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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options September 26, 2009: The Sea Mammals

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  Topics include escalators, reading a book, Hallmark Twilight Zone and Galaga ornaments, dead animals in the toothbrushes, focus groups, basketball, Sonic the Hedgehog, Blast Processing, lucid dreaming, 2012, coffee, Starbucking, flavored cigarette ban, cigars, UN protests, holidays, Halloween, murder candy, Booze Cruise, Night People, playing "real" music for the first time, Roger Zelazny, record stores, fatherhood, little gods, Charles Nelson Reilly, Bic Banana Pen, and a whole lot more. Reviews: "Right Guard Xtreme Fast Break" antiperspirant/deodorant, "JoJo Super Berry" ebergy drink, "Classic Hasbro Game Night Candy", "Bustelo Cool - Cafe Con Leche - Premium Espresso Beverage", Playmobile toy "guy who paints the lines on the street", "Bic Hidez" lighter case. NYC recordings: Manhattan Mall (9/2/09) 26:36, Protests (9/23/09) 19:48. Phone calls with Brandon from Canada and Awesome Wes from Georgia. Pinball Corner with "Whitewater", "NBA Fastbreak", "Space Jam", "Spy Hunter". (14)
Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen  Minimoog   Options Vintage Synths Vol. 1  Originalton West  1990 
Tree Bag Ask  The Dark Yellow Radio   Options no album  self-released  2008 
Lizard Music  Sugar Blackout   Options Lobster T.  World Domination  1996 
Dondolo  Dragon (Shit Robot 'Breathing Fire' Remix)   Options Fabric 30: Rub-N-Tug  Tiny Sticks  2006 
The Bonzo Dog Band  Keynsham   Options Keynsham  EMI  1969 
The Telefones  Mon Cherie   Options Rock-Ola  VVV Records  1981 
Indo Tribe  Owl (I Can See You Mix)   Options Breaks Bass & Bleeps 3  Rumor Records  1991 
Bruce Dunlap  Lynx   Options Los Animales  Emerald Green  1992 
Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen  Minimoog   Options Vintage Synths Vol. 1  Originalton West  1990 
bryan, hockinfinger, rawax, mikerman  Gee/Ear Candy   Options no album  self-released  2005 

Listener comments!

  Sat. 9/26/09 2:00am sherri:

  Sat. 9/26/09 2:01am peetyL:

  Sat. 9/26/09 2:02am Derek J:

Hello again!
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:02am JimSally519:

Its mr jim bo sally jankles... hide your wives, cause it babies time
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:04am Neal:

Good morning fellow people!
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:04am Chad:

Heya Frank, nice to get to listen live.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:05am awesomewes:

what up what up??
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:05am JimSally519:

I got stuck on an elevotor once at the airport, I was so drunk, i love duty free american borders!
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:06am Rampler:

welcome to the show!!
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:06am theBG:

ok, I'm here...
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:06am ?:

this show is the perfect ending to my drunken saturdays
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:07am awesomewes:

i mean fridays...
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:07am Neal:

This show is the perfect beginning to my drunken Saturdays
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:07am theBG:

Frank is getting famous...I think
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:08am peetyL:

Being drunk in an airport elevator is for babies
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:08am awesomewes:

frank should have his own radio station.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:08am awesomewes:

or his own country...
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:11am Neal:

I am being meowed at in quadruplicate.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:11am theBG:

Frank IS his own country
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:12am chad:

Maybe his own Weasel Village mall. --
I remember the hologram store in New Orleans at the Riverfront mall, Canal place I think. My favorite was about 36inch tall cylinder, that displayed a motion hologram of Lee Harvey Oswald, getting shot by the Deputy Dog sherif guy. So great. Also it was like thousands of dollars.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:13am JimSally519:

Whatever Peety, I even smoked a cigeratte in there while I waited and set off the fire alarm,
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:14am awesomewes:

cigarettes + drunk = ohhh yeahhh
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:14am JimSally519:

I like the part where Frank said Hologram store of the PAST... Like in the present Holograms are now sold at Wal Mart and JC Penny
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:15am awesomewes:

i wish i had cigarettes... all i have is a can of peach skoal. thats how we do it in statesboro.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:15am JimSally519:

Oh Yeaaahh,,, $350 in fines, Oh NOOOO!
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:15am Neal:

