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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options October 10, 2009: Night in Motion

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Frank Nora  The Rampler   Options    
  Frank's last show on WFMU... but things continue on The Overnightscape Underground (onsug.com). Tonight's topics include public Internet telephones, cigars, Springsteen traffic, fortune cookie, 75 hours, Mustang crash, cartoon baby dinosaur stain on 1st Ave., ONSUG rambling update, My Little Pony, Wolverine, going to Governors Island later, food gimmicks (pretzel bread subs, black jack tacos), pretzel croissants, Google Wave, opening a mystery package from J. Wiz and M. Wiz, Longmont Potion Castle, and a whole lot more. Snack Time 1: Kellogg's Cinnabon Bars, Diet Mountain Dew - Ultra Violet. Snack Time 2: Samai Experience Rainforest Magic - Tropical Vegetable CHips, Arizona Tea Water- Yumberry. Reviews: Tangle Therapy, Lego Space Police - Squidman Escape. Many phone calls from awesome listeners. NYC recordings: Beard Papa (7/21/09) 21:07, Mr. Kougar (9/2/09) 26:28. Pinball Corner with "Hollywood Heat" and "Varkon". (16)
Silverchair  Freak   Options Freak Show  1997 
Megadeth  Angry Again   Options Hidden Treasures  1995 
Boards of Canada  Kid for Today   Options In a Beautiful Place Out in The Country EP  2000 
Nintendo Of America  Toad's Turnpike   Options Mario Kart 64 Greatest Hits  1997 
The Lava Children  I am a Pony   Options The Lava Children  2009 
T99  Maximizor   Options Children Of Chaos  1992 
Blodwyn Pig  Variations On Nainos   Options Getting To This  1970 
Larsen-Feiten Band  Who'll Be The Fool Tonight   Options Larsen/Feiten Band & Full Moon  1980 
The Monkees  Ditty Diego (War Chant)   Options Head  1968 
The Rutles  Unfinished Words   Options Archaeology  1996 
Cubic 22  Night In Motion (Original Mix)   Options XL RECORDINGS The American Chapter  1993 
Hooray For Everything!  The Things Lovers Do   Options   2009 
Lush  De-Luxe   Options Gala  1990 
Shpongle  Star Shpongled Banner   Options Tales Of The Inexpressible  2001 
H-y rec0rding  if y0u g0t a gimmick use it   Options    

Listener comments!

  Sat. 10/10/09 2:00am Rampler:

Welcome to the show!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:00am jimsally519:

First, as always!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:00am peetyL:

  Sat. 10/10/09 2:01am harvie krumpet:

Hi FEN Good luck for your last WFMU show, from Down Under - Mrs K is here too!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:01am peetyL:

I WAS FIRST, that's not fair, Math Questions!! JimSally, you are for BABIES!!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:02am Bopozog:

Hi Frank, Hi All!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:02am Joshua K:

In this final episode all the secrets will finally be revealed.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:02am jimsally519:

Im just gonna let it out, I hated this theme song to the beginning of the show, it's brutal! Frank should have had something by Frank S.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:04am Derek J:

Great to be here again!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:04am jimsally519:

JimSally's math skills are number #1 First Primary Class, since I was First a tiny baby
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:05am sherri:

hola all!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:07am peetyL:

¡Hóla Sherri! How's it going?
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:07am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

  Sat. 10/10/09 2:08am sherri:

bittersweet, peetyl
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:09am Neal:

Hello. Listening in bed. Forgot to connect earphones to iPhone and woke wife up with weird music from preceeding programme. Bad books.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:10am Joshua K:

I gotta find a good cigar lounge around highland pk/ new brunswick cause I have only had one since I moved here.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:10am Scott Crawford:

I'm here for the last WFMU Rampler. *sob*

I'm drowning my sorrows in free Mojo Nixon MP3s though! http://bit.ly/freenixon
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:12am peetyL:

Yeah, I know, Sherri. The Last Rampler, at least for a while. It stinks. But, bittersweet IS an awesome color in the Crayola crayonbox...
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:13am Allen P:

  Sat. 10/10/09 2:14am Scott Crawford:

Smoking'll kill you, Frank. =)
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:15am Brian Jude:

Is this the episode where Frank wakes up at the end and we find out it's all been a dream?
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:15am Allen P:

i'm feeling very doggy tonight
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:17am peetyL:

Yes, Brian Jude, and Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal, Bob Newhart, and Suzanne Pleshette will all be there...
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:17am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

"remember me memoirs" stars the 2nd to last James bond, the nerd girl from Goonies and the vampire from twilight... what an esteemed cast of thespians!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:17am GreatEscapist:

Here for the last hurrah.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:18am peetyL:

A $15 German potato covered in beef stock, Frank...
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:21am peetyL:

Beer, Papa?
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:22am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

i just found out about this beard papa debacle a couple of weeks ago, if only you were a time traveler frank and told me about it before thyen, i was so upset.. it's still on st. marks in the village though, HURRAH!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:26am sherri:

  Sat. 10/10/09 2:26am Scott Crawford:

WFMU: please, for the love of all that is holy, bring back Frank!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:28am Allen P:

Bruce is the boss I wish I could have been at that concert
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:29am Brian Jude:

Mr. Rogers said that everybody's special, everybody's fine, your body's special and so is mine.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:31am Brian Jude:

Allen - I heard that that was the very last concert at the stadium before they knock it down.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:32am Allen P:

Brian- say what? REALLY? That would have been cool!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:33am Scott Crawford:

Baby Dinosaur Cartoon Stain=yet another great band name
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:35am Brian Jude:

Baby Dinosaur Cartoon Stains are NOT for babies.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:36am peetyL:

Brian Jude: yes, they are. They are DEFINITELY for babies...
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:37am peetyL:

The healthy and strong individual is the one that asks for help when he needs it.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:39am Sarje:

Oh no! This is the last Rampler (possibly) on WFMU?! Well, WFMU: Keep Frank on the air!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:42am Joshua K:

peetyl's voice is a babies??? ?
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:43am peetyL:

  Sat. 10/10/09 2:46am Joshua K:

I would like to do some recordings. I used to do that before podcasting took off... it was tough to get it working back then.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:48am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

the fine line of documentary is without making the subject look like a lunatic!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:48am jimsally519:

Me too Joshua, I've got some good ideas of interesting sounding places on my list for the next few weeks
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:49am Derek J:

I'll listen to all these other shows eventually, just still have about 20 older Rampler episodes to get through first...
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:51am Joshua K:

I used to play music, but all the music nazis clamped down on podcasts doing that. I would do a live shoutcast and then put the archive up and put it in an xml file to podcast it. This was like around 2003-2004.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:54am Brian Jude:

Joshua - You could always find some great podsafe music to play, and I'm sure the artists would love the promotion! I've been playing some copyrighted artists with their permission.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:55am Hooray For Everything!:

JB and BG are here with you PHRANKIE!!!!!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:55am Joshua K:

Now im thinkin about just ranting and stuff while I drive home for work, like 15-20 minute commute.

I have a kaossilator as well.
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:56am Scott Crawford:

I'm off to bed, kids. Have fun with the rest of the show, and I'll catch you in other mediums. =)
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:57am peetyL:

Hooray For Everything!!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:57am Joshua K:

Theres a pacman instrument. I forget which number it is
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:57am sherri:

sweet dreams, scott
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:58am Brian Jude:

Joshua - If you do it, send it to Frank.People will listen!
  Sat. 10/10/09 2:58am sherri:

hooray!! horn toot.....
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:01am Joshua K:

ack my computer shut down on me. I missed the last few minutes.
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:02am sherri:

all was revealed
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:03am peetyL:

My awkward, mostly-silent turn at the phones is over...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:04am Kat:

i'm late!
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:04am Brian Jude:

It was cool to have you on the line, peetyL!
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:04am Allen P:

peetyL, you were okay...c'mon...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:06am peetyL:

Thanks, all. Kat, you're late, you're late, for a very important date...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:06am Kat:

hello rampler fans! :)
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:07am Kat:

this is an inportant date. it's the last summer rampler. anything could happen!
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:08am Hooray For Everything!:

Hooray For Rampler!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:09am peetyL:

Hooray for Hooray For Everything! and Hooray for Rampler and Hooray for KAT!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:11am Kat:

hooray for people who say hooray!
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:11am Kat:

and horray LoL
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:12am Allen P:

hip hop hooray
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:18am Kat:

um...did this page freeze or did you guys?
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:21am sherri:

one dimensional time/three dimensional space
three dimensional time/one dimensional space
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:21am peetyL:

I had some Internet problems just now, Kat...but I always do!
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:23am peetyL:

They always say that Time is the Fourth dimension, but I think that thinking's hooey...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:24am Bopozog:

I am totally mining in warcraft right now lol too funny!!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:24am Joshua K:

im gonna make a martini but i aint got no olives. I have limes... I could make a caiparina but I only have splenda. heh
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:24am sherri:

total hooey, peetyl
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:25am peetyL:

...and Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. are part of the Fifth Dimension...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:27am sherri:

tee hee
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:28am peetyL:

Does anyone remember that horrible game for regular Nintendo called Master Blaster (I think), where the character on the screen is the size of a pea...what the hecks was that game about, anyway?
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:29am Brian Jude:

I only played D&D once. My step brother was big into it. He was the DM. He killed me because I kept throwing bananas at monsters.
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:31am peetyL:

Snork time...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:31am Kat:

peas, bananas now snack time. i'm hungry.
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:31am Brian Jude:

peetyL - The name sounds familiar, but not the game. Remember Atari's "Adventure" were you were a square and had to go into these castles armed with an arrow (sword) and fight dragons and a bat would steal stuff from you?
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:33am peetyL:

Brian: I don't really remember the game Adventure but they just did a spoof of it on Robit Chicken that was pretty neat...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:34am peetyL:

  Sat. 10/10/09 3:35am sherri:

good myoosik to chew by
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:35am peetyL:

Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet is my favorite diet soda ever, PERIOD...I just had a can of it yesterday...tasty as heck...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:37am peetyL:

I only ever had Cinnabons at a rest area once...they were OK, but sticky as all heck...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:37am peetyL:

I love the smell of Play-Doh...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:38am Joshua K:

I have some cinnamon sugar soynut butter from stop n shop and some "bagel chunks" they call them
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:38am sherri:

  Sat. 10/10/09 3:40am peetyL:

I remember Pepsi Blue! Yeah, you're right, Frank...but I always mixed Pepsi Blue with whiskey, so if they brought back the Blue, my mind would make me taste Black Velvet it l0l
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:41am Joshua K:

I have seen blue corn but not black corn... maybe it has squid ink
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:43am Allen P:

I like Squidbillies
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:44am sherri:

i wuv squidbillies
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:46am peetyL:

You know what font I hate? Wingdings! How is anybody supposed to read hieroglyphics? Does one need a Rosetta Stone to translate it after it's typed?! Kinda dumb, I think...
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:48am Joshua K:

Time to empty that bag
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:49am peetyL:

The Legos...FINALLY
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:51am Kat:

whass in da box?
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:54am Kat:

it's andy kaufman's soul
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:54am Ken From Hyde Park:

The Lego $100 bill is great. Those should be legal tender somewhere.
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:55am Kat:

well wtf is it?
  Sat. 10/10/09 3:56am Kat:

coolio :)
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:02am peetyL:

Andy's soul is in Albuquerque, Kat...remember?
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:03am Derek J:

Whoa, this takes me back to the 90s...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:03am steve:

Hi from the UK. Have really enjoyed your programmes and sorry to hear that wfmu have dropped the ball in not keeping you on the winter schedule. Will continue to tune into your web offerings. Keep up the good work sharing street level observations of life in New York.

