Hyena Safari    1:43:05 ()
Messer Chups  Dark Dealer   Options     1:45:56 ()
The starlight Mints  Pumpkin   Options Drowaton    1:49:47 ()
Chuck Cirino composer  Transylvania Twist   Options Vampire Circus    2:00:49 ()
DJ Logic  Spider Dance   Options     2:08:52 ()
Violence and the Sacred        2:15:20 ()
Pink Floyd  Julia Dream   Options Relics    2:17:34 ()
John Corigliano  First Transformation   Options Altered States Soundtrack    2:23:29 ()
Fern Knight  Murder of Crows   Options Music for Witches    2:27:06 ()
Beaks Plinth  Slumbering Trees   Options Kai Kohola Leo    2:30:19 ()
Charles C. Oldman  We're Bewitched, She Said   Options Winter    2:32:47 ()
  Barnabas Theme   Dark Shadows    2:48:42 ()
Tom Waits  Dead and Lovely   Options     2:51:38 ()
Evangelista  Crack Teeth   Options Prince of Truth  *   2:54:47 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 10/28/09 12:00pm Cecile:

  Wed. 10/28/09 12:01pm Carmichael:

Hi Maria. I was counting down the micro-seconds until your show started. Believe me ....
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:02pm LizGig:

Good evening, Maria, all! I'm so confused...everything is an hour early because your clocks haven't changed.
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:02pm Scott W:

bless you Mz Maria
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:03pm Ghost of Ricky Medlok:

This song (and CD for that matter) is so good that it made me want to claw my eyes out. Haven't heard it in a while. YAY!
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:04pm annie:

is it relatively safe to come out now??

pumkin custard recipe:http://nourishedkitchen.com/pumpkin-molasses-custard/
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:06pm Cecile:

  Wed. 10/28/09 12:07pm Dan B:

Ah, I got so excited when I saw this song was being played, but I thought you were playing track six, not track one... Oh well. I love track one, too (but track six is where it's at...)
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:08pm Cecile:

I love metal and I love irreverence, but I'm sorry to say ProDumDum wasn't doing it for me.

I do love Alvarius B!
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:09pm BSI:

what's the scene, butterbeans?
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:11pm jan:

It's a wurlitzer!
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:14pm Janet H:

my cats do not like this!! help!
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:16pm Carmichael:

Expecting Ken + hearing DumDum = Nightmare
Expecting Maria + hearing Maria = Nirvana
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:16pm LizGig:

Annie, thank you for introducing me to the Nourished Kitchen. I do home baking for my shop, and the Nourished Kitchen contains exactly the sort of recipes I need to wow the customers!
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:18pm BSI:

Great Werewolf tune .
Holy Modal Rounders' version of this is still the epitome of bliss.
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:26pm Carmichael:

I concur, BSI. Stampfel & Weber made some wild and wonderful things.
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:28pm annie:

liz, here's another. this is a wonderful site!!
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:29pm LizGig:

I am looking forward to playing the archive of this programme during Trick or Treat time on Saturday!
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:31pm annie:


heheheh, sorry..
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:32pm maria:

  Wed. 10/28/09 12:36pm Annie:

Annie, thank you again! I will be making the Italian chestnut honey and walnut cake soon - very simple recipe, but definitely a winner.
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:38pm annie:

i share an occasional recipe on facebook... fun for my vegan friends, too.. .. i like to shake em up with a nice veal dish... mmwwwhahahaha good thing they have a sense of humour!
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:38pm dc pat:

annie: that's my favorite cooking magazone, great recipes.
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:40pm annie:

i discover these randomly pat, soo much fun.. just add it to my feeds; a recipe a day keeps the hunger at bay!. did you harvest the last of the carrots, right?
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:46pm Cecile:

That's a Birthday Party song, isn't it?
Not a Nick Cave/Bad Seeds song
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:48pm maria:

yes you are so right C, I am juggling a lot of stuff. It is right there on the rekkid
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:52pm Cecile:

That's OK.
at least two other Bad Seeds at one point were on that record.
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:55pm Janet H:

i'm gettin scared!
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:56pm annie:

yes, this is properly spooky!!
  Wed. 10/28/09 12:57pm LizGig:

Yes, Janet, me too! I can't wait to soundtrack Saturday evening with this!
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:03pm LizGig:

At this juncture I have to tell Maria how wonderful she is. Again.
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:15pm MARIA:

Aawwrrr LG you're verrrry sveet to say such a thing
fanks mucho
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:17pm Cecile:

The Specials should be in the R&R hall of fame. There. I said it.
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:21pm BSI:

alrighty... now I gotta see CARNIVAL OF SOULS tonight, before that organ music fades from my brain...
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:30pm MONTREAL:

mummy=difficult to drink
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:31pm jv gallagher:

what to wear at a Halloween contra dance?
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:34pm a guy in a chair in a cube:

Maybe you could be a mummy with a tiwst-ed ankle.