Mr. Nora, wake up! It's time for your tablets. What's all this carp about a radio station and a mall?
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:17am awesomewes:

why is frank not in here??
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:18am Joshua K:

Because hes stuck in an alternate universe where the whole world is JC Penney
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:18am sherri:

he's stuck in the past
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:18am awesomewes:

i would kill myself in such a world.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:19am Neal:

He's busy unpacking his half tonne of materials that he uses for the show. Pinball machines, transmission masts, all that sort of thing.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:20am awesomewes:

soo has anyone played halo: odst. im pretty much obsesssed....
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:20am JimSally519:

Sometimes I think Frank is from the future, and he's just sighing seeing our time and keeping a Diary... i wonder if he'll still podcast in 2200?
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:20am awesomewes:

dont forget his plethora of curious beverages/
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:22am peetyL:

OK JimSally, so babies can't smoke? I guess you've never seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit then...for babies
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:22am JimSally519:

and his weird freaky annoying sister... just like the aliens in third rock???
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:22am Rampler:

I'm here, just getting everything set up
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:23am Joshua K:

There should be a new energy drink called The Rampler
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:24am JimSally519:

What would the Rampler Taste Like? Chicken?
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:24am JimSally519:

or carrots and salt?
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:25am JimSally519:

litle frankies favorite
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:25am peetyL:

Super Famicon...I haven't heard that name since I subscribed to Nintendo Power in the early '90s...
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:26am JimSally519:

Anyone got a 360? I just got that new Halo ODST and I'm loving the alien death that befalls me!
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:27am Joshua K:

Im playing ODST right now
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:28am JimSally519:

I just started playing tonight, but Im a halo kid, wanna play some campign?
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:29am JimSally519:

ok, a 29 year old halo kid...
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:29am Jan Erik:

Mornin all, had to finaly get out of bed to comment here, couldn't get a Wifi signal on the mobile
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:32am JimSally519:

moring jan
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:33am Jan Erik:

Books are hard, I'm trying to read the Weel of Time series and I'm on like book 3 after 3 years :P Never do take the time...
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:33am Chad:

I think it was called Radio Row, back in the day
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:39am sherri:

i started nine princes in amber
i hope to finish it
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:39am Joshua K:

We had this big Zenith TV from the late 80s till my dad bought a new tv like 5 years ago with speakers on the side in this wood cabinet which had a rotating base. It was a monster, but lasted so long. It even had teletext which was cool but never took off in the US
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:40am Neal:

I'm listening with a cat on my head now.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:41am sherri:

no spoilers!!
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:42am Jan Erik:

Having the new Picasa search for faces in my photo collection. Kinda creepy how it sometimes finds a "face" in background deails, uncanny simmilarity sometimes...
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:42am Joshua K:

For a while you could get local weather, news etc right on the tv with teletext, which was impressive at the time. It didn't require connecting to the internet, it was broadcast over the cable service I think.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:43am Neal:

is now listening to the show with scratches on my back. May shortly be listening to the show from a hospital.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:44am Joshua K:

What kind of fruit do you get from a toilet tree
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:45am peetyL:

I brush my teeth with chicken bones...just kidding, I'm also a veggie
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:50am awesomewes:

that sounds like a 16-bit parliament funkadelic song.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:50am Joshua K:

I wanna start a band named "Show Bag"
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:51am Neal:

I must say, it's quite a buzz, hearing a DJ 3,000 miles away address MY cat directly on the airwaves.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:52am peetyL:

Are you gellin', Frank?
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:53am awesomewes:

hahahah "my showbag is enormous"
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:54am Neal:

I'm not sure, Frank, it was either Cloudy or Stormy, they are identical when they're on your head.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:54am awesomewes:

i am going to attempt to stay awake for the whole show.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:56am Derek J:

Me too, I took another three-hour nap earlier today
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:57am Joshua K:

My friend was living there for a few months. He had a 3 bedroom apt for $400/month on the north side which is pretty much the Caribbean.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:57am Allen P:

just showed up. Why are we talking about Colombia?
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:57am awesomewes:

oh god. my friend and guitar player is on acid and hes about to come over.
  Sat. 9/26/09 2:58am awesomewes:

i kinda wanna call in, whats the number???
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:04am Joshua K:

I had some tropicana drink I bought that said berry acai and I get it home and it was all fron concentrate crap. They fooled me and I paid as much as a loaf of bread for this little dumb bottle.
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:05am JimSally519:

On-Air Phone:
(201) 209-9368
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:09am awesomewes:

you beat me too it!
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:09am awesomewes:

$50 for a hit of acid is bullshit!
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:09am JB Reed:

land wars :(
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:10am awesomewes:

soo when should i call in frank???
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:11am JimSally519:

just call man, its fun
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:11am sherri:

you can call in now
he can take multiple callers
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:14am JB Reed:

careful BG.... frank's got you "lock in"
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:14am sherri:

i could talk for days about 2012
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:16am Brian Jude:

Greetings, all!
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:16am JimSally519:

What do you think is coming 2012 Sherri, I think its aliens
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:18am JimSally519:

afk peeps!
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:19am sherri:

don't know for sure
perhaps a spontaneous dna upgrade for the human race
that's the word on the street anyways... tee hee
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:21am JB Reed:

Tim's is so sweet.....
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:22am JB Reed:

....and not in a good way.....like dreams
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:22am peetyL:

12/21/12 marks the end of Tim Horton's!! hip hip hurrrrrrrah...
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:23am Brian Jude:

I think the guy who made the Mayan calendar simply stopped at 2012 because he got distracted wondering whether or not calendars are for babies.
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:23am JB Reed:

TRUE Peety..... so true... what a wonderful day that will be
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:24am sherri:

and then he sacrificed one
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:24am JB Reed:

....to bad i wont be there to live in a world of my dreams where there's no Tim's
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:26am Joshua K:

I have had a lucid dream twice.
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:28am Joshua K:

first time I ended up waking up right away. Second time it was pretty fun for a while.
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:30am peetyL:

I can kinda lucid dream now...but it's totally by accident...it happened a couple of nights ago when I realized I was dreaming...somebody in the dream was talking and I just told them "Well, I'm dreaming right now, so..." Then I woke up, which often happens when I become lucid. I'm afraid to be in my dreams or something and (unconsciously) wake myself up...
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:32am Brian Jude:

I remember the video for Alan Parsons Project "Don't Answer Me." Cartoon - very cool!
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:33am Joshua K:

Thats what happened to me the first time. I realized I was dreaming and then all of a sudden everything became a swirl of colors because I was overthinking it like "wow my whole brain is making this whole environment up and I can control anything"
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:33am peetyL:

Brian Jude: I am the eye in the sky, lookin' at you...I can read yr mind lol
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:34am Joshua K:

But the second time I decided to just explore the world. I ended up walking through walls for a while and going into random houses. After a while I forgot I was dreaming again and hit my head on a wall instead of going through it and eventually woke up.
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:35am awesomewes:

that was really fun haha. god i never realized how thick my southern accent has become. im not a redneck i promise!
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:37am JB Reed:

wes.... i'm pretty sure you are ..... ;)
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:37am JB Reed:

..thats ok though.... OWN IT!
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:37am awesomewes:

when is this show going to be available as a podcast?
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:38am Brian Jude:

I almost had a lucid dream, but I was in the process of waking up.

peetyL - Great song!
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:39am Brian Jude:

awesomewes - Usually in a couple days, like Monday or Tuesday.
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:43am peetyL:

But Brian: I am the maker of rules dealing with fools and I will cheat you blind...lol
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:45am JimSally519:

nighty night, sally go to bed to listen to rest of show... xo
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:52am Neal:

I'm having a lurid nightmare right now.

Oh no wait, that's just my life.
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:57am peetyL:

Night-night, little Baby JimmySally: go lay in yr cribbie-crib lol
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:59am Allen P:

or at least the day after Thanksgiving...jeez
  Sat. 9/26/09 3:59am JB Reed:

cute little christmas song frank.... :)
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:02am Allen P:

you should do a review of the new Trident Layers gum...that's some good gum
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:03am peetyL:

Game of Life: "You inherited a skunk farm!" What?
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:05am JB Reed:

that's some tasty glucose
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:05am JB Reed:

my new favorite Frank quote :)
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:07am peetyL:

I like how Frank says "Sorry".
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:08am peetyL:

Operation: eat the Bread from the "Breadbasket," Frank!
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:08am Derek J:

Mine is "Times New Roman makes my blood boil"
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:11am JB Reed:

that's a good on Derek!
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:14am JB Reed:

  Sat. 9/26/09 4:18am taylor:

what are your favorite music blogs, frank?
mine: mutant sounds, egg city radio, monster movie music...
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:18am taylor:

what are your favorite music blogs, frank?
mine: mutant sounds, egg city radio, monster movie music...
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:20am Becky:

Good morning!
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:20am taylor:

oops! are you on soulseek?
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:24am taylor:

anybody in the chat do music blogs? suggestions?
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:25am Dave from England:

Hi Frank and all, just tuned in. At just the right moment too.
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:26am Becky:

Hi Dave, What's new?
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:28am Joshua K:

I watched the documentary about Dr Bronner yesterday.I wanna get some of that soap again.
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:28am peetyL:

taylor: I like Be Bop Wino, but that's like the old-school roots-rock-type stuff, early rock, saxes and such...
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:29am sherri:

all one love
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:29am Dave from England:

@Becky The increasing grey to brown ratio to do with my hair! I trust you are well. :-)
Bonzo Dog YEAH!
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:31am ???????????:

play some righteous Amanda
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:31am taylor:

excellent! i'll check it! along those same lines is twilightzone!
jungle exotica, sing for a crime, etc.
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:31am sherri:

concrete nipples!!
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:37am Dave from England:

Maybe we could put in requests via Twitter during the week Frank?
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:38am Dave from England:

Great selection!
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:42am Brian Jude:

This reminds me of Eric Roberts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxYOTL9mupE
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:42am taylor:

excellent set!
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:48am taylor:

telefones - rock-ola:
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:52am awesomewes:

im back! i just recorded a random thing of me talking. ima send it to frank and perhaps it'll end up on the onsug
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:53am Joshua K:

What are they gonna ban next... fruit flavored vodka?
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:54am awesomewes:

i have never seen any of the types of cigarettes
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:56am Joshua K:

I have met so many people smoking cigars... its like a social thing, hobby etc.
I think there is a threshold for how much you have to smoke before you start getting addicted.
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:57am awesomewes:

what about menthol cigarettes??
  Sat. 9/26/09 4:59am awesomewes:

  Sat. 9/26/09 5:00am awesomewes:

i recently quit cigarettes. managed to ween myself off and started dipping just to get the nicotine. i know its gross but whatever
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:01am Joshua K:

I have been wanting to light up a cigar in my new apartment during one of these shows, but I need to get some air purifier stuff first. Afraid to stink up the place.
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:02am theBG:

  Sat. 9/26/09 5:03am peetyL:

"The cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon..."
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:08am Joshua K:

Bustelo is a good brand for making cuban style espresso coffee
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:09am Joshua K:

  Sat. 9/26/09 5:10am theBG:

Frank...Murder Candy has officially been stolen as a band name...watch for the full length in a few months...
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:10am JB Reed:

.... THANKS FRANK! ..... you should see the album cover.... it's gonna be hot! :)
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:11am Joshua K:

As impossible as it sounds, our Bustelo Cool just got “cooler!” Meet Bustelo Cool Café Mocha. This drink blends our infamous flavor with chocolate and a little extra caffeine! It makes for a wonderful charge at any time of the day or night. This will be your new obsession. Who says obsessions are bad?
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:11am theBG:

really the music will suck, the cover is where its at
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:14am Joshua K:

I thought you said "The guy that paints the limes"
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:17am Brian Jude:

This is a time when the video feed would be fun. Maybe you can start a Rampler Review Photo Gallery?
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:18am Brian Jude:

Playmobil has an AWESOME Ancient Egyptian Pyramid set!
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:18am peetyL:

I think I remember Playmobil: I know how to spell it right. Does the catalog have any race car/pit crew thing? I think I remember the race car being pretty cool...
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:19am theBG:

"you know, like people?"...lol
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:20am Brian Jude:

"We're just a million little god causing rain storms, turning every good thing to rust" - Arcade Fire
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:21am Brian Jude:

  Sat. 9/26/09 5:25am Brian Jude:

Was that Mel Brooks?
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:30am Joshua K:

The cigar collector dudes I know don't use the bics or the regular zippos. But they make a special insert for a Zippo that makes it into a torch lighter. I have one of those. Its called Z-Plus
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:31am Joshua K:

  Sat. 9/26/09 5:56am peetyL:

Excellent! Show! Frank! See! You! Next! Week!!
  Sat. 9/26/09 5:59am peetyL:

  Sat. 9/26/09 6:00am peetyL:

It will be happy
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