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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options October 3, 2009: Raven

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  Welcome to the show!
  It's Frank's birthday, and the show got canceled!! Topics include cruise ship, early morning traffic jam, The Andy Kaufman Press Conference, how the show came to be on WFMU, "Bustelo Cool - Cafe Mocha - Energized Coffee Beverage", damage to the time-space continuum, fireworks neighbors, audio-animatronic dolls, cool playing cards, a radio broke, return of Bossk, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons Club, "Birthday 1977", and a whole lot more. NYC recordings: Burritos (7/8/09) 18:33, Primal (7/13/09) 26:23. Music: "The Cassette Mania" - 7 songs (edited out of the podcast), music set - 8 songs (7 edited out of podcast). Phone calls with Sherri from The Lava Children, Brian Jude, Jim Sally from Canada, Nikki from Utah, Reed from New York, and Chris from Brooklyn (hope I got that right - I'm writing this from memory...). Pinball Corner with "Raven" and "Rapid Fire". (15)
Music behind DJ:
Tree Bag Ask 
Perfect Gambler   Options no album  self-released  2009   
Gentlemen Without Weapons  Buddha's Monkey   Options Transmissions  A&M  1988  Cassette 
Urban Dance Squad  No Kid   Options Mental Floss For The Globe  Arista  1990  Cassette 
Orchid Spangiafora  Coarse Fish   Options Flee Past's Ape Elf  Twin Tone  1979  Cassette 
David Van Tieghem  Untitled / These Things Happen   Options These Things Happen  Warner Brothers  1984  Cassette 
Happy Mondays  Step On   Options Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches  Factory  1990  Cassette 
Lava Hay  Wild Eyes   Options Lava Hay  PolyGram  1990  Cassette 
New Fast Automatic Daffodils  Fishes Eyes   Options Pigeonhole  Mute  1991  Cassette 
The Incredible String Band  Koeeoaddi There   Options The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter  Carthage  1972  Vinyl 
EPCOT  Main Entrance Medley (Instrumental)   Options EPCOT Center  Disney  1983  Vinyl 
Weird Paul  Feeding Squirrels Fire   Options Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety  Homestead Records  1991  CD 
Growing Society  The Big Red Tomato   Options Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz - Vol. 1  Arf! Arf!    CD 
Hayride  Hollywood   Options Elfin Magic  Capricorn  1995  CD 
Interactive  Who Is Elvis (Phenomenia Remix)   Options Tekknophobia Total Techno Ecstasy  Dance Street  1992  CD 
The Strawberry Alarm Clock  Tomorrow   Options Strawberries Mean Love  Big Beat    CD 
H-y rec0rding  Yr L0ve Can't Keep Me   Options        

Listener comments!

  Sat. 10/3/09 2:02am Rampler:

Welcome to the show!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:03am Brian Jude:

Hey, everyone! Happy Birthday, Frank!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:03am Nikki:

hey frank!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:04am Nikki:

happy b day frank!! yay i get to listen!!! woo hoo!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:04am peetyL:

Happy Birthday, Frank!!! I hope it's a good one for you and not a sad one even though you didn't get yr show picked up!!! WFMU doesn't know what they'll be missing!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:04am nikki:

i agree with peety!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:04am sherri:

happy birthday to you!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:05am peetyL:

  Sat. 10/3/09 2:05am peetyL:

  Sat. 10/3/09 2:05am Joshua K:

I wanted to listen to the show on this old tube radio I have, but WFMU coverage is spotty in highland park even on the 5th floor.

Oh yeah time to party its Frank's birthday.
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:05am Derek J:

Happy birthday Frank! Mine is tomorrow...I will be 26
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:05am nikki:

i know i'm happy!!! yaaaayyy! LOL
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:06am Brian Jude:

Burritoville WAS the best!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:06am Brian Jude:

Happy B-day, Derek!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:07am Derek J:

Thanks Brian!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:07am peetyL:

Note the title: Raven. Can we expect some Orchid Spangiafora for yr b-day music, Frank?
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:08am nikki:

mmmm... burrito... happy b day derek! ur a little less than a yr older than me, i just had my bday 5 days ago... hi brian!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:08am peetyL:

Raven raven-raven.