I think mummy would be a good costume for someone who already had a broken arm or leg or something; a good costume for one who recently had a skiing accident.
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:36pm dc pat:

hey BSI, why'd you mention Carnival of Souls (I just got here). I downloaded that from archive.org while back and forgot about it. Think I'll watch it tonight too.
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:38pm dc pat:

I was going to be Capt. Ahab but haven't had time to get anything together...I was going to talk like a Quaker all night.
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:40pm Carmichael:

Hunter Thompson is always easy: Gilligan hat, cigarette holder, drink, whacked out on drugs.
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:45pm dc pat:

Having a costume that requires excessive drinking is always good.
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:47pm Carmichael:

In that case, Foster Brooks is a better choice.
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:49pm annie:

for fostar, just makes sure you stop shaving til then...
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:51pm annie:

damn "a" in the wrong spot each tima..
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:51pm Ghost of Rickey Medlocke:

I just want to say that this is truly the most triumphant Halloween radio show I have ever heard. Keep it up!
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:51pm dc pat:

funny, Foster and Hunter are both from my home town Loo'vull.

I stopped shaving couple weeks ago for Ahab but had a stressful weekend and could only think "WHY DO I HAVE A BEARD!!!"
  Wed. 10/28/09 1:54pm jv gallagher:

In Land of the Dead there was a female zombie with unforgettable make-up. Her face was painted in such a way that it looked like there was a hole in her cheek that you could see through to her molars. I'd love to do that. Major paint paint skills needed though.
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:05pm annie:

will you have boris karloff reciting nursery rhymes??
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:10pm Carmichael:

Or Vincent Price's opening speech in House On Haunted Hill?
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:13pm s in houston:

this is such a great playlist. now it really feels like halloween.
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:14pm LizGig:

Boris Karloff reciting nursery rhymes please!
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:18pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Today's show is a perfect match to the weather and ambience of the day, at least here in JC. Thanks for the musical entertainment, Maria!
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:20pm annie:


wow, here's the album!!
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:20pm dc pat:

yeah, I agree with all above, NOW I'm in the mood.
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:27pm maria:

I'd LOVE to play Boris, but I am Technologiacally challenged and am unable to get in from the internets while I am on air
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:29pm annie:

it's fine maria, there it is , anyway... the album is a classic!! i might download it later.. looks like i might get it for free..
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:30pm annie:

i have the original vinyl from when i was a youngun... but to be able to put it on mp3! neato!
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:31pm LizGig:

Thanks one more time, Annie. And it looks like I can even use that service - I am usually told that I am in the wrong territory :-((
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:32pm LizGig:

Has anyone ever tried to post a comment while in an altered state and not been able to do the maths?
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:33pm annie:

way cool, liz... if you've never heard that recording before, you are in for a treat and a half!!
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:36pm LizGig:

Definitely looking forward to it. I might be able to use it at the community Halloween party.
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:38pm annie:

the tracks are apparently taken right off the album, which means they are all sewn together with music.. you might want to rip a few off.. there are some great pieces.. imagine the fun they had making that.. :)
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:41pm dc pat:

has anyone been reading the phrase "altered states" in an unrelated comment post and heard the DJ saying it at the same time?
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:43pm LizGig:

Fair play to County Meath for reclaiming Halloween for Ireland.
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:44pm a guy in a chair in a cube:

The DJ Logic track had Jennifer Charles from Elysian Fields... I had suspicions so I looked it up, being chained to a computer and all.
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:44pm v k:

enjoying the Halloween flavoring added to today's program
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:48pm Cecile:

disco dark shadows!
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:53pm Parq:

"Dark Shadows" was a favorite of two guys in my 8th grade class whose odd behavior I recognized only in hindsight as obviously gay. Was the show a big gay icon back in the 60s?
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:56pm Cecile:

it was pretty much a freak/nerd/outsider/geek kid phenom. So if those guys fit that description, then yeah probably.

And you had to watch it on the sly. It seems pretty tame now, but moms hated that show if they weren't into it themselves because it gave some kiddos bad dreams.
  Wed. 10/28/09 2:57pm doug from DC:

Parq, maybe this will cast some light:
  Wed. 10/28/09 3:26pm miketp:

bela lugosi says not man beast
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