  Sat. 10/10/09 4:06am Kat:

peetyL...i don't think it's in abq. i think the devil keeps it in a jar on his desk. ;)
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:06am Brian Jude:

Derek - Yeah, last song was like Nirvana meets Alice in Chains. Maybe it was Alice in Nirvana? Is this Dave Mustane?
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:07am Brian Jude:

Ah - the playlist confirms it! Megadeth! (Which is Dave Mustane!)
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:10am Derek J:

My brother used to have the Last Action Hero soundtrack, which is where I recognize the Megadeth track...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:12am Allen P:

nice tunes, Frank. takes me back to high school! - I just have to request this, If you're taking any. go to www.myspace.com/hyrec0rding and play If you got a gimmick use it by peetyL. I'm really proud of her for calling in: that was hard for her cuz she's very shy on the phone. Yes peetyL, I know you. This is not really "Allen P" but your friend Mark from Denver! SURPRISE! Proud of you, peetyL!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:12am Brian Jude:

And now for something completely different...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:17am sherri:

oh my
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:25am peetyL:

WTF? MARK...YOU SONUVA...It was YOU, wasn't it? How the...are you the one who requested my music last week? You sneaky jerk...well, thanks, I'm flattered, but I'm not yr friend anymore! Just kidding! Thanks, Mark! Even though you're sneaky, and a liar!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:25am peetyL:

But thank you for being proud of me...Markus
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:26am Allen P:

you're so welcome, peety...but don't call me Markus
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:27am JimSally519:

JimSally is Alive!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:27am peetyL:

I can't believe you, MARK...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:28am MARK from Denver:

believe THAT...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:28am Kat:

my brother's name: cassius marcus.
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:29am peetyL:

So you're finally telling the truth, MARKus...you're a tool...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:30am Kat:

i know a tool named mark. is that you??? lol
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:30am peetyL:

Oh Sherri, yr song was pretty...and awesome! Don't play my music Frank! Good, I don't think you're going to...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:31am sherri:

i can make you an "angry music" mix, frank
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:32am peetyL:

It probably is, Kat: Mark-------us is a sneaky tool...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:32am jimsally519:

A Mix tape I assume... tapes are more depressing.
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:33am sherri:

thanks, peetyl!!
i, for one, would love to hear more of your music tonight!!!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:33am Kat:

it's this mark. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Dice
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:33am peetyL:

Hey Alive JimSally: please type "Mark from Denver is a tool and FOR BABIES" to humor Mark's idiocy...thank you
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:34am Kat:

the face of crazy. lol
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:35am peetyL:

Thanks, Sherri, you're sweet! But my poor friend Marcus from Denver is, unfortunately, a sneaky tool...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:35am Rampler:

I see the phone ringing... I'll take calls after the music...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:37am Brian Jude:

Frank, do you have any of Carrie's music?
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:37am MARK not Markus from Denver:

peetyL is shy and...weird. jk sweetheart
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:39am sherri:

  Sat. 10/10/09 4:40am peetyL:

Markus Dice seems INTERESTING, Kat! Do you have his number? jk definitely L0L
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:40am Kat:

tool or no? LoL
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:41am Brian Jude:

The Pre-Fab Four!!!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:42am peetyL:

Markonius Dice = tool. l0l Kat
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:42am Kat:

frank, i can't believe they didn't offer you a permanent slot yet. you would be perfect for midnight to 4. :)
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:44am sherri:

i agree, kat!!!
this is a listener funded station........LET'S MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!!!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:45am Kat:

peety he banned me from his forum. at the same time, god sent a freak storm to omaha. i have pics of the destruction. LoL
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:46am peetyL:

Yeah! More Rampler, WFMU! We don't need no...noisy psychedelia. We need talk radio that's worth a damn! WE NEED FRI. NIGHT RAMPLIN'!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:48am peetyL:

I say, play another Lava Children song!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:48am sherri:

we shall overcome
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:48am Mark Allen P From Denver:

I say, play some peetyL
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:49am peetyL:

I say, shut up Markus the Denver Tool!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:49am Kat:

hooray for everything! except...
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:50am peetyL:

Hooray For...this song!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:50am sherri:

i love this song
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:51am jimsally519:

I like how frank uses his last time on Air to play music and not to rample!
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:52am Kat:

do you hate the weirdnj article frank?
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:53am Rampler:

It's a good article
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:58am ??????????:

hey frank play the first song here: http://tinyurl.com/yc4puxo

hee hee
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:59am jimsally519:

Who's up for Live Outdoor Cell Phone Rampling with JimSally, Featuring the final WFMU hour with Frank Nora, cause this station is for babies... 5:15 sound good Frank?
  Sat. 10/10/09 4:59am Kat:

i just created a twitter hashtag #bringbackrampler
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:00am jimsally519:

Or are you still gonna be playing the music? How iF SO HOW ABOUT SOME COUNTRY ALREADY!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:00am Rampler:

JimSally, yes
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:01am Joshua K:

Everyone is so demanding.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:02am jimsally519:

Cool Frank Ill call in in a couple minutes, l8r bro
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:03am Hooray For Everything:

  Sat. 10/10/09 5:04am (mta) Tony:

Just checkin' in with you, Frank; enjoyed all your shows and especially, all the laughs. Best of luck to YOU! Cool that Brandon called in!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:07am Kat:

hooray for hooray for everything! :D
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:07am (mta) Tony:

Do it Frank!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:07am peetyL:

Taylor, yr music is awesome! Great you called in! Brandon and JB too!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:08am peetyL:

Here's another request: do the UStream thing, Frank!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:09am Kat:

  Sat. 10/10/09 5:10am sherri:

  Sat. 10/10/09 5:10am Kat:

call him, peety :)
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:11am MARK from Denver:

  Sat. 10/10/09 5:12am MARK from Denver:

Yeah, peety, I DARE you...thanks, Kat
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:13am peetyL:

OK, I will...as awkward as it will be...
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:17am sherri:

i trusted you i trusted you i trusted you i trusted you i trusted you
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:18am taylor:

  Sat. 10/10/09 5:19am Mark from Denver:

sorry peety I beat you to it...
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:20am peetyL:

I'm a little embarassed...but it's OK, Mark. I know you care. Thanks for calling. And caring.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:21am taylor:

happy birthday, spray!
i'm disappointed in you!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:24am peetyL:

Spraynard...Spraynard Krueger (spelling?)
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:25am peetyL:

Damn you, Mark...Damn you to hell...
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:26am sherri:

i'm chair dancin' now
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:26am Kat:

LoL peety's famous :)
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:26am Mark from Denver:

It's for yr own good, girl...
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:27am Brian Jude:

Is that a toy piano? Very wild!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:28am peetyL:

Thanks everybody. And thank you Frank. Mark: you're dead. You're simply dead.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:29am peetyL:

Yeah, small cheap thrift store keyboard. Thanks!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:29am Kat:

wtg peety! i'm so honored to have been here to share in your infamy. :)
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:30am don:

time for the freaks to go to sleep......
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:30am peetyL:

Thank you Frank! Oh noooooo........
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:30am sherri:

he has some hits
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:31am Mark from Denver:

Sorry for the cussing "sucks" Frank I forgot it was on there
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:32am peetyL:

Oh jeez Frank: sorry about the objectionable word: I forgot about my "tribute".
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:34am peetyL:

And about the whole peetyL/Sterling Smith connection. I don't know, Frank. I just don't know.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:36am Mark from Denver:

no, I didn't sing it. I'm just apologizing for requesting the song and forgetting there was some could-be bad language at the end. I forgot about it
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:36am peetyL:

No, I sang it, Frank. Mark thankfully wasn't involved.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:38am peetyL:

Don: Freaks NEVER really go to sleep.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:39am jimsally519:

JImSally goes to bed to cry into my pillow as the last few rampler minutes fall like sands in an hour glass... these are ramples of our lives
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:39am Joshua K:

Man I had some good requests cause I got pinmame working finally at work for when its slow... The only one I remember is Varkon.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:39am Kat:

  Sat. 10/10/09 5:40am peetyL:

The final PBC? C'mon, WFMU! Rerample the Rampler anew!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:42am Brian Jude:

Need to wake up in 1 hr, 45 min, so I will try to fall asleep to pinball corner. Goodnight, Frank! Great show as always! Goodnight, all!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:43am sherri:

a nice little peephole into frank's past
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:44am jimsally519:

fading fast... final rampler ccomment must be,, PeetyL...
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:44am pooptron:

oh shlTh!!!!!!! i almost missed your show! the only reason i listen to wfmu is cause of you!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:44am peetyL:

Goodnight, Brian!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:45am jimsally519:

is for babies, xoxoxoxo, keep in touch, jimsallysipod@gmail.com
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:48am peetyL:

Yr email address is for babies, Jim. Take care. I'll mail you sometime. Mine's peetyL143@yahoo.com
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:49am Kat:

wow...it's snowing here.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:49am pooptron:

if you had 11 minutes to tell the future....
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:51am peetyL:

The final dulcet-tronic sounds of...Pinball Corner.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:52am pooptron:

  Sat. 10/10/09 5:53am sherri:

oh, frank
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:53am Revampler:

bye Frank, you are awesome!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:53am Kat:

it was fun while it lasted. enjoy your originality. :)
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:54am Joshua K:

See you on the facebook/twitter/podcast and maybe I'll pony up for a recording device and join in
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:54am peetyL:

I don't fit in either. A lot of the music on WFMU doesn't fit in the popular genre, either. WFMU should fit you in. onsug.com
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:55am Joshua K:

there aren't enough hours in the day to fit in every single cool person on earth
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:55am Bopozog:

Thanks for the entertainment Frank. You really should start a ustream every Friday night from like 10 to 2 or something.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:56am peetyL:

Thanks so much, Frank. It's been a great 4 months hanging out with you and all the chatters. I wish you the best. It's been real. You are GREAT.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:56am Derek J:

Frank, thank you for this show, it has been great entertainment for my lonely Friday nights, and of course I'll continue listening to the Onsug recordings.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:57am MARK from Denver:

thank you Frank for being a great guy and DJ and for helping me help a great friend. I'll listen to your Onsug. take care
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:58am taylor:

get the live stream going! alright! thanks!!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:58am Kat:

  Sat. 10/10/09 5:58am not fotting in to not fitting in?:

that must mean a lot to think that you don't fit into wfmu. i'd be proud if i were you!
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:58am peetyL:

Wow that was AMAZING. Yipes. You rock, Rampler.
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:59am peetyL:

Yes UStream
  Sat. 10/10/09 5:59am sherri:

  Sat. 10/10/09 6:00am Kat:

happy trails :)
  Sat. 10/10/09 6:00am poop:

  Sat. 10/10/09 6:00am peetyL:

Yes Frank: ya do rule. ALOT.
  Sat. 10/10/09 6:02am Rampler:

  Sat. 10/10/09 6:03am peetyL:

Greatest living radio personality
  Sat. 10/10/09 7:32am Neal:

Farewell, Rampler.

Got dragged away after the first few minutes but looking forward to one more podcast.

This was a great series.
  Sat. 10/10/09 8:13am peetyL:

Go to onsug.com for more Frank.
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