  Sat. 10/3/09 2:08am Rampler:

yes. orchid spangiafora!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:09am nikki:

orchid spangiafora?? i must find out what this is
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:09am Brian Jude:

"SKWAK! Nevermore! Nevermore!" Hey, Nikki!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:10am Brian Jude:

The chapter of my fraternity at Penn State used to do their initiation rituals in a cave. Very cool. Saw baby bats there.
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:11am Brian Jude:

Happy B-day, Nikki!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:11am Rampler:

Flee Past's Ape Elf
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:12am nikki:

hi again brian! LOL... damn i wish there was a chipotle or something around here, i hear about it, but can't test it, i will come back east sometime, i swear! i need to go down south too
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:13am peetyL:

Rampler rocks. Period. OS. And Frank. Rock On!! Or, at least, Musique Concrète or Plunderphonics On...
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:13am nikki:

thanks for the bday wishes, btw, brian!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:13am JB Reed:

  Sat. 10/3/09 2:14am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

yeah yeah frank.. here for the show!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:14am Brian Jude:

You're welcome. If you come to Jersey, lemme know! There's a Chipotle nearby. We'll go!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:15am peetyL:

Please play Coarse Fish from FPAE for me, Frank. It's my fave!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:15am BEANS:

  Sat. 10/3/09 2:16am nikki:

that would be freaking awesome, brian... i have to go see frank and manny too LOL
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:17am nikki:

hi JB!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:17am Brian Jude:

Maybe we'll all meet up! Frank & I live close by, and Manny's not far at all either.
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:17am peetyL:

AFTER Nikki comes to CO to see me, that is...
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:19am nikki:

that would be so bad ass to go out there, and yes i'll go see u first peety, then u can come with me to NJ!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:19am nikki:

rampler party!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:19am Brian Jude:

Beans - AWESOME!!! Has anyone confirmed this for real? And those people bashing Burritoville have absolutely no clue what they're talking about.
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:20am peetyL:

A trip to Jersey would be...BOSS. Thanks, Nikki!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:20am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

lol great opening line!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:21am Brian Jude:

Yep - Wikipedia link says "The Financial District location (36 Water Street) that re-opened on July 6, 2009 is just the first of several planned locations in New York City and throughout the country. In NYC, many of the new locations will be at or near the old stores. (Planned locations are 226 West 23rd Street and 36 Seventh Avenue)."
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:22am JB Reed:

FRAAAAAAANK! Mr. General and I have a new myspace page ( http://www.myspace.com/horrayforeverythingmusic ) and we just uploaded a new song "Glad I Found You" ..... thinkin you should share it with the world before you're gone :( .... P.S. Brandon says "Hi ..." he's listening at work.... :)
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:23am Joshua K:

Its not like network tv, you can still come back.
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:23am Nikki:

ur welcome peety! we're gonna rampler up the town!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:24am Nikki:

frank rocks, doesn't matter what he does! hooray frank! keep on rampling!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:25am sherri:

that's right!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:25am Nikki:

hi frank!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:25am Val from Cape Town:

Hi everyone and Happy Birthday Frank!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:26am Neal:

  Sat. 10/3/09 2:26am JimSally519:

Hey Frank! Wfmu will never be the samewithout you!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:26am Nikki:

Hi val! hi jim!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:28am Nikki:

Hi neal!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:28am Aaron (from Cleveland):

Happy B-Day Frank.
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:29am peetyL:

JimSally519 is for babies
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:30am Joshua K:

I used to work at harborside and I was a block away over by fatburger getting food I think... and it looked like all the lit up buildings were moving at first, but when we got closer it was a ship.
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:30am Brian Jude:

Greetings, NJOC!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:40am Nikki:

frank's talk of alternate dimensions and robots is scaring me, i'm all alone at home tonite! who wants to come keep me company??
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:40am peetyL:

They want you to pick them up, Frank...they're related to (*gulp*) the...KEWPIES
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:41am Nikki:

aaahh peety don't mention those!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:41am peetyL:

I'll hop on the next plane to Ogden, Wikks! Just hold on!!! L0L
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:43am peetyL:

  Sat. 10/3/09 2:43am Nikki:

ok, what do u want me to hold on to?
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:43am Nikki:

yay andy talk!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:44am peetyL:

ha Ha Nikki l0l
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:45am Nikki:

yup i'm a smart ass LOL
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:46am sherri:

  Sat. 10/3/09 2:47am Brian Jude:

Nikki, if my memory serves me correctly, you were once an "angel," right?
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:48am Nikki:

yes sir, i was, brian!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:52am Nikki:

well at least i can enjoy tonite's show, i will be working next friday
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:53am JimSally519:

JimSallys having his own energy drink, a tim hortens triple triple, cause I like me sugar with coffee and cream
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:53am peetyL:

  Sat. 10/3/09 2:54am Joshua K:

I am gonna make a bustelo coffee with my aeropress.
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:54am JB Reed:

black coffee = love
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:55am sherri:

i'm enjoying some organic red wine......
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:55am Brian Jude:

I know it sounds cliche, but I just had a V8!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:55am Nikki:

i like my sugar with coffee and cream too LOL... sorry, peety, i wish i could help it
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:55am Nikki:

oh yay! young frankie! i have heard it, its so cute
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:56am sherri:

say whatever you like, birthday boy!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:56am Nikki:

i'm drinking good ol h2o LOL.. last time i listened to this show i was drinking so co, i am a good girl now
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:57am peetyL:

23 years ago, I was watchin' me some Smurfs...
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:58am NIkki:

23 yrs ago i was drinking a ba ba, or sleeping with my blankie LOL
  Sat. 10/3/09 2:58am peetyL:

I'm drinking Propel vitamin-enhanced water beverage Kiwi Strawberry flavor...
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:00am JimSally519:

That sounds artificial, yet tasty PeetyL
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:01am Brian Jude:

peetyL, I didn't think the Smurfs were still on by then! Guess I stopped watching when I was in high school. ;^P
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:01am peetyL:

Yes, JimSally...artificially tasty L0L
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:01am JimSally519:

No tape recorder outside Frankie... I wonder if today frank's mom knows he almost never goes outside without a recorder?
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:02am Nikki:

oooh i just thought of my blankie... warm... wow young frankie, its so cute!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:03am Joshua K:

Heres my bustelo in the aeropress in honor of Frank's birthday: http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss296/surrealchemist/CIMG0141.jpg
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:05am Nikki:

will u be taping the sweeping again, frank?? i remember that from the last time i listened and watched on u stream
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:05am peetyL:

Brian, the Smurfs were on from 1981-1990. They stunk horrible in their final years, however...
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:07am JimSally519:

OOh yeah, cause the first few seasons of the Smurfs was so dramatic and heart-felt, some of the best TV writing the 80s had to offer...
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:09am Joshua K:

The first season of the sopranos was based on the story arc from the smurfs
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:09am Brian Jude:

Come on, who didn't cry along with Smurfette when she realized she wanted to be a good Smurf?
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:09am Nikki:

maybe they mean "minus the methy taste??" LOL!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:10am JimSally519:

The Smurfs was a great show...
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:10am Brian Jude:

The Smurfs jumped the shark when they introduced the child Smurfs, IMHO.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:10am JimSally519:

... for a baby to poop on!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:12am Joshua K:

My boss is having our holiday party Dec 11 Iat a golf course... I don't get it.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:13am Neal:

The Smurfs were weird.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:14am Neal:

Smurfette was hot though. Reminds me of my wife.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:15am Joshua K:

The Snorks took it to the whole next level though.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:15am Neal:

Especially before she got her hair cut short
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:16am Nikki:

unfortunately i was so young that i never got to enjoy the smurfs or snorks in their heydays, just reruns, but hey! thats ok!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:19am Joshua K:

I remember one birthday when I was a kid I wanted transformer toys, but my parents were cheap and got me go-bots instead.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:22am Brian Jude:

Go-bots are to Transformers as The Snorks are to The Smurfs!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:22am peetyL:

Joshua K, at the risk of being chastised: I actually liked the Go-Bots BETTER than the Transformers...I'm cool
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:23am Joshua K:

The one I had looked like a walkman cassette player.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:24am Neal:

Muppet transformers would be cool. Lhat Simpsons holloween special where groundskeeper Willie turns into lots of inanimate objects, but with muppet characters.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:25am Joshua K:

Those primal strips are good. I like the chili lime or whatever it was.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:26am Brian Jude:

I'd like to see Kermit the Frog turn into a giant fly swatter.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:26am Nikki:

whoa that sounds awesome, neal!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:26am Nikki:

damn frank, ur making me hungry! skittles!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:26am JimSally519:

I loved blaster, I had that one too! Transfers were the best, I used to make them battle the fifty foot woman... which was one of my sister babie dolls... buck ass naked.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:28am JimSally519:

I used to call ed transformers transfers,,, if you think thats bad, I also used to call GI Joe... GI Jew
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:28am JimSally519:

Mom used to call BlockBusters... BlackBastards.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:30am JimSally519:

Man I type alot once I get started, imagine how bad it would be if I didn't have all the math to do as well?
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:31am JimSally519:

It would be... lets see, 5 lus 4, times 4 carry the one... about 25% worse
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:33am JimSally519:

I wonder what Root Beer float syrup would tase with vodka? Probably tasty, what doesn't taste good with vodka?
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:33am JimSally519:

Vodka and prune juice I guess, nothing tastes good with prune juice
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:34am Nikki:

hey, jim, u know root beer IS good with vodka, i got plastered bad one time on that!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:34am JimSally519:

except vodka maybe, no wait... ahhh????
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:35am Rampler:

  Sat. 10/3/09 3:35am JimSally519:

I usally do root beer with Vinilla sminorf vodka, it's tasty!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:35am Joshua K:

Last week was the preantepenultimate show.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:37am Nikki:

mmm vanilla and root beer, sounds great!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:37am Joshua K:

Don't say cancelled, say its on hiatus
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:37am Nikki:

i might call in, i dunno
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:37am Brian Jude:

Does anyone remember a toy that came out in the mid 70's that looked like a stegosaurus that walked and had a light-emitting remote that made it stop?
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:40am peetyL:

Nikki, YOU on the phone!!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:41am Nikki:

ya i know!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:41am JB Reed:

whats the call in number?
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:41am JimSally519:

will peetyL ever call in?
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:41am sherri:

call in peetyl
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:41am JimSally519:

  Sat. 10/3/09 3:42am Joshua K:

I used to work for a company called Loki
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:42am JB Reed:

  Sat. 10/3/09 3:43am Joshua K:

I have a time machine but it only travels ahead one second per second and can't go backwards.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:43am peetyL:

Oh awesome...I have FANS
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:43am JimSally519:

i got your back JB
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:44am Nikki:

yay peety!!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:44am JB Reed:

  Sat. 10/3/09 3:44am peetyL:

The peetyL call-in is definite for...next week
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:45am Joshua K:

In hinduism the universe keeps getting rebooted when its destroyed
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:45am peetyL:

stay tuned...lol
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:45am JimSally519:

Peetyl will never call in
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:46am Nikki:

damn peety... when i can't listen
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:46am peetyL:

Next week JimSally...yr impatience is for BABIES l0l
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:47am JimSally519:

give niki and me what we want, dont let your fans down
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:47am peetyL:

I'm sorry, Nikki...you can listen on the archives, or podcast...my apologies
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:48am Nikki:

i know, i will
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:49am peetyL:

My internet may be trying to crash...I'm serious...
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:49am JB Reed:

lemme know when ya got a free line Frank. i have an interesting problem i want yout opinion on.... haha
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:49am Joshua K:

What are rampler fans called... ramplers... ramplerteers...
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:53am Joshua K:

Frank, I work for a web host and can help you get set up with a shoutcast server
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:53am Brian Jude:

  Sat. 10/3/09 3:54am Nikki:

hee hee, rampheads!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:55am Joshua K:

Rampketeers... The rampled
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:55am Nikki:

wow, i was so not cool LOL
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:55am Brian Jude:

Your turn, peetyL!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:55am Dave From England:

Happy Birthday Frank, saying Hi from my iPod and will be tuning in on the PC in a few minutes. WFMU made a terrible error of judgement in not renewing the show. Props to the Rampler from the UK. (Think I used 'props' the correct way?). :-)
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:56am JimSally519:

  Sat. 10/3/09 3:56am Nikki:

hi dave!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:56am JimSally519:

AH! I didnt even wish him a happy birthday! Sorry Frank, Happy Birthday!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:56am Nikki:

come on peety!! call!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:56am Brian Jude:

Frank - that icon is "Show Desktop"
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:57am Brian Jude:

Jim - "Ramplererers" LMAO!
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:58am Joshua K:

Windows doesn't make sense. Just accept it.
  Sat. 10/3/09 3:59am sherri:

is there a garbage can sized hole on your monitor?
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:01am Joshua K:

I got pinmame working on windows 7 at work last night! Finally.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:01am Joshua K:

Theres like so many different parts to configure just to emulate old pinball games.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:03am Dave from england:

Do a search for the recyclebin in windows search, that will find it. Double click on the result when found and the recycle bin will open showing the deleted bin icon, click restore item.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:04am Nikki:

its weird, i really never knew that u could delete the recycle bin!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:05am Joshua K:

We should have a rampler meet up at the pinball museum.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:06am Nikki:

hey, JB i sent u a friend request on facebook cuz i'm on franks and brandons
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:06am sherri:

  Sat. 10/3/09 4:08am JB Reed:

Thanks Brooklyn! OK, Nikki i'll go check it out.... PS Frank.... after you're done gettin your mania on you should play some Hooray for Everything...... it's Me & Brandon General...http://www.myspace.com/horrayforeverythingmusic "Glad I Found you"
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:08am Nikki:

its not stealing if u don't sell it
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:09am Brian Jude:

I do that with CD's now and load them ontp my iTunes.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:09am Nikki:

at least i think so
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:09am Brian Jude:

Unfortunately the libraries in my area don't have a huge selection.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:10am Joshua K:

The Sampler
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:11am Nikki:

i used to tape things off the radio ALL THE TIME! that was bad ass
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:11am Nikki:

rampler pampler, without an umbrella he is a dampler LOL
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:12am Nikki:

ya so i need to go look these guys up, this is kinda cool
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:12am JB Reed:

oh Nikki, you Rhyme genius...
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:12am sherri:

a birthday dampler
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:13am Joshua K:

When he was a baby he wore pamplers
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:14am Nikki:

thanks JB! i try LOL
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:14am sherri:

when its his time of the month, he gets cramplers
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:14am Brian Jude:

He throws his laundry in the hampler...
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:14am Nikki:

ok wait what were these guys called again?? damn
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:15am Nikki:

when he wins he's the champler
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:15am Joshua K:

Hes gotta run his new kaossilator through an ampler
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:16am Nikki:

when he reads a book, he has to turn on a lampler
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:16am Brian Jude:

When he goes on vacation he sleeps in a campler.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:17am Nikki:

i'm such a dork, the track list is right here on the page... uh oh, had a senior moment... i better go back to work
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:18am Nikki:

i am literally LOLing right now... boom pow whampler!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:18am brian Jude:

Manny the Mailman gets mad when he forgets to use a stampler.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:19am JB Reed:

rampler pampler, without an umbrella he is a dampler.When he was a baby he wore pamplers. And when its his time of the month, he gets cramplers. after he does laundry He throws his laundry in the hampler. Hes gotta run his new kaossilator through an ampler and write a sampler... When he goes on vacation he sleeps in a campler and when he wins he's the champler ..... someone call in and do the rampler rap
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:19am Joshua K:

Frank this photo is for you http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss296/surrealchemist/CIMG0146.jpg
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:20am Nikki:

awesome JB! hey its raven!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:20am JB Reed:

way to go playlisters .... :) that's a pretty boss rap
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:21am peetyL:

The captain is...looking for an easy meal
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:21am Nikki:

this song is weird, good thing i'm not expanding my mind, i would be tearing my eyes out... i gotta find this song, and back masking! awesome awesome!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:22am peetyL:

The coming of the white and yellow man...the coming of the white and yellow man
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:22am Manny:

I have no idea why i'm still awake
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:23am Nikki:

yay! manny!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:23am Brian Jude:

http://www.undertheravenswing.com - Movie I produced, had a song & cameo by Frank's sister-in-law Carrie Engdahl
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:24am Nikki:

the lady is a trampler! LOL
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:24am Jan Erik:

Hi guys, how is the show so far, missed the start. At work now so almost forgot about it o_O
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:25am Manny:

I just love this station and no idea why i'm still here. what in the world. i wish i was in NY
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:26am JB Reed:

yeah, NY is pretty awesome.... just sayin
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:26am Manny:

Yay! Nikki!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:26am JimSally519:

I busting my gut, LOLampler,,, to far of a reach maybe?
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:27am Joshua K:

I work graveyard shift so this is my vampire weekend??
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:27am JimSally519:

You guys took all the easy ones, give me a break!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:28am peetyL:

I love WHAM!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:28am Nikki:

u work graveyard, joshua?? me too! oh finally another night owl!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:29am Nikki:

hi manny! i miss ya!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:29am Nikki:

OMG! happy mondays, yes! thanks, frank! u totally got me into them... i love "kinky afro"
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:30am Joshua K:

I end up posting the heck out of all these playlists at night and probably driving the DJs crazy
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:30am Manny:

we can all agree we've worked the graveyard shift
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:31am Manny:

Hi Nikki. Miss ya too! you're in NY im guessing?
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:32am Nikki:

ya it sounds like something everyone has done at least once, manny... i wish i was in NY... i'm still in lame ass UT
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:33am Manny:

oh that's unfortunate. i'm in chicago. awake. and shouldn't be. oh noes. why are you awake?
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:33am Adam:

catchy tune frank! never hear the same song twice on fmu :) im a first time post-er on the site, a rampler fan in vegas! been out of nj two years
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:36am Joshua K:

my dreamcast forgets the date every time I boot it up cause the battery is dead in the VMU
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:37am Nikki:

i have the nite off, i work graveyard shift, i feel dumb, ur a diff manny LOL... its ok though, anybody who digs frank is my buddy
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:38am Manny:

haha. it's cool. did you have any other way to chat? this seems kinda weird for me
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:41am Nikki:

do u have facebook, manny? or anybody else for that matter that i haven't seen theirs? heres my facebook link http://www.facebook.com/nicolebrew
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:42am Dave from England:

Happy Mondays were great. I had the cassette of that album with the original copyright violating confectionery cover.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:43am Adam:

yeah im grave at the mgm, jammin w/ 91.1
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:44am Nikki:

i like frank, yes mampler!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:45am Manny:

hey nikki. i'm on there now.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:47am Dave from England:

Did Shaun Ryders follow up band Black Grape ever break the US market?
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:47am Nikki:

i got ur message, manny
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:48am JimSally519:

Im Jim Sally on Facebook, jimsallysipod@gmail.com
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:49am Joshua K:

I used to record 120 minutes on VHS every week! It was on late sunday night/monday morning and I had school monday so I could never stay up that late.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:49am Manny:

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove stone roses!!!!!!!!! you're awesome frank!!!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:50am sherri:

elf shot lame witch
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:50am Nikki:

i sent u a request jim...
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:51am JimSally519:

Confirmed girl!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:52am Manny:

play some " she bangs the drums" if u wanna change it up. that song is beautiful!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:52am Nikki:

PIXIES!!!!!!! i love u frank!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:52am Nikki:

sweet jim!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:53am Dave from England:

Soup Dragons were fairly big at that time too.
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:54am Nikki:

damn i don't think i should be driving a tractor either, maybe just brush the horses LOL
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:55am Manny:

i'm gonna pass out frank. have an awesome night buddy. give a shout out to the venture bros.!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:56am JimSally519:

As an accountant, Id be really good at the farm as a Bull Shit Shovel operator
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:57am Nikki:

ahh jim, i wanted to be an accountant, but i'm settling for being a nurse
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:58am sherri:

what am i gonna do without this show on friday nights?????!!!!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:58am sherri:

i guess i'll drag myself to band practice.....
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:59am JimSally519:

Settling??? Your in for years of hard work, heart ache, and seeing people on the worse days of their lives. You'll helping a lot of people, and your a good person for doing it!
  Sat. 10/3/09 4:59am Nikki:

sherri, come to work with me LOL... eh, nevermind, the old folks get stirred up too easily, the joys of working in a nursing home
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:00am JB Reed:

Frank.... now that you're done gettin your mania on you should play some Hooray for Everything...... it's Me & Brandon General...http://www.myspace.com/horrayforeverythingmusic "Glad I Found you"
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:00am Nikki:

awww thanks, jim... i guess ur right, i just wanted to do the accounting thing but i have been a nursing asst for awhile so i thought it would be a better fit for me
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:00am JimSally519:

Hey Sheery, you can conference call Frank with me at 4 am every friday??? like a little live personal show just for us
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:02am sherri:

oh nikki
that sound so tempting!!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:03am Nikki:

LOL, sherri... ya jim i think i'm gonna jump onboard with the conference call too, skype here i come! even at ork, i'll cheat, or just wait till i move back to cali and can be on my comp late nite
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:04am Dave from England:

Tell them to save the fireworks till Nov 5th so they can celebrate Guy Fawkes night with us Brits.
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:04am sherri:

this is like my dream show
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:05am JimSally519:

I had afire works neighbourwhen I lived at my moms house, to get back on him I used to sneak up behind him and shoot of a load arena air horn, one time he peed himself a little, he was 35 and I was 17, I laugh at him so much he moved away within a month
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:05am Joshua K:

Frank was talking about those cards on one of the podcasts and I checked them out and then I went out and bought a deck of regular cards and started trying to learn tricks but don't have the dexterity yet.
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:10am sherri:

oh i love this album!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:11am sherri:

frank, you're my forest friend from another time!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:21am ??????:

play a song from here: http://www.tinyurl.com/laaaaaaaaaaarip
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:22am JimSally519:

JimSally is passing out yo... Im gonna listen to the rest of the show on the iphone app and go to bed, see you all next week, xoxoxoxo
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:23am Nikki:

ur a whore, peety
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:24am peetyL:

NikkI: wtf?
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:24am peetyL:

Are you serious? What for?
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:24am taylor:

excellent set, frank! i'd love to here a music podcast from you!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:26am taylor:

here...hear...its fricking late.
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:27am peetyL:

Nikki...are you still there?
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:28am Brian Jude:

Crap! Fell asleep, woke up, thought The Rampler was over, started shutting everything down until I realized it was 5:25, not 6:25!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:29am sherri:

play some peetyl!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:31am Nikki:

sorry i'm still here, my bf is on the phone
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:32am peetyL:

Sherri: Whaaaaat? How do you know I even DO music? But: thank you just the same!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:33am peetyL:

Hi Nikki, sweetie: why'd you call me a whore earlier?
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:34am sherri:

i see things
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:34am peetyL:

  Sat. 10/3/09 5:35am Nikki:

shameless self promotion lol
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:35am Nikki:

yay!!!! peety!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:37am taylor:

peetyl: digging the sounds!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:37am peetyL:

Sherri: wtf, did you give frank a website or something? I've never revealed on here that I do music. I mean, I'm grateful, but kinda embarassed. How did you get ahold of my website? Facebook? I'm shaking right now...my stuff's not very good...although Frank's playing my best song imo
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:38am taylor:

peetyl: didn't you just post a link to yer myspace?
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:39am peetyL:

Nikki: how can it be self promotion when I didn't promote myself? I'm grateful however it happened...a little weirded out but grateful Thanks Frank Thanks Sherri Thanks Nikki Thanks All..weird lol
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:39am JB Reed:

way to go PeetyL loved it... :)
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:40am peetyL:

Allen P? This is surreal...I don't know an Allen...seriously, everybody
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:40am Nikki:

ur so awesome, peety! i love u!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:41am JB Reed:

FRANK.... play some glad i found you ... http://www.myspace.com/horrayforeverythingmusic
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:42am peetyL:

Taylor: noooo, I didn't. I was playing Pet Society on Facebook while listening to the show, popping in and out every once in a while to see what people were saying on the chatroom...then I say Sherri said "play some peetyl" and it got weird from there...seriously
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:43am JB Reed:

...it's fun, nice upbeat indie way to conclude my night...
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:43am JB Reed:

...i used to work at Disney... haha
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:44am peetyL:

I love you too, Nikki, sweetheart: I'm not meaning to sound rude or be ungrateful or weird but I really don't know what's going on...but I actually do love it and am thankful and grateful, but I feel I don't deserve it 'cause my music isn't THAT up to par...
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:45am peetyL:

Thank you JB Reed! That's so sweet!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:45am JB Reed:

http://www.myspace.com/horrayforeverythingmusic BEFORE pinball.... bring up brandons bad night!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:45am Nikki:

ur music is awesome, peety, and i'm glad that somebody clued the show into u... great times!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:46am peetyL:

Raven ravenraven raven...thank you Nikki. And thank you Allen P, whoever you are...and thank you Frank, and SHERRI
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:48am sherri:

the pleasure was all mine, peety
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:48am Nikki:

i'm just ravin about raven with raven... i dunno LOL
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:51am JB Reed:

well... no luck this time.... go to http://www.myspace.com/horrayforeverythingmusic .... friend us and let me know what you think!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:54am peetyL:

Ha ha ha, Sherri...I'm so flattered, thank you so much, sweetie! The Lava Children music is intriguing, and seems to be extremely multi-layered and multi-genre...sorry, I may not know what I'm talking about...but it's very cool
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:55am JB Reed:

well.... time to get ready for whatever saturday has to offer.... peetyL hit me up reedj0510@gmail.com and let me know where i can find more of your music.. until next week playlisters.... i hope you have a great weekend and a soulful wekk... :) xo
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:56am Nikki:

bye bye everyone!! love ya!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:57am peetyL:

'Night JB: I will email you soon, very soon...thanks so much!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:57am Jan Erik:

Forgot to wish you happy birthday Frank!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:57am Joshua K:

Do it for the fans.
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:58am sherri:

we should collaborate!!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:58am peetyL:

Goodnight, Frank: Thank you so much...I really don't know what to say...Thank you
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:59am JB Reed:

aaahhh yes..... HAPPY BIRTHDY FRANKAY! maybe next week we'll hit up some hooray for everything on WFMU ;)
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:59am peetyL:

No, THANK YOU SHERRI. And we should collaborate. Are you on Facebook? Send me a message www.facebook.com/peetyl
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:59am Nikki:

oh ya before i leave... happy birthday frank!!! and i'm so glad to see all these collabs are gonna be going on! my fave ppl and music, how can it suck?
  Sat. 10/3/09 5:59am Joshua K:

We'll have to set up a rampler IRC channel somewhere so we can all rample again.
  Sat. 10/3/09 6:00am ?:

  Sat. 10/3/09 6:00am sherri:

not to get all "play misty for me" but frank.....you're amazing
  Sat. 10/3/09 6:00am peetyL:

Will call in next week. Happy Birthday Frank. Yr show being cancelled is a crime...plain and simple
  Sat. 10/3/09 6:01am peetyL:

Goodnight, Nikki. You're the best, sweetie!!!
  Sat. 10/3/09 6:02am Nikki:

no u r! goodnite
  Sat. 10/3/09 6:03am peetyL:

goodnite...how surreal
  Wed. 10/7/09 8:47pm Eric:

Dear Frank I only listened a couple time, I really enjoyed your show.
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